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From Year 4, Frampton Cotterell School, South Gloucestershire, UK

Best Friends

By Chloe, age 9

It was stupid really because she wanted a friend to play with us
But I wanted to play with her only
I stormed off in a temper and pushed her!
In the end she went away to play and it made me feel sad.
The next day friends!

Big Banana

By Phoebe, age 9

I was in Greece in the middle of the beach waiting for a big banana.

Found the big banana with my brother.

Got on the front with my brother behind me.
It started really slow. I felt weird.

Got really fast . I felt happy.

Then sadly came to end.

My Cat

By Hannah, age 9

I like my cat because he is furry and fluffy, nice and sweet.
He likes 6 kinds of treats.
He loves 2 kinds of milk, semi-skimmed milk and cat milk.
He's black and white and his nose is pink.
I think he is sweet, he is a lovely kitten.

Oh No!

By Alison, age 9

It was on fireworks night that it happened, we were waiting for our friends to come and watch our fireworks.
At last they came and we sat down in the kitchen, when suddenly it happened!
My friends mum fainted on the table, then my mum said, "Sue," quietly……………..


By Samantha, age 9

My head hurts.
What did I do? I don't know.
I fell down
well maybe.
Blood going down my face
I'm dizzy dizzy dizzy.
Friend comes along picks me up.
What's happening to me, just what?


By Kathryn, age 9

When I was 4 I rang the police accidentally.
A big, grumpy, fat lady came to our house and told my mum off.
She said, "never let your child near the phone again."
I didn't know what had happened.
I found out. It was funny, then I felt sorry.


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