HomeThe Magic Ball - Ending by David, aged 10, Sisters,
Oregon, USA

"Wow! This ball must be magic!" said Sam.
They were in Beth's time now, and in the distance the two children could see Beth's castle. Just then they heard horses coming up, so they hid behind a rock.
"Where is this place anyway Beth?" whispered Sam.
"This is where I live," Beth whispered back.
Just then the horses appeared!
"Why are you guys hiding?" said a voice. It was Robin Hood!
"My name is Sam and this is Beth, the sheriff's daughter. Who are you?" said Sam.
"I am Robin Hood." said he.
"Robin!" exclaimed Beth. "I guess you aren't as mean as my father says you are. I hate my father! I wish you
would kill him!"
Just then Beth's father appeared! Robin stabbed him, and the sheriff fell down dead.
"Horray for Robin Hood!" yelled Beth. And so Robin and Beth got married.
And Sam went back to his own town.
The end

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