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My story

By Jack , 6, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Once upon a time they lived a little boy named George and he was very good so he got so much hugs from his mom and dad so he could play games all day.

He cleaned up by himself, he put the dishes away by himself, he did the laundry by himself.

And he lived happily ever after. The end.
(July 2008)

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The New Kid

By Jaliyah, 10, Memphis, TN, USA

My school is very boring. It is totally not fun you have to wear icky uniforms you have only 8 minutes between periods. Last year I was very popular at my school. Everyone loved me cause my best friend Amber was rich and her Dad invented skittles. Life was different this year you see Amber's Dad had finally reached his money goal so they moved to LA and left me here by myself. I am so lonely this year cause last year I never even bothered to make friends. Everyone still knows my name they just never speak to me. They would like at me and seem frightened.
One day in homeroom class a girl with a pink mini-skirt a pink top and silver high heels walked into our class. She sat right beside me. I stared at the girl she reminded me of Amber. She wore super trendy clothes and she was a little over the top. The girl glanced at me and winked. I quickly looked away I only had one super trendy friend and her name is Amber.
During lunch I was sitting all alone eating a cold tuna sandwich and overcooked fries. The milk was spoiled as usual and my Jell-O looked gross. The new kid sat beside me and smiled. "Hello, my name is Megan," she greeted. I stared at her hand as she held it out she had two rings on he finger and they were made from real diamonds. I didn't want to be rude so I shook her hand. "My name is Melissa," I introduced. Megan pulled out her cell-phone and took a photo of me. Then she asked me for my number. I gulped down my sandwich. "555-4744," I told her. Megan chuckled and put it back in her purse.
Afterschool, Megan caught up with me outside. Although, she seemed very nice I was really tired of her talking to me. Megan was ort of different from Amber. Megan was pretty much nicer. I mean Amber treated me as her slave, but one of her favorite slaves. I was not allowed to talk to "average" people. Which was about everybody. Everyday I almost got in trouble. "Do you know we have to wear uniforms," I asked. Megan scoffed. "Yeah, we explained it to the Principal I don't have any uniforms yet," Megan explained. Megan stopped and stared out into the middle of the street. I black stretch limo was pulling. Megan giggled. Then she stood by the curb. The limo stopped in front of her. Megan opened the door. "Gotta go TTYL," Megan snickered. Wow, she has a stretch limo! Oh, this new friend is going to be awesome.
The next day at school I went to Megan's locker. I knocked on her locker. She closed her locker and smiled. I was completely shocked. She was all perked up with red lipstick, light blue shadow, and a dash of red blush. Megan chuckled. "Oh, Melissa darling I'm really busy right now I told this geek I would be his partner," Megan laughed. I laughed along with her. Then she stopped. "Well, I gotta jet bye," Megan waved.
Today in lunch I waited for Megan to come. I gazed the whole cafeteria. I finally saw her with her tray. She glanced at me. I flagged my hand at her hand. Megan waved too me and sat down with the cool kids. Oh, no she was sitting with the cool kids. At our school the cool kids (thought they were all that) but everyone really hates. If everyone sees her sitting with them they're going to assume she's mean. And if they see me talking to her they're going to think I'm mean too.
Wrong!!!!! I don't have to worry about her talking to me she completely blew me off. She acted as if she didn't know me. She was always giggling and laughing the cool kids. If I stand right in the middle of the hall with a hammer in my hand and she bumps into the hammer she wouldn't even notice. She would be to busy ha, ha, haing away. I guess this is a sign saying that I don't rich and cool kids to be my friends. I just need to find friends like me.
My advice worked I have now started a club. I now have five members it is so awesome. We're just alike we like to read and write. This is going to work out for me. So I don't have to hang around those cool kids. When I'm around kids just like me I'm comfortable. When I'm around someone like Megan and Amber I don't like the real me. I even have to lie for them to like me. When now I am traveling a better road and it is leading me to my dreams.
(July 2008)

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Me and the Tiger

By Giacomo , 9, London, UK

"I'm going to tell you an interesting story." said Sir Thomas James to his friend sitting comfortably in the Club House.
"I was in India on a hunting expedition in the middle of the forest when I got separated from the other hunters. I looked around with panic, I was lost! Suddenly I heard a rustling sound in a bush and then a roar.I felt so dizzy and scared I could not remember anything. Then it all stopped and the forest became silent. I started to feel a bit calmer but that feeling did not last very long.Out of the corner of my eye I saw my greatest fear...a tiger.
I took a few steps back then I started to run. The tiger started to follow me but he did not run, it walked and it was staring at me as it walked.
As I ran and ran I grew more tired and that slowed me down.
I turned around and stopped, completely exhausted hoping that the creature had given up but it had not, in fact it was still following me and still staring at me like it knew what was going to happen...."
"So what did happen?" asked my friend.
"The tiger ate me...I'm a ghost."
(July 2008)

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Alex and Max

By Dee, 10, AZ, USA

Alex was a girl with a boy's name, and she never forgot it. No one else did either. Girls would say she was a boy. Well her name wasn't the only boyish thing about her. She hung out with boys, awesome at football, and liked being dirty. So, she really didn't have girl friends. Except her best friend Max. She was a girl with a boys name too.

One day Alex was playing football at recess when Max ran over to her. Alex flung the ball over to Mark (another person playing football).

'What Max? Chill. Catch your breath!' Alex said.

Max was huffing and puffing.

'Guess what? The sign's up for basketball were put out!' Max strained for her breath.

'Chill. I stink at basket ball,' Alex cringed.

'Oh Alex! Come do it with me! Please,' Max whaled.

'I stink. But...' Alex started.

'Great, so you're doing it?!' Max insisted not letting Alex finish.

'I guess,' Alex said, flatly.

Max ran back to the 'Sign Up' board. She wrote her name and Alex's down under the basketball sign ups.

'Great,' Alex said. But it wasn't. She was horrible at basket ball.

While Alex was thinking about this a ball smacked her head!

'Yo!' She yelled.

'Sorry Big Boy,' Ricky said.

'Work on your aim Missy!' Alex joked.

'You! Big boy,' Ricky said.

Ricky called Alex 'Big Boy'. She called him 'Missy'. She called him that for no reason. He was so not a girl. But you know he called her a boy. Alex chucked the ball at his head.

'Yo!' Ricky said.

Alex laughed.

Then in math class Alex had found out she scraped her shin. That's the 9th one on her leg! In math Alex sat next to Max. Like always. Max tapped her.


'Aren't you excited for baketball? Tonight there's a practice,' Max smiled.
'Already?' Alex whispered.

'Of course. Why wouldn't they?' Max huffed.

'Ok, sorry.' Alex said.

At dissmisal Max caught up with Alex at her locker.

'Are you ready for Basket ball?' Max cheered.

'Um, I guess,' Alex closed her locker.

She dragged her feet all the way to the gym.

'Alright! Girl dribble back and forth from that end to this one.'

Alex and Max did what the coach said. Max was having the time of her life. Alex was surprised! She was actually pretty good.

'OK, girls. Our 1st game is tomorrow at 7.'

Wow! This basketball thing goes fast!

When the next day came Ricky asked her if she was coming to the football game tonight.

'Sorry missy. I have to go to a basket ball game,' Alex sadly told him.

'Oh, sorry Big Boy.'

'Hey Missy, want to come to the Basketball game?' Alex asked. 'Sure, Big Boy.'

At 6:50 Alex got to the gym. She played like lightening! She never knew she was so good! She passed and dribbled and shot awesomely!

'Go Big Boy!' Ricky called.

Alex shot! She made the shot! Man, Basket ball was fun!

'Thanks so much Max!'

Alex was so happy! Man, was she good at basket ball!

(July 2008)

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The Tale of the Northen Light

By Phillip, 11, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK

The trawler rocked gently on the ocean swell bumping idly into the abandoned quay, above storm clouds swirled and in the distance forks of lightning thrust downwards along the coast striking several headlands. The wind buffeted the harbour wall and all around miniscule boats scurried for the protection of McAudie Harbour with its lights flashing warningly to any foolish mariner out on those tempestuous seas. The figure on the quay sighed as he looked north towards the open ocean; he shivered and turned away from the sight. Just as the last sailing boat shot into the harbour a twin fork of lightning struck the church steeple in the distance and an earth shattering boom hit the town. A mariner called up to the figure,

'Hey mate you're not thinkin' of goin' out in that mess are ye?' the figure chuckled and walked away to the harbour warehouses.

There is but a crew of ten on the trawler, The Northern Light, with near a hundred years experience of fishing between them but even they shattered when the captain walked in and pointed to the storm.

'That be a terrible storm true,' he shouted, 'but we seen worse and if we want food on our families plates we are goin' out in that and anyone who ain't can go and consider themself kicked from this here ship'.

A mutter crept around the room but one by one they shouted their agreement to the subject. They trouped out the room and as the last man left the room the captain fell to his knees and prayed.

The Northern Light swung away from the quay an hour later and proceeded to head for the harbour mouth at full speed. Aboard five fathers, three widowers and two sons prepared for what would become the worst week of their life.

The first night was terrifying beyond belief as the seemingly fragile trawler ascended gigantic waves before crashing down in their wake. By midnight the ship had suffered a battering it had never before encountered and the structure groaned as it fought against the 50ft waves. By the end of the next day the ship was on the point of literally falling to pieces, but as if God had heard the Captain's prayer the ship suddenly coasted into a patch of calm sea, they entered the eye of the storm.

They cast out their nets and began trawling slowly backwards and forwards in the eye for hours and hours until not a single patch of water remained untrawled. The fruits of their labour were a measly eight crates of haddock. Doubt crept in amongst the crew as the ship came to halt in the centre, they had come through the teeth of the dragon for nothing and now they feared for their lives as the return journey looked to become even worse.

That night the oldest of the crew aged 56 died of exhaustion and hypothermia 6 years after his wife. Outside the trawler the sea seemed to become even deadlier as if sensing victory, it pressed home it's advantage and smashed The Northern Light again and again and again until the trawler lost all power, they were now at the mercy of the sea.

That night the captain prayed for his crew and his ship as the clouds darkened still further, they were not going to survive this. Lightning slit across the night sky so many times that the sea seemed to glow with its fury, the crew trembled as it came ever closer. Finally with an earth shattering roar it struck the boat smashing through the hull killing the captain and 7 more of his crew. Now all that remained was two young lads battered and terrified as the trawler slowly sunk beneath the waves. They clung to the flimsy rowboat in the force 11 gale, they had not a hope as they drifted further and further from shore until at last beaten by cold and hunger they died and with it the The Tale of the Northern Light.
(July 2008)

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BullDozer the Bully Gets Bullied

By Eish, 7, CA, USA

Once there was a boy named Jack. He was a smart boy who loved studies and Maths. There was a bully named Bulldozer who started bullying Jack. He would push Jack around and call him mean names.

At first Jack was sad but then he thought of a plan. He started making a wooden clubhouse on the top of a tree. He worked and worked. After 7 days and with lots of help from his dad, the clubhouse was complete. Then Jack started telling kids to come to his clubhouse. But Bulldozer won't let them. Jack told the kids to fight back. So they did and got through to his clubhouse.

In the clubhouse, Jack held a meeting and told kids about the injustice Bulldozer was doing to them. Everybody agreed and promised to continue meeting at the clubhouse after school. Over time, their team grew stronger and they were confident to have a war with Bulldozer and his other bully friends.

Bulldozer was also thinking of a plan to beat up the kids. He and his friends decided to go shoot at the kids with the slingshots. At the same time, the kids had hidden a lot of ketchup in the clubhouse. When the bullies attacked the clubhouse with slingshots from under the tree, the kids started dropping ketchup from above. Soon the bullies and their slingshots were covered with ketchup. Bullies were wet and their slingshots were slippery and useless. They gave up and promised never to fight the kids again.

(June 2008)

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Martin & Marlin Save the Day

By Fatema, 10, Mombasa, Kenya

'Hurry up girls' called mum.

It was Friday morning and Carla and Marla were on holiday. Today they were going to take part in the world ballet contest which took place every year in Lolan Park.

'We're going to be on TV' cried Marla.

'Oh Martin wish me good luck'. Marlin and I were as excited as Carla and Marla.

We sat in the back seat and began to chat. When we reached the park Carla began to feel nervous. The stage was beautiful. It had balloons and ribbons tied all over. Carla and Marla went to sit with the rest of the participants. Mother was fishing through her purse.

'Martin can you go ask Carla if she has the C.D that has their music' she asked.

I told Marlin and we went to ask her.

When we went back to mother I said 'Carla said she doesn't have the C.D'.

'She left it on the table' added Marlin.

'Oh dear they are after the jokers which are next' groaned mum. Marlin and I had hit on just the right idea. We could go home and fetch it. I told mum and she agreed. We shot of like rockets.

The journey home was long as Bronan road was very far from Lolan Park.

'I'm tired of running' panted Marlin.

'Just keep going' I said.

At last we came to Fonan Flats. 'Almost there' cried Marlin.

We skidded to the front porch. 'Open the window' I panted.

We managed to wrench open the window after a lot of shoving and pushing. We went in. I walked over to the table and found the C.D 'Best Ballerina's'. I put in my mouth and we were soon racing back. When we reached the park we heard the announcer say 'Now we have the Best'.

Marlin managed to cross the road before me. I flung the C.D and he caught it. He saw the girls going on stage and ran as fast as he could. I was right behind him. We gave the girls the C.D and told them we would explain things later.

The girls went to dance. We lay down where we were and took a rest. 'I'm exhausted with all that running' complained Marlin.

'But it did the girls a lot of good' I told him. The girls danced so beautifully that everyone was speechless. After all the events were over the prizes were given. Guess what? They won first prize!

When we went home Carla and Marla wanted to know what happened. We told them the whole story and they were amazed and very proud of us. After the story we opened the present. There were squeals of delight. It was a new play station 2 with a dance with me and Ballerina best C.D of games. We showed everyone and they wished they had a play station like that.

Well I think it's time we let them play in peace and enjoy the rest of the holiday.
(June 2008)

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The Very Unusual Treasure

By Abbie, 7, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lucy. Now, Lucy had a goldfish called Treasure. Treasure was special to Lucy. Treasure stayed in her bowl that sat on Lucy's windowsill, where the breeze floated in gently. But then one night, Treasure's fish bowl fell off the windowsill, out of the window and into a truck. The truck took Treasure to the harbour and Treasure fell into one of the boxes. The box was loaded onto a big ship. That night, the ship made a stop on a tropical island. The box was unloaded and Treasure's fish bowl slid into a chest. The sailor on the ship lifted the chest up the right way, then the ship left as it tooted its horn in a leaving kind of expression.

When Lucy woke up she realised Treasure was gone.

'Oh no!' said Lucy, 'Treasure is gone. I must tell mum immediately'.

Lucy panicked. 'Mum, mum!' cried Lucy, '

What, what!' said her mum. 'I - I've lost Treasure!'

'Oh no!' said mum, 'we must find her now! Where could she be?'

'I know' said Lucy, 'let's go on a big ship'.

'Good idea' said her mum.

So Lucy and her mum travelled to the island. But some pirates got there first! The captain stood forward and with his gruff voice he said 'bring me the chest'.

'Of course' said a member of the crew. The captain stood open mouthed! Just then Lucy and her mum arrived.

'Oh Treasure' exclaimed Lucy.

'Treasure?' the captain was confused.

'Oh Captain, my pet goldfish is called Treasure because she is special to me.' Lucy explained.

'Oh!' exclaimed the Captain and in his gruff and ruff voice, he said 'Well, that's quite an unusual Treasure' and everyone laughed.

The End.
(June 2008)

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Milos' Adventure

By George, 10, UAE, Dubai

A long time ago, in an ancient land we now know as Greece. There is a great sword maker called Milos who made magnificent swords, (and even though he was a craftsman he was very brave like a soldier). That is why of course he made his masterpiece, which he named, Kryla for himself, and he practiced with it whenever a great warrior was not asking for his expertise in sword making.

While Milos was carrying out an order for a sword he heard smooth, tap, tap, tap! On the door, he got up answered the door and all he found was a blue kylix. Since it looked quite valuable, Milos decided to take it in.

As time went by, Milos began to wonder about the pot that had seemingly, appeared out of nowhere. It perplexed him, during his sword practice session and his sword making session. He had two possible things to consider; either the Gods sent it to him, or a few children had put it there for a bit of fun.

While Milos was sitting awake in bed, he examined the pot filled with water, as Milos was putting down the small pot he heard a faint voice say, 'Milos, Miiiloooos'.

It said this as if the person was under water. Milos reached quickly, grabbed his sword on the floor by his bed, jumped up into an aggressive fighting stance and shouted, 'Show yourself, coward! Trying to play a trick on me?!' but obviously, and as Milos expected nothing happened.

As Milos climbed back into bed, he took a last look at the water and to his extreme disbelief, the water was glowing, he peered over to the table were he put the blue Kylix, and gazed, deeply into the water...

To Milos' amazement the outline of a face formed in the ripples of the water as it glowed, a bright blue which made the outlines stand out and turn the same colour as the glow, yet it seemed significant in a way that Milos did not understand. Suddenly the mouth opened, even though he thought it would move up and down as if talking, it stayed open and a strange, watery voice, spoke the words; 'Come to the island of Aquatica exactly one diaulos north-east away from the coast of Athens. This is an urgent message and your skills are required.'

Milos was bewildered, he discarded all thought of this being a trick by children and knew it was of great urgency. He followed the very straight forward instructions, and traveled exactly one diaulos from the coast and to his surprise, the only thing that lay before him was a very small island with a single cuboid shaped pillar that was stone grey with multiple strings of grooves coming out of a dome shape on the first face of the pillar. Milos picked up the kylix that he had put down next to him in his raft that he had made with rope and the branches of small trees.

He looked at the base and it had a 3-D marking on it that looked like an alpha, kappa, omega and another alpha. Which spelt, in Greek of course, 'Aqua' which was part of the word Aquatica which was the word mentioned in the message that came from the man kylix.

Milos looked back at the pillar on the island and noticed that the dome there had a bit of a hole on it that looked exactly the same as the one on the bottom of the Kylix.

He knew what he had to do. He got out of his raft and walked over to the pillar, turned over the kylix and inserted it into the dome.

The grooves began to glow the same colour that the water glowed when he was sent the message. Suddenly the ground shook, Milos leaped for his raft and landed painfully. When he looked back to see the outcome of the mini earthquake that shook the island to his surprise the pillar rose, rose and rose until what looked like a seaweed covered temple appeared under it. Milos realized that this must have been the place that the message was sent from. He stepped into the huge temple the size of a city and discovered what seemed to be a sort of massive village with a sea of people walking around what seemed to be a small market place in the centre of the city-like structure.

Milos entered wearily, as soon as he climbed the flight of stairs he was blocked by two spears, which he traced back to two huge massive bulky guards, with armoured faces, bodies and very straight faces.

'May I pass?' Milos asked sheepishly.

'Why do you wish to enter the great city state of Aquatica?' the two guards said in unison.

'I was sent a message that I was told was of great urgency, it was sent to me by this kylix.' Milos even thought he sounded foolish.

But suddenly, an old man, probably in his late fifties of early sixties wearing truly handsome clothes, stepped behind the two guards and said in a fierce and yet soft voice, 'Let him pass,'

'Yes, my liege,' the two guards said, again in unison.

'Milos?' the old man asked. 'I expect you received my message,'

'Yes that's me, and you?'

'My name is Akodus. The great king of Aquatica, any way, enough about me, I need to inform you about the matter at hand. Follow me.'

Akodus led Milos through the market place, down several corridors towards what must have been his throne room, which was marvelously decorated with pots that he had never before seen in his small house in Athens. He sat on his throne and said something that surprised Milos immensely.

'We are at war.'

Milos gasped at the King's very blunt statement. 'How, why, where?' these sorts of thoughts were rushing rapidly through Milos's head. 'I know this must come as quite a shock to you, but I think you will be pleased to know that nor Athens or Aquatica are involved in this conflict. It was one of the neighbouring islands, its greedy king, Zukos, has declared war on the rest of the islands and he wants to use his island guardian to expand his empire of Pyrotes,' the king said in an annoyed and calm voice.

'Where is Pyrotes? Where are the other islands?' asked Milos. Aquatica is at the southern point of all the islands for they are in a circle, Pyrotes is at the northern point, Shadus is at the eastern point, Flora is at the western pointý the king explained.

'Alright,' Milos began. 'You obviously called me to deal with this but how can I help? And plus, I know the legends of all these islands and their guardians and the pieces of the 'sacred spear', I am going to have to negotiate with all the guardians to give me their piece of the spear,' Milos went on, 'if I am lucky they may give me the abilities that they have, like they did in the myth.'

Akodus was massively bewildered and said, in awe, 'Correct.'

At that, Milos and Akodus were already half-way to Serpus 'I've never seen the great guardian, what does he look like?'

'You shall see,' said Akodus with amusement.

After a few minutes they were out of Aquatica and out at sea in a Penticore boat powered by fifty of the kings guards. When they were far at sea, probably one diaulos south-west of Aquatica, Akodus stood up at the deck and blew a great horn, moments later a great sea serpent with the face of a lizard, was above the surface, and bellowed to them in a deep voice, 'How do you require my service, my liege?'

'This warrior, needs your piece of the spear to defeat Magmus of Pyrotes', bellowed Akodus in an equally deep voice.

'Certainly, and since Magmus is far away I shall grant you the ability to swim under water at great speeds and breathe under water,' Serpus said. So, he went deep under water, fetched the piece of the spear and gave it to Milos. Then he stretched out a long slender flipper and touched Milosýs forehead, and a great light glowed, and once the light faded away Milos noticed he had a blue dot on his right hand.

'Thank you, great Serpus, for your gifts,' Milos said with a bow.

Once they were back at Aquatica Akodus said 'You must be on your way, I will give you a sword in case you bump into any trouble,' with that, Milos leapt into the water, and was on his way to Shadus.

He swam and swam, and finally reached a small island similar to the on he found on his raft. Except instead of a pillar it was on a circular stone on the ground. On it was one smaller circle, he guessed he should push it down. So he tried and tried again for hours on end but it wouldn't budge. As a last effort, he jumped as high as he could and landed on it with two feet, but instead of going down like a button, it turned instead and he figured out he had been doing the wrong thing the whole time. To Milos' surprise the black stone shook as did the pillar. He jumped back in the water and behind the small island a black, stone city rose out of the water (by now Milos thought about how the people survived under the water, it must have been Poseidon the god of the sea) like Aquatica did. This time, instead of a temple, it looked like many large spires and towers.

Like he did with Aquatica, he walked up a flight of stairs and through an opening in the first and biggest tower. He found out while inside that most of the towers were connected. Many people were walking around in brilliant robes.

He walked among the crowds to what must definitely have been the thrown tower. At the top of the tower were two small holes that let light into a black tower. He saw on the sides of the tower were great patterns that must have been painted by great artists. The King said to him from his throne, 'Why are you here?'

'I need the piece of your guardian's spear to fight Magmus.' Milos replied.

'How do I know that you are not lying to me?' the King asked suspiciously. Milos reached into a place concealed in his clothes and took out the piece that Akodus gave him and showed it to the King and said an accepting, 'Very well.'

The King led him to the edge of the city where he had come in from. Facing the city he hit a long, thin stick on the black circular stone. In almost an instant a huge wolf made of what looked like shadows it was so black appeared out of nowhere. Milos told the guardian (that he knew was called Daraskus) that he needed his piece of the spear, he walked into the city for a brief moment and returned with another piece of the great spear.

He told Milos, 'I shall give you the ability to create mist and darkness to blind your opponents in battle', and then a black dot appeared on his right hand.

'Thank you great Daraskus for your gifts,' and he then leapt into the water and was on his way to Flora.

After Milos swam a great distance in a western direction he came to yet another small island with a single tall tree on it, and at the top was a single flower. Milos climbed the tree plucked the flower and nothing happened and so he planted it and just that moment a greater city that looked very beautiful rose out of the water, but this city has lots of plants growing on it like vines and it was paved with stone. Instead of a flight of stairs there was a tree with big roots that acted like strairs. He walked up the roots to the city and walked around, and found a beautiful palace decorated with flowering vines and many trees. He walked inside the palace and found the King sitting on a great throne of stone.

'I need your guardian's piece of the sacred spear to defeat Magmus,' Milos told the King.

'I will give you my guardian's piece of the spear, as well as Magmus's one, for my warriors stole it from him,' the King told Milos with delight.

'Good!' The king of Flora led Milos to the small island with the single tree and he took a leaf of the low branch of the tree and let it drift into the city. Instantly a great mound of vines in the shape of a man with a wooden face appeared. Milos told it, 'I need your piece of the spear and Magmus's to defeat Magmus.'

'Very well,' said the guardian called Vinus, and since he was made of vines the vines around his stomach began to move and the two pieces of the spear came out. He handed the spear pieces to Milos.

'I will give you the ability to control plant life,' Vinus touched Milos' forehead with a vine and a green dot appeared next to the black and blue ones. There, he assembled the spear, it was a golden spear about five feet long. 'Thank you Vinus for all your gifts,' Milos said.

Milos held the spear close to his body in a stream lined position. Milos leapt into the water and was on his way to Pyrotes to defeat Magmus. When he arrived at Pyrotes, he called out, 'Magmus, come and fight me!'

To Milos's amazement he actually showed up! 'Surrender at once Magmus!' Milos shouted.

'Never!' Magmus bellowed.

'Have it your way and be destroyed!' Milos shouted courageously.

Milos created one huge tree under him so he was standing on top of it, then he made a huge cloud of black mist so Magmus was blinded. Milos quickly jumped of the tree, ran across the sizzling hot ground to Magmusýs feet, wrapped many vines around him so he fell on the floor. Then Milos created seven huge trees around him to make a cage and used the sword to chop off his head. Milos had killed Magmus, Pyrotes was powerless and the islands were safe and from then on everything was well.
(June 2008)

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Max the Hero

By Daniel, 10, Atherstone, UK

On Earth, ground control were getting ready for space shuttle Gerome to take off to go to the moon. In ground control Captain Williams was counting down slowly,

"Ten, nine, swap over has now been occurred ground control's computers are now controlling, eight, seven, engines are up and running, six, five, firing chain is armed, four, three, two, one and lift off. Space shuttle Gerome you have lift off."

In the shuttle there was a man named Max Sutton. He was getting his space suit on ready to stand on the moon and pick some rocks up. In an hour Captain Williams beeped in on the speaker and excitedly shouted,

"You're just about to land and tell me what it is like up there".

The shuttle landed and Max dived out onto the moon and picked a few rocks up. He jumped to the shuttle but threw the rocks. An asteroid was speeding to the moon. Max just took off but it was too late. The asteroid hit the moon. Max was off the moon but lost control of the shuttle. He drifted off to a planet what was unknown, but a peaceful planet called Zolta. He crashed landed and became unconscious. He woke up and he was behind bars. He was a prisoner. Was he going to die of food and thirst? He saw the ugly, horrifying faces of the Zoltans. Another Zoltan ran in and screamed,

"We need to see the head immediately!"

He saw a small Zoltan staring at him. It came up and broke all the bars. It took him back to his ship and let him take off, but a different alien saw and told the others and they all took off and chased him. Max turned his ship round and started shooting at them. He killed them all then drove peacefully back to Earth. Suddenly, his ship started to brake. It was the head shooting at him. Max turned round again and kept shooting at the head. He had no rockets left. He found a pistol and shot a bullet straight at the head. It was dead. He drove back to Earth. He landed and got out. He told the viewers everything and said he will never go back into space. He had two beautiful children and a wife.

June 2008

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The Perfect World

By Neelam , 15, London, UK

Once upon a time there was a little vampire who dreamed of a perfect world, his name was Vladimir and he lived with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Count Dracula in the most deadly and most feared castle in the whole of Transylvania. Of course in this place there were no humans, there were only gruesome monsters that lived there. Besides the vampires were the werewolves, one eyed dogs, creepy gargoyles, rotten corpses which came alive, mummies and phantoms. In Transylvania there was not a sign of blue skies, no sun, and any luscious green trees or beautiful nature, just black, grey, gloomy clouds filled with gigantic hurdles of never ending monsoons and brutal thunder storms.

So this wasn't seen as the perfect world not for Vladimir as he was a sweet vampire with ambitions and he dreamed of another world, so here is his story.

Vladimir was a young vampire with dreams and imagination and his parents were worried about him as they always gave him the same lecture about becoming the meanest and bloodsucking monster of Transylvania.

'Look, sweetheart, the only way you will learn how to become a real evil vampire is by drinking the other monsters blood and showing them you are the most powerful of them all,' said his mother, with a soft voice showing her deep concerns for her son.

'I know and I don't want to let down the family but I feel like this isn't the place where I can be truly happy and I don't want to be scary or evil I just want to be me and not be forced to suck blood and scare all the time as I am sick of it, mum,' replied Vladimir, with tears flowing down his icy blue face and into his tiny fangs.

He ran upstairs into his cold dark dusty bedroom which had bats hanging from the ceiling to the door. His mother and father tried to make him realise the true light of being a true vampire but he wouldn't listen and refused as he didn't want to be a bloodsucking vampire he wanted to escape from this world.

One night Vladimir was sitting on his bed upside down of course and to his surprise he saw a wishing star, the only biggest bright star that ever appeared in Transylvania's skies, he gazed at the star then made a wish.

'I wish I could escape from here and enter a world where there are no monsters, no gloom and darkness, no death, no war, no restrictions or laws.'

At that very night something incredible happened. Vladimir's wish came true. Vladimir had got woken up by a sudden gust of wind which swayed into his room. He followed it. It came outside into the graveyard and saw to his astonishment a tornado, he was puzzled at first but then tried to fight it away from his house. Unfortunately, that didn't work out as he had got dragged in to it. He was going round and round and round in the big twister then suddenly the tornado had disappeared living Vladimir unconscious on what looked like a soft fluffy peachy cloud, he woke up with a dizzy feeling and his fangs had dropped out so when he picked them up he came to realise he wasn't on land he was floating on cloud. He gave a loud scream.

Frightened of heights he clung onto the cloud. Looking around he saw a strange creature with wings flying not on clouds. He was very confused and wondered what kind of monsters they were, so he asked.

So he timidly asked the strange male creature on his left.

'Excuse me, what are you?'

'I am an angel,' replied the creature with a vague smile on his face.

'What is an angel?' asked Vladimir who seemed to be more confused and beginning to think he wasn't in Transylvania.

'Well, an angel is a light pure-hearted creature, who guides and helps other creatures like yourself my good young fellow, by the way my name is Cedric, at your service,' said the angel, shaking little Vladimir's blue hand.

'Nice to meet you. My name is Vladimir. I am a little vampire not a creature and I am getting air sick on this cloud,' said Vladimir who was desperately wanting to get off the cloud.

'Why you are a vampire, vampires never come into our world as this is heaven. We angels call it the 'Perfect World', no creature comes here unless they are dead,' said Cedric who seemed kind of shocked and a bit slow in realising that Vladimir had little white fangs and was blue in the face.

'What are you talking about? I can't be dead besides vampires are immortal, and I come from Transylvania, a different world," cried Vladimir, who was feeling scared and a bit angry.

'How do I get out of here?'

'Calm down son, I don't know how you are going to get out of here, but there must have been a reason why you came here if death isn't one then there must be another reason. Try and think back to what happened before you came here,' said Cedric, who was getting a little excited.

'Wait I think I remember although my memory is still slightly blunt, I made a wish last night and I wished I could escape my home as I was sick of it and go to a better world, and then all of a sudden gusts of wind came through my window so I went outside and saw the tornado and the next thing I knew I was dragged into it and it landed me here to your world on a cloud. My wish came true; I am in heaven as you call it the 'Perfect World',' said Vladimir, who seemed to be very happy and full of excitement.

'So that's why you have come here, you wished it and you will love it. There is no world better than this one,' said Cedric who was happy to have finally found a friend.

Little Vladimir took in what Cedric had said and he didn't want to waste any more time on the cloud so he jumped down from the cloud.

He didn't care if he couldn't fly yet as he was too young to, he was ecstatic that his wish was granted. Luckily he landed on his feet on a strange green, sparkly, tickly pavement that he had never seen before in his life, it was grass but not just any grass, emerald grass.

'Vladimir are you okay?' said Cedric who was worried.

'Yes I am fine, but wow, what is this I am standing on?' asked Vladimir bewildered.

'Oh well that is emerald grass, it isn't hard but it does look pretty, but that's nothing. Look around you there's beauty everywhere', replied Cedric.

As Vladimir looked around he saw a whole garden filled with diamonds and jewels which gleamed like the brightest star, the whole rose bushes were rubies, the bluebells were blue topazes, the trees were covered with jade, the daffodils were brazed in amber and the daisies were mounted with pearls, and the fountain which was in the centre of the garden had sparkling diamonds flowing out of its marbled spouts of a stone made out of a jet black onyx.

Vladimir gazed at the garden with a sudden lust for it, he thought it was the most radiant and colourful place that he had ever seen, although he might not know what the garden has inside he knows that this was part of his dream, to be somewhere where there is beauty and light as the sun was shining and blue skies were above and not a single sign of darkness and gloom.

'This is only a small part of heaven but there is much more to see', said Cedric.

'Well come on let's see more,' said Vladimir feeling very enthusiastic.

So Cedric and Vladimir came out of the heavenly gem garden and started exploring the world as they were walking they saw some breath taking scenery and views of chariots racing across the peachy pink sky, more angels like Cedric were flying, incredible palaces, luxurious sandy beaches, and creatures that were friendly. Vladimir felt truly happy for the first time in his life, by the views and places in heaven, he was even more amazed by how good and pure the world was as he saw no horrible sights like darkness, evil, blood, no monsters, no wars, no restrictions, and there wasn't any ruler or leader. Everyone in heaven took command and compromised with each other.

The food tasted 100 times better than what he was forced to have in his world, he had never tasted ripened sweet fruit before, nor did he taste fresh salad, ice cream or drink hot chocolate. Usually in his world vampires would eat flesh of other creatures and drink blood, even eat rotten fruit and vegetables from a deserted crop field.

Although he was happy and had everything he wanted he still felt he didn't belong here as he was a vampire, even though he was welcomed by everyone and had permission to live there, he wanted his family with him as he missed his parents and wished they could understand him and what he wanted.

So Vladimir asked Cedric if there was any way of getting back to Transylvania.

'Yes Vladimir there is a way but it is very risky but why do you want to go back, isn't this where you want to live?' said Cedric who seemed to be a little sad.

'Of course it is, but don't worry I will come back - but you see I want my family here with me so they can see the Perfect World and think about living here with me,' said Vladimir with a gleam in his eyes. So Cedric gave him the instructions.

'To get back to your world you have to create a magical portal on a wall using this magical chalk. You will then knock on it twice and say where you want to go but be careful you have to be specific other wise it might transport you some where else,' said Cedric.

'Wow thanks but how will I get back? Do I do the same thing?' said Vladimir.

'Yes you do, just do not lose the chalk and be careful,' said Cedric.

So Vladimir went off finding a wall. Apparently, it was very hard to find, after walking for some time he came to find one and he straight away took out the magical chalk drew a door on it and knocked on it twice, he then spoke with a loud and clear voice,

'Please take me to Transylvania.'

So the door magically opened. He then went in feeling a bit uneasy, and came straight into Transylvania, he saw once again gruesome, deadly sights, he came rushing back to his home calling his mum and dad but strangely there was no reply so he searched all over the castle yet for some reason he couldn't find them, so he figured they must have gone out somewhere so he waited patiently for them to return. Three hours he waited, he was getting worried, the next thing he went out and looked for them all over Transylvania until finally he found them by the Transylvania bloody rivers but they were in a terrible state. They were frozen to death side by side in two ice blocks.

Poor Vladimir he tried to break the ice but it was too thick and strong, he tried calling for help but no one was there. He was heartbroken and felt extremely guilty for leaving them, his soft blue tears running down his cheeks fell on a piece of paper beside his Mum it was addressed to him. It was a letter from his parents.

'Dear Vladimir, if you are reading this now don't feel guilty or sad, we wanted you to be happy and seeing you run away like that broke our hearts. We searched for days and days in the whole of Transylvania but there was no sign of you, so we had given up hope of searching and we didn't want to continue living so we won't be here any longer , but please don't cry as we will love you forever and hope that you are happy in your new world, wherever you are may happiness follow you my darling.'

Love Mum and Dad (Mr. and Mrs. Count Dracula)

After reading the letter he knew that Heaven was where he belonged and even though he can't bring his parents with him, he knew that they will already be there waiting for him.

He came back to heaven with Angels, welcoming him but no sign of his parents so he asked Cedric who seemed to be squeezing him tight.

'Wait Cedric shouldn't my parents be here? After all if they are dead their souls should be there,' said Vladimir.

'Look Vladimir there is no easy way to explain this. Vampires don't really have a soul they are born immortal so that means they are reborn into a different world and so they aren't here nor are they in your world,' said Cedric.

'No that can't be true I didn't even get to say goodbye or tell them how much I love them, well what am I doing here then? I am still alive so don't I belong in my world?' cried Vladimir who longed to see his parents.

'Well everyone has a choice you chose to come to a better world and live there so that's why you belong here it doesn't matter if you are dead or alive anyone can fit in here,' said Cedric trying to reassure him of his destiny.

'Then I choose to stay here but will I ever get to see my family again?' said Vladimir with watery eyes.

'Well I should hope so if they are reborn, in time,' said Cedric giving him a comforting smile.

Vladimir did get to see his family reborn, and Cedric had also made a family in the one and only heaven, or should I say the 'Perfect World'.

The End
June 2008

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Civil War Journal

By Rose, 13, Sicklerville, NJ, USA

March 15
As I write this rays of bright light leap out from the candle like shinning bursts of amazing colors that rise each morning at dawn. I often watch the sunset each morning wondering how something so beautiful could appear so often. It seams nothing beautiful that enters my life ever stays long enough to leave a lasting impression in my thoughts. It just drifts away like the radiant colors of a sunrise as day approaches but the colors always return after night disperses itself to another corner of the world. Sadly the colors never return again in my life. I think my life in very much like the continuing cycle of day and night. A cycle that never ends. A cycle of never ending hard work and suffering. A cycle that brings little to me and my family.
In this cycle my thoughts wonder back to when my two sons and husband are with me again and we dine peacefully each evening by a brilliant, warm fire on a delicious meal. We delight in laughter as we tell silly stories together. But so suddenly and abruptly this image escapes my thoughts once again. Things will never be again as they once were.
This dreadful war has caused it all. My entire life has slowly slid downhill after Jacob, my husband, and Mathew and Richard, my sons, were heaved off to a military camp by men in bright blue uniforms with hard, doubtful faces. Their faces told it all. They did not want to go to war. Deep in every one of theses solder's hearts was the knowledge that to little men will unite in battle, that fear and no hope would ruin the courage of these men and that they will have no will to fight.
It has now been two monotonous weeks since that horrible night when they we forced to leave. Still I have received no word from them. Still I wait for news.

March 16
Rebecca, my daughter, and I have been spending long days working our fields. Most of our workers are now fighting for a lost cause. On our plantation we mainly grow corn but there is a fairly large garden with a wide variety of vegetables. We need all the healthy crops we can possibly get so there is plenty to last us all winter.

I do greatly fear this war will be a long one and take its toll on the families whose son, father, or husband is in an army fighting somewhere over the horizon.
Ever Sunday we still attend church as if nothing had changed. So do the inhabitants of this lonely countryside. We all put on a mask that shows a strong, courageous soul but deep, deep down in the depths of our hearts you will not find that soul but one filled with sorrow, fear, and no hope. The people of this community are turtles with hard impenetrable shells but lying beneath are soft, vulnerable bodies susceptible to any harm that may cross its path. As long as we put on our masks like the turtles wear their shells we won't fall to any foreign disease. I believe that by putting on our masks we set an example for our children. They will also remain strong if they believe we are strong. Strength is the key to surviving this war.
Last evening I wept until exhaustion took control and I slipped into an uneasy sleep. I don't know how much I can possibly bear before I shatter into thousands of tiny pieces. No news of the war has come to our little patch of ground in the world yet. I miss Jacob, Richard, and Mathew more than words can express.
(May 2008)

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The Nice Black Dragon

By Ramzi, 7, Texas, USA

One day my dad came back from the pet shop.He bought a baby dragon. It was a black dragon with spikes on it's back and tail. I named it Spike and I took care of it. When I was giving it its first bath, I found a red magic stone in his mouth, he was trying to give it to me. When I held the magic stone, I was able to understand what Spike wanted to say and I became a dragon rider.I held it up high and it started glowing, I knew that it can give Spike magic powers.
A week after, I was on the side walk right by my house at night time taking Spike for a walk and I saw four bad guys walking towards us holding guns and knives.I was scared. I looked at Spike and told him about our game plan. Then, I held up the magic stone and Spike transformed into a big dragon. Spike blew fire out of his mouth at them. They were dead. I was surprised and all I could say was " WOW". I was happy that I had a pet that can protect me. Now, nothing can stand in my way. (May 2008)

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Pop your net.

By Aimee, 5, Tavistock, Devon, UK

Mummy and me went fishing at the beach. It was a very sunny day. We took a picnic on the sand, we had the fish that we caught and cooked it on a fire. (May 2008)

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One Word

By Yuki, 15, Christchurch, New Zealand


my face
against cold glass
breathing softly
foggy pictures
eyes water
as I wave goodbye
she waves back
and falls to the platform
her heart out
I sit back
and tears
spill down my face
warm tears
two warm tracks
in the fading sunlight
mouthing a word
that I will never need to say


I'm running
the sirens shriek
maddy is running behind me
she calls out
my name
seeking comfort
'quick maddy! keep running!'
I stumble
on the cobbled stones
and trip
but determination
overcome my senses
to get away
from uncle
who has no love
but grudgingly
opens the door
for us
in the red-black sky
and screaming
keep running
from uncle
and the bombs
keep running
the letter
that pulled me down...


the letter
that dreaded letter
drove me
to do this
drove me
from safety
from uncle
drove me
to begin
this adventure
this mad
for survival
this painful
search for her
for her
for her


I open my eyes
and searching
my brain
for the answer
'where are we?'
I rasp
and I struggle
to sit up
and agonizing
in my shoulders
from yesterday
a flood
of memory
make me gasp
and I
from soldiers
from police
we bump into a girl
barely breathing
I carry her
out of the bomb wreckage
carry her
on my shoulders
had threatened
to make me pass out
but I kept running
and stumbling
and fighting for breath
her blood
staining my shirt
I look at my shirt
and see
dried blood
I look at the girl
who is resting peacefully
we are in
a bombed out hospital
a coincidence
I remember
half dead myself
maddy supporting me
and the girl
on my back
through the rubble
into the hospital
and whispering
of death.


the girl
is beautiful
so beautiful
that it hurts
her black
and her eyes
when she opened them
I saw
two large deep blue eyes
so full of thought
and grim determination
from then
from the time
she opened her eyes
I knew
I was in love.


the girl
her name
like us
for her family
she lived
in orphanage
she is better
and as beautiful as ever
I tell her this
and she blushes
then snaps
'don't be stupid'
I frown
we walk


'the war is killing us'
I sigh
we all look at the bodies
on the ground
hacked apart
by the bombs
that fall
from the sky
red-black sky
like raindrops of death
from the heavens
all our fault
I keep walking
we have walked
for a whole week
from danger
from death
in our sleep
as the soldiers
catch us
in our dreams
I trip over
a body
I glance down
and scream


a whirlwind
and pain
hit me
like bullets
and I am numb
so numb
and screams
pulls maddy
I fall
next to the body
I rock
and I stare
and tears
silently fall
throat aching
from screaming
me up
I slump back
in a
from my lips
as I dim away
I see
from the ground
the house
that was once
the house
I came to
from school
the house
where maddy
and I
kept alive
to be seen again
last word


was a strong
humble man
and warm
I remember
we were out of money
and food
he left
to earn
for us
his family
he left
to a foreign land
far away
with promises
of returning
one day
as I sit
in the police car
with maddy
and annabelle
I realize
with sickening horror
I can't
his face.


we sit
and glum
in the police headquarters
with people
like us
have no hope
or life
or family
return to
I shiver
and tears
from my dull
our bodies
a strange
of love
that we share
and three hearts
beat together
sit back
with love
and warmth
in our hearts
a man
next to me
and I see
down his face
I lay
a comforting hand
on his shoulder
the man
looks up at me
his eyes
and I see
in his
we both stand
and overwhelmed
I struggle
to understand
the man
cries more
but with
in his tears
makes me
we don't say
but one
as we embrace
we say
one word
the darkness
and the future
our lives
one word
I say
one word

(May 2008)

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A Friend for Albert

By Aditi, 6, Titchfield, UK

One day a dragon called Albert wanted to find a friend, but he didn't know where to look. He went for a walk along the riverside and saw a man fishing. He asked him if he needed a friend, and guess what? He did! So they became friends for ever and they lived happily ever after. The end. (May 2008)

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Find That Hamster (a story)

By Alice, 11, Bristol, UK

Sally had an in service day, she wasn't sure what to do with herself. "I know", she thought "I'll play with Katie's hamster!" Katie was her 3 year old sister. She had blonde short hair and wore pale blue, cotton dungarees with turn-ups. Katie was at Nursery now, so Sally had the whole house to herself!
Sally's long, wavy brown hair swayed as she skipped into Katie's room where the hamster was. She plonked her bottom on the bed and brought out Dora the hamster; she was brown and white and had soft and silky fur. Sally smoothed her from head to toe, while Dora marched around in Sally's lap. The fluffy hamster looked like she was going to jump out of Sally's lap! Dora walked to the edge of Sally's legs and jumped. Sally tried to catch her but Dora was already out of the room!
Sally went into the cupboard, in the kitchen to get some hamster food. She was going to make a trail and see if Dora would follow it. She quickly but carefully laid down the food in the hallway, then Sally rushed to hide behind the chair. She waited there for 10 minutes or so, nothing happened! She was really worried now; Katie loved Dora so much if anything happened to her Sally would be in BIG, BIG trouble! This trail was obviously not working so she would have to try something else, but what?
Sally cleared up the food and walked into the very shiny kitchen and sat down on the glossy white chairs. But wait what was this it was like little coco pops a trail of them on the floor, Sally hadn't made this trail. This trail wasn't coco pops it was hamster poo! Sally heaved herself out of the chair and followed the hamster poo. It was smelly so Sally pinched her nose. She tiptoed across the landing and the trail gave a sudden stop in the bathroom.
Where was Dora? "Squeak, squeak", came from behind a pot in the window sill. Sally crept over to the window and peeked behind the stripy blue pot that Dora was hiding behind. Dora gave a loud shriek as Sally was about to pick her up. Dora leaped to the floor and sprinted down stairs.
Sally chased her into the lounge and searched all over the lounge! Sally smelt something funny in the corner of the room. Sally peered her head over the arm of the leather sofa to see Dora having a snooze.
Sally reached out and picked up Dora, but the silky soft hamster wriggled and slipped out of Sally's hands and ran for the door. Sally took a deep breath and ran out of the room to hunt down Dora. Sally followed her into Katie's room; Dora was hiding behind the wardrobe. Sally lunged to pick her up before she had the chance to run away. Sally gently put Dora back in the cage, but Sally was so tired she forgot to close the cage door and Dora climbed out!
Mum and Katie were coming up the driveway. Sally dived to catch Dora before she trotted out the room, and put her in the cage and this time she stayed there! Sally wiped her forehead with a sigh of relief as Mum and Katie walked through the door.
Katie ran into her room to play with Dora but she was already fast asleep! (Well that makes a difference)
"So what have you been doing today?" asked Mum `"Not much!" replied Sally as she winked at Dora.
(May 2008)

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Mr Poomkin's Shop

By Ellie, 9, Surrey, UK

There's a bookshop in Happy Town, the man who owns the shop is called Mr Poompkin. Alex is a smart boy he's 9 years old. He goes to the bookshop and asks Mr Pompkin for a book on ancient Egypt. Mr Poompkin said 'top shelf 3rd book on the left' So Alex did that, he picked that book and WOW! He's in ancient Egypt by Tutankamun's pyramid. The guards said 'who are you?' Alex introduced himself. Then they let him go.

Alex went on a tour around a pyramid. As the tour man wasn't watching Alex sneaked off. The tour man went left and Alex went right. Before he had travelled a 100 foot he heard a noise so Alex followed the noise that lead him to an elf. His name was Eric.

Eric the elf said 'I'm lost'. Alex was too .

Eric said 'Let's find the way out together.'

Alex said 'Great let's go.'

So they set off, and just couldn't find the way out. Eric said 'I'm hungry'.

Alex was too .But they fell down a trap door - and suddenly they were in a pirate ship. The captain said 'who are you'?

Alex and Eric introduced themselves. The Captain said 'Welcome aboard'. Alex and Eric went to see their cabin and on the way they saw gold, silver, jewels and lots more. Their cabin was smelly and they didn't like it.

'Food's up' shouted the Captain. They sat at the table with the Captain and his crew were noisy and dirty.

After their food the Captain said it's time for you to walk the plank, they had to swim to Happy Town.

In the end Alex and Eric went back to Mr Poompkin's shop and said that was a great adventure!!!
(May 2008)

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The old oak tree

By Lucan, 9, New Zealand

Once upon a time in the dark forest there lived an old oak tree. A boy named Jack always sat under the tree after school he went to the forest next door. The tree could talk and so could Jack. Jack went there almost every day.

The next day there were people in the forest cutting down the oak tree.

Jacks mum said "Jack! there are people cutting down the oak tree."

Jack said "stop!why are cutting down the old oak tree"?

"Because it's blocking the view" said the tree chopper man.

"Don't cut it down" said Jack, and they didn't cut it down and they all lived happily ever after.
(April 2008)

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I want my mommy

By Jaquelyn, 7, Chicago, IL, USA

There once was a little 5 year old girl named Emily and she was really sad because she lived alone with her mean stepfather and he made her stay in her room all night and day. She didn't have any toys to play with. All she had was a teddy bear from her mom who died.

When she went upstairs she laid on her little blue bed and cried with her teddy, then eventually with no supper she fell fast asleep. Sometimes she would sneak downstairs when her step dad was sleeping and watch t.v. and eat cookies, if he ever found out he would
get REALLY mad at her and not let her go to the bathroom for a week.

Emily walked three miles to school every single day. One day it was freezing cold and snowing and Emily was walking to school. Her nose was red and her blonde hair was flowing in the wind. She had no hat or coat. She was wearing some old red shorts, a dirty white shirt and some black boots that were way too big. Emily was as skinny as a bone. She was starving and her stomach was growling. All she would eat every day were cold loaves of stale pumpernickle bread.

One day Emily walked to school so early she decided to take a nap on the steps. Before Emily fell asleep she prayed that her mom would come back. She then fell asleep, Emily woke up and found herself in a beautiful pink bed and white puppies crowding around. She then turned around and saw her Mommy sleeping in beautiful white pajamas. Emily was wearing a night gown
filled with glittery pink stars. Emily jumped up and shook her mom.

Her mom woke up with a smile on her face "Hello Emily" she said "It's really nice to see you" Emily started crying. Not from sadness but from joy. Her mom picked up Emily and carried her to the kitchen. She took some chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and put it infront of Emily. Emily told her about all of the
crazy things that happened. The mom gave Emily a hug. Emily was in heaven with her mom. They will live happily ever after together in peace and harmony.
(April 2008)

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