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  Christmas / Hanukkah / Eid / Kwanzaa

Christmas day

By Sean, 12, England

Christmas day
Christmas is fun
Christmas is great
Christmas lights twinkling across the streets
The smell of Christmas dinner cooking
The taste of the turkey in your mouth
The smell of people's coal fires going
It is great
To remember the birth day of Jesus.
(April 2008)

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By Harbrinder, 11, England

Oh my dreams, my wishes
It's Christmas, it's hoildays!
I'm glad to be at home
I want to see Santa
I want to wake up early to unwrap my presents

Like a sweet cosy dream
I wish Christmas lasted longer
Snow on the roof
Snow on the cars
Snow on the street
I want to be the first to step in it
Oh sweet gentle Christmas
See you next year!
(July 2007)

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Our Lord Jesus is born (Poem)

By Kiana, 8, Denver, USA

Our Lord Jesus is born
I am glad Lord Jesus is born
My family and I are giving the joy of Christmas
By giving to each other
Our lord Jesus is born
(Feb 07)

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By Mr. Scrooge

By Hannah, 12, Spirit Lake, IA, USA

Christmas is the worst of all seasons,

And I, Ebenezeur Scrooge, have the best reasons.

Everyone seems to need to hang red and green strings,

Ugly, ugly, ugly, is what they scream!

Little, annoying kids tramp in the yellow snow,

One particularly annoying one I know, its Joe.

Under all the green, cut off trees lay mountains of presents, each topped with a gold and silver bow,

Yet all I receive is a nasty, little frostbite on my hairy big toe!

All the fake store elves decorate every single bathroom stall,

I can't even go without being blinded by it all!

Oh why, oh why does Christmas ever have to be now?

I say we should just replace it all by having a brown cow!

(Feb 07)

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At Christmas I...

By Vicky, 14, Hampshire, England

I love Christmas, and it's always so exciting!!
In our house, it's always great fun. We put our decorations up on my mum's birthday, on the 10th, which is great-we put on christmas music and get into a christmas spirit. We are kept very busy, because we have 2 christmas trees!
Then, we have our advent calendars to keep us going until Christmas Eve, when we go out for a meal. Then we put out mince pies and a brandy, for Santa Claus, hang up our stockings and go to bed early.
The next morning, me and my brother wake up and go and bounce on my mum and dad's bed, just to make sure they are awake!
Then my dad goes downstairs, to check that Father Christmas had been-he teases me and my brother by making us wait!
We open all the presents from our stocking before breakfast, and 1 present from the tree, which is usually clothes for us to wear.
After breakfast, we open some more presents, but not all of them. By the time it's lunch, all the presents are open.
After lunch, we watch the Queens speech and play with our presents for a while-and clear up all the wrapping paper!
Near the evening, we all troop into the dining room and open the 'Tree' presents from under tree number 2. This is to make sure we don't open our presents all at once!
Presents under this tree are things like sweets, books and pyjamas!
Then, eventually we go to bed ready to play with our presents again on Boxing Day!
(Feb 07)

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By Rachel, 14, Franklin, MA, USA

Pine needle smells
Christmas trees and presents
people don't have enough gifts

I think of fresh baked scents
Christmas food like cookies

Father Christmas
give them nourishment and gifts

Son of God,
lord of people

Newborn soul prophet traveler
newborn soul
donate funds

donate funds
(January 2005)

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Winter is Here Now

By Kaitlyn, 10, Falconer, NY, USA

Summer has passed
Fall went by fast
Winter is here now.
Christmas is ready to arrive
Everybody's Christmas spirit is coming alive.
As people are looking out their frost-covered windows
And watching the snow blanket cover the ground
They are thinking about people rushing around
Trying to get their Christmas shopping done
While the kids are out having their winter fun.
After that last glance out the window
They get in their beds and think about
Seeing the joy on a person's face
When he opens the gifts from them.
Winter is about caring and sharing
And giving and living.
And I hope everybody will get the
Christmas spirit in them.
(January 2005)

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Christmas Eve

By Eilish, 11, Dunfermline Scotland UK

Christmas eve is a truly magical night of festive music and laughing galore!
The classical Christmas programs and the mistletoe on tree's and doors.
Sometimes even snow with the temperature so low it goes to show even the most Scrooge-like person just can't help but like Christmas Eve!!!!! (January 2005)

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A White Christmas

By Eilish, 11, Dunfermline,Scotland

Sometimes the only thing you really actually wish for on christmas is a soft pearly white blanket of snow to drop down in fleets from the chilly winter air. For Me and You to rush outside with our wooly jackets, scarves and hats and throw freezing cold snowballs at each other with laughs of joy as we have the time of our lives! It could be today maybe tommorow when that pure white dream comes true yet maybe not.
All we can do now is write on our christmas lists the thing dearest to our hearts as christmas is only truly christmas when the grounds are frosty and white! (January 2005)

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Why Christmas is special to me

By Eilish, 11, Dunfermline, Scotland

Christmas is special to me because it's time for love and family and the season full of festive cheer!
While I smear the chocolate on my face and wrap my friends pencil case I have a big smile on my newly chubby face…
On Christmas eve we all sing Grace and gain some christmas spirit we all have our turkey and a sneaky champagne and listen to the carols we sing out loud MERRY CHRISTMAS
(January 2005)

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What's up with Christmas?

By Bobbie-Leigh, 10, Whangaparo, Auckland, New Zealand

Christmas lights are glowing bright. Christmas trees with presents underneath. Mistletoe and holly wherever you go. Does that represent Christmas? Well, what about the Christmas rushes where you could get flattened? Not being able to find the perfect present for your friends or family. Does that represent Christmas? What do you think? Not to mention that the other side of the world is experiencing a different Christmas than you. New Zealand has Christmas in the summer, and Norway in the winter. Everyone has Christmas for the same reason, and we have the same traditons (Presents) but Norway has snow and New Zealand has beaches. Norway is ice skating while New Zealand is surfing. Yeah, it's different (Even if New Zealand has had some major hailstorms) But Christmas is still the same.

Did I just write that?
(December 2004)

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Christmas Eve (poem)

By Claudia, 7, Paris, France

C hocolate Candy Canes;
H appy, joyful holiday;
R eindeer riding smoothly;
I hope I don't get coal.
S anta sliding down my chimney;
T he reindeer going thump, thump, thump.
M om and Dad are sleeping
A nd I am still awake. Then I go to sleep cause
S anta is watching over me.
(December 2004)

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The night before Christmas

By Samantha, 9, Carnforth, UK

On Christmas day I wake up at 2.00 am in the morning to wake my brothers up Connor and Glen to jump onto my mum and dads bed. We are so excited that we do not walk down the stairs in fact we do not even run down the stairs we gallup down the stairs. I tear open my presents so fast that I don’t even look at the label to see who gave it to me. For Christmas dinner we have the usual old thing you know chicken, brussel sprouts, carrots, apple sauce, cranbery sauce and roast potatoes. We always have guests who come around for dinner, but the most popular thing that goes first is dads lumpy bumpy pie. This is loads and loads ice-cream with apples and yorkshie pudding piled up with cakes and cherries. Yummy. (December 2004)

I love Christmas it is my favourite time of the year.

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Christmas - Helping Mum cook tea

By Fae, 9, Carnforth, Lancs, UK

I like to help my mum to cook tea. We have fun. We make a proper christmas dinner we have chicken and nut roast and veg. (December 2004)

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merry christmas

By Louie, 10, Carnforth, Lancs, UK

On Christmas morning I open my presents and play with them until I eat my breakfast, then we go in the lounge and watch all the good things on TV, then do what we want. (December 2004)

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Christmas Time

By Guy, 9, Lancashire, UK

I open my presents, play with them like any child then help my parents cook the Christmas dinner. I help to lay the table and tidy the wrapping paper away. Then I clear my presents away after that I play with my presents again. (December 2004)

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My Wonderful Christmas

By Ciara, 11, Ballinasloe, Ireland

Around the 10th we put up our tree and decorate it and we also write our letters to Santa. On Christmas day we go to church at 12 am (midnight on Christmas Eve). When we go home we go to bed and then wake at 7am and wake our parents who let us go down stairs and open our presents. Our parents go back to bed for a few hours and then at 2pm we eat our dinner. After dinner we play with our presents and then go to bed at 11pm. (December 2004)

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The Street

By Naomi-Jayne, 10 years, Woolpit, England

(About a person from another country who has never seen Christmas lights before)

A swirl of colour,
In the town,
What is it,
A fantasy?

A picture is flashing,
A person maybe,
In a big red and white suit,
Who could he be?

A twinkle beside me,
Gold and silver metal,
How wonderful,
What could it be?

A sign on the wall,
It says something strange,
It keeps changing colour,
It seems quere to me.

A sparkle,
A shine,
The street looks so fine,
In it's glory of flashing and colour.

A person comes forth,
"Like the lights?"
Said he,
"Lights are such beautiful things."

"A magical place,
This light,"
I say,
"Is the power of the world."

A very large tree,
These lights,
I see,
Perched on the leaves up high.

A noise makes me jump,
A sudden loud bang,
I turn around and I see,
A shower of colour falling from above.

A wonderful sight,
The street looks so bright,
Filled with these lights,

(December 2004)

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By Patricia, 7, Manurewa, Auckland, New Zealand

I can't wait until Christmas.I hope that I am on the good list. The 4 candles stood around the wreath. I've seen the santa parade at Sky City. I got an autograph of Scott and Asha. I heard Shrek sing and dance. People crowded me. I was steaming & sweating.
I was tired, so I went home and decided to sleep.

I dreamt that santa said
"ho ho ho" and gave me ten presents! Hope that was real!

I hope that mom and dad would give me expensive presents!(December 2004)

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Christmas eve and Christmas day

By Kendal, 7, Irvine, UK

On Christmas Eve we put up the christmas tree. It is a fibre optic tree we don’t need to put lights on it and don't need to put a star on it but we can put tinsel on it. Me and my brother have shots each to have the sofa and floor: this year I have the floor & my brother Jordan he has the sofa. We hang up our stoking up for santa. (December 2004)

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My Christmas Song

By Kyle, Year 6, Marion Vian Primary School, Kent, England

Decorate the window sills,
Christmas is here so let’s all cheer.
Santa Claus’s stocking fills,
Christmas is here so let’s all cheer.
Fill the bowl with Christmas treats,
Christmas is here so let’s all cheer.
Chocolates, presents, drinks and sweets,
Christmas is here so let’s all cheer.
Go to all the Christmas parties,
Christmas is here so let’s all cheer.
Come and see the Christmas dancers,
Christmas is here so let’s all cheer.
Join us in our Christmas dinner,
Christmas is here so let’s all cheer.
Then we can eat all together,
Christmas is here so let’s all cheer.

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What I do on Christmas

By Jessica, age 12, Stanwood Middle School, Stanwood, Washington, USA

Hi my name is Jessica and I would like to tell you what I do for Christmas. One thing I do for Christmas is on Christmas Eve we get in the car and go look at lights at other people's houses: we go through towns, neighborhoods, and other places. When we get back we get our nightgowns on and we have cocoa. After that my mom tells us a Christmas story and after a story we put the snacks out for santa. We put our stockings up for them to be filled. Then mom tucks us in and we go to bed and in the morning we wake up and there is presents under our tree.We look in our stockings and there are filled stockings. WOW. So thats what we do on Christmas.

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Christmas is here

By Vanessa, age 10, 5th grade, Ps.73 School, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Christmas Is Here
Christmas is near
too bad it's once a year
People giving presents and clothes
Christmas Is Here
Christmas Is Here
Family is all together laughing and smiling
People making Christmas cookies cover with crystals covering
Colored in red and green
People going to church and families staying home and eating together
Christmas Is Here
Christmas Is Here

Why I love Christmas!

By Alex, age 6, Class 1, High Beech Primary School, High Beech, Essex, UK

I like Christmas because it is Jesus's Birthday and my daddy's birthday too and we get lots of lovely presents and go to my nanny's house to see my nanny and grandad and aunty and uncle and cousins Charlotte and Emma and we have more presents there. My mummy helps me decorate our Christmas tree which is so lovely and we have moon lights up at the window. We have stockings that hang from the fireside and I make presents for my teachers. I love Christmas so much.

What Special Thing Do You Do At Christmas?

By Miranda, age 9, Victoria Public School, Goderich, Ontario, Canada

The week of Christmas is a busy one for me. I am in a choir and we go from one old folks home to another, singing carols. It gives me a funny feeling inside knowing that I am bringing joy into someone's heart. On Christmas Day, me and my little sister go to the help centre and help serve food. Then we get to open our presents. I wish that everyone could have wonderful Christmas like I do.

Christmas Traditions

By Erika, age 12, French Ford Middle School, Winnemucca, Nevada, USA

Hi! My name is Erika. I am twelve years old. This is what we do for Christmas. we put our Christmas tree up in the house and decorate it. Then we decorate trees outside our house with lights. We buy presents and wrapping paper and Mom and I wrap the presents up. We invite family members to come to my house for Christmas. Mom and I buy grocerites at the store to make our tamales and pasole for Christmas dinner.

Christmas Traditions

By David, age 12, French Ford Middle School School, Winnemucca, Nevada, USA

Before Christmas, my mom puts up the Christmas tree. Then, we put up the lights and ornaments. We put a star at the top. We decorate the inside of the house, too. My grandpa comes for Christmas. We all go to sleep on Christmas Eve. We get up and open presents. Then we have a big Christmas dinner.

Christmas Traditions

By Francisco, age 12, 6th. grade, French Ford Middle School, Winnemucca, Nevada

This is what my family does to get ready for Christmas. We put up the tree and then put on the ornaments. They buy presents for us and we buy presents for them. We wrap them up and put them under the Christmas tree until it is time to open them. Then, we put them away in our room until we play with them again.

Christmas Traditions

By Sean, age 12, 6th. grade, French Ford Middle School, Winnemucca, Nevada

We put up our Christmas tree when we get home from my grandma's after Thanksgiving. We put lights up every day until they are done. On Christmas Eve, we go to church. May grandma, grandpa, and I dress up like Mrs. Claus, Santa, and an elf. My brothers and I open gifts from my great-grandma and my grandparents. On Christmas morning, we open our stockings and go out to breakfast. When we come home,we start the fireplace and then open the rest of our presents. We put the wrappings in a bucket, so we can burn them in the fireplace later.

Christmas Traditions

By Bryson, age 12, 6th. grade, French Ford Middle School, Winnemucca, Nevada

On Christmas, my brothers and I get up at three in the morning. We see our stockings. We wait for my mom and Todd. When my whole family is in the front room, we open presents. We go to church. There is a Christmas party, there, after church. After the party, we go home and open more presents. We say our prayers and we each say what we are thankful for. I say, "I am thankful for my family and friends." Then, we eat dinner. I stay up after everyone goes to bed and play video games on the computer. I sure hope that I get a scooter for Christmas this year with wheels that light up!

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From 3rd Grade, Dwight Grade School, Dwight, IL, USA

What do you do in your home at Christmastime?

Every year at my home,I put up my Christmas tree and then I put the ornament on. After I rip my presents open, I play with them. On Christmas Day, I take my tree down.

By Sammy, age 8

What do you do in your home at Christmastime?

When I wake up Christmas Day, I go downstairs and open my presents. then I play with them for 20 minutes and go to church for one hour. Then I go home and play some more . Next, I eat breakfast and go to my grandma's for the play for the weekend, I open more presents and play for the weekend.

By Jamie, 8

Do you celebrate Christmas in a special way?

I do. I go down to Edwardsville, and the whole family comes with gifts. By the time we leave, all the gifts are passed out and of course, you know, opened. Kids love presents!

By Brittany, age 8

What do you do in your home at Christmastime?

At Christmastime we go to a place to get a Christmas tree. Then we go get the ornamants out of the basement. Then we go in the basement and get our little Christmas trees. Then we put our ornaments on our trees. Next, we go to put up our stockings. Then we leave cookies and milk for Santa. Then we write a letter to Santa. Last, we go to bed. The next day, we get up and look to see if Santa wrote back Then we go look in our stockings. Next my family relatives come. Then we open up presents. Then we eat something. Last we go to bed.

By Yale, age 9

Do you celebrate Christmas in a special way in your home?

I celebrate Christmas in a special way at home. My sister and I wake up and then we go wake up my mom and dad. Then we have to wait at the top of the stairs. Until my mom and dad say we can come downstairs. Then we can open our presents. We have to wait because my dad has to get the videocamera ready so he can tape us. Then after we open our presents,we get to choose what we want for breakfast. Then we can play with our toys. After we play with our toys, we have to pick up the wrapping paper Then after 12:00 we get more presents from my my Grandpa, Aunts, and Uncles and cousins. That is how celebrate Christmas.

By Jared, aged 8

How do you celebrate at Christmas time in your home?

First of all we have to get the Christmas tree one week before Christmas! My mom Lavon always has to go Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving day. Last year I got the biggest present! It was my new bike! We open our present big to small
I'm always 2nd.

By Lissacate, age 8

What do you do in your home at Christmastime?

At Christmastime, my family gets our carpet cleaned, changes our furniture around, gets out the tree, and we decorate our house and the tree. I really like Christmas. After we are done inside our house, my family goes outside, and we have a snowball fight. Then we shovel our driveway. Then my family goes inside for hot chocolate. Then my mom sweeps the living room. Next our relatives come over and we have a party! We stay up until 12:00pm. Then we sing Christmas songs and party a little more. Then everyone goes home. That's what my family does at our house for Christmas Eve.

By Rachel, age 9

What do you do in your home for Christmas time?

First my family puts up all the lights in our house. Next we put up all the deckarchions in our house. Then we put up all the deckarchions outside. Next we put up our little Christmas tree and then we put the lights and the Christmas tree ornaments on it.Then finally we put up the big Christmas tree and put its lights on. Then we put on its Christmas tree ornaments.Then after all that we watch our house glow.

By Loren, 9

What do you do in your home for Christmas time?

I like to spend time with my family at home.I like open presents with my family. My family and I like having big dinners at Christmas time. We are going to Missouri and Kansas City this year. So I will have fun! The End!

By Sheila, 8

What do you do in your home for Christmas time?

After Santa Claus comes, I go open my presents in the night. I play in the snow and build snowmans. I build igloos and I play on ice. I decorate the Christmas tree.

By Cody, 8

What do you do in your home for Christmas time?

I wake up. Then I wake up my brothers and sister. Then we go downstairs to see what we got. Then we wake up my mom and dad and we get in a line and open my presents. There are usually presents everywhere! After we open our presents and get dressed, we go to my Grandma`s house and I Get to see my Aunt Marilyn. She lives in Pennsylvania. I get to see my cousins too!
When everybody gets to my Grandma's house, we open some more presents. Then when we are done, we go and eat a big lunch! Then we stay there all day, and play with our new stuff, and I Play on the piano for a while.

By Chloe, 8

What do you do in your home for Christmas time?

I open my presents, and then my mom takes a picture of us with our toys. Last Christmas, my sister and I played with our toys after we opened them! We got up and had a little fun for one Christmas! Here I will explain how it should go.
1.We open our presents.
2.We get a picture.
3.We play with our toys.
4.Have a good Christmas.

By Samantha, 8

Do you celebrate Christmas in a special way?

Every year I go to my grandma's house,and we go to church with all my family members. Then we come home and eat a really good meal! Then we open presents. We always start with the youngest and go to the oldest.

By Dan, age 8

What do you do in your home at Christmastime?

I get the stuff down from the attic. Then I put the outside stuff up. After that, I dust the inside stuff off. then,I put our tree up.When I am done with that,I put the light`s on it.then the ornaments. After I am done I put my mini tree up in my room. Next,I go shovel snow. Last I wait for santa.

By Blake, age 8

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Christmas Tradition

Every Christmas I wake up in the morning, eat breakfast ready for church service. We go to Church to celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. And because it is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ after Church service we go home and celebrate his birthday by eating different types of dishes that my mother prepares or out to hotels and restaurants just to eat and enjoy the day. We go and visit more friends after that we go to Paster Ndovie's home. They tell us to go and play while my mum and dad and Mrs Ndovie and Paster Ndovie are watching the television. After that we pray and go home. My dad is a Paster too.

By Lissah, aged 9, who recently joined class 3 at Southwold Primary School, Nottingham, UK, after arriving in the UK from Malawi.

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What do you do in your home at Christmastime?

I run downstairs and open up my presents. Then I play with my toys. Then when my parents wake up, I put down my toys and fake like I'm sleeping!

By Mark, age 8, Dwight Grade School School, Dwight, Il., USA

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The night before Christmas

In my family on Christmas eve we always have 'The night before Christmas' story read to us in candlelight.

When I was smaller we used to have stories such as 'The bear who didn't believe in Christmas' or 'The snow shoe bunnies' from a book my mum received from Canada when she was small.

On Christmas morning we used to line up outside the door to the living room, everyone had to be there before we could go in, and of course eaten a bowl of cereal. My mum and dad used to let me and my sisters put out a glass of sherry and a mince pie for Santa and a bowl of water and a carrot for the reindeer. When we woke up the sherry was gone and the mince pie had a bite out of it, the carrot was just a few slithers and some water was spilt.

One Christmas my older sister took my green toy rabbit and shoved it up the chimney, when quizzed about this she replied 'To see Father Christmas.'

I know it's getting close to Christmas when I can smell the central heating and the tinsel together.

By Stephanie, Year 11, Trinity Upper School, Northampton, England

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Hi, I'm Dave

At 6.00 am we have a full English fry-up. At 9.00 am we go to church until 10.00 or 11.00. Then we go to my Auntie's for the rest of the day. We eventually get back at midnight and drop into bed straight to sleep!

By David, Year 9, Christ the King School Arnold, Nottingham, UK

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Four versions of Christmas
from the children in class 3 at Southwold Primary School, Nottingham

At Christmas we put up our decorations and we put up the trimmings on the ceiling. Then we put some sweets in a tub under the tree. At night Santa comes up the stairs and puts the sweets in our stockings. When we go downstairs my dad says Santa has not been and when we go into the living room there is a big pile of presents for me and my sisters and brother. It is special because there is food and loads of presents and we play all day with our toys.

We go to my grandads at Christmas. There are lots of food and sweets on the table. We have a party and we sing on the Karaoke.

My grandads dogs have to stay in the cage because they will tip our new toys up and then we would cry.

I think that it is fabulous because it is Gods birthday and we all have our dinner together. Then we go out in the snow and play snow ball fights.

By Esther, aged 9

At Christmas we put up decorations. We put up the Christmas tree. I put lovely decorations on the tree. I like Christmas. I have to make the house lovely. I put the lights on. I put the fairy on the top of the tree. I celebrate Christmas too.

By Katie, aged 8

At Eid we can get anything I want but we have to fast for a month. It is really hard. You cannot eat until 12.00 ( midnight ) but when it is Eid it is really good. For Eid I want a Nintendo 64 game or I might get a playstation and Crash Bandicoot 3.

By Mohammad, aged 9

At Christmas I go to visit my grandma and grandad to tell and show them what I got for Christmas. We stay at my grandmas house for a bit of dinner.

We all have a cracker each to pull with someone. Me and my sister help my grandma decorate the tree. It is a little tree but it is good fun to decorate. On Christmas Eve I can never get to sleep because I cannot wait until Christmas Day. On Christmas Day I rush downstairs and open my
presents. I always open the small presents first. Christmas is good fun. I like Christmas.

By Bianca, aged 8

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