HomeThe Magic Ball - Ending by Eri, aged 9 and Mako aged 10, Milan, Italy

But, the ball bounced to the entrance by itself.
"Oh no! the ball's escaping. What shall we do?" asked Sam.
"Let's go after it," said Beth.
They ran after the ball to the entrance. When Sam came out off the cave he saw a castle.
"So you do really live in the past!" said Sam with amazement.
"Yes, but where's the ball?" asked Beth to Sam.
"………… I don't know. I mean sorry."
"It's all right. But we must find it. I don't know where it could go," said Beth.
She was right. If the ball could bounce itself, it could go anywhere.
They looked in the fields, and in the pond, up the trees and in the bushes.
But still they couldn't find Beth's ball.
"Where could it be?" panted Sam." Oh I'm so tired. Let's have a rest. We can find it tomorrow. Can't we-"
"No!" snapped Beth. "I didn't think you were that lazy." Sam looked very shocked and angry.
"So you're just thinking of the ball. Aren't you? You're not thinking of my kindness for finding the ball," argued Sam.
"What do the people in your days do? I suppose just lazy. Do you know what the people in our days do?" replied Beth.
Sam thought of it. What do they do?
"I don't know." said Sam.
" Well, we work until sunset," said Beth.
Sam thought what started the arguing and what they were arguing for.
"Beth, what were we arguing for?" asked Sam.
"Oh yes, what were arguing about. The ball! I completely forgot about it!" said Beth.
Just then they heard a bouncing noise.
It might be the ball.
"Come on let's go and look for it." Said Sam.
So they ran to find the ball.
They ran towards the cave and there it was! The ball!
"Oh how nice to see it again! I didn't know the ball was so intelligent!" cried Beth.
"What do you mean?" asked Sam.
He couldn't understand what she was saying.
"Well, it bounced here to take you back to your days," said Beth.
Sam understood so he said he would go now.
"What a pity. Well we could see each other again," said Beth in a sad voice.
Sam felt very sad. He had just made a friend and now he had to leave.
"Bye," said Sam.
"Bye," answered Beth.
So Sam left and went.
He was back.
Who could he first tell the story to?
The end

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