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   The children were back in Beth's own time - not that Sam knew when or where he was!
    Beth reassured him. "You're still in Nottingham! But we're back in my time now."
    Just then they heard loud footsteps. There was no time for explanations: the footsteps could only be one person - Beth's father, the feared and hated Sheriff of Nottingham.

    The children dived for cover. They stayed perfectly still, but the Sheriff found them easily, and looked down on them with a face like thunder.
    "You boy! You're not dressed like a peasant! You must be a spy for that vagabond Robin Hood. Guards!"
    Beth tried hard to explain to her father how Sam had come to find himself in the twelfth century, but the Sheriff, who wasn't the brightest of villains, didn't understand at all. The guards grabbed Sam firmly by the arms. Sam struggled, but soon realised that he was well and truly captured. They marched him away to the dungeons.
   Although Beth was terrified of her father, she was determined to help her new friend escape. When night fell, she tip-toed downstairs, her magic ball under her arm. Passing the sleeping guard, she very carefully opened the gate and crept down the steps.
    Sam was scrabbling around, using his torch to look for a way out.
    "Sam, what's that you're holding?"
    "It's a torch. Of course, you haven't seen It's electric." Of course, Beth had never seen a bright electric torch. When she'd got over the shock, she explained that there was no way out through the caves: they just went deeper and deeper underground. The only escape was back past the guard.
    They were almost in the clear when Sam accidentally nudged the guard's foot. He woke up instantly. Thinking quickly, Beth threw the ball to Sam, hoping to send him back to his own time. But the guard caught the ball at the same time as Sam, sending them both back to the modem Broadmarsh Centre.
    At that very moment, Sam's mother arrived, and saw Sam and the guard. But the guard was more interested in returning the ball to its rightful owner, Beth. When he'd wrestled it from Sam, as if to regain control he threw it and caught it. And immediately disappeared.
    Sam's mum was very angry with Sam and dragged him away. She said he shouldn't talk to strangers. And, anyway, it was time to go home.

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