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Some great Easter poems from St Victor's, San Jose, CA, USA (2009)

Easter Fun

By Grace, 9, San Jose, CA, USA

Fun, joyful, super
Easter bunny brings cool eggs
Playful, awesome time
(July 2009))
Some more great Easter poems from St Victor's, San Jose, CA, USA (2009)

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Easter fun

By Evan, 9, San Jose, CA, USA

Easter fun is cool
Easter is fun for everyone
fun is finding Easter eggs
it's also fun sharing what you found
and trading what you found in a Easter egg
(July 2009))
Some more great Easter poems from St Victor's, San Jose, CA, USA (2009)

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Fun and Joy

By Briana, 10 1/2, Coconut Creek

Easter is filled with fun and joy,
Lots of candy and maybe some toys.
Some eggs are hidden here or there,
Some eggs are hidden just anywhere!
By a tree or maybe a flower,
If you look hard enough you'll find it in the hour.
So I hope your Easter is filled with fun,
Lots of fun for everyone
(May 2007)

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By Joe, 12, Hayes, UK

The Easter bunny is fun
He makes me laugh
Every time I see him

I know he's real
I know he's not
Who knows if he is real or not

The Easter bunny is here
The Easter bunny is there
The Easter bunny is everywhere

The Easter bunny is nice
The Easter bunny is funny
The Easter bunny is cool

Who makes Easter full of joy
Who makes Easter full of fun
Who do you think

(May 2004)

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By Shelby, 11, Poolesville, Maryland, USA

A mother bird sits in its nest
This is Easter at its best
There're painted eggs hidden here
Children looking everywhere

The Easter bunny has left its mark
It's hidden eggs in the dark
Family and friends gather round
The air is filled with pleasant sounds

All this is why I love Easter day
But I have one more thing to say;
Easter comes but once a year
So always have your Easter cheer.
(May 2004)

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By Cat, 9, UK

Easter time
Fluffy yellow chicks
Birds making their nests
With strong brown sticks

Shopping round
For easter cards to send
Easter holidays
Invite round a friend

Eater bunny
Drinks his water
And opens the card
To him from a little daughter
(May 2004)

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The Easter Bunny

By Jade, 9, Redcar, UK

I was warm and fast asleep,
The Easter bunny went creep creep,
If you want to look for him,
Follow his footprints dark and dim,
He leaves the eggs all shiny and bright,
If you follow him you'll give him a fright,
But he only comes out on a night,

Watch out for him at Eeaster time,
In the dark he really does shine,
Hes nice really nice,
The chocolate he leaves it hasn't any spice,
He makes the chocolate all for you,
If you're lucky you might get two,
Watch out on a night he could say boo,

I hope you have a lovely day,
With Easter eggs to eat when you may,
It's great at Easter time you know,
The Easter bunny should do a Easter show,
Eat your Easter eggs yum yum,
Stuff them in until they hurt your gum,
Eat them all until you haven't got a crumb.
(Mar 2004)

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The Meaning of Easter

By Lucy, 11, Southampton, Hampshire, England

Four luscious looking chocolate eggs,
Lie on my window seat,
I stand and stare, tongue hanging out,
When is it time to eat?
A Cadbury's Creme, a Milkybar,
A Twix, a Galaxy,
But is this all that Easter’s worth?
My conscience says to me.

My mind, it starts to wander off
To long ago and far away,
A wooden cross upon a hill,
A selfless man who died that day.
The only innocent man there was,
Was harshly killed for all to see,
The Son of God, The Prince of Peace,
Was slain, and all for you and me.

But do not fret, and do not frown!
For once more he’s alive!
He spent just two days in the grave,
Then from it did revive.
So what is the meaning of Easter?
Is it all chocolate and hot cross buns?
No! It’s about the man who saved us all,
Jesus Christ, God’s own son.
(Easter 2003)

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Where is the Easter Bunny?

By Natalie, age 11, Clearcreek Elementary School, Stoutsville, Fairfield County, OH, USA

Sue and Bill are looking for the Easter Bunny.
Will you help us look for him?
Great! Thank you so much!

Sue looks under a bush.
There is no Easter Bunny there, just a caterpillar.

Bill looks in the trees.
There is no Easter Bunny there, just a blue jay.

Sue looks under the bed.
There is no Easter Bunny there, just some dirty socks.

Bill looks in the houseplants.
There is no Easter Bunny there, just an earthworm.

Bill and Sue hear something in the closet.
They creep quietly towards the tall, wooden door.
They open it and out jumps...

Super Bunny Jr.

By Andrew, age 11, Grade 6, Amanda Clearcreek Junior High School, Stoutsville, Ohio U.S.A

One day, the amazing Super Bunny Sr. was sitting at home, drinking carrot (it's good for you!) He also had in his hand a big plate of carrot cake. Life was peachy for Super Bunny Sr. He also has a son, Super Bunny Jr. and a wife, Julia. They all live in Pringle, South Dakota.

Easter was coming soon. When Super Bunny Sr. was going to get more juice, he fell and broke his leg! He had to go to the hospital! He told his son, "Boy, you have to deliver the Easter eggs this year. Julia can't do it because she's a frog!"

Super Bunny Jr. was stunned. He never thought he would get to deliver Easter eggs. He got right to work! He got his cape, his basket of eggs and he was off. By now, it was the night before Easter. Then he went off to the Bunnymobile and began delivering.

It was going smoothfor Super Bunny Jr. He was delivering around the world better than his dad. As a matter of fact, he loved it so much that Super Bunny Sr. let Super Bunny Jr. have the job. Super Bunny Jr. lived and prospered in Pringle, South Dakota.

Easter Bunny College

By Cassie, age 12, Amanda-Clearcreek Junior High School, Stoutsvillem, OH, USA

One day in June 2054, a rabbit named Korey Frost graduated from Bunnyville City High School. After a month of discussion he decided to go to Easter Bunny College. This made his parents very happy because his father was the real Easter bunny. This also made his best friend Josh Ewing (who had also decided to go to Easter Bunny College) very happy.

His first day of school he found that his professor was his father's best friend. He decided that his class of "Coloring Eggs 101" he would have to work hard in. This class was very easy for him, because he had been coloring eggs for his father his whole life. After his first report card he decided that he wouldn't work as hard the rest of the year. After his last report card of the year he told his first professor what he had said about not working as hard. His professor said, "Kory you should know that being the Easter Bunny is not an easy job and you should work hard for everything you do."

Kory finally realized that maybe he should work hard to carry on the family tradition of being the Easter Bunny and at graduation he saw that his first professor was old and was sick, but came to see him graduate. Kory earned his spot as the new Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny

By Sherenda, age 12, Grade 6, Clearcreek Elm. School, Stoutsville, OH, USA

Once apon a time there was an easter town. In this town lived an easter bunny. He was not a very young easter bunny and more. He needed to find another bunny to take his place. He told everyone in town about his decision. Bunnies from all around the town came to try out for this job, but none of them got it. Then came in to the town a new bunny no one had ever seen before. He did not know about the job. His name was Mr.Flop-Flop. He never thought about being the easter bunny, but liked the idea. The easter bunny, Mr.Hippity-Hop, liked this new bunny. He talked to him about the good things of being the easter bunny. Now, Mr.Flip-Flop wanted to be the easter bunny. He decided to do it. Well, easter was only a few days away and he had to get ready. Then finally the day came. He went out early on easter morning and delivered all the baskets and eggs to all the children. Then he thought that the best thing of all was to see all the childrens faces , when they woke in easter morning.

The End

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