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Menu Maker: Recipes from Class 5 at West Twyford

Savoury Pancake Stack

This American recipe looks spectacular when the first piece has been cut and the layers show with their contrasting colours. Be sure to pause for effect!

Serves six as regular portions served with salad or eight gentle portions with accompanying vegetables

M (see abbreviations)

6 pancakes (use Kishan’s recipe without the sugar)
1 tin chopped tomatoes
500g spinach blanched
1 quantity cheesy broccoli rice

1. Put a pancake in the base of a round oven-proof dish
2. Cover with a layer of cheesy broccoli rice
3. Put a pancake over the rice
4. Cover this pancake with a layer of spinach
5. Repeat from 1-4, finishing with a pancake
6. Pour over the tin of chopped tomatoes and heat through (4 min in the microwave or 20 min in oven at Gas 4).

See Cheesy Broccoli Rice

By Judy Johnson, Sssh!, Ealing, London

What dessert will you choose now?

Wasif’s Rice Kheer - Asian

Aida’s Sponge Cake - European

Aisha’s Vermicelli Pudding - Middle East

Cass’s Choc-chip Cookies - Australian

Jouman and Hanin’s Mohalba - Middle East

Beronia’s Yeast Cake - Middle East

Keyleigh’s Yoghurt Cake - Europe

Miss Muir’s Marsden Cake - Europe - TS

Kishan’s Pancake Dessert - Europe

Tara’s Chocolate Milk Shake - Europe - TS

Negin’s Sangria - Spanish (non-alcoholic) - TS

Jovhan’s Choc-chip and Peanut Butter Cookies - American

Zayn’s Halva – Pakistan

Zayn’s Besan Kay Ladoo – Pakistan - TS

Jodie’s Guarana Punch – Brazil - TS

Mohamed’s Marvellous Minis - Somalia

TS = time-saver

Or would you rather have


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