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Ending by Hilary, 11, San Antonio, TX, USA

Sam and Beth found themselves back at the Nottingham castle, but Sam looked rather strange in his clothes from the 21st century!

" We have to get you some different clothes!" said Beth.

Of course, the only way to do that was to go shopping (Sam's least favorite thing to do). They ran away from the castle and into the village. Beth told Sam to follow her. He did and she led him to a strange place with peasant's clothes all over the place. Beth ran to the seller and asked for some boy's clothing. He handed it to her without a word. She thanked him and ran back out to give them to Sam. He quickly found a private spot and changed clothes there.

"How do I look?" he asked Beth when he was done.

"Great!" she replied with a frown.

Sam asked her what was wrong.

"I have to meet my father in half an hour! Come on!"

Sam quickly followed her and soon found himself in a great hall. She hid him in a secret door and took her seat. When the meeting was over, she took the magic ball out of her robes and told Sam to throw the ball into the air and catch it. She figured if he threw it to himself, he would take himself back to his own time. He did, and got back with just enough time to hide the ball before his mother got back.

"I can always visit Beth whenever I need someone to play with." he thought.

The End

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