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They both disappeared; then fell into the dungeons.
"Hey, you really do live in in 1199!" he said as he turned around, "AHHH what's that? It looks like a skeleton!"
"Oh, of course . We're in the dungeons, it looks like," said Beth in a calm voice.
Both Sam and Beth started on the way up to the castle. Then a guard appeared, and they ran all the way to a humungous room with a bed big enough to fit three full grown men, a desk, a dresser, a mirror that covered half of the room, and a shelf of books. "Ah my room!" said Beth
"Your room? It looks like my room and my sister's room put together," said Sam.
Beth's mother appeared and said "That person is not supposed to be in here! I'm getting the lord! In the mean time I want to see you push him out the window, now!"
"Ok," Beth said under her breath to Sam, "meet me outside my window."
They walked to the window and she gave him a nudge to jump. Sam jumped in a rush to get it over with. "Now go outside and play with your ball," said her mother in a silly manner. Beth walked out without saying a word.
"There you are!" said Sam, "I've got an idea. If I throw the ball at you, we'll both go somewhere, so if I throw it and catch it, I'll go without you."

"It's worth a try," said Beth. Sam tossed the ball, then had to jump for it because the lord and a man with an ax were standing right behind him. He caught the ball right before the ax hit the ground.

By Morgan, aged 9, Pulaski, USA

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