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 Harry Potter Stories

Harry Potter and the Match of Quidditch: Gryffindor V Slytherin

By Samuel, 6, Dubai

Harry is starting his first Quidditch lesson with Madam Hooch,

'Put your hand right above the broom and say up,'said Madam Hooch and Harry and the rest of the class said up.

A boy called Nevile Longbottom (who is really clumsy)got his broom up and WWHHOOSSHH!!his broom flew in the air (with him on it) and dropped him to the floor.

Madam Hooch took him to the hospital wing. then Harry kicked off from the floor then he zoomed off to Professor McGonagle's office and she saw him. She ran outside to see him.

'Wow,' said McGonagle, 'Come and see Wood.'

They went to the Captain's office.

'Hi Professor,' said a 7th year boy.

'Oliver, this is Harry. Harry, this is Oliver,' said McGonagle.

The next day it was Harry's first Quidditch match V Slytherin. .The whistle blew and 14 players zoomed up into the air.

'10 points to Slytherin,' said Lee Jordan.

5 minutes later Harry caught the snitch. That night there was a party in the Gryffindor common room.
(September 2008)

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The Life Of a Mail Owl

By Kate, 10, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Hi. My name is Hedwig. You've probably heard of me. I'm an owl.
There are some really good bits to delivering mail. You get to know EVERYTHING that's going on and nobody suspects you of snooping in mail 'cause you're an OWL, right? And you get to fly around. But let me tell you, it can be really boring too. You get cooped up in a cage and your beak hurts from carrying letters. In fact, I need to go put some bandages on my beak… Oh great. ANOTHER letter? Help!
(January 2005)

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An Underwater Duel (sequel to A Midnight Battle of Magic)

By Katie, 10, PGH, PA, USA

June at Hogwarts School was a wonderful time. All the students brought swimsuits and could swim in the lake, as long as they avoided the Giant Squid. Jill Wilkes leaned back in her magically conjured beach chair and pulled her hair into a ponytail, then dove in the water.
Jill was not your average first-year. She had battled a dark wizard once and was easily the most talented witch of her year. This had attained her almost Harry-Potter-like fame among the students. It had also attained her usually being shadowed by a Voldemort Supporter, or Death Eater.
The clear water felt good on Jill's face as she dove to the very bottom of the lake. She walked along the bottom and had to stop frequently to shake off Grindylows. All of a sudden the water seemed much darker. Looking around for the reason, Jill spotted a black-cloaked figure about six yards away. It brought out its wand…
Jill was frozen stiff…
It brought the wand up…
"Avada Kedavra!" the black cloak screeched. The water made a strand of the creature's hair drift out.
"Weed!" Jill yelled. The old Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher lunged forward again.
"Avada Kedavra!"
Jill ducked and grabbed her wand. "Expelliarmious….
Weed's wand shot out of her hand. Jill waved her wand and ropes bound Weed's arms. Catching hold of one, Jill dog-paddled up to the surface. Three faces looked down at her - Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, and one of Jill's good friends, Hermione Granger.
"Good." said Professor Dumbledor. "You're up again! We thought you'd drowned…My goodness, is that Weed?!"
"It's a long story." Jill said. The first thought that popped to her head was, Boy am I wet! The second was, I probably look like a prune from that water.
(January 2005)

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A Midnight Battle of Magic (based on the Harry Potter books)

By Katie, 10, PA, USA

Jill slowly inched along the stone corridor. If she didn't get her Transfiguration homework out of the trashbin in time, Professor McGonagall would kill her. As in, detention. But she was not in luck. A dark shadow stood in the doorway of an old classroom…watching…
"Wilkes! Out of bed at this time," sneered the voice. She recognized the tone: Professor Weed, the new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher. Weed had long oily blond hair and a small stub nose and green eyes that gleamed yellow. Professor Weed grabbed Jill's arm and pulled her into the room.
She looks like she's hiding something… thought Jill. As Weed's sleeve fluttered on an updraft, Jill saw a black scull burned into the skin on her arm.
"The Dark Mark!"
"Yes. That's what it is. And now," whispered Weed, "Now that you know my secret, Wilkes…"
Jill was slowly slipping out her wand…
"I shall have to kill you. Avada Kedavra!" Weed shrieked.
Jill ducked the red beam and lifted her wand high in the air."Expelliarmus!"
But then Weed moved. Another red beam shot out. At the same time Jill's Disarming Spell connected with hers. Weed's wand spun out of her hand. Weed crumpled to the ground.
"Kill…kill me now, girl."
But Jill knew what she must do. "I can't." She lifted the wand.
Invisible cords bound Weed tightly. Jill stepped out of the room with Weed magically levitating behind her. Jill whispered a word.
The bound Weed flew slowly away, to Professor Dumbledore's office. He would know what to do. (December 2004)

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Harry's Dream

By Thomas, 10, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"GET UP, BOY!" Uncle Vernon roared through the door of Harry Potter's room. "NOW!" Harry hid under his covers. Uncle Vernon thundered into Harry's bedroom, his prune-like face purple with rage. Harry tried to make himself invisible under his blankets, but of course, Uncle Vernon tossed the covers off of his bed. "I SAID NOW!" Harry's body ached from school yesterday, when Dudley and his best friend, Piers beat him up yesterday in front of a huge crowd at recess. Uncle Vernon threw Harry off of the bed onto the cold, bare floor. "IT'S DUDLEY'S BIRTHDAY TODAY, BOY! SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR YOUR COUSIN, YOU BLASTED BOY!" Uncle Vernon roared.
"Yes, yes, Uncle Vernon, I know." Harry grumbled as he got off of the ground.
"THEN HURRY UP!" Harry picked up the laundry basket that Aunt Petunia put under his bed to look for some clothes. Uncle Vernon stomped into the kitchen where Aunt Petunia and Dudley were enjoying a huge chocolate fudge birthday cake. Uncle Vernon joined in. Harry watched miserably as the cake disappeared. After he dressed, Harry walked into the kitchen to eat his breakfast.
"Since it's my birthday today, you're not getting any breakfast!" Dudley laughed. "After all, I'm 9 and you're only 8!" Harry flopped down onto his old, tattered armchair and watched Dudley gobble up his breakfast.
"We're going to the water park this year, pumpkin!" Aunt Petunia was all smiles as Dudley was tearing open his thirty presents.
"Hey! I have Manhunter already! Why do you get me things I already, Mom?" Dudley pointed at a Playstation game.
"I'm so sorry, pumpkin! I'll get you two more new presents at the water park, okay?" Petunia said in a squeaky voice. It was an hour later when Dudley finally finished opening his presents. Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley were in their best clothes while Harry was walking around in a stained pair of shorts and a ripped T-shirt.
"Get Dudley's bathing suit, boy!" Uncle Vernon barked at Harry. He went up the stairs to get Dudley's huge bathing suit. He brought it downstairs. Vernon snatched it from Harry's hands and stuffed it in a bag.
"Get yours too, boy!" Aunt Petunia yelled from the back. Harry couldn't believe his ears. Aunt Petunia was letting him play in the water park! Without a word, he fetched his bathing suit as well, and handed it to Petunia. Meanwhile, Dudley was upstairs playing his ten new Playstaion games. Finally, it was time to go.

It was nearly an hour before the Dursleys and Harry arrived at the water park. It was swarming with people in bathing suits. It took another thirty minutes to get their passes and get to the dressing rooms. About two hours later, the Dursleys(and Harry)were in the water. Dudley's enormous stomach wobbled like jelly as he dove into the water. The splash was huge. Harry dove in too. His splash was tiny. Dudley was kicking water at some five-year olds nearby. Harry floated around the diving board and soaked some heat. Then, out of the blue, a huge, ham-like fist came crushing down onto Harry's back. He plunged underwater and swallowed some. Soon he was back up to the surface. Dudley was grinning. Harry sighed. He floated off again. He didn't notice Dudley's curses and Vernon's yells as he looked at the blue sky. Right now he was dreaming of a school full of witches and wizards. Full of magic and magical creatures. Someday he could be a wizard too, and have his own wand, maybe. It was an hour later before Harry noticed Dudley, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were screaming in the huge water slide in the distance.

The Dursleys and Harry had spent about four hours at the water park before they came home for dinner. Dinner was a turkey, brocoli and mixed rice with chocolate pudding, vanilla ice cream and strawberry sundaes for dessert. Harry even received a small portion of turkey and vanilla ice cream. After dinner, the Dursleys had a little waltz together, and Harry was forced to waltz with Dudley. Soon the whole thing was over, and everyone was going to bed. Harry lay awake in his bed for about an hour looking at the ceiling before he sneaked into Dudley's bedroom. He was sound asleep and was snoring loudly. Harry found Dudley's huge rubber snake and placed it carefully onto Dudley's pillow, right beside his massive head. Then Harry tiptoed back into his own room again. He would get into huge trouble tomorrow, but it was worth it. That was Harry's last thought before he fell asleep.

A huge, brightly lit hall with five long tables were before Harry's eyes. The fifth table was placed horizontally in the middle, while the four other tables were placed vertically behind it. An old man with a long, silver beard and half-moon spectacles was saying something, but Harry couldn't hear the words. He was sitting by the fifth table, so Harry was guessing that he was pretty important. There was a couple other adults at the fifth table beside the silver-bearded old man. The four other tables were full of kids, all aged between 11 and 17, Harry reckoned. Beside each table there was a large banner. The first banner had a picture of a huge green snake in a glittering, silver backround. The second banner had a big badger in a yellow backround. The third banner had a large brown eagle in a bright blue backround. The last banner had a towering gold lion in a blood-red backround. The kids on the 'snake table' looked mean and tricky. The silver-bearded man looked in Harry's direction.
"Harry Potter will be coming to Hogwarts…"

"GET UP, POTTER-BOY!" Uncle Vernon's snarling voice woke Harry from the strange dream. Harry sighed. Another day of misery was about to begin. But that didn't matter. Harry was still thinking about the old man and the tables. Someday he will be going there. Someday he will learn magic and have his own wand. Someday he will find his true destiny. Someday Harry will find true love and happiness. (October 2004)

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A well deserved break

By Chelsea, 14, Plattsburgh, NY, USA

It so close to the end of the summer holidays. Harry was almost about to burst, between the excitment of seeing Ron and Hermioie, and how badly the dumb Dursleys had been treating him. But over the summer he had also relized that the Dursleys were scared of Harry mostly because this time he knew where they had hidden his wand and he had taken it.
He looked over at his beautiful white owl as he had just flown back to his window with a letter from Ron which he had been expecting since he had written Ron the day before telling him how stupid Dudley went on a nature hike with his friends to you know ruin things and terrorise anyone they would find. And of course being the stupid prat Dudly was he sat in a huge patch of poison ivy. The letter says:

Dear Harry,
Just when I thought Dudley couldn't get any stupider he surprises me wih something like this. So it's our 6th year at Hogwarts. Dad and Mum are so happy they are coming to get you tomorrow so then we can all go to Diagon alley and Platform 9 3/4 together. I suppose it will be the same as usual You, Hermione, Neville, and I will all sit together. Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you, you know that awful Rita Skeeter woman who is always writing that rubbish about you and Dumbledore, well Dad told me that Fudge fired her because for a few months now she's been writing rubbish about him. Dad said he nearly exploded after the last issue of the Daily Prophet where she called him a great hairy baboon. Well I've got to finish packing for Hogwarts Mum wanted meto be ready early. And by the way did you know that Ginny has a boyfriend, I mean a new one?

Harry read it over and over again although all it did was make him long to see his friends more and more every minute.
Just then his Aunt Petunia called him down to dinner. In the Dursleys point of view dinner would be so much nicer without Harry, strangely Harry felt the same way. Besides in two days he would be on his way to Hogwarts in the Great Hall watching the Sorting Ceremony and looking forward the feast ahead of him, in fact that was about the only food he really saw in his mind. Because dinner with the Dursleys meant table scrapings.
Harry walked down the stairs and entered the kitchen, it smelled of Honey ham, potatoes, and Garlic. He sat down, and Aunt Petunia put a heaping plate of leftovers in front of him all which looked throughly gross! But he ate it anyway and walked back up to his room finished packing for Hogwarts and drifted off to sleep because tomorrow he was leaving.
He woke up that morning feeling sad because last night he had a dream his Godfather Sirius Black who he become quite fond of until last year when his own cousin Beatrix Lastrange killed him.
He looked over at his clock it read 9:01 he was happy for a moment because the Weasleys were going to be here at 10:00. So for that hour which seemed to go on forever he just sat by his trunk with his books, robes,and wand and waited.
Then a 10:00 he heard a knock at the door and it was the Weasleys for the first time in his life. He had never been happier to see them so brought his trunk downstairs and without the slightest goodbye Harry left, got into the Weasleys car and left number Four Privet Drive smiling because he was on his way to his favorite place in the whole world, Hogwarts.
(September 2004)

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Harry Potter and the horrifying way of packing a trunk.

By Beth, 11, New Zealand

"GET UP!" roared Mr Dursley, Harry Potter's uncle.
Harry grunted.
"NOW!" Mr Dursley pushed Harry out of his bed and onto the cold hard floor of his bedroom.
Harry had been doing all his exam homework the night before. Harry was a wizard and learnt Wizardry in a school called Hogwarts.
He got off the floor. Mr Dursley had left the room. Harry changed into some jeans and a tee-shirt and he wandered over to his trunk and began to pack.
Harry had already received his letter and ordered them from Diagon Alley, the magic shops in London.
He was leaving this horrible house today. To Hogwarts. He couldn't wait!
He started to scramble everywhere around the room trying to find his copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
When he came across his bed he saw some glowing red eyes under it. Harry sighed. His Monster Book of Monsters book had escaped his bonds again.
Harry reached under the bed to grab the book but it dodged Harry's hand and made for Harry's face.
He lept out from under the bed, seized his belt, and got ready to grab the book.
Harry whistled and the Monster Book started running like mad around the room. The book's mad red eyes spyed him and came bounding towards him. Harry made a dive for it.
"Gotcha'!" he yelled, buckling the belt around the book.
"What is going on here!" came a high voice at the door of Harry's bedroom.
Aunt Petunia stood at the door of the room with her beady eyes on Harry.
Dudley, Harry's 13 year old cousin the same age as himself, stood next to her holding a bag of what looked like sweets.
The book let out a growl.
"Look mum!" Dudley yelled,pointing at the book. Dudley was and oversise spoilt brat. He had to have clothes made for him because none of the clothes in the shop fitted him.
The belt snapped, and the book went sliding out of Harry's grip.
"ARRRRRGGGHHH!" cried Dudley as the book came charging towards him.
Harry scramled to his feet, grabbed his wand from his beside cabinite and yelled "Accio Book!"
The book came flying back at Harry who grabbed it and threw it into his trunk.
He wasn't allowed to use magic outside of school. Any minute now he would receive an owl with a letter saying that he was in deep trouble of some sort.
He was exactly right because the next minute and owl came flapping through his open window and dropped a letter on his bed then flew out again.
"Oh my goodness!" went Aunt Petunia. "You are…GET OUT OF HERE!"
"Petunia dear.What is wrong!" came Uncle Vernons voice from downstairs.
"He…we…Take him Vernon to that school now. He has a book…um…a…monster."
Harry was in bad trouble. When the Dursleys left his room getting ready to go Harry opened the letter and read.All it said was…

One last chance Potter.
Signed: Cornelious Fudge, Minister for Magic.

Harry lifted the loose floorboard where he kept the cakes and sweets that he had got from his friends. He took them out, put them in a bag and shoved the bag into his trunk.
Harry made to grab the bag because he had forgotton to tie up the book.
Harry grabbed some rope and carefully, trying not to get his fingers torn of, tied the rope around it.
Harry packed his robes and his books. Then he tucked his wand in his pocket, grabbed his owl Hedwigs cage and grabbed his Broomstick, a Firebolt.
Harry closed his trunk and carried everything downstairs to see the Dursleys staring at him hating him.
Thank goodness he didn't have to wait for the packing for another year!

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Harry Potter and the Poyton

By Sunmin, 12, Snoqualmie, King County, WA, US

"Wake up boys," Mrs. Weasley said in a tired voice to Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. They yawned and stretched as they slowly opened their eyes. Mrs. Weasley was standing in the doorway in her blue thick bathrobes. "Come downstairs in about 15 minutes, we're having eggs and bacon for breakfast. And you got a letter from Sirius, Harry dear." Mrs. Weasley told Harry and Ron. Sirius was Harry's godfather who was in court for attempting to kill Peter Pettigrew before Pettigrew had gone through the court. Oh yes, I forgot to introduce Harry and Ron.

Harry was not and ordinary teenager for even a wizard. He had defeated the greatest Dark Wizard known for three times. The name was Voldemart, a name most wizard was afraid to say. Voldemart was only afraid of Dumbledore, the greatest wizard in the world and also the headmaster of Hogwarts. Harry had a very untidy hair and a scar from the first attack from Dark Lord when he was only one year old. He was also skinny and extremely famous. Ron was an ordinary, pureblooded wizard. He had a flaming red hair and a freckled face. He had five brothers and one sister. Bill, the oldest, worked at the Gringott Wizard Bank; Charlie, the second oldest, worked with Dragons in Romania; Percy the Prefect was at Hogwarts for the last year (Thankfully), but he unfortunately was the Head Boy (He's very bossy); Fred and George were identical twins who didn't care about rules and joked a lot; and Ginny, the youngest of all seven children, was starting Hogwarts that year, she also thought of Harry as some kind of hero. Hermione Granger, their best friend, was a Muggle born witch. Even though she was Muggle born, she had gotten the top marks in the whole grade for the last year.

Harry was staying at Ron's house because his godfather was in court and his uncle and aunt moved to U.S. Sirius, his godfather, was in Azkaban, a wizard prison, for the last 12 years because everyone thought that he was the one who blew up a whole street and killed 16 people in one spell (it was really Pettigrew). His uncle's family was like those people who feared and hated magic, so they treated Harry very badly.

Harry opened the letter very sleepily. Knowing that Ron wanted to hear the answer too, he read it aloud.


The Judge says that I have to stay in Azkaban for half a year for not being au auror when I was about to kill Pettigrew. Don't worry about me; half a year is nothing compared to 12 years. Hope you're doing all right. Say hello to Ron and Hermione for me, also apologize to Mrs. Weasley for scaring the daylight out of her when I transformed into a dog for me. Don't forget to keep in touch. See you next year at King's Cross Station at Platform nine and three quarters.


"Poor Sirius, he has to stay in Azkaban for half a year." Ron fully awake now said. On the window, Hedwig, Harry's owl, was tapping on the window. There were two big envelopes tied to her legs. Harry reluctantly got up and opened the window. Harry felt the cold morning air rushed in as Hedwig flew in and sat on the warm beg, holding her tied leg out. Harry untied the strings attached to the envelope and said,

"It's the supply list for next year," Harry tossed one of the envelopes to Ron. "Here is yours." Ron opened the envelope excitedly and read silently through the list. Harry tore the envelope too and looked at the long list.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Three sets of plain black robes
Black winter cloak with silver fastenings
Black hat (no fire shooting hats are allowed)
Pair of thick leather or dragon hide gloves - waterproof, and flameproof

Brass or Silver Cauldron (size 5)
Clear Crystal Ball (size 2)
Set of Mega-Obsylescope (size 5)
At least 40 yards of clear white parchment (replenish as needed)
At least two eagle or hawk quills with black ink (NO ink-sprouting quill)
Wehelmenter's Complete Intermediate Potion Set (NO Advanced)

Reading the Future (Gilderoy Hayas)
Guide to Star Gazing (Constance Orion)
Intermediate Transfiguration (Moisel Loid)
Potion, Third Edition (Hemsi Ebols)
Book of Dangerous Magical Creatures (Jester Godley)
How to Care Practical Mediterranean Aquatic Creatures (Benxi Knek)
The Dangers of the Sky (Owena Belwag)
The Dangers of the Underground (Owena Belwag)
How Muggles Survived Without Magic (Uri Lou)
Dear Students,

Mr. Filch, the caretaker, had reminded the headmaster and me that no Dung-bombs, Wheezy Powder, and other joke things are allowed. The entire list is enclosed. If any of these joke things are found in school, students who brought them will get detentions or get 50 points off from their house. Thank you.

Professor McGonagall

Harry pulled out three pages of a list.

"What? These aren't in alphabetical orders?" Harry wondered. "How am I supposed to know if anything's allowed or not? I'm not going to read all this!"

"Oh well, it's Filch's fault if nobody bothers to read it." Ron replied. "We should go downstairs soon, you know." So they went downstairs.

"Good morning, boys. Sit down on those chairs by Ginny, and here's some bacon. Fred, don't hide the eggs. George, stop leaning back on the chair." Mrs. Weasley said. Harry and Ron sat down on the old chair.

"AARRRRGHHHH!" Ron yelled as he quickly jumped up as if he just sat on burning hot coals. He went around the room, clutching his bottom. Harry looked at the seat. There was nothing on it. He felt it over, suddenly, he felt a spike coming from right side of the seat. Even though he couldn't see it, he picked it up and felt some more.

"Look, I mean, feel. It's like an invisible spike." Harry said, holding up the spike. Then he noticed Ron glaring at Fred and George. They were laughing silently so hard that they had to gasp before rolling on the floor, holding their belly buttons as if they were about to fall right off.

"Fred, George, that's not funny. You could've seriously hurt him." Mrs. Weasley scolded.

Diagon Alley was a wizard shopping center. You would have press a certain brick to go in. Jo had never been there.

Soon they were there. Standing by the brick wall was Harry and Ron. "Hermione!" Harry yelled, "We are sure glad to see you again!" Ron and Harry ran over to her and grinned. Then they greeted Jo warmly. Hermione and Mrs. Granger decided to meet at the brick wall at 8:00.

Harry looked around to make sure there weren't any Muggles watching and tapped the third brick from the second row with his wand. Suddenly, the wall became to tremble. A small hole only big enough for them appeared in the solid brick wall. They stepped through and faced the busy place. They looked around and saw the familiar shops.

"Hey, Dean, what are you looking at?" Ron shouted at the brown haired boy who was in Gryffinder. He and Seamus Finnigan were practically flattening their noses against the window of a store called The Home of Javey Quidditch, the Inventor of Quidditch. Harry and Ron ran over and saw a shiny broomstick floating in the air.

Harry was expert at Quidditch, a popular wizard game that you play on a broom. He is in the Gryffinder House team. There are four balls. One is a big, red ball that is size of a basketball called the Quaffle. There are three chasers who throw the Quaffle through a hoop. The team gets ten points. The Keeper is like a goalie. He protects the hoop. There are two smaller black balls called Bludgers that try to knock people down off their brooms. There are two Beaters who have a bat to hit the Bludger and try to knock the other team's player down. The most important ball of all is the Snitch. It is very small and hard to see and catch because they are very fast and has little silver wings to fly away. It is the Seeker's job to catch the Snitch, which is Harry. The Seeker earns 150 extra points if it is caught. Also, the Seeker has to catch the Snitch to finish the game.

"Look, it's the Black Lightning; the newest and the best broomstick in the world. It goes faster than the speed of sound, has an auto built in brake, bit of Dumbledore's old wand when it got broken, and an ability to think." Dean Thomas answered. "Guess who designed it?"

"Who, Professor McGonagall?" Ron suggested.

"Yes," Seamus exaggerated. "Come on, seriously."

"Mmm… Javey Quidditch himself?"


"Who? I give up." Harry said.

"Oliver Wood!" Seamus and Dean chorused.

"What?!" Harry and Ron said. Oliver Wood was a seventh year Hogwart student, also, the Captain and Keeper of the Gryffinder House Quidditch Team.

"He was writing all these letter to Dumbledore and the Ministry of Magic to convince them to let his broomstick sell in public even though he wasn't at the right age last year. I can't wait to see him again on Thursday. I might get his autograph." Dean said. "Maybe he'll let the Gryffinder House Team have the Black Lightning."

"Come on guys, we're wasting time!" Hermione pleaded.

So they left the Black Lightning.

"Let's buy the books first!" Joanne begged, "Please!"

"Sure, I don't see any reasons why we shouldn't since the store is right in front of us."

Hermione answered. So they went in the building shaped like a huge spell book called The Reading Shack. Inside, there were writings on the walls that kept rotating around saying things like,

"Igus Oblesure invented the Floating Charm in 1204."

"Remember to pronounce the spells exactly right if you don't to set fire on your house."

Then they went upstairs to find the easy school textbooks.

"Eeuu, smell that book!" Ron said, scrunching up his nose. "It stinks!'"

They walked to the brown book that he was looking at. It smelt like a mixture of dirty laundry, and Pomeranian Cheese. On the front of the book, it said, The Most Private Secrets of Some Wizards and there was a picture of a teenage boy with silvery blonde hair tasting a moldy Pomeranian Cheese. Suddenly the teenage boy slowly transformed into a full-grown man. He oddly looked very familiar: Lucius Malfoy! Harry, Ron, and Hermione howled with laughter until they had tears in their eyes and got hiccups. Joanne just stood there looking very confused.

"Now -hiccup- Draco Malfoy won't be strolling -hiccup- around the school l-hiccup-like he owns it -hiccup- or something." Harry managed to say over his hiccups.

Then they went to buy Jo and Harry's robe, which were too small for him. Then they went to buy Jo's wand.

They came into the dark misty shop. Mr. Olivander, an old wizard with dark silvery eyes, came out of somewhere and said slowly,

"Ah. Harry Potter. 11-inch, heavy, holly, phoenix feather. Great wand for transfiguration. Powerful." Before he could go through everyone's wands, Harry quickly said, "We are looking for a wand for a first year, Joanne Granger. She's Hermione's sister." The witch studied Jo and went into the darkness and came out with about ten wands. She set them on a small feeble chair and said,

"Try this one, little girl. 9-inch, light, oak, unicorn's tail. Good for charm. Here, just flick the wand." Jo tried as what the witch said. Nothing happened. The witch said, "Try this one. 10-inch, medium, pine, dragon's heart strings. Good for transfiguration." Jo took it and waved. Some sparks came out and disappeared.

"Hmm… Try this one. 10.5-inch, light, oak, Hippogriff's feather. Good for charms and spells." Jo gave it a little wave. Suddenly a burst of light appeared, lighting the whole shop and the rows of little boxes.

"Wow." Jo muttered.

" Perfect!" shrieked the witch. They paid 15 galleons and went out of the store.

"Look, it's already 6:30. We forgot to buy Jo's animal. And we could stop by Leaking Cauldron and drink some butterbeer." Hermione told Ron. They went over to Harry who was now discussing about brooms and walked to the store.

The store was misty and full of blue, eerie lights. The witch was choosing an owl for someone. There were many kinds of owls. While Jo was choosing an animal, Hermione looked at the price of a large snowy owl with a disbelief look on her face. Finally the witch came to Jo and said in a tired voice,

"Okey-Dokey, owl? Toad? Rat? Cat?"

"I want an owl," Jo answered enthusiastically, "That small, hay-colored owl over there." The tired witch practically dragged herself down there and brought the owl, which was hooting loudly. The price tag was dangling from her legs, which said it was 50 galleons. They paid the price and went to Leaky Cauldron.

As usual, it was full of drunken strangers. There was an old tall wizard way in the corner, a huge man that was talking nonsense. They sat down and told the waitress that they want four butter beers. Jo looked at the color of her butterbeer and frowned, which was brownish yellow. Seeing that everyone drank it without hesitation, she drank it too. It had a buttery taste and tingled in her mouth. She ordered another and drank that too.

"Oh, I almost forgot, here's your sister and your train ticket for tomorrow, Hermione. It's still platform nine and three quarters." Harry explained, giving two train tickets to Hermione.

"Let's go," Ron added, "it's 7:50." They separated their ways. Jo and Hermione went back to the brick wall while Ron and Harry went looking for Ron's parents who were looking at some books.

Jo and Hermione waited at the brick wall for their parents who appeared in five minutes. They returned home and went to bed. But Jo couldn't. She was thinking about the train ticket. Platform nine and three quarters? Maybe it is like Diagon Alley. Wondering about that, she went to sleep after midnight.

The next day, Hermione woke up early and quickly dressed in her regular jeans. She fixed breakfast, which were some apple, toast and milk. She ran upstairs and woke up Joanne. Then she packed Jo's and her stuff. When she realized that the stuff wouldn't fit in, she murmured,

"Philearalea!" to make her pack smaller and lighter. She looked at her watch that read 9:30 a.m. It would take about an hour to get to the train station. That would give her about 30 minutes maximum. She speeded down the hallway and woke up her mum and dad.

Finally, they were all ready. Then rode to the train station for 45 minutes. By the barrier were Harry and Ron. They had two big bags and a cage containing their owls. They waved at each and decided to go in pairs.

The barrier was not an ordinary barrier. It was a magic barrier. If you leaned on it, or just ran through you would be in the wizard and witch train station before you can say - what.'

Harry and Ron leaned casually on the wall and disappeared. Then Joanne and Hermione kissed their mum for the last time and ran though the barrier. The huge train was coming toward them. Just in time, Hermione thought. They got on the train and found a spot way on the back of the train. As usual, the serving witch came by with boxes of chocolates and candies from the back compartment. They bought some Treacle Fudge, Every Flavor Jelly Beans, and Chocolate Frogs. It was always an adventure to eat one of the Jelly Beans, because when they say every flavor, they mean every flavor. One time Hermione got an earwax flavor. With her hand trembling, Hermione put a red bean in her mouth.

"Ahhh!" She shrieked and spat the bean out. "Oh my gosh! Do you know what that flavor was," without waiting for an answer she yelled, "it was blood!" Everyone scowled their face and decided never to eat any of the beans.

In an hour, they arrived at the huge castle. The familiar booming voice of Hagrid, the gamekeeper, greeted them. They went into the cool building and sat down in one of the chairs in the Great Hall with their fellow Gryffinders. Joanne was with the rest of the first years. The first years were lead to the front of the room where the Sorting Hat sat. It was an old, worn wizard hat that could talk and sort you to a house depending on what characteristic they have. When Professor McGonagall called out,

"Granger, Joanne." Joanne unsteadily went to the front and put on the worn and patched hat that came over her eyes. After a few seconds, it yelled out,


Joanne ran to sit by her sister who was glad to have her sister in the same house. Both of them went in their dormitory through the secret passage that was behind a portrait of a fat lady dressed in pink. All of pictures or portraits can move and talk like they are real. You would have to say the password to get the fat lady open up the passage. This year's password was Quidditch.

In the girl's dormitory, Joanne and Hermione changed into their nightgowns and slid into their beds. They closed their eyes and went to sleep.

Hermione stretched as the morning bell rang. She looked around and remembered that she was back at Hogwarts. She shook Joanne gently and dressed in her black robe. She put her pointy, shiny hat and looked for her potion book. Still looking, she found her old report for Famous Witches and Wizards, her ponytail, her eagle feather quill, and a ribbon that she left last year. After she found her book, she went to the Great Hall.

Harry and Ron were already in the Great Hall. They were eating rolls and liver dumpling. Their hairs were neat as a pin and their eyes were sparkling more than ever. Fred and George Weasley were trying to set their stink bomb by Professor Snape. Hermione sat down by Ron and got some liver dumpling and some biscuits. About 10 minutes later, Joanne came in with Ginny Weasley. Ron turned around and said,

"Oh good, you've met. You guys are going to be in the same class. I hope you'll be friends because Ginny is really shy." They smiled and sat between Hermione and Fred and George who was now trying to burp the alphabet. After everyone ate, the leftovers disappeared magically. The Starting bell finally rang and everyone went to his or her classrooms.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were taking two new subjects: Muggles Studies, and Divination. Their first subject was Divination. They went up to a tower. The room looked more like an old, old teashop. Everything there was antique. They stood by a chair that had legs that were thin as toothpick. When everyone was standing by a chair, an old, small woman came in. "Just sit down. The chairs have spells on them not to break. Professor Flitwick had done a very good job. By the way, my name is Professor Trelawny. I have been Crystal Gazing and I predict that one of us will be famous than ever, even though he or she is already famous." Everyone glanced at Harry and sat down.

"Today, we are starting with reading tealeaves in a tea cup. You will get a pinch full of tealeaves. Then put them in your cup and roll left five times. Then just flip it over on your palette." She paused for a second and said, "Neville Longbottom, please get two blue cups and pass them out. I fear that you will break one of them, so please don't touch the pink ones - I'm rather fond of them." Just like Professor T said, one of the blue ones came tumbling down as soon as he reached them. Couple of the girls in the front ooh'ed and ahh'ed. As Professor T passed the rest of the cups out, Hermione got up and got a bag of tealeaves for Harry and Ron. They put the tealeaves in the cup and rolled them five times, like Professor T said. Then they flipped the cup over and looked at it very closely, so closely that Hermione's nose was barely an inch away from the wet, smelly tealeaves.

"Ah-ha! Mine is a windmill, it means that I will have something I have always wanted. What's yours?" Hermione said gleefully and peered at Ron's.

"It looks sort of like an Eagle. I think it means that there will be a great adventure" His voice was drowned by a shriek.

"Oh dear! Dear, dear, dear! A grim! You will be very unfortunate for the rest of your life!"

Professor T shrieked. Now Neville was crying. Hermione ran over and looked.

"It doesn't look like a Grim at all, it looks more like a donkey from this side." Hermione stated as a matter-of-a-fact. Everyone stared at Hermione. She had never spoken to a teacher like that at all. She had been a teacher's dream for the past two years. Even Professor T looked at her in an amazed way. She had heard about the great Hermione from other teachers. Hermione blushed and went back to Harry's tealeaves.

"Let's see. Yours is a peacock. You will have some unfortunate events but will be almost always fortunate." Hermione said.

All the commotion ended as the second bell rang. They had an hour of free time.

Harry went to the Quidditch field to meet his team. Since there were the Beaters, Fred and George, they raced each other. But nobody was faster than Harry's broom, the Firebolt. Then he let Fred and George ride on his. Soon all the people arrived. They greeted Wood warmly and sat down on the bleachers to listen to one of his game static. After half an hour of that, they got up in the air and practiced some turns. Soon, Oliver let the balls out. A Bludger missed Harry by an inch as he caught the Snitch less than in a minute. Alicia Johnson, one of the Chasers, tried to score a goal while Wood tried to block. She passed it to Katie Bell, another Chaser, and made a goal.

Soon it was time for Defense Against Dark Arts. On their way, they met Joanne and Ginny who were happily talking about their transfiguration lesson.

They walked in the familiar dark dungeon, which was used for a classroom. By the teacher's desk was a new teacher. He was wearing rich velvet purple robes with a silk black top hat. He had piercing black eyes and a huge nose. There was a fancy peacock feather quill lying on his desk on top of a thick, old book. After everyone took his or her seats, the teacher said in a surprisingly raspy voice,

"I'm your new teacher. My name is Professor Godley. I have written exactly 82 books about Dark Arts. I see that all of you look very sharp and ready to learn." He paused for a moment and continued, "I want you to stand in a line from that bars to this wall." As told, everyone stood in an irregular line.

"Okay. I will seat you in the best to worst from what I have heard from other teachers. Now let's see."

He looked around the room and said, "Hermione Granger, take the seat right beside my desk. Pavarti Paliski, right behind Miss Granger. Mr. Harry--" He paused and gasped. "Harry Potter, I thought I would never be meeting you. I was your mother's best friend. You can sit beside Hermione." He went over to Harry and hugged him awkwardly. Professor Godley continued his sitting arrangements and kept winking at Harry.

After putting the last person, he told them to get their book out. Professor Godley read page one through twenty and assigned them to write a two feet report about how to fight a dragon that was due next week. Then he said that there would be a field trip on Halloween to a wizard zoo to look at some dragons, mountain trolls, werewolves, and some more dangerous creatures. He opened up the huge book and wrote something down. Then he straightened up and looked at his class and clapped his hands together loudly, smiling.

"So, I hope you will grow as a great wizard like me and have decent job that will make you happy." And that was end of that lesson.

Everyone slowly left the classroom. When everyone had gone, Harry stood and asked Professor Godley how his father and mother met. He sighed and said,

"When Lily (your mother), James (your father) and I (James and Lily didn't know each other yet) were in our fourth year at Hogwarts, we raised this secret creature called a Poyton. It was a four feet creature that had little silver wings that was useless. We found the egg in front of the forest. Afraid to put it back in the forest, we took and decided to turn it in to a teacher. But right then the egg hatched. Poytons think the first creature they see is their mother, which was Lily. Knowing that if we turn it in to a teacher, it would be motherless, we decided to raise it until it was six month old, which is when Poytons live by themselves. We raised it very healthy and strong then let it go. It was so sad. One time, Lily went to look for the Poyton and almost killed herself. You wouldn't be standing here if your father hadn't saved her. Then they started being friends and Poof! They married ten years later." He finished. Harry said "thanks" and went out.

Hermione and Ron were waiting for him in front of the classroom.

"He is one of the strangest teacher I ever had!" Hermione whispered, trying not to let Professor Godley hear her.

"Yeah." Ron said. Harry didn't say anything. He was deep in a thought and kept glancing at the dark Forbidden Forest. It was forbidden because there were werewolves in it. He wondered if the Poyton would still be in it.

"Harry, why aren't you saying anything? What's wrong?" Ron asked curiously.

Then Harry explained what Professor Godley had said.

"What are Poytons anyway? I've never even heard of one." Hermione said curiously. Then she suggested looking in the library after lunch. Harry and Ron agreed and went to the Great Hall to eat lunch.

After sipping the last spoon of Chicken Noodle Soup and swallowing the last bit of peas, they went in the library. They looked for a book about Poyton and finally found one. They read through pages and pages and found out that they like dark, musty spots and send out a bright yellow light in to the sky and cry like a dog when they are in danger. They checked out the book and went to a Transfiguration lesson that was usual: notes, notes, homework, and homework…

Finally, it was time to go to sleep. They got into their pajamas and laid down under the warm blankets. Suddenly a long doggy whine shook Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who obviously knew it was not an ordinary dog whine because a faint yellow light that was coming from the edge of the forest that was flashing around in their dormitory. Harry said,

"The Poyton!" Then he jumped out and put on his warm robe on.

"Harry--" Hermione was interrupted by another long cry. She and Ron jumped out and put on their robes too.

They ran outside, clutching their robe as best as they can. When they got nearer, they saw someone they had totally unexpected: Professor Godley.


"What--" They both tried to speak at once. Then Professor Godley explained that he knew that was the Payton that Lily had raised because it always had four-second intervals between cries, so he is trying to help the Poyton.

They slowly went in the forest. Then they saw it. The Poyton was lying on the ground and laying eggs!

"What is the problem? Poytons can handle laying eggs just fine by themselves." Professor Godley said.

"Maybe it just wants company." Hermione stated. They counted the eggs and found out there were seven of them so far. About 10 minutes later, they counted the eggs again and there were only six.

"What in the world?" Harry questioned with a frown on his face.

"That - is - what - in - the - world --" Ron faintly whispered, pointing at a dark shape which turned out to be a -- werewolf! The wolf's face was pointy and was added by sharp, huge, yellow fangs that were buried into one of the eggs. Hermione shrieked as the werewolf's face suddenly turned at them. It charged as fast as lightning. Harry, and Professor Godley whipped out their wands and yelled a spell exactly at the same moment.

"Goyrati Watirary!" Then the werewolf disappeared. Hermione and Ron were pale as the silver moon. The Poyton looked at them and sort of mumbled something that sort of sounded like thank-you'.

After watching the last egg being laid, they went back in where Professor Dumbledore was waiting for them. Behind him, other Professors were looking at them like they have been bathing in mud.

Hermione started to explain, but was interrupted by Professor Snape,

"Back to your beds, now!"

"But - "

"I said NOW!!!"

They all went back to their dormitories and didn't sleep all night long.

The next morning, Harry, Ron, and rushed to Professor Godley. He explained that all of them are excused.

A month passed and another passed. The field trip went okay. Four month passed before the exam. Another month passed and before they knew it, it was time for Summer Break. When they were stretching on the grass, they saw a Poyton that had seven babies trotting beside it.

The End

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