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Ending by Jenny, 12, Wolverhampton, UK

Beth missed the ball but it hit her hard on the head and she fell to the ground. She was unconscious.

''Oh no'' cried Sam ''I must have knocked her out."

Beth let out a half asleep grumble. ''I must phone a paramedic and see if I can get this sorted,'' he thought.

Sam ran into the town and grabbed the nearest public phone and dialled 999.

Half an hour later in the waiting room of the hospital, Beth was sitting next to Sam sipping a glass of water.

"I will never get home on time now,'' Beth sighed.

''Let's go play outside. Maybe it will take your mind off it for a while.''

Sam and Beth went outside to play with the ball. Sam chucked the ball to Beth and she disappeared as she caught it, just leaving Sam there staring at the ground where she had been standing.

The End

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