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Sam threw the basketball at Beth to bring home with her. Beth stepped into the cave and went to a place but it was Florida. In Florida she went for a dip in the ocean. Beth had never seen the ocean before. Beth was amazed at how big the ocean was. Then she went back in the cave and stepped in the portal and it took her home.

Her mother said, “Where were you?”

Beth said, “With a friend that was a boy.”

Her mother said, “Did you flirt with him?”

“Yes and no,” said Beth.

“When did you flirt with him?”

“All I did was play a game of ball.” said Beth.

“What else did you do?” said her mother.

“I stepped in the portal and it took me to Florida and I saw the ocean. Then the last time I stepped in the portal it took me back here.”

Beth lived happily ever after.

The End

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