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   Something magical must have happened at that instant. How else could Sam have caught the ball? It was a big, soggy, leathery thing, completely different from the one they played footy with at school. He looked around, rather confused, and saw Beth, looking a thousand times more confused.
    "This yours?", asked Sam, putting two and two together.
    Beth nodded. "Where where am I?", which was a reasonable question under the circumstances.
    "Broadmarsh, of course", replied Sam. "You lost? Where do you live?"    "Nottingham Castle. My father's the Sheriff", Beth answered, quite proudly. Sam wasn't impressed, though. In fact, he didn't believe a word of it.
    "Yeah, yeah.... And mine's James Bond."
    "James Bond?" Beth had no idea what Sam was on about. Then she noticed his burger. "What are you eating?"
   "It's a burger", said Sam. "Want a bite?"
    Beth was feeling quite peckish, and the burger did smell nice. Sam tore it in half and Beth sat down next to him. They chatted for a while, but soon Beth began to feel more and more out of place. She was getting one or two funny looks from passers-by, and it wouldn't be long until she was missed. Sam didn't know much about time travel, and half suspected that Beth was playing a practical joke on him anyway. And his mum would be getting back soon. Then he remembered the caves - there was a network of ancient passages running underneath the whole city. Some people said they had a history of mystery. Maybe they just said that because it rhymed. But maybe there was some truth in it and Beth could find her way home.

   "You sure I'll come out, back at the castle, in my own time?", she asked, once Sam had shown her to the entrance. He wasn't the least bit sure, of course.
    "Should do. Worth a try anyway. Bye", he said. Beth turned to go, but then stopped.
    "Hey! What about my ball?"
"Sorry - forgot", said Sam and threw it back to her.



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