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based on a scenario by Helen Cresswell

   Sam's mum had to drag him out of the house. He hated it when she took him shopping. She'd spend ages trying on clothes and shoes while he had to just stand around like a lemon. Sometimes she's let him look around the toyshops, but all he wanted were Pokemon cards, and she said they were a waste ofmoney. She was feeling generous today, though, and bought him a burger.
    "Stay right there, Sam", she said, pointing to a uncomfortable-looking bench. "I'm going to buy that skirt we saw an hour ago. You know, the green one. Did you like it?"
    Sam couldn't remember the green skirt, or the red one, or the blue one, but he smiled and nodded. At least now he'd get some peace and quiet.
   It wasn't easy being the Sheriff of Nottingham's daughter. For one thing, everyone hated her dad, and for another, she wasn't allowed to play with any of the village children in case she got kidnapped by Robin Hood or one of his Merry Men. In fact, she wasn't even allowed out of sight of the castle. And there's only so much fun you can have with a ball if you're all by yourself.
    "I wish I had someone to play with!", she shouted in frustration, chucking the ball high into the air.
Part Two