HomeThe Magic Ball - Ending by Elizabeth, aged 8, Gray's, Essex, UK

The ball bounced up into the clouds then a blast of wind and light came around them.They saw the Victorians and the Tudors, etc, and finally they are in Medieval times.
Beth said,"Here we are! This is Medieval Europe."
Sam said, " So you do live here!"
"There's my father," said Beth. And so there was. A knight riding on a horse was charging at the gates. There were enemies firing catapults.
"YOU!" shouted the Sherriff of Nottingham. "YOU ARE A SPY!!!"
So Sam was taken away to the forest. He was tied up to a tree.

Then when her father was busy fighting, Beth crept away to the forest. The guard had gone away to watch the battle so Sam was unguarded. Beth crept up to the tree and untied the tight knots.
Sam said, "Thank Goodness! I thought that I would be trapped there forever."
So Sam and Beth ran up to Beth's dad and told him the whole story. He did not understand so he said, "What is the 21st Century? I have never heard of it."
His wife, Beth's mum, said " Well try and get the magic witch who makes the potions.
So Sam took the potion and vanished into the 21st Century.
The end

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