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Animal reports and kennings from St Augustine's Primary School, Nottingham, UK

Original writing about animals                     Smudge: a cat story

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By Savannah, 9, FL, USA

It was a cool Saturday morning in Ocala. We just arrived at a breeders house probably 3:00 in the afternoon. Everybody was so excited they couldn't think straight. The breeder gave us a warm smile and greeted us warmly.

'Hold on just a second,' she said, 'let me put my twenty-one dogs up.'

'Tttwwennty-one dogs,' I said. 'I can't believe it, but how do you have room?' I asked the breeder.

She said, 'I have a big house with lots of rooms.'

Then she told us to come on in. Of course I was the first one in. I couldn't wait to see my puppy. My puppy was a Yorkie, his name was Charlie; Charlie Alexander to be exact.

I thought to myself, 'I wonder where he could be?'

Then all of a sudden, LOOK! shouted my sister. Charlie was in a small pen. He had his own toys and everything else you could imagine. We chatted with the breeder for awhile. She told us about her dogs life. She had 5 different breeds. After all the talking, we took pictures and said our goodbyes. Away we went! Once we got back into Jacksonville, we had to make several stops. Charlie was about to meet two sets of grandparents and friends. We went to Grandma Becky's first; everyone in the family met him. We then arrived at Grandma Heidi's, and he met everyone there. We left their house, and drove home. Once we got in the door, he had an accident on the floor. We showed him his food and crate where he would be sleeping. Once he saw his food, he gulped it down. The night came and we slept. He slept in my room and didn't make a peep. He slept the whole night through. The next day was the same as the night before, and that day we had fun.
(April 2009)

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By Emily, 13, Mattawan, MI, USA

'What's going on? Where's my master, he should be out to feed me by now?!' I thought.

I was scared because during the night there had been a big storm. I had heard a lot of ruckus and wind, I heard my master's family making a horrible high pitched noise that sounded kind of like a horse whinnying, but it was different. It hurt my delicate ears. Then everything went silent.

When dawn broke I leaped over the broken pasture fence and galloped to my master's house. It looked deserted. The house looked nothing like what I had seen before. The windows were shattered, the logs that held the porch up were snapped in half, and trees had fallen. To top it all off my master was no where in sight!

I didn't know what to do! I thought. I wanted to whinny, but I lived in the country, and my farm was miles away from any civilization. It wouldn't do any good, but a good whinny felt comforting. I wanted to run away, but my ankles were so swollen every time I took a step forward they would hurt and sting me. I have cuts and bruises all over me from things blowing in the wind and my once smooth, snow-white hair is now dirty and rough. My muzzle feels sticky with blood all over it. I just stood on my master's front porch and waited for him to return.

My master calls me Gilburt, but the name my mother gave me is Titan. Titan means hero or savior. Titan is the name I like to go by. They call me a Lipizzaner stallion. Whatever that means. I guess it's what 'breed' I am. These humans are so complicated!

Four days have passed and my master still hasn't returned and all I have been eating is the grass from the front lawn. It tasted icky with patches of weeds all over, there wasn't much left of it. Suddenly I heard the ground pounding and horses neighing in the distance, so I cantered as quickly as I could to my pasture to see who it was. I could not gallop because my ankles hurt too much. When I got there I quickly slid to a stop, even though my ankles hurt increasingly from the run, I was amazed. Right in front of me was a wild herd of horses. Each horse was uniquely colored. The lead horse was black, like the midnight sky on a full moon. He had a couple of patches of white on him. He looked huge, at least to me. As it was I was pretty darn tall. His face looked stern, but calm at the same exact time.

'What is your name?'said the alpha stallion.

My hooves began to shake, my legs quivered. I didn't know whether or not to tell him my name. He asked me again, but still I could not say anything. I felt sweaty and queasy to my stomach. I could feel the herd staring at me, and I was embarrassed. I could sense the alpha stallion was getting impatient with me. After a few more seconds I managed to croak out that my name is Titan.

'My name is Romeo and this is my herd. Welcome, now if you don't mind we need to get out of here this is human territory, so get in the back of the herd and lets go.'

'Wait!' I exclaimed. 'What if I don't want to go?!'

'Then stay here,' Romeo said, quite annoyed.

I didn't want to stay here anymore since my master had left me. I decided with a heavy heart to join the herd.

One year has passed and I have found myself a gorgeous mare! Her name is Amethyst. She is the most beautiful black, Arabian I have ever seen. Amethyst and I now have an offspring. He is a young colt, Shadow. Shadow is only one month old. He is the most beautiful colt I have ever laid eyes on. He has a snow, white coat like me, and black legs and muzzle like his mother. Even though I have started my own family I often think of my master and wonder where he is. I miss him a lot. With time I've forgotten his gentle voice in my mind. I wish that I could see him just once and then I would be happy. I think of his small offspring too, her name is Lisa and she was ten years old, the last time I saw her. She used to take me on wonderful trail rides in the summers. They were so peaceful, I miss being ridden. I wonder sometimes if they are looking for me, or if they forgot about me.

One day the herd and I were grazing. I was close to Shadow who was suckling from his mother. The herd had almost doubled in size since I'd joined. I heard a noise that sounded like humans, so I told the herd that I would check it out.

Amethyst didn't want me to leave, but I told her I had to, I gave her a friendly nuzzle and galloped to where I heard the noise. There were a bunch of men on horses yelling, 'Fire!' then I saw him. My old master was on a horse trying to put the fire out. He turned his head and looked at me, I felt as if everything had froze and it was just the two of us alone. His eyes gleamed with happiness and his big, black beard blew in the wind. I knew that he recognized me because I heard him shout,


I whinnied to him and then I left as quickly as I had come. I was so happy that I had finally gotten to see my old master again. I didn't even care about the fact that I had run away so he couldn't catch me. My master is a gracious man, he would have wanted me happy. I knew that we both felt that I belonged in the wild with Amethyst and Shadow by my side, running free, free as a horse could be.
(February 2009)

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By Emily, 13, Mattawan, MI, USA

It was a misty, cool morning, and as I slowly woke up I remembered that I had to go on to the computer, so I made my bed, grabbed my purple robe, and quietly crept downstairs. I grabbed a cherry frosted Pop-Tart, put it in the toaster, and hit the toast button. I turned my head to look at the kitchen clock and saw that it was 9:15 am.

'Darn, I'm up an hour late,' I whispered.

When my pop-tart was done I took it out of the toaster, grabbed a paper towel, and tiptoed to the den where the family computer was.

As the computer was loading, I began to feel anxious! I wondered what horses I would see today and if I would find the one for me! I loved all horses, but I can't seem to find the one that would be mine! I had seen all sorts of horses and ponies. I had seen horses of all size and color. When the computer was done loading I went on and began looking at horses.

'Oh, that one is pretty!' I exclaimed.

I was looking at a beautiful, liver chestnut quarter horse, thoroughbred. His registered named was Yes, I'm Chipped. I read the description that the owner wrote.

'Oliver is a gorgeous quarter horse, thoroughbred appendix. Oliver does English and western. Oliver had his Coggins done last fall and is UTD on all shots and vaccines. Oliver is really gentle and great with kids. Please email me or call me anytime! Sincerely, Holli.'

I was so excited I couldn't wait until it was later in the morning so I could call her. I raced up the stairs, ran into my parents bedroom, and woke them up.

'Mom, dad!' I said quietly, but loud enough so they could hear me.

'What are you doing up so early? It's Saturday morning, go back to bed,' my mom said, in a drowsy voice.

'No mom I got up early so I could look on the Internet for horses, and I think I found the one for me!' I said, excitedly. 'His name is Oliver and he does everything that we having been looking for in a horse! The owner's name is Holli and she said to call her anytime. I was thinking that maybe later in the afternoon I could call her and ask her some questions, and then maybe Dad can get on the phone and schedule a day that we can go to see him. The paper says she lives in Lowell, Michigan which is just East of Grand Rapids.'

'That sounds great sweetie! I am going to go back to sleep. I will get up later. Make sure Dad is up before you call Holli, so he can talk to her.'

'Thanks Mom, sweet dreams!' I said, as I closed the door. I ran down to the basement to watch some more cartoons, but I quickly fell asleep.

When I woke up from dozing off I checked the time and it was 11:59 am, so I slowly walked up to my parents bedroom and saw they weren't there. I ran down the stairs and checked outside to see if maybe they were working out in the yard. When I opened the door my Dad was vacuuming the car.

'Hey, Dad!' I said loudly so he could hear me over the vacuum. Then he tuned the vacuum off.

'Emily, I called Holli for you and asked her a lot of questions, and Oliver sounds great! I scheduled a day that we can go and see him and Holli said next Saturday would work for her,' my Dad said, in an excited tone.

'That's great!' I exclaimed.

'Your Mom didn't think we should go alone because we don't exactly know what we are looking for since this is your first horse, so your Mom asked Mrs. Papesh if she could come with us. Mrs. Papesh said she would love to and that Kendra and Kelsy could come too,' my dad said.

'Thanks Dad!' I said, as I went back inside.

Mrs. Papesh is my horse 4-H leader, Kendra and Kelsy are her sixteen-year old, twin daughters. I was so excited I could hardly wait for next Saturday!

When Saturday finally came we all loaded into our van and headed for Lowell. The whole way we all talked about horses and how pretty Oliver looks.

When we arrived at our destination we all jumped out of the van and headed straight into the barn where Holli said she would be. The minute we all got into the barn I heard a loud whinny and turned my head and I knew I was in love. I saw a huge, gorgeous horse and I knew it was Oliver. I went over to where he was tied up in cross-ties and gave him a big hug on the neck like I had known him for ages. Everyone was amazed at how I went up to a horse that I didn't even know and gave him a hug. That was something I had never done before! I looked up into Oliver's eyes and had never seen a pair of eyes so beautiful! They were dark brown and were gleaming because the sun was shining on them. Holli asked me if I wanted to groom him and put his tack on. Of course I said yes. Then she asked me if I wanted help and I said no thank you, so she just stood back and talked to my parents while I groomed and tacked up Oliver. When I was finished she told me I could ride him, so I hopped on him and rode him around her large outdoor arena. Before I knew it we were cantering together. I had never felt like the way I did on him. I felt as if we were one. From that moment on I knew he was the horse for me.

When I was done riding him, I un-tacked and groomed him and then put him into his corral. After I was all finished my mom and dad asked me what I thought of him and I told them I thought he was the horse for me. My parents went and talked to Holli while I just stared and watched Oliver. Fifteen minutes later, they called me over and told me that we would pick him up in about a week, and that we would board him at Model Farm Stables were I take riding lessons. I was so excited about the news I let out a big, 'Yes!' and jumped around!

One week later Oliver was brought to Model Farms. Oliver is the best horse a girl like me could ever ask for. We are always improving together, and our passion and love grows every day.
(February 2009)

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Son of Rainbow's Treasure

By Katie, 12, Kalamazoo, MI, USA

I looked down at the foal with disgust. The sack around it had just burst, letting the small horse take it's first breaths of oxygen. It's short mane was wet, and messily sticking up everywhere. Wood shavings were plastered all over one side of it, the side it had been laying on in the stall. It tried to stand, but couldn't quite handle those pesky legs. The dipped face looked around, terrified. Where is my mother? It thought. Again it tried to stand, this time succeeding. But it's first steps were as hard as it would have been for you and I, to try and run on stilts. It had finally been born about a half hour ago by my own beloved horse, Rainbow's Treasure, we called her Rain for short. Rain was the most wonderful horse I'd ever owned. She was a full thoroughbred mare, and a champion at the race track. When Rain galloped she flew, and when Rain nickered it was enough to make the saddest of people smile. Rain's eyes were like looking into another world. A world of understanding, a world of kindness and compassion, and a world that was pure beauty.

Rain had saved my life. But I couldn't save hers when the time came. My memories of all the adventures Rain and I had had together were overwhelming. One was when she and I had been out for a pleasant summer morning forest ride. I had left a note on the barn bulletin board that said, 'Went out for a ride, will be back around 3 - Kelly.'

The part of the woods we were in were the most peaceful part out of the whole forest. I loved the smell of pine needles, and the crunch of the leaves beneath Rain's hooves, and the occasional cry of a bird searching for a mate. But after about three hours of fun trail blazing, Rain and I came upon the large canyon. We didn't go that far usually, but I thought it might be fun to explore inside of it. Suddenly, after about a hundred paces into the canyon, both Rain and I felt shaking in the ground! I felt chills go up my spine, and Rain's mussels tensed up. The canyon we were in turned completely quiet, too quiet. Suddenly, huge rocks came hurtling down from the canyon walls above us! Rock slide! I screamed in my head. Gigantic boulders, the size of elephants came smashing down around us! Rain reared when a rock smashed just inches from her hooves, and I tumbled off her like a can being thrown on a pavement, rattling all over. I landed wrong, and broke my left leg. The pain was atrocious! I remember looking down at my shattered leg, tears streaming down my cheeks. How could such a pleasant day turn so wretched? I looked up at Rain, expecting her to bolt with fear. But to my surprise, she didn't. She calmly ignored the gargantuan stones smashing around her, and walked over to where I lay in a crumpled heap. She gave me the I-know-I-can-help-just-ask-me look, and I could tell she meant it.

'Ok Rain,' I replied, in a cracked, dry voice, 'you're gonna have to go get help.'

I lifted a small piece of the rock that was laying on the ground beside me with my shaking, bruised hand and tied it onto one of Rain's dragging rains. I knew that my parents and brother wouldn't even start looking for me for at least another five hours! Than all I remember is that my last words were, 'Go home girl'. I was worried about Rain, but I couldn't think of any other way to save ourselves. I couldn't remember anything after that, but I guess that's because I was in a coma. Or, at least the rescuers found me in a coma. Apparently Rain had shown up at the stable and everyone was worried. Rain was covered in foam from galloping the whole way home, and she wouldn't let anyone bring her into the barn. She just kept facing the woods, where she came from. Then I guess my dad found the rock that had miraculously not slipped out of the reins. He then knew I was in the canyon. So rescuers came, and Rain was a hero.

I stared at the sawdust floor. Tears were streaming out of my eyes like a leaky faucet that can't contain it's self any longer. My memories floating back to Rain. Her first pregnancy was when she had gotten pregnant unintentionally by her last owners. The pregnancy was a disappointment to them, mostly because she became worthless for two racing seasons. That was too much lost cash for those only-the-money-matters type of people. So they sold her. Not cheap I tell you, but thankfully five years of babysitting finally paid off. I had owned my precious Rain for many glorious years. My leg healed fine after the rock slide accident, and we were back on the trails after a couple of months of rehab. That baby that was the cause for Rain to be sold, was a winner. He is palomino, and has a very energetic look to him. John and I named him appropriately, Leprechaun. He is extremely smart so I bought him too, and currently he is in training by an expensive dressage trainer. I hope he can be a great champion in English riding, because Rain was a natural born racer, and had no special talent for stepping high-and-fancy, like great dressage horses are supposed to do.

So I kept my colorful Rainbow for pleasure riding and for my younger brother, John. Even at age seventeen John still acts like an immature nine year old most of the time. But even so, John loves Rain almost as much as I do. John's messy hair is always swishing around in his eyes as he sneaked around the barn trying to find me. He is weird like that. But he is a good brother, and always is there for me to express my feelings of depressing, and confusing teen years.

I looked up to see John outside petting his cat, Twiggle Mount Gummer, or Twig. Twig, was a black and brown patched turtle shell cat, that John had rescued on the side of the road a couple of years ago. Twig really only stays in the barn, to keep the mice out the door. Twig was good friends with Rain too. I can picture them out in the paddock, the way they would spend their sunny, summer afternoons. Rain would be chomping away at the grass like her life depended on it, and Twig would be laying on her back, silently snapping and swatting at the flies, and the grass would swish around Rain's feet, as if calling her to eat some more. Occasionally Twig would leap off Rain's back and go bounding off into the field, with Rain following with a steady trot close behind. They were good friends, Rain and Twig.

I remembered a time when John had said in a very you;re-not-the-boss-of-me-so-there voice, 'You do know that you're kinda supposed too take the plastic wrap off the popcorn before you put it in the microwave?'

I chuckled at remembering that incidence. Yes, I truly did love my brother and my horse. So I had decided to breed Rain again, and keep this foal for my brother to ride in a couple of years. He of course adored this idea and searched all over in local magazines, newspapers, and the internet for a perfect stud for his future horse. He wouldn't let me help of course, he thought I wouldn't give his horse the perfect father. (Like would ever do that to Rain!) But he finally hit the jackpot. And by chance, the stallions name was... 'Lucky Jackpot!' So we trailered good old Rain over to Lucky's barn and got the breeding done and over.

Lucky was a solid black thoroughbred, like Rain only taller. And unlike Rain's three white socks and perfect star on her sorrel forehead, Lucky's coat was glossy black and marking less. One reason we decided on Lucky was because of this, John wanted a black horse. Also we wanted it to have a lot of dark blood in it's background.

I stared at the wooden wall. I couldn't believe it how could this happen? My mind was flooding with all the memories. I remember one time when my brother and I were on a trail ride. I was on Rain and he was on a nice Paint gelding that he was leasing for that summer. His gelding was named Puzzle. He had nice conformation, and a mild temperament. Puzzle was patched with red roan on his white coat, and had handsome blue eyes. John learned a lot about horses on him really. I remember the wind being like an icy cold hand being pressed on the back of your neck, when we set out that fall afternoon. The heavy black clouds overhead signaled that a heavy rain was approaching rapidly, and our wind charms on the porch were louder than I've ever heard them before. But we ignored all the danger signals. Rain was only a few months pregnant so we weren't too worried about me riding her, and we didn't expect to be out very long. But as we were trotting across the wide fields of the acreage we owned, the rain started. We decided, because it wasn't storming, to keep riding. After about thirty minutes, the thunder and lightning started. We decided that we should head back, but as we pivoted our horses around, disaster hit. Puzzle slipped on the slippery grass, and slid onto his side. John was thrown from Puzzle to a couple of yards away. I dismounted Rain and helped John up, he was shaking and soaked to the bone, but thankfully alright. Unfortunately when Puzzle fell, his back leg got caught in his stirrup leathers and girth! (The girth is the strap that buckles under the horse's girth area that holds the saddle onto the back of the horse.) So thrashing and terrified, Puzzle shredded his girth and stirrups. John wasn't an experienced enough rider to ride bareback all the way home, so I did the only thing to do. I quickly got Puzzle's now ruined saddle off, and helped him to his mud clogged hooves. I threw the saddle aside regretfully. There goes John's summer allowance, I thought angrily to myself. Then I gave John a leg up onto Rain. He was going to have to ride her, although she was a much younger and spunkier horse than Puzzle. I was worried John wouldn't be able to handle her, but I trusted she would take good care of him. I then vaulted onto the now shivering, back of Puzzle, and carefully started home with John safe with Rain, on my tail. Rain behaved angelically! She calmly responded to John's sloppy signals, and got him home safely. I was proud of Rain and my brother.

So now the day had come, the day that was supposed to bring a new wonder foal into our lives, the day that brought tragedy. The birthing was harder than any I'd ever witnessed. The vet came and even needed to call for an assistant from the office after he arrived because the situation was so bad! The problem was this, the foal inside Rain was coming out backwards, and bunched up as well. This, as any horse person knows, is a very dangerous thing, for the foal and the mare. The normal thing is to turn the foal around. Unfortunately, when the vets tried that, it only made the situation worse. By far worse. All their normal efforts failed. Rain would just have to keep pushing until the large hindquarters came out. That took hours. And by the time the foal came, she had killed herself. John and I were devastated. Our wonderful Rainbow was gone forever. Amazingly though, the foal hadn't suffocated. Unlike the dressage champ meant-to-be look its older brother had been born with from the start, this foal had bad confirmation. Its legs (although foals are supposed to have long legs) were about half a foot longer than normal. It's dock was bent in a crooked, strange, wavy sort of way. The vet announced that he was a male. I looked at the colt with sadness in my heart. My Rain was gone, and in that wonder horse's place was the cause of her death. An ugly, worthless looking colt. I thought about it. The foal was black, and also inherited all of his mother's markings. But I also noticed something else. The foal had a special marking on his hindquarters. Sort of like a mishapen apple. So I thought of the perfect foal name. Almost every foal has a foal name, kind of a name to be able to work to grow out of. I decided because of the disappointment it had brought to me, and the disoriented apple on it's buttocks, I named the fellow, Road Apples. I know it's stupid, I mean. The reason was that Road Apples at least brought a smile to my brother's heart broken face. Poor sis, he thought to himself. She looks so disappointed! I wish this foal could have been at least half of what Rain was.

Seven years later.

'OK, Appy, we can do this,' I whispered to my horse as we flew over the jump.

Appy was wonderful! The announcer announced, 'That was Kelly Cuadra and her mount, Apple Lover! They are in the lead!'

The crowd screamed with excitement as Appy and I ended the course flawlessly. I had decided on the painful decision of gelding him for showing purposes. So now unfortunately, he can never be a stud, for he would make wonderful offspring. He is a beautiful treasure to me now. Following his mother's spirit, and her beauty, Appy was my prize horse.

As Appy and I were walking away with the 1st place blue ribbon, I thought about how well Appy and I had bonded. We had spent that night of Rain's death and Appy's birth together, both helpless. We would spend hours looking at each other, watching the breeze carry wisps of straw away from our little stall corner, and giving each other the occasional pat on the belly or nuzzle on the cheek. I felt the stall get as stuffy as a bus in the Sahara, but I didn't care. Sure I left him occasionally, to go to the rest room, or to get a soda, but never long. We always found ourselves meeting at that corner, in that stall. I bottle fed Appy every two hours, as needed. We grew close. Even closer than Rain and I had been! It seemed being with Appy made me forget that Rain was truly gone. It helped me forget that she saved my life, and I couldn't do anything to save hers, and it helped me forget that Rain was the most wonderful horse, and now she was gone. But I got over my depression in about three months. Three months seems like a long time to people who have never loved a horse. But to those who love horses, such as me, know that you can't even think of your horse without tear drops grazing your cheeks.

I also thought about the night when I named poor Appy that mean name, Road Apples. I had changed that name to Apple Lover. I know that it's a very weird name change to go from Road Apples to Apple Lover, but it was the right and the most I could do. I called him Appy for fun.

I had begun physically training Appy as soon as I could once he was weaned. But the training truly began all those nights I cried into his mane, all those nights I sneaked him into my bedroom when the thunder and lightning was too frightening, and all those nights when I couldn't stop thinking about Rain, and I needed comfort. Appy and I trained each other right from the beginning.

Right from the start of Appy's physical training I began to see the failure he had in racing and dressage. No, Appy was something different. He wasn't my racer, my stud, or my dressage champ, he was my jumper! His long spindly legs flew over the highest jumps. I even have big plans about entering the world Olympics! I know he could make it easy. Our relationship is amazing! That strange wavy dock straitened in his first year, but the hair always had a natural curl to it, making it stunning to all those who see it. I have had so many offers on him that now currently, he is worth $70,000.00! Of course I would never sell him, it would be like selling family! Unheard of! And the ugly Apple on his hindquarters formed into one of the most beautiful markings ever been naturally born on a horse. I now feel horrible for first not seeing poor Appy's true potential. Those thought-to-be birth defects were actually a blessing, not a handicap! He was Rain's son and no son of Rain's ever cold turn out to be a mess-up. My other horse, Appy's brother is John's horse now. We still ride out on trails like normal farm people. We will always tease our horses when catching from the fields, and we still buy the cheapest feed in the same small town tack shop, even though now with all the profits from the clinics I do with Appy, we could afford any feed in that store at any time.

One time I walked out to the field to give Appy an Apple (his favorite treat) and he had somehow gotten caught in the barbed wire fencing! (This was before we were rich and could afford better fencing) Appy's back left leg was completely tangled in the wire! At first I was extremely scared for Appy, but after I saw his calm eyes, I knew he was just waiting for someone to come along and free him. I chuckled as I came back with wire clippers and thick gloves. How come he knew I would come and check on him, so he didn't even thrash around? I asked myself as I freed Appy. He barely scratched himself at all amazingly, so I didn't even bother to call the vet. But I did call the town handy man to repair the fence. The blue pickup truck pulled into the gravel drive way. Then the handy man opened the dented up old door and stepped out. He was dressed in blue jean overalls and a red checked t-shirt. He had skin tough and worn, like old leather. His hair which was hidden under a greasy baseball cap that read 'Small Town American Citizen' gave you the impression of a run over possum. But his blue eyes twinkled when he smiled his smile that was about as old as his shoes. He always lifted that hat to a lady, and was respected around the town.

'Hey Bill,' I said, 'glad you could make it so quickly and on such short notice!'

'Oh, anything for you Kelly,' replied Bill, in a gruff, man voice. He lifted his hat as usual and glanced around the clean farm. 'So where's the fence that needs the fixin?'

'Over here,' and I led Bill around to Appy's padlock.

Bill got started on the fence, his experienced hands carefully replacing the ripped barbed wire. He made sure not to leave any metal spikes behind in the grass that might be dangerous for the horses as he worked. I sure hope she replaces this fence soon, thought Bill. One of those beauties might really kill themselves one of these days. John looked out of the barn window while petting Twig on his lap and saw Bill working.

'Wow he's a responsible guy to be coming so soon like that. I'm glad to know we've got him in this town,' John told Twig.

Appy and I grew close, like Rain and I. He was a worthless, hopeless looking colt at first, but if only I had imagined the beauty he could be, I could have been more sympathetic to Rain's death. I walked outside to Appy's paddock fence, Appy and Leprechaun galloped up to it. Appy lifted his top lip to expose his protruding teeth teasingly as if to tell the world that he has strong opinions on the matter that I had better of brought him an apple.

'Sorry big boy, I forgot,' I said to him.

I swung myself onto the top board of the wooden fence. Appy came closer so I could drop onto his back. I leaned down to smell the earthy smell of his thick mane.

'Hey sis!' called John.

I sat up and invited him to come and sit on Leprechaun next to me and Rain.

'Sure, he looks pretty sad that Appy's gettin all the attention over there.' So John swung up onto Leprechaun and patted his neck. 'Thanks again for giving me Leppy for my birthday sis, he rocks!' John told me with a grin. (His riding skills have increased immensely since back when he rode Puzzle.)

'No problem. Hey, do you think you and Lep are up for a run for your money?' I asked.

'You know we are,' replied John.

So I steered Appy away from the fence and took off at a full out race horse gallop, with John and Leprechaun close behind.
(February 2009)

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The Little Fawn

By Andi, 10, Burford,Ont.,Canada

The injured fawn stared at me from it's hiding place. I wanted to speak, but words failed me. I started to approach the baby fawn. The fawn didn't move. I walked closer and closer and closer. The fawn remained still. I placed a bowl of food on the ground a few feet from the fawn. The baby fawn slowly came forward to the bowl of food and took a bite. Then another. Then another. The fawns beautiful, innocent, sparkling eyes met mine. I stared at the fawn, dazzled by her reaction. Then I heard some hunters enter the woods.

'There's gotta be some animals here,' I heard one say.

My heart was beating faster than a race car. I HAD to keep the fawn safe. I took the fawn to my house. I lead the fawn into my garden shed.

'Stay here,' I said.

Weeks passed. One sunny day I went out to check on the fawn. When I opened the door I stopped and looked at the fawn. She looked sad.

'You miss your family, don't you?' I said, placing a bowl of food on the floor.

The little fawn stared at me with it's beautiful sparkling eyes.

'But the hunters, are you sure you'll be safe?' I asked, with tears in my eyes.

I heard the fawn make a little noise. I had a strange feeling that that little noise, meant yes.

'Okay, I'll take you back to the forest.'

I lead the fawn back to the spot I the forest where I found her.

'Wait, before you go, I want you to have something.'

I reached into my pocket and took out a silver locket. Inside was a picture of me.

'Here, so you can remember me.'

I put the necklace around the fawns neck. I gave her a carrot and she ran away. It was the most touching thing I ever saw.

A few years later, when I was sitting on the soft grass outside my house, I heard a rustling sound in the bushes. Guess who I saw? I saw the baby fawn. But she wasn't little anymore. She was a dashing, beautiful deer. How I knew it was her? She still had on the silver locket. I thought she could take care of herself.
(November 2008)

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The Beast

By Samuel, 11, Gillingham, UK

Teeth sharp,
Eyes red,
Through him,
Many are dead,
Wings huge,
Pointy claws,
Doesn't wait,
Doesn't pause,
Breathes fire,
Kills men,
Likes watching,
Dragon's Den,
Jagged horns,
Massive tail,
Nostrils smoking,
Hard scales,
He brings,
Plenty of fear,
Watch out,
The dragon is here!!!
(November 2008)

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By Samuel, 11, Gillingham, UK

It is a very hot day in Africa,
There are many animals on the plains,
Very close a pride of lions lie,
The male shakes his shaggy mane,
Suddenly the group get up,
They have spotted a zebra near,
Then the male lets out a roar,
That people miles away could hear.

Not far off elephants walk,
Their great feet plodding along the ground,
Then a little elephant lifts his trunk,
And makes a trumpety sound,
They occasionally stop to feed,
By pulling things off trees,
The smallest asking for extra,
Almost saying, 'Can I have more please?'

On the African Savannah,
The hippopotamus fight,
All of the gazelles leap around,
And the pesky mosquitoes bite,
The animals in Africa are cool,
The African plains are great,
The sun is great for getting a tan,
But watch for the lion and his mate!!
(November 2008)

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My Cat Doreo

By Linda, 8, CA, USA

My cat loves me. I adopted my cat from PetSmart where Dorie lived in a cage. Dorie was four years old, and no one wanted to adopt her. She had been in the cage for a whole month! When I picked her up, she nuzzled her head in my arm, so I adopted her.

Since Dorie looks like an Oreo cookie, I changed her name to Doreo. She is black with two white toes on her two front paws and three white whiskers. Her fur is so long and so soft that I have to brush it every week. Doreo has a big, fat tummy because all she does is eat and sleep.

Doreo is so funny, she makes me laugh! She purrs so loudly that you can hear her from across the room. Her meow is loud and harsh and sounds like this, 'MOW!' She loves to run on my shoes. Once she put her head inside my shoe and walked around with the shoe on her head!

I wish you could meet Doreo. She is so funny and loving. You would love her, too.
(November 2008)

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Friends with the Birds

By Isabelle, 10, Coventry, West Midlands, UK

The creak of the leather,
The dust of the hay,
The flow of the canter,
The proud mother's neigh.

The rippling grass under stallions' hooves,
Whoever sees is sure to be moved.
The towering hills and mountains above,
The call of the eagle, the swoop of the dove.

A weak new foal's feeble cry,
The April showers and the wind's gentle sigh.
Together in clusters and herds,
Sleek and beautiful,
Friends with the birds.
(September 2008)

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My Turtle

By George, 8, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Once I was in China, I had a turtle. I named it Green Shadow because it's body had a green shadow in the morning light. Then I bought another one. It was smaller than Green Shadow. I named that turtle Spotty because it had spots on his shell.

I put sand into a giant water tank. Then I put my two turtles into the tank. I also put cat fish into the tank for the turtles to eat. I put a big plastic house in the tank. This cool house has a bedroom, a play room and a living room. There was an oxygen tube just connected to the house chimney. Sometimes, the bubbles come up to the surface of the water just like the smoke come from the chimney.

Once the turtles went inside the play room, they started to play. When they were hungry, they went outside of the house to eat the cat fish. When they were tired, they went to the bedroom to sleep.

I miss my turtles very much and I will see them very soon.
(September 2008)

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By Samantha, 11, Ont., Canada

I couldn't believe that this was happening. I glanced down at the cold, grey stone that had the word 'Buffy' written on it in my clumsy handwriting.

'Buffy, you were the best cat a kid could ever ask for,' I gulped down hard, chocking back a batch of salty tears. 'You were always licking my face after school,' I paused, letting just a single tears fall from my hazel eyes, 'and even though Ma and Pa disliked you, you always were kind to them,' I nearly sobbed.

My head was killing me from holding back all of those tears. I let the salty tears run down my smooth face. I had just lost my best friend, Buffy the cat. The day before I had poured some cat food into Buffy's bowl for lunch and called Buffy's name but Buffy didn't answer. I searched for Buffy for an entire hour but she was nowhere to be found. Finally I found her dead at the side of my house looking at peaceful as ever. Her grey fur smooth and silky in the sunlight. I knew that I had to continue her burial service.

'And Buffy, I loved you from the moment I saw you on the street all alone 'till the moment I saw you at the side of our house. I will always love you and I hope you have a fine time in heaven. I will join you eventually, I promise,' I whispered to the stone. Satisfied with my burial session, I turned around and slowly walked away. I glanced over my shoulder one last time and whispered 'I love you Buffy.'
(September 2008)

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My Poem

By Rachel, 10, Scotland

Doggie died,
Sad to say,
That it was on a wedding day,
Wedding sad,
Funeral time,
That's when doggie died.
(September 2008)

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By Samuel, 11, Gillingham, Kent, UK

It is a very hot day in Africa,
There are many animals on the plains,
Very close a pride of lions lie,
The male shakes his shaggy mane,
Suddenly the group get up,
They have spotted a zebra near,
Then the male lets out a roar,
That people miles away could hear.

Not far off elephants walk,
Their great feet plodding along the ground,
Then a little elephant lifts his trunk,
And makes a trumpety sound,
They occasionally stop to feed,
By pulling things off trees,
The smallest asking for extra,
Almost saying can I have more please?

On the African savannah,
The hippopotamus' fight,
All of the gazelles leap around,
And the pesky mosquitoes bite,
The animals in Africa are cool,
The African plains are great,
The sun is great for getting a tan,
But watch for the lion and his mate!
(September 2008)

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My Dog

By Roisin, 10, Ireland

Cuddly little thing,
So cute and playful,
Fur so sleek,
Bite so painful,
Eyes irresistible,
Tongue so rough.
(September 2008)

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By Niamh, 11, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Painful biters,
Serious fighters,
Favouring grass,
Teeth look like brass,
Love to swim,
Races they win,
Very cunning,
Good at running,
Horses are ace,
I'd love a long face!
(September 2008)

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The Cow

By Jack , 6, TX, USA

The cow says moo moo moo.

It has black and white spots.

It eats grass on the farm.

It lives on the farm.

And it is owned by a farmer.
(August 2008)

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The duck

By Jack , 6, Fort Worth, TX, USA

The duck can float in the water, it eats bread if you feed it, some are red some are blue some are even all colors.
Don't be mean to the duck it is so pretty.
(July 2008)

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Orianto and Me

By Madeleine, 11, Tyne and Wear, UK

I clenched my fists. Sweat dribbled down my forehead as I felt the blood pump through my veins. My brunette hair whipped across my green eyes making it harder to see in the cold wind. One wire and I was out of this place. One mistake and Orianto was torn from me forever. I heard him whimper at my feet.

"Shh, Ori..." I whispered, "I need to concentrate." I bent down and patted his head and he went silent once more.

I looked at Orianto, in his grey, wolf form and bit my lip. I turned to the wires and back to him, and then I faced the box again. I gulped. Then I ripped the blue wire apart.

I was ready to run, but I heard no alarm start up... no slams and clicks of the doors shutting and locking me in. All was quiet. Still. Frozen. It was as if everything was going in slow motion. Orianto grinned and whispered: "Way to go!" before leaping up onto the edge of the wall to our right.

"All clear," he whispered. Then he swiftly turned into a strong cheater cub and trotted down the wall laughing out loud as he finally saw the other side of the wall for the first time.

"I thought you said it would be green?" He laughed.

"What do you mean? Isn't it green?" I asked him running below him on the other side still.

"No! It's all white!" he got to the edge of the wall and looked down at me.

"Is it not meant to be white?" he asked.

"No! Of course it..." I got to the gates, which I had opened with the wire.


Orianto jumped off the wall and turned back into a wolf. He scraped at the floor.

"Look! Look here Sophie! It's green underneath!"

"I know that! It's snow!" I answered, grinning.

"Snow?" he cocked his head to one side.

"Yes, snow. It's like rain but frozen so it turns white."

He nodded as he looked around him.

"Like a blanket, is it not? As it covers the ground, Sophie?" He said in a posh voice.

"Yes that's one way to put it, I guess, but it does not keep it warm, it keeps it cold, Orianto" I answered in a similar voice.

Ori nodded once more before giving me his wolf grin then running into the snow and rolling around. I giggled.

"Ori!" I laughed before chasing him down a small hill and catching him just as he was about to change into another animal.

"You monkey!" I said, Orianto shifted into a monkey.

"Oo-oo! Eee! Eee! Oo!" he changed back into a wolf and laughed again.

I stroked his forehead and he rested his head on my knee and closed his eyes as I sat down and crossed my legs. I smiled.

I daydreamed unthinkingly for a while before I lifted him carefully in my arms and walked over to lonely tree on the top of the hill. I laid my back against the tree and rested Ori back onto my legs. He stirred slightly and nuzzled himself back into comfort.

It wasn't cold, although the snow was wet slightly. I didn't really care though. I was out of the 'school' finally and I was still with Ori.

Then I remembered the other children. My crazy, trust worthy, mental friends, Louise and the simple other children, who would stare at us while we giggled for some reason in the corner of the room, pointing at the ceiling or something...

I looked back at the building towering above me, it's dark cracked walls gloomy with age and use. No lights were on but I could hear the sounds of the children echoing through the walls; their cries, their laughter, but mostly their silence.

It was as if the building had once been magnificent, a tall candle, before the fire went out and all that was left was the waxy remains of what it was. It almost made me sad. It must have been beautiful before age took hold of it.

I smiled sadly. I was without friends but I still had Ori. My faithful Ori. So I continued on my way. Nothing would stop me now...
(June 2008)

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The Magical Horse

By Julia, 11, MA, USA

There once was a beautiful, white horse that lived in the woods of Crystalville. The horse's name was Topaz. Topaz's glittering hooves were not the only unique qualities about her, but she was magic! She had shimmering wings that made her drift off with the wind. Topaz was happy that she was magical, but one day, all of that changed, when a little girl named Nora found Topaz in the woods. Suddenly, Topaz had lost her magic. She could no longer fly and her hooves were dull.

"Wow! A horse! Nora shouted.

Topaz took 2 steps back and tried to fly. She couldn't. Nora grabbed her mane to hold her back.

"Don't worry, horse, I'll take care of you. Is your name Topaz? You have topaz jewels in your hooves," Nora touched Topaz's hooves softly.


Topaz got her power back! Nora had a magic touch! The two wizards flew off into the great pink sky, with nothing but their spirits and a little bit of magic...

The End.

June 2008

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Wildlife Homes

By Lindsay, 8, Millington, NJ, USA

In the pond
fish swim by,
through the weeds
a sunny sigh.

Turtle swims
through the muck,
catching prey
with any luck.

Green frog jumps
in the sun,
slurping bugs
with his tongue.

Cat-tails wave
like gold wands,
looking over
this blue-green pond.

Pond is home
to all that care,
its beauty is
for all to share.
(May 2008)

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By Yi H, 7, Australia

Long ago, early explorers said Kangaroo is a very strange animal because its head like deer, stood up like human and hopped like a frog. In some tales even described it had two heads because they saw both mother's and baby's heads from far away.
The kangaroo belongs to the group called marsupial, kangaroo can only be found in Australia and Tasmania.
There are two major kinds of kangaroo; the great red kangaroo and the great grey kangaroo.
Male is called boomer, female is blue flyer and joey is name for the young. Male may be over 210cm tall and weight up to 90 kgs, they may achieve the speed about 48km/hr.
Kangaroos have powerful hind legs and long muscular tails. Females have a pouch surrounding the teats. The baby suckled in the mother's pouch for about six months after a 40 days gestation period.
Kangaroos are large herbivores, feed on grass and other vegetation.
Kangaroos protect themselves by catching predator with its forepaws then kicking at it by their powerful hind legs.
Kangaroo is very adorable and cute. It is very famous because it is one of the standard bearers on the Australian coat-of-Arms. It became movies stars in 'kangaroo Jack', 'Skippy the Bush kangaroo' and children's cartoon 'Winnie the Pooh', it even become a logo for QANTAS airways flying around the world.
(April 2008)

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The Wolf

By Hye-Won, 12, Seoul, South Korea

The wolf
and howls on its roam through the woods.
(November 2007)

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I Went to the Zoo

By Micah, 5, Ashtabula, OH, USA

I went to the zoo
I saw a pink flamingo
He was putting his leg up

I went to the zoo
I saw a bear
It was big and brown and mean

I went to the zoo
I saw a duck
She was inside the bush

I went to the zoo
I saw a really big turtle
It was little, I'm just kidding

I went to the zoo
And I saw beavers
Swimming in the sea

I went to the zoo
I saw a little boy
He was me
(November 2007)

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By Caitlin Rose, 10, Hartlepool, UK

Some dogs are soft and fluffy
Some dogs are very rough
Some dogs like to play a lot
Others can be tough

Some dogs have a bad temper
Some dogs are very nice
Some dogs are very silly
Other dogs try to hunt mice

Some dogs are very playful
Other dogs can be dumb
Some dogs are very clever
Most dogs want to have fun

Some dogs are very smelly
Some dogs are very clean
But most dogs that I know of
Smell somewhere in between

Some dogs are very thin
Some dogs are very fat
Some dogs are sometimes stupid
I'd rather have a cat!
(November 2007)

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The Doggy Wedding

By Shannon, 9, Back, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

One sunny summer's day there were two kind dogs one called Snowy and one called White Streak. They both admired each other. Snowy and White Streak knew that they loved each other so much. So they came together to organise a wedding at the doggy palace. Snowy knew that Tricky could make the dresses and Floppy could get the decorations for the wedding. Snowy and White Streak would make the invitations for the wedding so they all did that. Snowy was inviting Tricky, Floppy,
King Lucas, Queen Cassandra, Molly, Camilla, Cheeky and others. Snowy and White streak said,
'This is going well'

The day of the wedding was only 3 days away and Snowy needed to get the wedding dress sorted and where they were going to get the wedding decorated. Floppy and Tricky were trying their best but they needed a lot of help. They wanted the visitors to be happy at the wedding.

The day of the wedding arrived. Snowy was dressed in a nice, dazzling white dress and White Streak was in a nice black suit. When Snowy came down the aisle everyone said 'OOoooh' White Streak nearly fainted because Snowy was so beautiful. Snowy was coming down the aisle when she heard . . . . . . . .
'What a pretty big excuse for a bride.'
When Snowy heard what the dog said she went off crying and she went up to the balcony. White Streak went up to see Snowy. They found out that the dog that said that was not invited to the wedding. Snowy was disgusted. The Queen demanded that he be thrown out. The bad day came to an end. Snowy and White Streak went home and they both lived in a nice hotel after the marriage.
(July 2007)

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Lone wolf

By Leah, 12, Dublin, Ireland

A lone wolf, howling to the sky
Though only the trees hear his lonly cry
wandering alone without his clan
sniffing the breeze, feeding when he can.

A lone wolf, calling still,
Without any water or a fresh kill,
Gaining strength from the sun,
and hope from the moon,
Surly he shall find his clan soon?

A lone wolf, catching a scent in the breeze,
and seeing his brothers between the trees,
calling to them, he lopes along,
and the air is filled with their happy songs.

A lone wolf, alone no longer....
(June 2007)

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The Filly

By Hollyn, 16, Montana, USA

Storm clouds started to move in and little sprinkles of rain started to spatter on the ground as Annie quickened her pace. She knew no matter what she would get soaked; she still had almost a mile to walk until she got home.
She thought to her self, "If I would of just left after school without having to chat to April about her new boyfriend I probably would be home by now, and not wet."
Then she remembered that the fair was this week and they had just started bringing some of the animals in. It probably wouldn't hurt if I took a look, and with all this rain I'm sure all the people are inside.
As she walked around she took shelter in an open barn. There were only a couple of animals mostly sheep and pigs. Annie proceeded to walk down the aisle peering at the shaved and primped sheep and lambs. She thought it was pretty funny that an animal that would soon be sent to butcher looked like a show poodle. Then there were hogs she could almost care less about the pigs plus they stank up the barn.
It was a fairly small town and there was only room for one barn for all the animals and the rest of the area was for the fair rides. She could still hear the pattering sound of the rain hitting the roof and decided to walk a little bit further to where the horses were. She doubted that anyone would bring his or her horses this early to be left alone, but she wanted to check anyway.
She quickened her stride and pinched her nose closed with her fingers, making a silly face while passing the pigs. She just could not understand why anyone would like pigs other than for bacon.
Approaching the horse stalls she could see no horses, then as she was about walk back she saw two small perky ears at the far end. Must be a pony to be that small, it probably can't even see over the wooden door. As Annie approached she noticed it wasn't a pony at all just a filly, it couldn't be much more than a year old. It may have been small but it had the most beautiful dappled gray coat.
She then saw the little sign hung on the gait with bailing twine that said,
'Raffle filly, buy two tickets get one free. Ticket price - $20.00.'
'That is a very expensive ticket I could barely buy one of them let alone two or even three.'
It would be so amazing if I was a able to win that filly, my family would benefit so much from it, and so would I. All my family has is two old worn-down cranky mules, in which they have to do most all the heavy hauling. Only the wealthy people own those cool automobiles.
Looking at the little filly Annie reached out to give her a little pat, the filly instantly indulged in the attention. She thought to her self why the poor little filly was alone in the barn with not even a scrap of hay to be found. She felt very sad for the little filly because she was all alone in the barn. Annie felt a certain attachment to the little animal, that couldn't be explained. Then she quickly remembered that she was supposed to be home soon, like right about now.
Giving the filly one last pat, she said, 'I will try to see you tomorrow, I will do by absolute best to earn the money to buy the ticket.'
As she walked away the filly gave a pleading whinny, trying to persuade her to stay, so she wouldn't be so lonely.
The rain had finally stopped but had left massive puddles and on the dirt road it made a complete muddy mess. But the mud didn't stop her she dashed all the way home muddying up her hand made skirt. She didn't care: all she was thinking about was how she might earn or get the money to buy a ticket so she could win that beautiful filly.
As she entered the doorway of the shabby old shack of a house she forgot that she still had on her muddy shoes, when she heard her mother shout at her.
'Annie, what are doing girl, I just finished cleaning the house and here you come all filthy and all. So before you go one more step with those grimy clothes, take them of this instant. And what in the world are you in such a hurry about?'
'Oh, I'm sorry, mother, I didn't even notice how muddy I got on the way home.'
After Annie changed her clothes and her mother had settled down from the commotion the first word out of her mouth was the filly. She explained to her mother that this filly was the only thing in a long time that she felt she had to have. It wasn't like a spoiled little girl 'have to have' kind of thing. She never asked her parents for hardly anything because of the money situation but this was different, she had a chance to win the filly. She would take care of the little horse's every needs, feeding watering and what ever else she had to do to convince her wary mother to at least let her get some money to buy a raffle ticket.
The other problem even if she were to get the money to buy a couple of raffle tickets there was no guarantee that she would win. To Annie the worse part of all this was not knowing if she would win the raffle and the gray filly. All the money she would have to put into the tickets would be a waste and she would be heartbroken if she did not have the filly. She thought to herself that she would find work anywhere she could, empty out her piggy bank completely, she would even beg for it. It didn't matter what she did, all that mattered was that filly.

* * *

On the way to school the next day Anne thought of all things that she could do to get money. She could ask Mr. Goober for a job at the general store in town. But earning money at the general store would take to much time and I need the money soon. Well Dad I am sure will say know but who knows maybe there is a chance.
After school that day she stopped by the fairgrounds for a couple of minute before she went home. This time the filly greeted her with a small nicker and she reached out her nose for a little scratch. She spent some time talking to her and giving her a good scratch and then when on with her way home so she cold ask her father about the money.
When she got home her father could tell something was on her mind that needed to be addressed. He said, 'Annie what's the matter, you don't seem yourself today, is there something on your mind?'
'Well Father there is something that I really want, but the thing is I really don't have the money for it. The truth is it's the gray raffle filly at the fair, when I saw it I felt so attached to it that I was determined to have the little filly. But I know no matter what I would not be able to earn the money for the raffle ticket. So I didn't even bother talking to you about it.'
'Honey, your mother came to me last night and talked to me about I and she said that when you were talking about the little filly your whole face just lit up. We both discussed it and said for you birthday that we would give you the money for one raffle ticket.'
'Really dad, you're not joking are you? Oh thank you so much you will not regret this.'
* * *
The fairgrounds were now open to the public, people and animals were everywhere, the rides were going nonstop night and day. Annie was also there but for a different reason she visited the little gray filly every chance she got. The two developed such a relationship over a week that the filly could pick her out from the other children.
When it was time to buy the raffle ticket she was totally ecstatic, she crossed her fingers and even kissed it for good luck. She new her chances were slim but she new that somehow she would pull though and she would get the filly. When the day came for the raffle she woke up extra early. Her parents even surprised her telling Annie that the whole family should go and have fun. Her father hitched up both the mules to the carriage he could tell Annie was impatient and wanted to get going it showed through her constant fidgeting. As soon as Annie's father had rounded up her twin brothers Daniel and David they were off.
* * *

The palms of Annie's hands were dripping sweat from her nervousness she wiped them on the side of her skirt. Then finally a man came up on a stage and started speaking on how the raffle would work, the rules and so on. Another tall gentleman stepped up on the stage as well; with him he carried a big bucket with the tickets. Only one would be drawn, the rest would be thrown away, and the money would go towards next year's fair.
Annie could hardly control her self as the tall man shook the bucket tossing about. Then the crowd went quite as the man opened the lid and pulled out a folded and creased ticket. Annie thought to herself could that be mine I sure hope it is as she cracked her knuckles. The man then said, 'and the winner is Henry Hays.'
Annie hung her head low she could not believe she heard those words, she was so shocked. Her father leaned over putting an arm around comforting her with his words. I'm sorry honey maybe next year you will be luckier, if you want maybe I will get you a puppy.'
As they were about to walk away the man Henry Hays stepped up on the stage and was about to except his prize when he said,
'I know that legally I have won the filly but truthfully I never thought I would, and there is one girl that everyone knows wants this filly more than I do. Annie would you please come on stage to collect your prize.'
Annie had tears of joy streaming down her cheeks and a smile the size of Texas she thought it was all over when they announced the winner. When she stepped up on stage she gave Mr. Hays a huge bear hug and thanked him uncontrollably over and over again. Another man led the beautiful filly over to her and placed the lead rope in her hands, the filly gave her a little nudge of affection. She thanked Mr. Hays once more then the filly and the girl went to her family embraced each other in hugs. She had her filly and the filly had Annie that was more than she could ask for. (June 2007)

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Creature of the night

By Leah, 12, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

" We have a new arrival coming, Leah, so get a move on and ready stall number 17." I rushed to do as I was ordered wondering what colour was it, was it a mare or stallion, would it be used for the riding school or the show circuit.... My mind was filled with questions bouncing around my head like rubber balls.

Half an hour later, just as I finished grooming Venus, a riding school mare, a horse box came slowly up the drive.
"She's here!" The head groom exclaimed. Turning around he ran up to the office to inform Mrs. Kembly, owner of the ranch. Seconds later they were lowering the ramp. "hello girl, aren't you a pretty gir-OOOF! With a screaming cry, the mare lashed out at the head groom, where he landed on the ground, stunned. She then threw herself out of the trailer and reared, letting out another piercing scream, her eyes flashed red. "grab her!" Mrs. Kembly bellowed. Nobody moved.

Leah stared in amazement at the mare. She was around 17.2 hands, her coat was a satiny blue-black colour and her mane and tail were silvery white. Suddenly she found herself approaching the mare, who tossed her head and pawed the ground.
"Easy girl, I won't hurt you."
The mare tossed her head again, but stood still and allowed herself to be caught. She gentled the mare to her loose box, all bedded down and ready for her. When she walked back to the yard the head groom was back on his feet, helped by Mrs. Kembly and the driver of the horsebox.

"I would've helped but hey, I'm just the driver, I don't know anything about the creatures." The driver apologised as he prepared to leave.

Leah walked down to the office to ask Mrs. Kembly could she go home when suddenly she overheard voices in the tack room.
"Get her destroyed that's what I think." The voice of the head groom insisted angrily.
"You're right, she's too dangerous to keep." Mrs. Kembly agreed.
"I'll call the vet now and see if he can pop down" The head groom offered.
"Right, that's fine by me" Said Mrs. Kembly.

Horrified she ran towards the mare's stall, thinking, "this can't be happening" When the head groom caught sight of her and yelled after her to go fetch the horses from field B and settle them for the night."Then you can go home" The head groom told her. After bringing in the horses she gave in to her tears and ran home, crying bitterly.

Meanwhile, Nightmare was clearly stressed. Outside storm clouds began to gather..."you sure about this?" The man asked dressed in white, he was holding a bag in one hand and a syringe filled with yellow liquid in the other."absolutly" Answered the woman. The headgroom beside her nodded his agreement. The three were standing outside her stall, the man with the syringe was undoing the bolt now, he was inside the stall..There was a scream of pain and the mare burst out of the stall into the storm, transforming.. When she reached the the woods at the top of the hill she swung round and reared, and behind her the entire sky was illuminated as lightening touched the ground at the bottom of the hill behind her. But that wasn't the reason they were staring. Large, powerful wings had sprouted from her shoulders, a single horn gleamed in the middle of her forehead, and her eyes glowed red. Then she swung round and was gone, galloping away. And, amazingly, the storm ended and all was still.

Except for one final cry, piercing the night.....
(April 2007)

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Such A Wish........

By Regina , 8, Plymouth, USA

This is what I call such a wish, you probably don't understand, but that is why I'll explain. I absolutely love animals like crazy and I really want a pet. The big bad news is that I really want a dog, but my brother is allergic to animal fur. In many dreams I dream about having a dog. I've tried to convince my mom to at least buy me a hamster. Then one day I heard the best news ever from my mom, she just taken my brother to a checkup at the doctor and the doctor said my brother is barely allergic to fur any more!!! Dreams really do come true! (April 2007)

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Oakley Is Here!

By Josh, 12, Sarasota, FL, USA

I woke up at 7:00am and jumped out of my bed. 'This is going to be the best day ever,' I whispered to myself. I sprinted to my parent's room to wake them up. I pranced on their bed and said, 'Get up, get up.'
They both woke up moaning. 'What' my mom says, acting like she doesn't know what is going on. After a moment of silence she says, 'Uh, but it's too early to get up.'
'But mom we have to go get Oakley!' I groaned.
I finally got them both up at 7:43am. So I go help them make coffee. You probably have heard your parents say something like 'We won't go until the coffee is ready,' or 'Wait! The coffee is almost ready,' and that is exactly what they said to me. So while I am making the coffee I smelled the haunting aroma. When I just remembered! I forgot to wake my brothers up. So I ran to their room to wake them up. They woke up very quickly because they also were excited to go see Oakley. It was about time to leave right when the coffee got done. 'Hurry up, get in the car,' I yelled in excitement. 'But honey, it's Saturday, can't we just relax a little and take the whole morning to drink coffee, watch TV, and read the newspaper?' my mom giggled.
So we all jumped in the car and speed over to Petsmart. We got there just in time before the store opened. My brothers and I ran to Oakley to pet her. This would be the first time my dad sees our new dog. Because before this my mom, my brothers, and I were looking for a dog on the Internet we found Oakley. She had light brown fur. And it said she loved kids. So we decided to adopt her from K-9 Castaways. But before we did that we wanted to see if it was a good dog so we asked if Oakley could come over to our house so we could meet her. And they said yes. So that was the day our dad missed her because he was at work.
So now we went up to the K-9 people and asked if we could walk Oakley around the store. 'Yes you guys may,' they said politely. We really wanted to walk her because we wanted to get her a new collar.
While we are looking I heard my dad say, 'She's a cute dog' to my mom. Right after that my dad finds a pink flowered collar. We all agreed that that was the right collar for Oakley. So we bought it and go back to the owners on the other side of the store. And we came and signed the papers to be her foster family. Then we take all her toys and food and leave.
When we got home my mom asked, 'Josh, can you put your sweet little cat outside on the pool deck and leave Oakley inside so they can just look at each other through the sliders.' So I did what she asked. And right when I did that all they did was glare at each other through the glass door.
Then our favorite friends, the Nutter family came over. 'How are you guys?' my mom asked when they walk through the door. Mrs. Nutter said, 'Why we're doing fine.' Then Oakley sprinted into the room to see what was going on. And when she saw the Nutter she was waged her tail fast. 'Oh, is this the cute dog you guys were talking about?' Mrs. Nutter said.
'Why, yes it is,' my dad said. The whole Nutter family reached out there arms and stroked her on the head.
'You guys made a good choice,' Mr. Nutter agreed.
After a while they had to leave and we all said good-bye. So dad closed the door while they walked out and then asked, 'I think we should let Emma in and see how they both do?'
'Lets do that,' I say. So I walk to the door and open it.
They were fine for a while until Oakley ran after Emma and Oakley started barking while she was chasing Emma. So then we had to split them up again. To calm Oakley down we started to watch a movie. I sat on the comfortable couch with my sweet, new dog.
It was 7:00pm when mom had to go on her night shift to work. When she left dad asked, 'So do you guys want to go out to eat?'
We shouted 'Yes!' because dad rarely toke us out to eat. So we put Oakley in her cage because that meant that we could let our cat in. We thought she might be hungry so we left her food in her cage. We locked Oakley up in her cage and I telling you right now she did not want to go in. She was barking like an irate monkey. My dad said, 'She will be alright, let's go, she'll be fine.' We went to a Chinese restaurant. When we got there we all slurped on our steaming egg drop soup.
And after we were done with that, we got our fortune cookies. 'Hey Dad look at mine,' I said.
'Well, that is true,' he giggled while looking at it.
'Hey Josh can I trade with you,' my brother asked.
And it started to get late so we got I the car and left.
But when we came back Oakley was a little toot (as my mom would say); she had knocked all of her food onto the ground. So my brother, Nic, and I had to pick it all up.
'We will be waiting outside for you guys so we can take her on a long walk,' my dad told us.
'Ok,' we agreed.
We then sprinted outside when we were all done. And we all walked around the neighborhood. My brothers, mom, dad, and I are happy to have her with us.
(March 2007)

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It's just a Dream...

By Rachael, 12, Sarasota, FL, USA

The loud speaker boomed.
'Next up to tackle the Show Jumping course is Brianne Rose on her stunning horse Magic Moment''
How could I drop out of this competition; how could I do this to them; to Molly, mom, and dad? Most importantly, how could I do this to Magic?
Everything was perfect, just the way I had imagined. I was ranked fourth after both Dressage and Cross-Country. Show jumping was my favorite and Magic's favorite too. We were in the perfect place to win, and being the 20th person to go, I had an advantage to see the places in the course that were harder to ride; tight corners and striding are two things you can't afford to mess-up with.
Then the noise came again,
''Last chance for Brianne Rose,' I could already feel the tears galloping down my face.
'Sorry,' I whispered knowing only Magic could hear me.
Now I was not only crying but I had slipped off of Magic and dropped the reins; I was running. I don't know where or how I'm going to get there, but I'm going there. Everything was racing through my head. How much money it took to get here, how much time I spent practicing, and most of all, all the support from my family, friends, and Molly, my trainer. But before I got too far, I could hear my Mother's voice.
'What in the world do you think you are doing?!''
'What?!' I woke up and curved my head to the picture on my sky blue bedroom wall, of Magic and me at a competition last year; we won in our division. It's just a dream. It's just a dream, I thought, trying to convince myself. For five days I've had the same exact dream from dropping out of the Silver Wood Championships. I haven't told anyone about it because I thought it would stop pestering me but now, maybe I should tell Molly.
'Brianne, come and eat some breakfast before we leave!' Patty, my mom shrieked.
I leisurely moved my body up out of my bed and turned my short but muscular legs out from under the covers. I was in no rush because I knew where we were going; Golden River Stables, in other words I'm going to see Molly for the first time ever since The Silver Wood Championships. I knew that all I would have to do was ride a little just to show everyone that I was ok and that Magic was too. I mean, it happens some times; people get nervous and they decide that they just aren't ready for the competition. At the competition I was just a bomb waiting to explode; and I did, explode.
'Almost ready,' I said, grabbing anything I could off of my island of clothes, and walked out in to the kitchen. My mother gave me a plate and I loaded it with, my favorite, M&M pancakes'yum! I sluggishly took my seat at the dinner table and ate, slowly but surely finishing my pancakes and moving on to the bacon that my mother had just slipped on to the table.
'Why are you eating like this has been the only meal you've had in days?' Patty, my mother questioned with a skeptical look on her face.
'I'm savoring it; I haven't had these in a while,' I answered with a full mouth of the bacon. The truth was I hadn't had it since the morning of the Championships. Five minutes later I was done eating and ready to hop into the car and leave for the ranch. My mother just had to grab her jacket and we were off! All the way to the stables neither of us spoke.
Breaking the silence, my mom breathed, 'Almost there'' Then we turned onto the road where the stables were located. I gazed out the car window to see the beautiful fields and hills that I had ridden on so many times. My eyes were filling with tears as I thought back to when I first rode Magic, on these hills. There was a lesson going on; mine, the one I was supposed to be in. They were doing a gymnastic, which are three or four, foot high jumps a stride apart. They are used to build confidence in both the horse and the rider.
'Well, were here!' My mom yelled to me, sounding more exhilarated then myself. The stables have always been beautiful; it was a typical wooden barn with more then twenty stalls that were all full of million dollar horses. The barn had always smelled like fresh T&A hay and wood chips, for the stalls. Never once have I seen the stable dirty. I lifted my boots out of the car and slammed the door shut. What were my friends going to say? Are they even going to talk to me? The questions raced around in my head.
'Go see Molly, she'll have something for you to do,' My mother said as she walked over to the grouping of mothers. Ok, what to do, what to do... I thought, I guess I'll go see Magic. I staggered towards the barn opening but I stopped before I went in. Here I go' I thought to myself. I made my way into the tack room where I'd hope to find Ms. Molly. I cracked the door open so I would not have to get stuck talking to someone about what had happened, no one. I opened the door slowly and quickly went in and shut the door.
'Hello? Ms. Molly? Anyone?' I questioned waiting to hear a reply.
'Brianne? Is that you?' Molly answered.
'Yeah, it's me,' I breathed then took a deep breath ready for her to start yelling. She lingered her petite body over to where I was standing.
'I was wondering if you would ever come poking around again,' She said squinting her eyes at me like I was a patient in the hospital being examined.
'Well you know me, always doing the unexpected,' I answered trying to sound a little confident.
'Ok, well let's get started! M&M is in the last stall on the left, meet me in the indoor jumping arena, we'll start there,' M&M was short for Magic Moment; she has been calling him that ever since we had gotten him.
'Great,' I sighed, 'jumping just what I wanted to do!' I said sarcastically.
I walked over to the hook that said 'MAGIC MOMENT' in big letters on it and then walked out of the tack room. I sluggishly walked over to the last stall to the left and sat my tack down on the hooks provided.
'Hey there!' I yelled. At the sound of my voice he pivoted his body over to the door and made a low but excited whinny.
'Hey; your excited about going off to ride? I thought you would be mad,' I questioned him, noticing that I was talking to a horse. I took his leather halter off the nail holder on the wall next to his stall. It had sheep skin covers that were as soft as Egyptian cotton. I walked over to the stall door and slid it open and shut it behind me. Magic, as usual just sat there and laid his head down so I could easily put the halter on. I led him out of his stall and hooked him up to the crossties. His mane was freshly braided and same for his tail. There was no need for me to brush his dark bay coat so I immediately put the navy blue saddle pad over his withers and followed by my leather saddle. A few minutes later he was all tacked up and ready to go. I stood back to get the whole effect. He looked fabulous; his coat was glowing and his tail had absolutely no knots or flaws in it.
'Ok, I think we're good,' I said amazed at how beautiful he is. I gently pulled the reins over his head and led him out of the stable and towards the indoor jumping arena. When we finally got to the vast entrance I pushed the reins back over his braided mane and pulled myself onto him. Well here we go. I hope I'm not making a big fool out of myself. With a little squeeze of my legs Magic was moving smoothly through the doors. Inside there was a whole course of colorful 3'' high jumps all set-up. My eyes followed the jumps around the arena; I thought I had seen the same course somewhere, but where?
'This is the same course of the Championships,' Vanessa yelled, as she rode up beside me, 'What cat gotcha' tongue?' she said with a questioning look. She was on top of her horse, Midnight Escape; she was a black Dutch Warmblood mare with a little white star on her forehead.
'Hey!' I said, unsure of where she was coming from.
'Better get practicing for next year!' She said sarcastically.
'Brianne I hope you don't mind that Vanessa is riding,' Molly told me sympathetically. Vanessa was one of my friends, before the competition. We usually ride together, but when my mother talked to Ms. Molly, she said it was just going to be her and me.
'No, absolutely not,' I said, trying to fake a smile.
'Ok girls; then let's go ahead and do our regular warm ups,' Molly yelled. I let Vanessa go ahead of me so that I wouldn't have to worry about how bad I look.
I worked Magic through his smooth gaits and did a few dressage movements. Then it was time to start to jump.
'Girls let's do the green cross rail over on the other side of the arena and follow the cones to the purple vertical,' Hours later, Molly had made us do so much training that even Magic looked worn out.
'We have just enough time to do one more course, unless you both don't want to,' Ms. Molly said with a huge grin on her face.
Vanessa and I looked at each other. Please say no, please say no, please say no! Vanessa turned her head to say, 'I think both of our horses have had enough, but maybe tomorrow Ms. Molly.'
'Yes, tomorrow,' Molly said, walking towards the entrance. When Molly had disappeared Vanessa sighed.
'She's been doing that ever since the competition,' She whispered, trying to catch her breath.
'You mean ever since I backed out of the competition,' Vanessa turned her oval face towards me but didn't say anything. Trying to change the subject she said, 'Magic looks great; I think you two will be competing in no time!'
'Really? Because I just about died when she wanted us to do the course over again.'
'You know if you ever want to talk'' she said but I knew just where she was going with it.
Cutting in before she could say anything else I said, 'I'm fine, but thanks.' Before she could say much more I dismounted Magic and walked away. I knew this would happen I just knew it.
When I got back to the stable I grabbed Magic's halter, slipped his Bridle off, and put his halter back on. Maybe I should apologize. I latched his halter to both of the crosstie hooks and walked over to his left shoulder to undo his girth so I could take my saddle off. When I was done un-tacking him I walked towards the tack room door. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Vanessa walking up to un-tack her horse. She waved and motioned for me to stop but I kept on going into the tack room. What should I say?! Before I knew it she had already thrown her things on the racks and was right beside me.
'You don't have to ignore me.'
'I wasn't, I was just''
'I'm just trying to do the right thing and be there for you, and you already made it quite apparent that you don't want to talk to me!'
'I'm sorry, I do want to talk to you, I'm just' not sure of what to say.'
'Anything,' She said, and ran out of the room. Wait to go Brianne! I put the rest of my tack down on the holders and walked out of the tack room and down towards Magic. When I got to Magic I grabbed his lead rope and walked him toward the wash rack so I could give him a bath. Twenty minutes later I was done with all my regular horse chores. I grabbed my jacket and ran to find my mom.
'Mom!' I screamed, 'I'm done, lets go.'
'I'm not, so hold your horses, go talk to your friends; I'll be in the car in ten minutes.' You mean the friends I use to have. Whatever I'm going to sit in the car.
Ten minutes later my mom was in the car and we were half way home.
'So, how was riding?' Patty, my mom questioned.
'Ok,' I answered.
'That tells me a lot,' She announced.
'Mom, I don't want to talk about it! OK?!' I yelled. She looked at me; surprised. She didn't say anything for the rest of the ride home.
Three days later my mother still hasn't talked to me. I'm still having the same dream, exactly the same.
I was in my room reading my favorite magazine in hand when my mom decided to break the silence.
'Brianne? You in there?' my mother asked.
'Vanessa's on the phone,' She answered, walking into my room and handing our new phone over to me.
'Hello?' I said.
'Hey,' She answered, 'I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry about what happened and that I understand that you're going through a lot. I don't know why I went off on you like that; I'm really sorry.'
'That's fine I understand but really I should be the one apologizing. I did ignore you because I was afraid of what you were going to say,' I answered sympathetically.
'When will Allison and Jenny be coming back?' I asked. Allison and Jenny were the two other girls I had lessons with.
'I don't know,' She replied, 'well, I got to go eat dinner.'
'Bye.' I said.
Dear Diary,
Through the following year Allison and Jenny came home from the last competition, and me, Vanessa, Allison, and Jenny all became best friends again. They helped me through so much, training and my emotional days. The dream is still the same and I have continued to keep it a secret. My mother has finally started talk to me again! And by the end of the year I was totally ready for a challenge, in other words a competition. I built my confidence up and went to the regionals that Ms. Molly entered me in. Molly was trying to keep it a secret, but I already knew that the regionals were for the Silver Wood Championships. But I'm fine with it; I think'
Wish me good Luck!!
It was the day of the Silver Wood Championships and Magic and me were on our way to the location.
'Almost there,' My mother informed us.
'Good,' Brianne, Allison, Vanessa, and Jenny said in synch. Minutes later they were on the competition grounds. Brianne opened the car door of the truck and walked out. She walked around to the trailer door and opened it up so she could get Magic out. Thirty minutes later Magic was tacked up and looked magnificent! Before she knew it she was next up to go. The rider before her wasn't doing so well, she had one refusal, her horse had kicked three poles down, and she was over time by six seconds. The girls came running up beside her.
'We should tell you something,' They all said.
'I already know, this is Silver Wood,' I said confidently, 'and I'm going to win it!' I was placed second over all and it looks like if I get less than three faults I should be good to win it.
The loud speaker boomed, 'Next up is Brianne Rose and her horse, Magic Moment.'
'Time to shine!' I yelled as I pushed Magic on. I went into the ring amazed at how different it looked on horseback. I got behind the starting line and waited for the buzzer to go off so I could start the challenge.
I pushed Magic into a forward canter towards the first jump, then the third, and then the fourth. We had three jumps left, a total of fifteen. I lined Magic up for the first of the double oxer. Nailed it! The last two jumps were a breather; we crossed the finish line! I looked over to the scoreboard: two time penalties points.
'WE WON!!' I yelled at the top of my lungs. I gave Magic a huge hug.
'I love you Boy!'
The loud speaker boomed, 'Brianne Rose is the winner of the 2007 Silver Wood Championships!' I dismounted Magic as the prize awarder came over to me and handed me a blanket, a medal, and a ribbon. The camera photographers took a few pictures and then left. I won. I won. I won. I repeated over and over in my head. I led Magic over to the barn and hooked him to his stall door. The girls all ran over to congratulate me.
'You won!' They all said. An hour later we were back on the road home. After we dropped the horses off at the stable and we dropped the girls off at their houses, my mom and I went home and ate our celebration dinner. That night after I had taken a shower, I climbed into my bed and was kissed goodnight by my mother. The dream I'd been having was gone. Well, not completely the dream was the same except, instead of backing out, I went through with it, and won, just like I did earlier that day. But I could never have done any of it without the help and support from my friends, my mother, and Molly. That is the most important part of winning: having someone to share the joy with.

The End

(March 2007)

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By Lucas, 9, Poca, USA

Whales can stay under water for one hour. Humpback whales can eat many fish. They are large and sometimes mean like a shark. Eats plankton. Somethings can kill the whales like gas. (March 2007)

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By Shawn, 9, Poca, USA

Whales are the biggest mammals on earth. Humpback whales are almost the same size as an blowhole whale. A whale can stay under water for one hour Large and sometimes mean like a shark. Eats plankton. Somethings can kill the whales like gas. (March 2007)

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By Erica, 9, Poca, USA

Whales are mammals.
Humpback whales are big.
A whale is the biggest mammal in the sea.
Lots of orca whales perform in shows.
Eat a lot of fish
(March 2007)

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By Mia, 9, Poca, USA

Whales have blubber. Hump backs are big whales. All whales live in the ocean. Living whales breath through a hole in their back. Every whale is a different kind. (March 2007)

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Showing Shimmer

By Scarlet, 8, Berkhamsted, UK


`Mum, can I go to Sophie`s house?` ten-year-old Tessa Mitchell asked.
`Alright, but be back by four o`clock,` Mrs. Mitchell answered.
But Tessa had already gone to tack up her palomino gelding, Toffee.
Sophie Leonard was Tessa`s best friend. It was strange because they only had one thing in common: they both loved horses. As you have probably already figured out, the two girls were exact opposites. While Sophie was short and rather plump, Tessa was tall and skinny. While Sophie had short, straight, blonde hair, Tessa had long, wavy black hair. While Sophie had bright, sparkling blue eyes that twinkled merrily when she laughed, Tessa had glowing, rather spooky emerald - green eyes that always looked quite dull at first glance. And while Sophie was warm and friendly all the time, Tessa couldn`t help looking sour and grumpy at school, and she didn`t meet many new people at home!
`Can we start with jumping?` Sophie pleaded. Both she and Midnight, her black, pure-bred Arabian stallion, loved jumping and Tessa knew it.
`OK,` Tessa agreed. That was very nice of her because jumping was one of the many things Toffee wasn`t good at...
`Wow,` Tessa breathed as she watched Sophie and Midnight soar over the highest jump on the course. It was five feet high!
They were going to take it down a bit for Toffee because he didn`t like jumping that high. However, he`d have to learn to in the next three weeks because at the show the jumps would be as high as the one Sophie and Midnight had just jumped. At that moment, Sophie interrupted her thoughts by trotting over on Midnight, breathless and with a grin that stretched from ear to ear.
`Your turn,` she grinned, gasping for breath. `I`ve just taken them down.`
`Thanks,` Tessa wasn`t really in the mood to chat but she managed a weak smile. Still smiling, Sophie walked Midnight to the other end of the schooling ring to cool him off. Tessa swung herself up on to Toffee`s back and clicked her tongue. He set off at a slow trot (which he didn`t usually do when Tessa wanted him to!). Surprised, Tessa leant forward in the saddle to give him a pat for being a good boy. It felt strangely sweaty. She began to feel a bit worried.
As they approached the first jump, Toffee started to get slower and slower. By the time they got to the jump, Toffee was going so slow, he could only walk over it. The second jump was fine much to Tessa`s relief but at the third jump, Toffee coughed while he and Tessa were in the air, and Tessa nearly fell off. Now she was seriously worried. She tried to get Toffee to stop, but it seemed he couldn`t feel the slight tug at the reins. Now, as well as being worried, Tessa was scared as well. She looked up ahead, nervously. And she certainly couldn`t be blamed for being nervous now. For up ahead, she could see the jump that Sophie and Midnight had only just cleared, the jump that was now four foot high, the jump that ... Oh, she just couldn`t bear to look. She closed her eyes, forgetting that she was on a horse, forgetting that she was approaching a four foot jump. And forgetting how dangerous it was to close your eyes on a possibly very sick horse that was galloping towards a jump that you knew it couldn`t clear`

Tessa didn`t know how long she kept her eyes closed. To her, it seemed like a century. In reality, it was two minutes. However, she wouldn`t have opened them until much later if it hadn`t been for the sound of hooves hitting a metal bar and someone who sounded like Sophie screaming her name. Her eyes flew open, just in time to see Toffee`s hooves hitting the top bar of the jump. He reeled backwards and fell. Tessa pulled her feet out of the stirrups, and with one seconds hesitation, she jumped. She felt herself falling, falling, for what seemed like an age, until she hit the ground. Then everything went black.

`Tessa?` It was Sophie. `Tessa, are you OK?`
Tessa propped herself up on her elbow. `Y - y - yeah, I think so,` Tessa replied, shakily. `B - b - but what about Toffee?`
`He`s alright,` Sophie lied. She didn`t want to worry Tessa any more than she already was. Thinking that Toffee was OK, Tessa stood up and walked towards the house with Sophie.
Mrs. Leonard had seen what had happened and had called Tessa`s mum. Mrs. Mitchell arrived almost straightaway.
When she got there, Sophie pulled her aside and told her about Toffee.
`I`ll come and pick him up later,` Mrs. Mitchell told Sophie quietly.
Sophie nodded and pointed to Tessa, who was coming towards them. She had a puzzled look on her face. `Where`s Toffee?` she asked suspiciously. `Oh, um, he`s fine, don`t you worry,` Mrs. Mitchell said hurriedly, going bright red. Tessa narrowed her eyes but didn`t say anything.
When Tessa and her mother arrived home, Mrs. Mitchell suggested that Tessa go and have a bath. She said it was so that Tessa could get all the muck out of her hair, but it was really so that Mrs. Mitchell could go and pick up Toffee.
After sending Tessa upstairs, Mrs. Mitchell left Kelly, Tessa and Graham with their dad and went and picked up Toffee from the Leonard`s house. She got into the trailer and set off for Sophie`s house.
It took a long time to get Toffee into the horsebox because he had hurt his leg. Mrs. Mitchell was glad when she got him home and was able to take him back into his own stable, where Rebecca, (who had come back from the dentist) fed him and put his rug on. Tessa came flying out of the house as if she was a bullet that had been shot from a gun. She flung her arms around his neck, not noticing the twisted leg.
`Oh Toffee, you`re OK!` she cried happily.
`Not really,` a voice said. It was Graham, who happened to be walking past Toffee`s stable at the wrong moment.
`Why?` Tessa asked, puzzled.
`Look at his leg,` came the short, sharp answer as Graham walked on the tack room to fetch his pony`s saddle.
Tessa looked. She stared hard at the wound. She looked up at her mum. `Why didn`t you tell me?` she asked. Her voice was dangerously quiet and hard, her glowing green eyes accusing. `I - I - well - you see - I ...` But before she could think of something to say, let alone finish her sentence, Tessa spun round and ran as fast as she could out of Toffee`s stable.
`Do you ever think before you speak?` Mrs. Mitchell asked angrily. Graham fed Fanny a carrot and patted her neck. `Graham, I`m talking to you!` Now Mrs. Mitchell was really cross. Graham turned to her.
`What?` he said, innocently.
`You seem to like being mean to your poor sister!` she hissed.
`Yeah,` Graham agreed, lazily stroking Fanny`s nose. Mrs. Mitchell gave up on lecturing Graham. But she did have one thing to say.
`I`ll say one more thing, and one more thing only,` she began.
`Good,` Graham yawned.


Graham stared. Then he turned tail and walked away. Mrs. Mitchell sighed. She patted Fanny`s nose and went to see what Tessa thought about the whole business.
`Tessa?`. Mrs. Mitchell called. `Where are you?` She could hear someone sobbing. It seemed to be coming from the barn. `Tessa!`. There she was, sitting on a bale of hay, sobbing her heart out.
`What`s the matter?` Mrs. Mitchell asked gently, sitting down beside her.
`You know what the matter is!` Tessa wept, pushing her mother away.
`Tessa, please`` Mrs. Mitchell trailed off, seeing the look in her daughter`s eyes. Tessa made a funny face, the kind you make when you`re trying to talk and cry at the same time. She kept making this face for a while before she was able to talk.
`The matter is, that my favourite horse has hurt his leg, I`m not able to enter the show and I`m probably going to be teased about it at school!` she shouted, trying not to cry, but unsuccessfully bursting into tears again. Mrs. Mitchell sighed again. `Maybe we can find you another horse?` she suggested brightly. Tessa responded by crying even harder and shouting `No! I don`t want to enter the stupid show without Toffee!`
`Time for school!` Mrs. Mitchell called upstairs. `Coming!` Graham and Kelly called simultaneously. `Coming!` came the muffled voice of Tessa. Mrs. Mitchell went into the kitchen to make breakfast, closely followed by Graham, then Tessa, then, last of all, Kelly. They gobbled up breakfast in record time, all except for Kelly. She was also the last person to put on her shoes and get outside, where Tessa and Graham went with Mrs. Mitchell to the car, Kelly set off for her school, which was nearer.
At school that day, everything seemed especially hard. Kelly had a nagging feeling that something was going to go wrong. And it did. Kelly was struggling through a page of arithmetic when she heard a wailing noise. A second later, everybody was up on their feet, and their teacher, Mr. Spencer, was leading everyone out of the classroom. But Kelly got left behind. She was paralysed, frozen to the spot in fear. All of a sudden, Kelly realized what was happening, and made a dash for the classroom door. But the fire was coming in, making it almost impossible to get out. Kelly was terrified. She pushed her way blindly through the towering flames. It was burning hot. She didn`t know where she was, who she was. She simply knew that she was in danger, and that she needed to get out of here, fast. But, again, she couldn`t move. She stood there, and did the thing she thought was most sensible. `HELP!` She screamed. She heard footsteps, and ran towards them. She would have been fine, and escaped safely. She really would have. But she didn`t.
Someone had left their pencil case on the floor, worse luck for poor old Kelly. As you can imagine, running as fast as you can in the middle of the night when you can`t see is not a good idea, is it? But I`m sure you would have done what Kelly did if you were in her situation. You see, because Kelly couldn`t see, she tripped over this pencil case and fell. And that was the end of that.


Mrs. Mitchell came to collect Kelly and take her to hospital. She called the stables and told everyone what had happened.
`But what will happen to Shimmer?` Tessa asked anxiously. She was very fond of Kelly`s pure white Dutch warm blood, even though Shimmer would never come near her!
`She`ll be OK without Kelly,` Mr. Mitchell told her.
Tessa sighed. Her dad was probably right, but Tessa couldn`t help worrying about the most beautiful horse in the stables, and, more importantly, Kelly`s pride and joy`
The next day, Tessa started pestering her Mum and Dad about the show. She had had to stay at the stables for days without doing much and it was too much for her. She hadn`t been Sophie`s house for over a week, because there was no point. But Tessa wasn`t stupid. She owned a lot of horses and could easily pick one of them and enter. Unfortunately, her mother and father didn`t think it was such a good idea, they insisted that every single horse in the stables was busy on that day. `Apart from Shimmer,` Mrs. Mitchell said thoughtfully. Tessa snorted with laughter.
`That horse,` she began `has bucked off every person who tried to ride her before they have time to put one foot in the stirrup...`
`Except Kelly,` Mrs. Mitchell reminded her.
`...and is now eating your cabbages.` Tessa finished, a trifle coldly.
Her mum shrieked and ran towards their garden where Shimmer was indeed eating her cabbages. Tessa grinned for almost the first time that day and went along to the indoor school where her father was giving the Beginners a lesson on jumping. Tessa noticed that one of them was riding Star, a highly strung blue roan. The child who was riding Star looked about six, which Tessa thought was a big mistake. Star was liable to buck off anyone who didn`t know how to ride or couldn`t control her. She sighed, and went back to the house.
About half an hour later, Tessa was drawing a picture of Midnight and Sophie jumping when she heard a shout from outside. She ran to the window to see what was going on. She saw Star galloping past the window with the poor six-year-old who was riding her. Suddenly Star stopped. She hesitated, then bucked as hard as she could. The child flew off and landed in the dirt. Tessa stood stock-still for a minute, taking in what was happening. Then she leapt into action. She dashed outside. She looked in every stable for a horse, but even Toffee was out grazing. The only horse there was, was- Shimmer.
Tessa was fond of Shimmer, and she did think she was pretty, but she`d never thought she`d have to ride her. She considered what to do. One part of her brain was saying `Don`t bother! Star will be fine!` and the other part was saying `Do! DO! Star can`t survive without you!` Tessa hesitated, but only for a moment. She had no choice. She had to go after Star.
`Good girl Sh-shimmer,` Tessa patted the mare`s neck shakily. They were walking through the woods, following a trail a trail of hoof prints that Tessa thought Star had left. Shimmer was being surprisingly docile. Apart from the height of the horse, Tessa was finding her very easy to ride. Almost too easy. She even felt brave enough to try a trot.

As they trotted through the woods, Shimmer suddenly turned towards the trees and bushes to the side of them. She seemed very interested in something that seemed to be lurking there.
`Don`t Shimmer,` Tessa pleaded, suddenly scared. She seemed to be losing control of the beautiful white mare, and she didn`t like it. She tugged at the reins but Shimmer ignored her and starting nosing around in some bushes. Tessa totally lost control of herself and her horse. A high whinny came from the bush that Shimmer had her nose in. Tessa freaked out. She was riding a horse she had never ridden before. She`d totally lost control of her mount. And she had a nagging feeling that she was lost.


Tessa considered what to do. She could sit there without doing anything, get bucked off and possibly badly hurt. She could try to take control of Shimmer. Or she could carefully dismount, tie Shimmer up and keep looking for Star on foot. She decided to try to take control of her horse (sorry, Kelly`s horse) and keep looking for Star. Tentatively, she leaned forward, patted Shimmer`s neck and whispered shakily, `Good g-girl Sh-sh-Shim-mer.` Her voice trembled as she spoke.
Shimmer seemed to be calming down- but not for long. The whinnying sound came again, only closer this time. Shimmer started bucking and kicking again. Tessa lost both stirrups and her reins disappeared. She grabbed Shimmer`s mane.
Suddenly there came another sound. This time it was low and calming. It was still a whinny though and Shimmer didn`t like it. She gave one last buck and Tessa was thrown to the ground, landing awkwardly. Shimmer tried to make a dash for it and Tessa cried out in fear, but the whinny came again, louder and fiercer. Shimmer stopped dead. The thundering of many hooves then came towards Shimmer and Tessa. Tessa saw a jet black horse galloping by, then a group of brown or chestnut or maybe piebald ponies came by.
Suddenly, she saw a flash of white. It could only be one horse. Star!
Tessa swung herself into Shimmer`s saddle. Shimmer galloped towards the wild horses. Star raised her head and neighed. While she was distracted, Tessa leaned forward and grabbed her reins. Star reared in fright. She tried to edge towards the black stallion. Keeping hold of Star`s reins, she watched in interest.
Star nuzzled the stallion. Tessa wondered what was going on. Star playfully nudged the stallion. Tessa watched in amazement.
At last, they really did have to go home. Tessa pulled on Star`s reins and she followed reluctantly.
When at last they got back to the stables, Mrs. Mitchell was looking for them. `Where have you been?` she asked crossly.
`In the woods,` Tessa answered.
`I was looking for Star.` Tessa replied simply.
`And did you find her?`
`Yes actually, I did,` Tessa said, pleased with herself. Star trotted forward, none the worse for wear. Mrs. Mitchell gaped.
`It was Shimmer really,` Tessa admitted, patting the beautiful mare. `We make a great team, don`t we?`
`We were just kidding you before Tess, but you really could ride Shimmer in the show,` Mrs. Mitchell said.
`You`re just kidding me now,` Tessa muttered.
`No, really, can`t you see it`s perfect? I mean, you got no horse and Shimmer`s got no rider. You know you love Shimmer lots really and you`ve always wanted to ride her. This is your chance!`
`I`m not good enough,` Tessa cried.
`Of course you are!` Mrs. Mitchell said encouragingly.
`I`ll think about it,` Tessa answered, annoyed.
Tessa did think about it. She thought about it all day long, until at last she came to a decision.
She ran out to the field where Jasmine, Ripple, Fanny and Shimmer were grazing.
She grabbed Shimmer`s head collar and tied poor Shimmer outside the tack room.
She put on Shimmer`s saddle and bridle and led her out into the outdoor ring. Then she mounted and gave Shimmer a little nudge. Shimmer bolted into a canter, Tessa sighed. There was a lot to do before the show.
By the end of the week, Shimmer was nearly perfect. When Tessa nudged her, she moved into a stately walk. When Tessa squeezed her sides, Shimmer broke into a steady trot. And when Tessa tugged the reins ever so slightly and kicked Shimmer, Shimmer went into a fast canter. On the day of the show, she was perfect. Absolutely perfect.


`First, we have Miss Catherine Wellard and her horse, Diamond,` the man announced over the speakers.
Catherine looked about seventeen and her horse looked incredible. They did a near perfect round.
Tessa couldn`t see Sophie anywhere. She had butterflies in her stomach. She was so busy worrying that she almost didn`t hear name being called. All she heard was ``Mitchell and her horse, Shimmer.` Tessa jumped up and grabbed Shimmer. She quickly mounted and rode into the ring.
First, they had to do some small jumps. Shimmer flew over them, easy-peasy. Next there were some higher jumps, then a figure of eight.
At last they came to the last obstacle: the jumps that Toffee had failed to clear. Tessa suddenly felt very nervous. She wasn`t sure whether or not Shimmer could clear them.
She knew Shimmer was a fantastic jumper, but she didn`t want anything to happen to Shimmer like it had to Toffee.
Tessa pulled on Shimmer`s reins. The crowd gasped. Tessa felt tears in her eyes. Shimmer nuzzled he leg, wondering what was wrong.
`I can`t do it Shimmer,` Tessa whispered. Shimmer nodded her head fiercely as if to say, `Of course you can!`
Tessa sat back in the saddle, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, she felt herself flying. She grabbed hold of the reins in fright. Then she relaxed.
It was a lovely feeling, soaring over those jumps. Shimmer behaved like an angel.
At the end, Tessa was breathless. Now she just had to wait for the results` `In sixth place, we have Miss Eleanor Garston and Lucky,` the man announced.
`Fifth, there is Miss Sandy Alexander and Crystal.` Sandy smiled proudly and stroked her horse.
`In fourth place, Miss Josephine Brown and Fudge.` This reminded Tessa of Toffee and she blinked back tears.
`Third, Miss Jennie Scott and Saphire.` Jennie sullenly went to collect her ribbon, obviously cross that she hadn`t done better.
`Second, Catherine Wellard and Diamond.` Catherine smiled graciously and pinned the red ribbon onto Diamond`s shiny leather bridle.
`And in first place, we have`` the man tried to increase suspense. Tessa held her breath and waited.
`Tessa Mitchell and Shimmer!`
Tessa jumped up from her seat as if a bolt of lightning had hit her. `Yippee!` she yelled, frightening Shimmer. `Sorry Shimmer,` she said, sitting back down again.
Toward the end of the show, Tessa saw a short, rather plump figure with blonde hair coming towards her. It was Sophie. Tessa hadn`t seen her for days.
Sophie thumped Tessa on the back. Tessa grinned. `It was Shimmer really,` she said again.
It was the perfect end to a perfect day, except for one thing`
`Is Toffee going to be alright?` Tessa asked the vital question and waited for an answer.
`Well...` Mrs. Mitchell began. Tessa`s heart lurched with fear.
`Don`t tease her Mum,` Graham said, coming out of the house. Mrs. Mitchell didn`t say anything.
`Then I`ll tell her,` Graham decided. Tessa held her breath. Tears were running down her cheeks and her face was even paler than usual.
`Yes!` they both said simultaneously.
Tessa felt more tears coming. She could taste their salty taste in her mouth.
`Aren`t you glad?` Graham asked. `Yes,` Tessa said quietly. Then, `Oh YES!` much, much, louder.


Tessa took Toffee round to Sophie`s house the next day. There was no show coming up, so they decided to take it easy and do some small jumps.
Sophie wanted to do some bigger jumps, so they put up some very high ones.
Midnight soon wanted a rest, so Sophie trotted him round the ring. Tessa gave Toffee a little canter, because he liked going fast.
It was so nice, that Tessa found herself sitting back in the saddle and letting Toffee do all the work.
Suddenly, she felt a strange feeling, like something was badly wrong. She looked at Toffee and realized that he was heading straight for the jump that Sophie and Midnight had just been over.
`NO, TOFFEE!` Tessa screamed. `NO!` But Toffee kept on determinedly, heading straight for the jump!
Tessa clutched his mane. As the jump loomed up, she decided not to make things harder this time.
She rose into three-point position and held on tight.
Toffee soared over the jump. Sophie watched in amazement. Tessa was shaking with fear.
When Toffee had cleared the jump, Sophie left Midnight standing in the yard, bewildered and hugged Tessa so tight that she was breathless for at least five minutes afterwards.
Tessa couldn`t believe what was happening: one minute Toffee wouldn`t go near a jump that high, the next he was sailing over one like a dream. But one thing was for sure: however much she loved Toffee, she would never forget Showing Shimmer.

(Feb 07)

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By Susi, 8, Winslow, UK

Horses gallop as fast as they can,
but when they cook they don't cook with a pan.
They can halt, they can neigh as loud as they want to,
if they had twins they would have two.
They eat hay and grass and get as fat as an elephant,
even if they want to fly they call in a heliphant.
But most of all horses can race,
even though as I said they will go a fat pace.
(Feb 07)

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Lost Dog

By Amanda, 12, Union City, PA, USA

`Come back you stupid dog!` I remember calling to Meecko as he ran into the dark Canadian woods. Meecko is a miniature dachshund with brown fur and dark eyes. He likes to chase anything that moves, including air. He saw the woods and ran for a distant raccoon munching on some garbage. I remember calling him to come back. But it was the next day when I got really worried, when he wasn`t at the door in the morning. I got nervous because he`s an explorer and there were lots of places to explore.
So I hoped he would be back that afternoon. When he wasn`t, I was really worried. My parents, sister, and I started looking for him, but we couldn`t find him anywhere. We thought the neighbors might have him but they didn`t either. By the end of the day, I was so tired that I fell asleep on our old, sandy-from-the-beach, hard futon.
We were staying in Canada for two weeks. It was almost the end of the first week and I already wanted to go home, with my Meecko. My parents and I went to the little grocery store down the road to talk to Jim, the store owner. He and my parents were talking about fish, again. It was like a never ending-movie; they wouldn`t stop. Then when Mom told Jim about Meecko, Jim said he had a friend who could broadcast Meecko`s description over the radio. It was Thursday and there were no reports on Meecko so we agreed we would go looking for Meecko, again no luck.
I kept asking Mom, `Do you think he`s coming back today?
Her reply was always, `I don`t know. Stop asking me and do the dishes from breakfast!` Soon was Saturday, the day we were leaving, and no Meecko. He had been gone for ten days. That morning Jim had rode up on his four-wheeler and said that a man had a dog that fit Meecko`s description and that he was coming at 1:00 pm. The man's name was hard to say and he didn`t speak a word of English.
When the man arrived, there lay Meecko. He was sleeping until he saw us. Then he tried to bark but couldn`t because he had porcupine quills in his nose and weighed only four pounds.
When Jim started to pull them out, I told Mom, `I`m going outside,` because Meecko`s high pitched cries felt like needles going through my ears. Even outside on the front porch, I could still hear him crying.
When Meecko came out, he was sleeping again in Mom`s arms. Then he woke up, saw me, and jumped into my arms. When we went into to the half-packed up cabin, he got leftover roast beef, fish, and chicken. He fell asleep on the big chair. Then we left without looking back.
(Feb 07)

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By Faye, 8, Whitley Bay, UK

Smudge is my rabbit. At first I thought I couldn't handle him. But then he got used to me and I got used to when he was biting me and scrachting. The first time I picked him up he wasn't scared. I've had Smudge since August 2006. He's 6 mounths old and he's the rare colour (grey ears, grey feet, grey tail and the rest of him is white.) He's cute and cuddly but he can be vicious. (Feb 2007)

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My cat goes crazy for tic tac!!

By Niamh, 9, Newry, N. Ireland

My cat goes crazy for a tic tac it was lying on the floor. I went and kicked it and my cat went crazy after it. I don't know why.
It went under the TV and what did my cat go for...
THE TIC TAC OF COUSE!!! She got very tired of it, went up stairs into my room and ... it spread itself all over my bed. (Jan 07)

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Licola and Tionola

By Kenzie, 10, Quill Lake, Canada

One day Licolo, a girl wolf pup that had only recently been born, went out to hunt in Yazuac Forest. On the way, she met up with her brother, Tionola, a boy wolf pup that was a little older than she was, in the clearing. He was on his way to hunt too. So they decided to hunt together.
When they got to the Miosha River they saw Burtaw, the Eldest of the pack, trying to catch fish. He noticed them and asked them to join him.
"How is the hunting going?" asked Tionola.
"Very good", answered Burtaw, with a fish jammed in his mouth, "though I thought it would be better".
"How many have you caught?" asked Licolo.
"Enough to feed the pack" answered Burtaw.
"Do you want to go hunt for some mice or baby deer?" asked Tionola.
"Sure", answered Burtaw quickly, "though we must get going or Yetira will have some words for us".
Yetira was the Leader of the pack, probably out hunting now but not for long. Burtaw was right. If we did not come back soon Yetira would surely not approve of late arrivers. So they went out hunting and they caught very little but it was enough and thankfully they got back in time for supper. Everyone was sitting down waiting for the catch of the day. Polio, definitely the fattest one there, seemed to be a bit disappointed because there was not enough for several helpings.
After they were done, they went to sleep. When Licola awoke, the whole pack was up and busy. She went to work at cleaning up the scraps from last nights supper. Polio took care of the few scraps that were left but Licola carried the bones away. After, she found Tionola and Sekira, a girl wolf cub that was one of her friends, and asked them to go hunting.
They agreed and they set off for Yazuac Forest. When they got to Derkenmost Peek, they spotted some game and killed some to bring home for supper. Now that supper was taken care of they went to the Yoshimaro sunspot and bathed in the sun while talking.
"Do you think I will become leader when Yetira becomes one of the elders?" asked Tionola.
"Sure you will", answered Sekira, " you just need to practice your hunting and help the pack out, thats all".
"Why would he ask something like that?" asked Licola in her head.
"Perhaps we should be getting back" said Tionola.
"Yes" answered Yekira. When they got back, something was diferent. Everyone seemed very sad. Licola noticed that Yetira was not there. Tionola asked Mentiko where Yetira was.
"Yetira was killed just a while ago in a hunting accident." answered Mentiko in a depressed voice. "The hunters were hunting a deer and when Yetira went to grab the animal, the hunters shot, missed the deer, and hit Yetira."
"As soon as they saw they had killed Yetira, they fled out of sight." "Some of the main hunters in the pack have gone to evenge his death but no luck so far".
Well they were just stunned. No leader meant they would have to leave sometime, but when? After supper they met up with their mom, Wedisty. They went to bed and in the morning something was very wrong. They... were alone.
"They have left us." stuttered Tionola. "LEFT US!" this time yelling at the top of his lungs. Licola studied the area. Mother was gone. Yekira was gone. They were truly alone.
"We must catch up with them" said Tionola.
"Yes", answered Licola, " if we don't we might even die".
"Die" wimpered Tionola. "WE CAN"T DIE!" this time he was yelling. "Think of all those pretty wolf gals who won't have a piece of this hunk of a man" yelped Tionola, flexing his muscles.
"Don't get too full of yourself, now" said Licola. "I could have became the leader of the pack. I could have been a rockstar. I could have been the first wolf cub on the moon. I could have..."
Tionola was rambling on about things he could have been. He continued. And continued. And continued.
"Stop it!" yelled Licola. "Now we need to get going. They can't be too far ahead".
So they walked. And they walked. And they walked some more. Soon they could see that the pack was a little bit ahead. All of a sudden a coyote jumped out of nowhere.
"Hello there you scrumptious little darlings. Are you lost?" said the coyote, snickering a little bit.
"Yes" answered Licola.
"Licola. Do you really think we should be associating with a coyote" whispered Tionola to Licola.
" What harm could it do?" whispered Licola to Tionola.
"Yeah, what harm could it do?" the coyote echoed back.
"Oh, I forgot. I am going to eat you!" cackled the coyote.
"RUN" yelled Tionola. So they scampered off to the pack. Everyone saw them and smiled. When they got there, Tionola asked why they were so happy. Burtaw simply replied "Because we have found our new leader." and from that day forth, Tionola was the new leader of the pack and everyone loved him. He also met met a pretty wolf gal...

The End (Jan 07)

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Gertie The Dog

By Ben, 10, Wetherby, Leeds, England

Gertie is my dog. She loves me and I love her. Simple as that. In fact, I love her so much I let her lick my face. My mother says that's horrid. I think it's cute. She always chews everything. For example: Pens, Pencils, Her brush, cuddly toys and batteries. The batteries could kill her so we try not to leave battries lying around. Gertie. The most gorgeous dog on earth! (Jan 07)

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An Equestrian Dream

By Ellie, 12, Pambula, Australia

An Equestrian dream,
Too big to reach,
But such a good thing,
To preach, preach preach.

A young, young girl,
Had big, big dreams,
Although it wasn`t,
What it seems.

She wasn`t the image,
Of a perfect girl,
All the kids teased,
She was in for a whirl.

She did not believe,
Such a silly tease,
Then she went off,
And did as she pleased.

She had the lessons,
The horse,the gear,
Great balance,
With excellent steer.

Two years later,
She became a pro,
Soon to the olympics,
She would go.

Her passion for horses,
Would never end,
Even when she fell off,
Her injuries would soon mend.

It was the week,
Soon the day,
No time to fiddle,
No time to play.

She jumped the jump,
With power and pride,
Then those old class mates,
Were better then kind.

That special moment,
It would last,
Including the memories,
From the past.

She reached her goal,
She made her dreams,
Become a reality,
Exactly what it seems.
(January 2007)

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Lone Wolf

By Lorna, 14, Llanelli, Wales, UK

Once a lone wolf, always a lone wolf.
Forever roaming deserted lands,
Forever hunting unknown prey,
Forever howling for my clan.

Throughout my immense domain,
An everlasting wind chills my fur,
Whispering words that are always the same:
You know you don't belong here.

Every night, I gaze up,
At the vast and merciless sky.
I'm devoid of all emotion,
My unavoidable doom seems nigh.

I tell myself that this is home,
But my heart tells me otherwise.
It tells me to go back,
To travel through the empty skies.

When hope is all but lost,
My life seems not worth living.
A sound reaches my ears.
And hope, is re-given.

A single howl rents the earth,
Through the chasms of time.
A sound I thought was lost to me,
As old as the everlasting pines.

My pack brother calls to me,
He calls me to return.
I never thought this moment would come,
The flame of my spirit still burns.

Call to me, pack brother,
For I will take the journey,
I will run to join you,
Even so, you know that I'll surly.

My pack seemed to have disappeared,
But I am reunited,
With a brother once lost,
Joy was close then, but has now been sighted.

Now we run through fields of joy,
The joy that begged you to call,
The joy that said: donýt give up,
Never, ever fall.

Even now, when you are here with me.
I always think, of my time alone,
Always together, we shall always be,
Forever as one, 'till we are nothing but bones.

We are happy for a time,
But we know that change is near.
A death lurks in darkness,
The root of my returning fear.

The lands, through which we now wander,
Are wonderful and strange,
But the only truth we will ever know,
Is that everything will change.

My own death is now near,
You have left me forever.
My mind still holds a tranquil hope,
That we will soon be together.
(August 2006)

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Flame Forever

By Lorna, 14, Llanelli, Wales, UK

Flame forever, galloping on,
Hoofbeats thud to the beat of a song.
The heavens open, all sound falls away,
The desert is free, here to stay.

A clear oasis, sparking life,
Containing nothing close to strife.
Nothing but the pure for a beautiful mare,
Who will never, ever, glare or stare.

Sweet natured, wild and free,
Everything perfect is there to see.
Flame red horse, an Arabian strong,
Proud and certain that there is no wrong.

You keep going, red mane flying,
Your neck arching, never lying.
You slide to a halt and rear to the sky,
Screaming a challenge to all that's passed by.

Flame forever, craving hope,
Still lovely, she'll never mope.
She will strive to reach her goal,
Love is at the heart of every soul.

Thunder crashes, the desert quakes,
As the rain lashes, you shiver and shake.
With a flash of lightning, the rain patters out,
Returning the desert to it's everlasting drought.

The sky is washed, an eggshell blue,
As the day is long, a perfect hue.
The flow of your body, through and through,
Proclaims life, in everything you do.

A fire is lit, from a spark,
A mighty stallion, as black as a lark.
Too good to be true, you turn aside,
A companion arrived, who's prepared to bide.

It's love forever; your despair is past,
Your fiery steed is here at last.
On an uplifting wind, you smoothly glide,
Your will is shown, by the foal at your side.
(August 2006)

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Snow leopard

By Tina, 12, Minnesota , mUSA

They are wonderful creatures,
They are beautiful in the great sunlight.
Oooh I wish I could see them in the moonlight,
But I know they would be really pretty in that night sky.
I know they will look wonderes under the light of the clouds that are mix with the light so the light will
shine on them.
That means that the pretty snow leopard might have to go to
a place where no one could hurt it no more.
It's only hope is that its beautiful daughter would go to
the mountains,under the sunset to give her mother
hope, love, a dream and a new life.
(July 2006)

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My puppy died!

By Lexi, 10, Utah, USA

My puppy just died and I dont know how to get over it, I've drawn and thought about what reason Baby girl (my puppy) died. How do I get over Baby's death? (July 2006)

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Reach The Sky

By Hannah, 13, Acton, MA, USA

The butterfly
alone on a mountain
higher, higher, higher.

Trying to reach the impossible;
The sky.

But suddenly
it became woozy
and the


It fell to the ground
it fell from the sky
it fell and it knew

that it was the end.

It made a brave face
and tried not to cry
but the poor butterfly
did let out a sigh.

"I don't want to die" the poor thing moaned.
But it was not up to the butterfly to decide its fate.

And so it kept falling.
The closer it got, the more it was scared.
Finally the butterfly decided
there was nothing left it could do
and that no matter what happened
it would always be known
as the butterfly who tried
to reach
(July 2006)

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A cheeky Meercat

By Bryony, 10, St.Ives, UK

Cute crawler
Bug eater
Curtain shredder
Cheeky nutter
Desert digger
Worm muncher
Sensible sniffer
Funny creature
(July 2006)

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My Horse

By Natasha, 9, St Ives, Cornwall, UK

sugar muncher
tail swisher
slow trotter
fox hunter
fence jumper
saddle wearer
salt licker
bridal holder
Tail swatter
(June 2006)

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By Anna, 10, Barrie, Canada

Paches is my cat. She looks like a cutie but she's not! She is a devil! I say you should see her. When people come over they say oh what a cute little kitten. I say quietly she's a DEVIL! (Did I tell you Paches is black, white, orange, brown). Just today she ripped my blind yeh that's bad is it not. My aunt she came over today and said oh what a cute kitten. Just like I said up there did I not. If you're wondering is this kitten cute or not cute well take it from me SHE IS NOT! She will jump and stick her claws out at you and put them in your leg. to get up on you. Well still maybe I love her just a little. Well that's it my mom is calling me for supper the end. (June 2006)

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By H.W., 11, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

They have stripes of fire, orange and black,
Fangs like sabers, smooth and white,
And eyes of yellow, gleaming ambers.
And when they roar-
The ground trembles beneath their feet
The trees shake
And their prey bolt in fright, for no creature
Wants to be devoured by the Tiger,
Ruler of the jungle.
Long ago they freely roamed the forest-
But now their numbers are quite few.
(May 2006)

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By Kiki, 12, CT, USA

Moon above the towering trees
Why don't you come down to help little me
Your strong bright light
Keeps me working throughout the night
But if only the bark on the tree was as soft as the sky
I hear the others and thier low weeping cries
Your gentle touch upon the small Earth
Helps us to gather as much as we should
We are woodpeckers you see
And though we do peck into a tree
The bark is the holdup now
It's softer the farther down
The wolves stand and wait
For us to debate,
Who will it be
To climb down the tree
To create the distraction
While the other ten birds fly off in a fraction
Oh no, it's me
Well I better climb down aand wait to see
What will happen
(May 2006)

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By Brooke, 13, Manly, Australia

Pets are cute,
Pets are cuddly,
Feel their fur watch them purr,
White like milk,
Soft as silk,
Sometimes dark,
With lots of spark!

He is brave,
He is strong,
He is fat,
He's a rat,
No he's not,
He's my cat!
(May 2006)

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Dogs and Cats

By Nicole, 11, Redlands, California, USA

The dog is like a playful kid.
With a nice drool.
The cat is like spoiled brat.
With a fine long line of purring.

The dog is like a pig.
With a lot of mud on his paws.
While the cat is lazy as a rich child.
With delicate paws.

The dog is like an adventure.
With many places to follow.
While the cat is like the Small world ride at Disneyland.
Like a smooth ride.

My gut tells me to go with the dog.
My heart and my mind tells me to go with the cat.
(May 2006)

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My guinea pigs

By Amy, 10, Stockton-on-Tees, England

My sister and I both have guinea pigs,
and one day, we let them out on the garden.
My guinea pig is a creamy golden colour,
and my sister's piggy is a chocolaty brown colour.
We love them very much. They are called Cookie and Cream!!!!

As I was saying, we let them out the garden one day,
and they loved it.
My mom looked after them while we went to the shop.
When we came back, our mom was asleep, and my guinea pigs were nibbling her toes!!
I went to pick them up, and they ran in the house.
I ran after them, trying to lure them out with food, but when I eventually found them, they were fast asleep on the rug under my bed. (2006)

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Horses on the wind

By Hannah, 10, PA, USA

Horses on the wind
trying to fly
into the sky
Horses on the wind
flying through clouds
swift as the wind
Horses on the wind
I look up in the sky
this is what I see
Horses on the wind.
(December 2005)

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By Laura, 11, Stoke, UK

I have a cat called Smokey,
Danger is her game.
She's timid and brown
And messes around, through out the day.
When she was 1 she had 4 beautiful kitty cats,
But unfortunately all 4 had to go.
She was looking around, where had her pussy cats gone.
She got over it it 'quick, because she's a fighter.
About a year on shes happy again,
Her dangerous and timid self!
(July 2005)

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My Mustang Called Knight Rider

By Carly, 10, Flintshire, North Wales

My horse Knight Rider is 3 years old he is completely black with no markings. When he gallops his long mane flows with the beat of his stride. As he slows down to a canter his tail moves along gracefully through the air. Then he will race the eagle, over the hill tops, across the mountains and through the water, until he can't go any further. When he returns after a long day its normally pitch black outside, and because of the darkness, instead of seeing a beautiful black horse all you can see of him is a black shadow galloping towards you. And that is why I called him Knight Rider. (July 2005)

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Alayna's fish and a cat

By Alayna, 8, USA

I had a lot of fish and a cat, the cat's name was Jazzy: she was white and black. We had to sell her because me and my mom were sneezing a lot. She would sleep in my mom's sock box under her bed. I miss Jazzy. (July 2005)

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My friend Scarlet

By Katie, 10, Blind River, Canada

My friend,Scarlet, is a rabbit. But a very timid one. She is a class rabbit, but not in my class. My mom works at the school, so after school hours are over, I go see her. She is so frightened of people that I spend all the time I have to see her (usually 5 min.) trying to get her out of her cag. She is white with black splodges all over her. If you lift up the lid to her cage, she makes squealing sounds.I don't like to get her too scared, so if I think I've gone far enough, I stop, and put the cage lid down. She then seems to relax.I thought if I came to visit her long enough, she and I would be good friends. But no matter how long I've been seeing her, she still is scared. I won't give up, though. I'll keep trying until I succeed. (July 2005)

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A Lost Pet

By James, 11, Guildford, UK

One can never realise how much they truly love their pet until it disappears from ones life, and by then it is too late to substitute that love for happiness; the bond is lost forever. The sight of a still, cold corpse or an abandoned food bowl only reminds one of their pet and, cherishing the memories, upsets oneself greatly.

The sign of true respect and love for a pet is not the regular treats or praise, it is the tears shed and the sadness that follows it.

As for anyone with the burden of death strapped firmly and tightly around their back, they, similar to me, feel the gaping hole left deep in their soul.
(May 2005)

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lou lou

By Louise, 15, Surrey, UK

My name is Louise, I am 15 years old. I live in Surrey with my mum. I have no brothers and sisters. My dad lives about 5 minutes away from me. I see my dad every weekend and most days in the week. My hobbies and intrests are, going out with my friends and having
a laugh.
I enjoy horse riding and taking care of horses. My favourite horse is called a Palomino, the reason being is because they have a nice coat, mane and tail. My first horse was called Polo, he was a gelding four years old dapple grey. He could ride and drive but i grew out of him, as he was only 11.1hh. My next pony which I named Rosie was a mare and was 6 years old dark bay. she could really jump anything, such as gates, fences and poles. She was excellent at cross-country. I then grew out of Rosie and then got another pony called blue. He was dapple grey. Blue was 13.2hh and was very well trained. I had this pony for a few years and again I eventually grew out of him.
I also had another pony at the same time as I had Blue, called Joby-Lee who was a gelding dark bay at 13hh. He had a lovely mane and tail. After I grew out of him I sold him to a close family friend, who I know would take good care of him.
My most recent horse was called Sky, she was a mare. She was about 16.1hh. Again she was also dapple grey and was a very bouncy horse which was well trained. She was the biggest horse I've had. My mum has also had quite a few horses as well and is an excellent rider.
(May 2005)

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Tiger Tiger

By Oliver, 9, Frome, Somerset, UK

Tiger tiger burning bright
Will not hunt in the light
When it stalks its silent pray
It is as silent as the wind
As the tiger approaches
Its foam paws crunch on the dusty suburbs of the jungle floor.
(February 2005)

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Toby the dog

By Ellie, 6, Aberystwyth, Wales

He barks in morning when the sun comes up and howls in the evening when stars come out he loves me and my brother Ally The End (February 2005)

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The Hopping, Gnawing, Wiggling Bunny Song

By Katy*D, 10, PGH, PA, USA

Nibble on a carrot
Hop around a lot
That's what a bunny will do
(and that's on the dot!)

Wiggle your ears
Blink your eyes
That's what a bunny will do
(That is true for bunnies of ANY size!)

Gnaw with your teeth
Scrinch your nose
That's what a bunny will do
(It also has the CUTEST toes.)
February 2005

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Dream Horse

By Kate, 10, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Racing through white
c l o u d s
like the speed of
l i g h t
I watch in
w o n d e r
As you gallop
faster than
t h e FASTEST ever racehorse
m i l k y w h i t e
c l o u d s
February 2005

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My gerbil

By Sian, 8, London, UK

My gerbils are cute my gerbils are nice but I'm a bit scared if the cat the cat next door thinks that they are mice.
I bring my gerbils otside in my hands but the cat next door looks at me excitedly as if he is going to eat me. (January 2005)

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By Katie, 10, Blind River, Ontario, Canada

I think rabbits are very sweet.
With fluffy tails and big long feet.
Cute little whiskers and twitchy noses.
It's hard to believe they're not doing poses.
Adorable sounds, round little eyes.
Aren't they just the cutest guys?
(January 2005)

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My Cat

By Katie, 10, Blind River, Ontario, Canada

My cat is a yellowy-gold,
He's tall and strong,really bold.
He loves to lie in the sun,
If I scare him he'll jump and run.
He likes to try to get the birds,
And talk to them in cat-language words.
My sister calls him Snukums and Snookie,
But I prefer to call him Sukey.
My cat and I have lots of fun,
He's the best cat out of 2 million and one.
(January 2005)

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By Chris, 12, Palmyra, NY, USA

He smells like skunk every once in a while when he run away
I think he feels sad
I see him digging up humongous holes in the yard
I love him as if he was my own dog
I hear him barking at the kids next door
He the best dog in my family
(January 2005)

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By Meghan, 13, Franklin, MA, USA

On a warm day
The sun is shining on the water
I would soon jump in to see the world under

In the clear turquoise ocean I could see many things
Turtles nearing me, along with some orange and yellow fish

Swimming with turtles
Was a life long memory
Of the day I saw the animals in under the sea
(January 2005)

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You're Out'a Here

By Logan, 8, Woodland Hills, USA

Forests of green, beautiful prairies,
no longer exist.
Many animals, many, many animals,
a really, really long list,
have come and gone,
in this bad world,
into the darkening mist,
of extinction.
(January 2005)

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By Jenna, 12, Palmyra, New York, USA

I feel so safe with someone around
Always lying on my bed.
I’ll always be able
To turn my frown upside down.
I could never be mad at an innocent animal.

I love to come home and know
That someone’s always there
To listen to my problems
And never say I’m boring
Even though she only stays
Because I pet her.

I can’t wait to get my kitty
A shorthaired calico,
Old fat
Adorable kitty.
It’s been three months
Since I had a kitty
I can’t wait!

I can barely remember,
The gentle love of the purr,
The feisty play,
The stinky litter box,
The noisy beg for food,
The jealous dog.
It’ll all come back to me.

I smell the stench of five
Horses in the barn
As we go to get her.
Three cats lie on her bed
My mom holds one,
She purrs immediately
She wants attention-
I’ll give her attention.
Back home we go.

I got a kitty!
I got a kitty!
It’s a girl,
She’s eight,
Her name’s Bear,
She’s fatter than Viper;
My former kitty.
I got a kitty!!!
(January 2005)

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The Cheetah

By Jones, 13, Toronto, Canada

The cheetahs eyes are as gold as treasure
Has many spots as the sky above
Can run as fast as the speed of light
But can't talk in the world around
(January 2005)

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My pet

By Megan, 10, Deal, UK

I have a pet named Larry,
he is really cool,
the teachers weren't so pleased,
when I brought him into school.

My friends are so jealous,
cause I have a well cool pet,
the only trouble is,
I can't handle him yet.

When I bring him in the house,
my mum would scream and shout,
Megan you are grounded,
now put larry out.

Larry is a tiger!,
but not the killing sort,
he does kills for food,
but never for fun and sport.
(January 2005)

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Snow Tiger

By Sian, 11, Surrey, England

White snow muffles,
The thud of clawed feet,
Silver claws sheathed,
Golden eyes sparkle,
And onyx-black stripes,
Stand out against the falling stars.

A roar to shake the earth,
Majesty to rival,
The greatest emperor,
Tiny, minuture cubs,
Know the care of the mother,
Like no other.

A mountain for a home,
Covered with powdered pearls,
One red stain,
Where she has had her supper,
She has to live,
So do her cubs.
(January 2005)

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Forever Sam

By Hannah, 12, Illinois, USA

The night was growing darker and darker, and the moon growing brighter and brighter. The sky seemed never-ending. Stars shined like countless gleaming pearls. It was simply breathtaking. Yet even this would not put an end to my eternal sorrow.
It seemed like just yesterday, my beautiful, gleaming black dog, Sam, was well. Nothing could put an end to her happiness. All day she would play, nothing would stop her, not even her old age.
I knew she was elderly, but to me, it seemed like she would forever be young, like she had drank from the fountain of youth. Sadly, this was not so. My happiness, and Sam’s, was soon put to an end.
It was years ago, but I still remember it vividly. I came home from school one day, overjoyed to be home, and ready to play with my dog Sam. I shouted with all my enthusiasm, “Come here Sam, I’m home!” After waiting a minute I called again. Unlike every day before this one, my faithful dog did not come to me when I called. I searched through the house frantically, sensing something was wrong. I could feel my temperature rising, and by now, I was almost drowning in my own perspiration.
As I was searching upstairs, I ran into my mother.
“Come here and sit down honey,” my mom called out.
“Not now mom, I cried, I’m looking for Sam.”
“Honey, this is about Sam,” she replied.
“What is it?” I reply more frantically.
“Sam has had a stroke, your dad took her to the vet, she’s too weak to walk, and she is getting worse.” She replied grimly.
“No!” I cry out. “How could this be?”
I jump into my mother’s arms and cry. I was spewing a deep blue stream of sorrow. Time slowed down. If life was a camera, it would have zoomed in on me, taking a snapshot of this moment of complete sadness, all piling up.
The world seemed to come to a harsh jolt, stopping completely, freezing at that one moment. I was spilled into a swirling tunnel of oblivion. I was excruciatingly sad.
My mother drove me to the vet to see Sam. I tried to hold my tears in, so I wouldn’t seem more immature than my previous crying display made me seem. I held my tears in for thirty seconds, but it hurt too much to continue. I couldn’t hold them any longer. Almost the second we got to the vet, I bursted into tears.
I rushed into the vet, wanting to see my Sam. I had to wait in the waiting room. The vet stepped through swinging doors that led to the kennel. Sam was so weak, he had to carry her. I looked deeply into her dark brown eyes. I could see a flicker of life left in her eyes, but to my sorrow, it was running low. It was then when I realized what would have to be done. Sam would have to be put to sleep. I zoned out the conversation going on between the vet and my family, who had arrived before us. I just stared into Sam’s eyes, I found comfort in doing so.
The vet led Sam, my family, and I, into a back room. He told us that we could leave the room while Sam was euthanized I we chose to. I felt uneasy. On one hand I couldn’t bear to leave her, on the other, I could not stand to see her die. I looked into her eyes again for guidance. She spoke to me with her eyes. It was as almost as if she said “help.”
I could not bear it anymore. I ran back into the waiting room and cried. I was so absorbed into my heaving sobs, I did not notice the elderly lady hovering above me until she spoke. I cautiously looked up, wondering who she was.
“Why are you crying?” she asks.
“My dog is being put to sleep!” I cry out.
“It’s okay,” she says comfortingly, “You must realize that dwelling on one horrible thing for months is not healthy for your soul. I’m sure your dog would not want you to live your whole life crying.”
I thanked this strange women for her advice as I dried my tears.
Although Sam is gone, I’m happy with the thoughts of her being put out of pain. To this day I remember my beloved dog, and I realize that no matter happens, she will forever be my Sam.
(January 2005)

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By Sian, 11, Croydon, Surrey, England

Galloping in a herd of many,
White and gold, bay and black,
Trying hard to be the wind,
Faster faster, never slack.

One horse breaks out,
Digs at the tree roots,
A sparkle of gold,
Instead of forest fruits.

She nibbles at the nugget,
And lifts her proud head up,
She begins to sing a song,
Because on gold she sups.

A song about the wild wind,
A horse with endless mane,
A horse who gallops round the world,
From the artic to hot spain.

Behind the tree she sits,
A girl with golden hair,
One who is so beautiful,
There never was one so fair.

She works in the fields all day,
So her golden hair is brown,
But really shes so beautiful,
She should wear the crown.

Every day she sits,
Behind the gold-root tree,
Waiting for the horses,
SO in her heart she can be free.

One day theres no more gold,
No matter how she digs,
So now her life is hard and cold,
Instead of sweet as figs.

But amist the tears,
She recalls her golden hair,
Hurrying down to wash it,
She cuts it off:her head is bare.

She piles it beside the tree,
Hoping against hope,
That a horse will eat it,
It took a lot of soap.

Hiding behind the tree,
She sees a special mare,
She puts her hands together,
In an asking prayer.

The golden hair, like hay,
The mare who sees it, so white,
Bends down to eat it all,
This is a special sight.

For now her mane grows longer,
Her hooves don't touch the ground,
Something wonderful has happened,
Shes become wind, shes found.

The best song ever sung,
Comes out of her mouth,
And quickly on she gallops,
Heading straight true south.

The girl is happy now,
She has had her wish,
But now she will be silent,
Quiet as a fish.

But here comes the mare again,
And now she wants a rider,
The girl climbs on her back,
And off they fly, ever higher.
(January 2005)

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Puppy Attack!

By Kate, 10 and a half, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I asked for a dog for my birthday last year
I thought he'd bring our family cheer
Instead he's always a mess
He sheds and licks my mom's new dress
And that's not the worst of it- no!
He barged in at the school talent show
And then he ate the squid pate
That we'd been waiting to eat the next day
He once ripped up a brand new doll
Jumnped to the window, and let it fall
You think you're safe and then
He goes and makes trouble again!
(January 2005)

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About me

By CJ, 11, Boise, Idaho, USA

I have two gerbils I used to have 4 but 2 died.
I have a dog.
I always loved my pets and my sister had 4 birds but 3 died.
A sad thing about one of my gerbils death is he died on Memorial day. He was black and white his name was Zoro, the other was Zoro the 2nd.
The 2 gerbils I have now is Greypoopond which is grey of course and Tornado, he is brown and white.
I got them for free I adopted them from a girl at Petco they were teasing her cat. (January 2005)

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The Year of Trouble and Mr Morely

By Katierose, 10, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Dear Lynne,
Well, here we are in the desert. I miss England. Mum and Dad are
going on about 'the fresh air for the children'. Puh-lease. I miss
you, and Mrs. Davies, and Talia, and even Evan Perlman!!!

Dear Lynne,
Last night I was sitting in the yard, reading, when a horse stuck its
head over the fence! I yelled for Mum who came running out. She
used to live in New Mexico, so she's used to the big beautiful
things poking their horsey heads in. She looked at the horse's
bridle tag. It said,
Trouble. Moreley Farm, 736-9987
"Why, the Morleys!" Mum said. "I heard they lost some
troublesome horse. Apparantly it's mean, so they might…" she
gulped. Kill it, she was thinking. We took the horse over to the
Morleys in the morning. Mr. Morley told her, "Thanks Lea. We
were so worried!"
Ha. About a horse they might kill.

Trouble jumped our fence and he was in the yard!!! I told Mum that
the yard was a mess so she wouldn't look out, then smuggled that
scoundrel into the shed. I hope I don't get in trouble!
Love you from the US,

Dear Lynne,
Dad and Larry needed tools to fix the toaster, so they had to go
into the shed to get tools. I heard Dad yell, "What the blazes is a
horse doing chewing my bike?" He'd found Trouble! Mum came
out and her face turned white as she saw Trouble.
"Kila. Marie. Maddelin." she growled. " Did you put that horse in
Well, I wouldn't answer so she called up Mr. Morely to get Trubbie.
When he came he had a big whip to hit Trubbie.
"Nooooo!" I yelled, throwing myself across Trubbie. "You! Can't!
Hit! Him! You horse abuser! I heard you were gonna kill him,
dunno why, he's so sweet! You can't or I'll kill you! I'll-!!!!!" I was
about to say a really bad word but Mum covered my mouth so all
that came out was "Mrrfkdjhf!" Then Mr. Morely dragged Trubbie
off. I hope that that Monster Morely does not kill him!!!!!

(On the phone, 10 years later)
"So you never found out what happened to him?" Lynne asked
"Yes, Morely got arrested and guess what? We got Trubbie! He's
dead now, but we loved him. I think…"
Lynne finished. "That that was really brave, Kila. You know what?
I might write a book about it. That was a great thing to do, and
years from now one person will remember and maybe…maybe
they'll spare an animal's life."
(January 2005)

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Rescue From the Heart

By Krista, 12, Romeo, Michigan, USA

Dear diary, this is the first time I’ve written in you, so… uh…. I guess I’ll introduce myself! My name is Kaleen Suthers, I’m 13 years old and my parents run the Pine Bay Animal Rescue on Isle Royal in the National Park. I love the place to death! Forests everywhere, all sorts of different smells, and my favorite, many, many, very many kinds of animals.
Right now I’m heading over with my 18-year-old cousin, Shana to save a horse from an abandoned meatpacking plant. Cruel huh?
“That out to do it for now.” Kali said to her cousin. “Great, you’ll score major extra credit points on your journal.” Shana replied. They drove silently along the darkening road. Daylight was faint.
When they arrived, Kali gasped in horror, not only was the plant a perfect scene for an 80’s horror flick, but in the distance a beautiful black mare was on its hind legs whinnying for help as two shadowy men tried to pull her into a horse trailer. “Stop you idiots!” Kali yelled, running towards them. Frightened, the two men finally pulled her in and jumped in the truck, just when Kali jumped in the trailer.
“Kali, you idiot butthead!” Shana screamed, but it was to late, the trailer was already on the move. “Keep in touch!” Kali yelled back, waving her cell phone. The trailer bumped off into the night.
Dear diary, I’M IN TROUBLE HERE! I’m in a horse trailer with a beautiful black mare. But not to fear, there are two ugly shags sitting’ up front practicalling kidnapping us. I sure hope Shana will call soon or I’m dead! I must think of an escape plan, before it’s to late.

Possibilities: 1. Hide behind Moonlit’s (that’s what I’ve named her) hiney.

2. Plead to them for mercy.

3. Ride out of the trailer like the masked cowboy.

4. Just let them kill me.

“Well Moony, I think I’ll go with #3.” Kali said to moonlit. Moonlit neighed and nodded yes. “You’re a good gal Moonlit, we’ll get out of here if we work together. “Neigh, neigh.” Moonlit replied, and suddenly, let it all out. “Ahh that stinks Moony.”, Kali whispered, “But it gives me a good idea to add to our plan.” A few hours later, the door opened.
The men were whispering something to Moonlit. Kali couldn’t hear except faint. They sounded Spanish. Luckily they didn’t they didn’t see her. “Go Moonlit! Go!” Kali jumped on the last minute. Moonlit ran as fast as she could, but they became cornered.
“Man this horse smells.” One man said. Then all of a sudden they fainted. “That was easy!” Kali yelled. They trotted off.
“You know I only jumped in the trailer to save you because I loved you from the start.” The rescuer whispered to her new friend. RING! RING! Went Kali’s phone. “I’m ok Shan, and I got the mare too, I’m coming home now.”
“Just promise you’ll never do it again ok?” Shana replied.
“Ok whatever.” Kali moaned. BEEP!
(December 2004)

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Adventure at the Pound

By Alison, 11, Monsey, NY, USA

The days before Cyrybrys the blue-black tabby cat was adopted would never be forgotten. He would never forget the days when he and Kestral met, unknown to eachother and to the world. He still remembered...

Cyrybrys was shoved roughly into a stuffy, metal cage and the door banged shut behind him. He whimpered and tried weakly to open the door, but found it barred. He crouched down and peered out through the bars of his cage, confused.

There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of pets in cages, all of them staring sullenly at him. He called out to them, pleading them to show him some means of escape, but they all just looked on silently. Then suddenly, a voice meowed behind him, "Hi, Cyrybrys." He jumped in surprise and spun around, to find a small orange-furred cat sitting next to the wall beside him. She was ripping off pieces of beef, while closely observing Cyrybrys. When she recognized his confused look, she pointed with a creamy orange paw at a tag tied onto his neck with his name printed on it.

Cyrybrys looked at the tag fastened to her neck, and found out that her name was Kestral. "Any way of getting out of here, Kestral?" he mewed causually. Unknown cats were not to be trusted, his insctincts told him firmly.

"Sorry. The only way out of here is if an owner decides to adopt you, which I doubt will ever...oh! You look so strong! How did you get so fit? That's amazing; an owner will definitely adopt you." Kestral's green eyes gleamed in excitement for her newly-found friend.

"Yes, well..." he looked down modestly, trying to hide his swelling pride. Then he pawed Kestral with a playful blue-black paw. "You have much more chance than I do of coming out of this cage! You're so stunning, people would fight over you to adopt you."

"You're amazing and you know it, Cyrybrys." Kestral purred, her soft orange pelt brushing against his.

"Thanks!" Cyrybrys said, baffled. No cat had ever given him any compliments before!

He suddenly felt a rush of warmth for this strange, unknown Kestral. He was about to mew something friendly, when Kestral suddenly put up a paw and listened intently through the bars of the cage. A door slammed, then heavy boots thumped against the floor. Kestral stiffened and her eyes widened. "Hide!" she hissed, recoiling from the sound. "The head person of the Pound is coming! With an OWNER!" Cyrybrys, startled into obedience, crammed himself into the corner of the cage, though he could still be plainly seen from outside. His tail twitched in horror as the footsteps came closer and closer. He had to cover his muzzle with a paw to stop himself from crying out in fear. The footsteps paused right outside their cage.

Cyrybrys cringed when a hand reached in through the cage and tugged at his hind legs. He couldn't restrain a yowl of despair as those hands, those hands that decided his fate, began to pull him out.

"No!" the disheartened tabby yowled. "Kestral, don't let them take me! I'm not leaving without you!"

Kestral grabbed his paws and pulled with all her might, but she was no match for the human hands. Her paws slipped off of his, and the hands pulled him out from the safety of his cage. He growled and tore himself loose from the hands, leaping upwards back into the cage.

"Come on! Let's go!" He growled, his fur still ruffled from the touch of the human hands.

"Cyrybrys. That's an OWNER. He wants YOU, not me. You can never change that."

"You can't leave me!"

"Go, Cyrybrys. Leave me. Your wish has come true, and you can't let me spoil it!" Tears were cascading down her cheeks now, and she turned away from him. Loud voices could be heard outside the cage. Then the hands reached in again. The tabby began to fight fiercly, but relaxed in surprise when he saw the hands retrieve Kestral, too. They were dumped into the arms of a loving owner, and carried out of the Pound before Cyrybrys could make any sense out of it. The owner sat them down onto a seat in her car, then started to drive them to their new home.

For a moment the two cats just sat there, dumbstruck. Then they looked at eachother, and realized what had happened. "We were probably making a better impression than the other pets there." Kestral meowed joyously. "We're being taken to a home! A real home!" Cyrybrys felt as lighthearted as a cat could be.

"Kestral..." he mewed softly.

The she-cat turned to him. "Yes?"

"We're...family!" Cyrybrys tasted the word for the first time after many years.

"Family." Kestral echoed, and smiled at him. He grinned back. His paw slowly wandered into hers.

He would never forget the days when he and Kestral met, unknown to eachother and to the world. He still remembered...

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Wolves howl at night

By Kristy, 8, Jarrow, UK

Wolves howl at night,
When there's a little light,
The time goes fast,
But will we get past.
At midnight wolves howl,
As they don't growl,
Better get moving,
Because there are already grooving.
Wolves howl at night,
Watch out they might bite,
Speed up your legs,
Now don't play with pegs.
At midnight wolves howl,
Look theres an owl,
There one to try and catch,
That one with the patch.
Wolves howl at night,
Don't get a fright,
They're going mad,
That one's bad.
(December 2004)

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By Katie, 10, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Kitty-cats, only younger
In the yard they run
Too cute!
Too sweet!
Even like to cuddle
No dogs allowed is their idea of perfection
So adorable you want to hug them (and will!)
(December 2004)

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The Ambush

By Olivia, 11 yrs, Edgeware, Middlesex, UK

From the corner of his eye, he noticed a bird. It was small and brown and pecking at the ground. He padded softly into the kitchen, and then sat down near the door. He turned his head away as if he was ignoring the bird completely and looking at it would cause him some great distress. But he was watching it. Watching its every movement. Suddenly, he looked up, fixing his big, green eyes on the bird. He was violently swishing his tail from side to side. His ears were twitching at every slight sound. Forever alert. Forever intent. He wiggled his hips and raised his hind legs. His tail went up, completely straight and so sharp. He was poised to leap, ready to begin the chase. The innocent bird hopped around, blissfully unaware of the impending danger. Then he ambushed. Bolting into the garden in one, swift, continuous motion. But he was unlucky. The bird took off, still unaware, flapping its dainty wings. He snarled and squirmed and then turned around as if he couldn’t care less, but his shoulders drooped and his chest that had been puffed up with pride a second ago deflated. Then, suddenly he perked up as if remembering something important and scurried into the kitchen, without looking back once.

Written on 14 Nov 2004

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Why my dog is stupid

By Louise, 16, Ardmore, UK

My dog is extremely silly, as a result of her upbringing. All the love she received as a puppy has resulting in her being so silly. For instance, if she wants something, she will scrape our vent. On the other hand, she is very smart and perceptive, in that she picks up routines very quickly, thus leading her to expect things she perhaps has no right to have. Another silly thing she does is that when she finds a toy, or if she is playing in the snow, she runs about and tosses the object up in the air. While doing this, to attain full speed, she runs with her butt very close to the ground. She also tends to do this when she is extremely excited. I love my dog, she just can be a nuisance at times with all her silliness. (November 2004)

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By Katie, 10, PA, USA

"Come here, kitty." said Marie.
All the cat did was glare. "Hissssssss."
Emma was leaning against the wall, blending into the shadows.
"Come on, Marie! Mom's waiting."
"But if we leave it here, it'll die!" said Marie.
"Big deeeeeal," growled Emma. She grabbed her sister's bowl of milk and walked away.
"Sorry, kittycat." said Marie sadly. She ran to the corner, hair streaming out behind her, and caught up with Emma.
"Why're you so concerned about a cat?" Emma laughed. "Jeez, it's not like a matter of life or death."
Marie crossed her arms. "It is for the cat!"
Emma was glad she wasn't as soft-hearted as her sister. 'It is for the cat'– jeez! It wasn't even pretty: big chunks of black fur missing, and odd-eyes. Marie was stupid, she realized as she got into bed.
Then Emma drifted off to sleep.
It was a terrible dream. Marie, with the cat's eyes, was chasing her in a pitch-black tunnel. She stopped at a dead end. Suddenly, Marie's dream-self morphed into a cat. Emma screamed and stepped back. Then she was falling….falling…

Emma woke up on cold hard ground instead of her bed. She tried to get up, but she didn't move that way. Emma tried to say, "Hellllllp!" , but all that came out was , "Meooooooww!"
Oh. No. She was a cat. Suddenly, around the corner came that black cat. Its odd-eyes eyes met Emma's grey ones. It came closer and closer.
"Noooo!" Emma screeched. "I'm sorry! I like cats!"
The cat stopped. Then Emma felt like she was a human again.
And she was.
"I'm so sorry," she whispered to the cat. The cat gave her a half-smile.
(November 2004)

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When I lost my dog

By Abigayle, 15, Broxbourne, Herts, UK

That summer started out the best ever. We were going to stay at Crackers Resort, and Brandy our cocker spaniel was coming too. Dad drove us to our lodge where we were staying and me and my sister Michaela took Brandy out on the moor for a run while Mum and Dad and Claire (My big sister) were unpacking.

Suddenly Brandy disappeared. We called and called for half an hour, but no Brandy came.

We still hadn't found him when we had to go home from our holiday. We were so, so, sad.

But luckily this true story had a happy ending. Having given up hope of finding Brandy, we decided to get another dog, and take care of it more safely. Elsie, mum's friend, suggested we adopt a dog/puppy from Craven Roe Dog Home. We arrived there and found a poor dog found on a holiday resort, just recovering from a doggy sort of pnemonia. It was Brandy!

We took him, of course, and he lived with us again. He was my best friend.

He died at the age of 14 years last year. I still miss him, and think about him every day.
(October 2004)

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My Guinea Piggish Guy

By Brianna, 9, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My guinea pig is Oreo, he loves to run and jump.
He jumps up high and tries to fly,
and touch the sky, he's my guy.
I love him so much it's not hard to forget
he weets and jumps
and snuggles and cuddles you bet he does.
His eyes so round do not make a sound,
he's quiet and cute and suitable for me.
I love my guinea piggish guy
(October 2004)

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Do you like Horseback Riding too?

By Erin, 10, Thomson, GA, USA

To like horse back riding you have to:
Like getting dirty,
be tough, (in case you fall off or get kicked )
you can't be scared of heights,
have patience,
love animals, ( especialy horses )
have balance,
stick to it,
and like competition.

I like riding horses not only because I love horses but also because I've always had a loving and tender heart towards animals. So I encourage every one who loves animals to take to horseback bacause it is a wonderful sport. (October 2004)

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Wolves: The Spirit of the Northern Woods

By Henry, 11, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sleek black shadows, drifting, sniffing, seeping in and out of the trees. Watchers who lurk-waiting with eyes of yellow, burning embers.
Running in packs of primal power. Fear to those who must be predator and prey.
When the harsh blanket of night falls over their sacred ground, you can hear the haunted sounds from the highest mountain peaks, echoing into the lowest of valleys-letting all creatures know that they are the rulers and the spirit of the north woods.
(October 2004)

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By Jacob, 8, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

As the sun sets,
Sleek shadows seem to glide through the trees.
Glowing yellow eyes burning like embers,
Burning into prey, striking fear into their souls.
Running in prime packs of power.
As the darkness settles on their sacred lands,
A haunted howl echoes through the forest.
The spirits of the woods,
The protectors of the night,
May the wolves of the forest
live in peace.
(October 2004)

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The Horse In Moonlight

By Katie, 10, USA

you toss your mane
through moonlit fields. The grass
is silverwhite.
You dance
as I watch you
through moonlit fields.
You are alone
except for the girl by the fence.
Your chestnut coat shines
You run
through moonlit fields.
(October 2004)

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By Valentina, 13, Croatia

Hi! My name is Valentina and I live in Croatia. I like dogs very much and I go to dog shows. If you like dogs or you have dog please reply to me (October 2004)

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Bunny Love

By Courtney, 11, Scotland

Casper the Fluffy Ball of Fluff.
The Rabbit.
With Brown Eyes.
My Friend.
His Ear Hits His Face.
He Jumps.
You Call Him.
He Comes.
Sneaky Bunny.
Shoots Out From Under The Car.
Into Neighbours Garden.
Puppy Dog Eyes.
Make You Let Him Out.
Thunder Storm.
He Burrows In His Bed.
That's Him.
(October 2004)

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My life as a dog in a home.

By Abigail & Barklee & Pete, 12 , IL, USA

My life as a dog is great, and I have a brother Pete and I love him. I have been there all the time he has lived here. I'm 7 and he is 5. We had a big brother but he passsed on. His name was Charlie and when he died he was thirteen and everybody was sad and we loved him. My owner is Abigail and I love her and I hope whoever reads this will adopt animals for kids with special needs and I also hope all kids who don't have needs too will take animals too. Please take food to your local dogs and cats shelter and support them please. OK bye thak you!!!!!! (September 2004)

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Bunny TLC Center

By Daphne, 10, USA

I, Jenny, love rabbits. Every night I search for rabbits on the Internet. I always collect and draw animal pictures and tape them to my walls. I’m constantly watching Animal Planet, checking for shows and information about rabbits.
I’m planning to buy a rabbit any time now. I’ve got the food and cleaning supplies. I might place it in the shed in the backyard.
Now it was a regular day and I was biking to the McGrowl Farm. Sir McGrowl and his family often lent me things I wanted for my “rabbit shed”.
Danny McGrowl was waiting for me at his mailbox. He pushed forth a package.
“A present from Pa. He’s selling eggs today,” he said. I smiled. Danny and I were best friends. I knew some of the presents were really from him. He just thought the other kids would laugh at him.
“Open the package girl, c’mon!” he said, bouncing a little.
I laughed and ripped it open. There was a huge bundle of horse blankets and hay.
“To keep your rabbit warm,” Danny said shyly.
I nodded, laughed, said thank you, and biked away. I couldn’t wait to put this in my rabbit shed.
I decided to walk my bike through the woods, just to enjoy the brisk air.
Then I spotted a short trail of blood. I looked up the steep hill and back to the blood. I dropped my bike and raced through the bushes. I ended up near a puddle of mud. In it were three dirty, slightly bloodied, baby bunnies. They must have rolled down the hill, being chased by hunters, then received some injuries. They must have been brown and soft, but now they looked half-dead!
I had an urge to help them.
But my parents would be furious!
“No pets until next spring. We’re going to be too busy,” they had told me.
But the urge was too great. I gathered the bunnies in th horse blanket and hay, then, after putting them in my bike basket, I hurried home. I crept to the backyard, holding the bunnies. They were shivering and listless.
I searched for a bed, and spied some open crates. I placed the bunnies aside. They looked scared, and desperately tried to hop away.
“Sh, don’t be scared,” I whispered gently, and made a bed with one of the crates.
I went outside to get a bowl of warm water from the sink in the house. Then I ran back to the shed to fill a bowl of rabbit food. Quickly I gathered the bunnies and placed them in the warm bed and covered them with hay. They fell asleep.
“Jenny!” Mother called. “Dinner!”
I ran to the door and yelled, “Can’t I eat in the shed?” There was silence. Then Mother came out, hands on her hips. She flipped her auburn hair and laughed.
“Why not?” she said, and gave me a plate of fish smothered in ketchup and meatballs. Then she handed me a plastic cup of her famous cucumber shake. I’m sorry to say that this was a bad dinner.
At least it was better than fried lemon and scrambled egg pie. Mother was never the best cook.
I ran to the shed and gobbled up dinner to feed the bunnies.

For the next week I fed the bunnies and tried to clean them up. Danny gave me a play pen and I let the bunnies play with a ball in it.
I was afraid the baby bunnies could get sick from the dust int the shed. So while they played I scrubbed, cleaned, soaped, scraped, and dusted. I even painted the place. Soon I made the shed filled with rabbit beds. I made shelves where I could store supplies. I painted the walls green and put up my rabbit pictures. I placed old rugs on the floor.
The bunnies became happier, and I washed their wounds every day. Soon they were a soft honey brown.
I named one Lester, one Rudolf, and the smallest Honey.
The hardest part of keeping the bunnies was keeping it a secret. I couldn’t let no one in the shed. No one.
The bunnies became tame enough for me to handle them. I loved them, they loved me.
One day I came home from the store to put a lamp in the shed. I had to use its electrical outlet somehow.
I dropped my bike and ran over to the shed. I heard a voice and two more crooning over Lester, Rudolf, and Honey.
I flung open the door and saw Mother, Dad, and Danny each holding one bunny. I was shocked.
“You shouldn’t be here...you can’t...oh...no,” I moaned, sank to the ground, and began to cry.
Mother and Dad stared at me and walked over to my exasperated, stunned, shocked, self.
Danny came over and said, “ One of them was knocking things around and making a racket.”
I looked up shyly and whispered sadly, “Must have been Lester.”
“Why did you keep this a secret?” Mother said sternly.
So I explained. How I came from the McGrowl Farm and found three injured bunnies. How I helped them even though I knew no pets allowed, but they were so hurt. How I set up the shed.
Dad hugged me and Mother said, “Why, Jenny. What you did was right , even though you broke a few rules. I’m actually proud of you.”
“Really?” I asked, surprised.
“Yeah, you could make a business with this, too. These bunnies are so healthy, you know, Bunny Hotel, Bunny Day Care...”
“Bunny TLC Center!” I yelled, and ran away.
Quickly using some paint and a board I made a sign. Then I whispered to Dad if he could nail it to the top of the shed.
He grinned and started right away.
I picked up Honey and we stood back to admire the first rabbit hotel in town.
(September 2004)

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Dancing lights

By Chelsea, 14, Plattsburgh, NY, USA

My old kitty cat Buttercup was mesmerized by anything dangly. When she was a kitten she was a stray and we found her and took her in. She was orange and white with stripes. One day our light catcher in our window was flickering with the lights, the strange part was it was right above our couch. Buttercup sat there at the end of the couch for what seemed to be hours waiting for a chance to catch the dancing lights on the ceiling. Then suddenly out of nowhere my cat jumped up on the ceiling and bounced down onto the couch cushion then fell on the floor and got up and walked in circles. I fell on the floor laughing so much!!!
(September 2004)

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The Eagles

By Morgan, 7, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Soaring through the sky
A screech here,
A screech there.
A Golden to my left,
A Bald to my right,
fighting for fish.
A Golden - brownish and gold,
The bald - black and white.
(August 2004)

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First Wolf Howl

By Lucy, 11, Surrey , UK

Howling in the trees
Darkness rising and cubs
Learning the wonders of the world
A gentle breeze forms over the one that stands alone

In the direct moonlight a fog covers the sky
Covering the light
And which can not yet be done
Until free clear light can be seen, He may begin

Aiming at the moonlight
Head straight and thoughts to the head
Rising up above a beautiful sound fills the air
A sound of freedom

Animals listen to the sound
and then respond back to their night's sleep
Echos may form fom a distance
Maybe it's a reply
From his first howl
(August 2004)

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My little kitten

By Joanna, 12, Scotland


I have a little kitten
He’s as soft as a little mitten
But when you want to cuddle him he’s full of rascal-ness
And when he eats his food he makes a lot of mess
He bites and scratches
But you know he’s only playing
He talks to flies but I can’t understand what he’s saying
He’s got a big fluffy coat and lovely blue eyes
No wonder I love him it’s no surprise
He’s got big pink ears and a slightly fat tum,
He’s really smart but some people think he’s dumb
But he’s my little kitten
And I love him so
I don’t know what I’d do if I had to let him go!
(August 2004)

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Cocoa goes to the Moon

By Bernice, 8, Alabama, USA

Cocoa was a happy horse who enjoyed living on a farm. She was fed every day and had carrots every morning. Her owner would ride her every day and she loved when she brushed her mane. Every night when the stars would come on Cocoa wanted to fly there.
"One day," she would say. Then she closed her eyes and went to sleep. She suddenly found her self floating. There she was in the Milky Way. Oh, it is so beautful she thought. Next, she was flying around the planet Saturn. She saw a little green alien who waved at her.
Cocoa had never been so excited. Wow, if only Bessy Cow could see her now. Cocoa suddenly saw a meteor heading straight for her. She ducked just in time. Whew!
Cocoa started thinking about her life back on the farm and began to feel homesick. I wish I could go home she thought.
Suddenly, she started to slowly fall back to Earth. She landed in a nice pile of hay. In her bucket, was a carrot her owner had left for her. Never did she want to go back to space again, but every night she thought she saw a little green alien waving at her from the sky.
(August 2004)

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Tanya's Choice

By Bethany, 13, Milton Keynes, UK

Tanya stood and watched folornly as the vet entered the waiting room. Finally, after weeks of wondering, the day she had dreaded had finally arrived. Her cat Tigger was inside that room - and he would never see her again. Poor Tigger had something wrong with his lung and the vet had suggested it would be kinder to let him be put down. She had resisted and argued fiercely, but there was simply no other way. Tanya had promised herself she wouldn't cry when the time came - but she couldn't stop two big tears from filling her eyes as the vet came over to where her and her mum were sitting.
Her mum whispered to her, "You're doing fine, Tanya. This was the right choice, you know."
Tanya sniffed and made no reply.
"All done now," the vet said kindly, reaching them. "Would you like to say goodbye to him before you go?"
Tanya shook her head obstinately. There was no way she would ever say farewell to her beloved cat when he couldn't hear her. He had always been so lively, she couldn't imagine him dead. She walked out of the vet's waiting room without saying anything else. If she had, she would have burst into a flood of tears and she hated crying in public. She was thirteen in two weeks. "Teenagers don't cry," she thought to herself firmly.
Two weeks later, on her thirteenth birthday, she was sitting in the living room with her 5-year old brother Dominic, opening her presents. Dominic was "helping" her, but all he seemed to be doing was placing the wrapping paper on his head and pretending it was a crown. "La la la." he sang absently. "I'm the king of the castle." Tanya smiled at her brother's antics as she reached for the last present.
Inside was a dog collar displaying the word "Digger." Tanya frowned. "Digger?" she asked herself.
"SURPRISE!" shouted her mum and dad from the front garden. Astonished, Tanya stared around and saw a brown furry mongrel puppy dash into the house barking excitedly and wagging his short, stumpy tail. "Oh wow!" Tanya squealed in joy and she rushed to hug her parents. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
"After you left the vet's surgery, I asked the vet if he knew of any rescue centres and he gave me the name of one only half an hour away," explained her beaming mum. "I thought a puppy would be a good friend for you after you lost Tigger. We can't call this dog Tigger, obviously, so your dad and I christened him...Digger!"
"Excellent," agreed Tanya, laughing. "This is the best birthday ever!"
"Looks like he's living up to his name," said her dad, pointing out into the back garden, where Digger was rushing around madly, barking at everything, running round in circles and rummaging around in the soil.
"Hey, those are my prize hollyhocks!" shouted her mum indignantly, and she ran out, followed by Tanya's father and Dominic.
Tanya stood in the middle of the living room, happily watching her family outside. She breathed a sigh of contentment. This HAD been the best birthday ever. She was sad that Tigger hadn't been there to share it with her, but having the adorable Digger around would help her to get over it, and in time she would learn to love him just as much.
This story happened just over six years ago. Last time I heard of Tanya, she was happily working in the rescue centre, alongside dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and even a horse or two. Why don't you pop in some time and say hi? I'm sure she'd be delighted to see you - and so will Digger, who is still with her and her faithful companion wherever she goes.
(August 2004)

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My dog is stupid

By Daniel, 14, Wiesbaden , Germany

I think my dog Gina is stupid, because she does many silly things. She always sits in front of our neighbour´s house and waits for them to throw down some treats. She also keeps biting me and my sisters and brothers whenever we leave the house. When we go for a walk she rolls around in the hay and comes home with lots of ticks. But I still like her, because she has been living with us for six years. We got her when she was only eight weeks old.
(July 2004)

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The Shadow Horse

By Charlotte, 10, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England.

Chloe stared at the dusty floor of the horses’ stable and sobbed. She cried into the hay-net and the pig-trough. She cried out loud and deeply, her gasping voice rasping through the mid-day air, as her long, silky locks fell onto her sunburnt shoulders. Her salty tears tumbled down her red-flushed face and she let out a scream.
“Oh why? Why did she leave me? Why did it happen?” She sobbed, her face shining like a beacon on the horizon. The hot sun beat down on her silky red hair. The blood still stained the oak wood walls and although they would clean the stable, nothing would ever wipe the sadness from the child’s heart.
She had once believed nothing could destroy her happiness, yet the night before something had happened that had destroyed her, broken her down bit by bit and left her crying at the feet of the statue of liberty, which seemed to both laugh at her and tease her with its piercing eyes. The night before the world had been full of joy and happiness, but now it was cold and uninviting. The day eventually turned cold, like the world which had turned the cold shoulder at her for so long.
It was like this: On a normal day, around June, Shadow gave birth, to a delicate young mare, named Star. Shadow lived in a field, next to the bulls and cows. One particular bull was very restless. He never tired of chasing away young males. One day he knocked down the fence adjoining the two fields and seeing that Star looked like a bull calf he charged. Shadow, seeing the bull, leapt into his path and was instantly gored. Her father came with a gun of darts, filled with poison and an over dose of asprin. The child came out of her hut and grabbed the gun.

“No, he’s fine no!” She screamed. Her father nodded and rushed to fetch Star, he led into the paddock and fetched a mop. He tried in vain to clean the blood-splattered field, but failed. He went indoors to find some soap, but he came out empty handed.
Later that day she found it. The body of Shadow, lying mangled on the path. Her legs stuck out at all angles, her mouth stood open and her fiery red eyes were now black.
Chloe mourned for a week, refusing to wear anything but black. She cried each night.
This night, she cried like a waterfall, each tear rolled down a perfectly made nose and dropped silently onto the goose-down pillow. A rustling sound came at the window, a sort of winded cry, mingled with the scrunch of hard, icy ground.
Chloe went to the window and scanned the horizon for any sign of the noise. She looked down and saw a dazzling white horse. At first she was confused, they only had Star and a brown Shire-horse called Michael. Then she heard a voice.
“Star, Star, find her darling. Find Chloe. Oh bring her to me, please,” The voice whispered. “Chloe, oh Chloe, where are you?”
Chloe saw now. She stared for a minute or two at the ghost and then called. “ Here, Shadow, I need you,” She whispered.
The horse looked up. She cantered off into the distance. This happened each night for a month. Finally, Chloe could take it no longer. She followed her. She found herself at the stable door.
“Open it,” said a voice. She did as she was bid. She some how found herself now at the edge of the road, with Star next to her. Star was also a ghost. She had recently run from her pen and rammed into Milkshake, an Indian cow and had suffered much the same fate as her mother. Chloe sat down on the floor of the road, and prayed. A light was shining in the sky.
The truck hit her.
It didn’t hurt, it simply went through her and she suddenly felt light. She looked at the horses and smiled. She saddled Shadow and turned. “Goodbye, I’ll never forget,” she whispered, before turning and galloping off into the distance, she smiled. The Shadow Horse was going home.
(May 2004)

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My dog Archie

By Chelsea, 11, Hornchurch, UK

My dog Archie is my best mate,
Even though he makes me late,
He jumps and barks,
He likes the parks,
He makes me laugh,
When he has a bath,
When he is hungry he dances about,
When he is bored he prances around,
He likes to eat pedigree chum,
While he wiggles his little bum,
My dog Archie is very clever,
That is because he is the best dog ever!
(May 2004)

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Horses Are

By Lauren, 11, Parkville, Missouri USA

Horses are everything to many people. Someone could see a horse on the street and not care at all. But I, I care. I care because horses are nature. Horses have created things mankind can't. Horses are indeed the most valuable creatures to me. They can run in the wind unlike any creatures, and enjoy it more than anything. I can come to a horse and feel the most magical thing in the world, because like me they care. I can feel joy from the world when I make a horse happy, because horses are magic, horses are beautiful, horses are joyful. Horses are. (May 2004)

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Horses are Meant to be......

By Lauren, 11, Parkville, Missouri, USA

Horses are beautiful animals that are meant to run free and be wild.
They have manes that are meant to wave in the
air when they run.
They are meant to glow when the sun shines down on them.
Horses are meant to have the beautiful markings rhat they have.
Horses are meant to have the senses and attitudes that they have.
I love horses because they are meant to do what they do and have what they have.
April 2004

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How the Black Stallion Shines

By Matt, 10, Granby, Missouri, USA

How does the black stalion shine?
It shines like the sun in the day.
It shines like the moon and it gleems like the stars at
It shines like heaven compared to Earth.
It shines like a light when you live in the dark.

You Must see how the black stallion shines.
(March 2004)

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Horses Beauty

By Trista, 9, Granby, Missouri, USA

Horses are the wind
Horses are the sun
Horses are the sand
Horses are the stars
Horses are the moon
Horses are everything
Everything is just beautiful
Especially horses
(March 2004)

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Horses Are......

By Nicoya, 12, Granby, Missouri, USA

Horses are…God's most wonderful creatures. They are beautful, graceful and strong. With their beauty they fascinate us. With their strength they help us and they have the grace of God. We should not try to make more of their beauty because no creature on earth is prettier than a horse. We should appreciate their grace and not take advantage of their strength because if we take to much advantage of the strength of a horse it shall just weaken them. So just appreciate a horse because they are God's most talented work and most wonderful creatures. (March 2004)

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Horses are Meant to be......

By Lauren, 11, Parkville, Missouri, USA

Horses are Meant to be…
Horses are beautiful animals that are meant to run free and be wild. They have mains that are meant to wave in the air when they run. They are meant to glow when the sun shines down on them. Horses are meant to have the beautiful markings that they have.Horses are meant to have the senses and attitudes that they have. I love horses because they are meant to do what they do and have what they have. (March 2004)

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The ugly duckling and the Swan

By Meredith, 11, Texas, USA

The Swan is as graceful and as popular as the queen.
Unlike the ugly duckling, who is as clumsy as a klutz and is never seen.
The swan is a white cloud passing the sky on a sunny spring day,
The ugly duckling is a gray cloud that is storming on a cold bay.
The swan's feathers are as soft and as smooth as silk,
The ugly duckling's feathers are as rough and as old as an old, and dusty quilt.
When the swan speeks it's motzart playing the piano.
When the ugly duckling speeks it’s a lo alto trying to sing a high saprano.
The swan's beauty and charm gives it so much attenetion,
The ugly duckling has no friends and his name is hardly ever mentioned.
But one day the ugly duckling will be a beautiful and popular swan,
and the swan will be as lonely and as miserable as the ugly duckling
watching the days go by, knowing that his chances are gone.
(March 2004)

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The Horse of Challenge

By Elise, 12, Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA

The strong built legs,
The ebony mane,
The sunset behind him,
The green grass he ate,
The shimmery glint on his sleek black body.

The horse I could love,
The horse I could cherish,
The horse at heart,
The horse that was him.

I don't know why,
But the minute I saw his solemn eye,
I knew he was mine,
and I was his.

But now I wonder,
If a horse of such will was for me,
Then I discovered he wasn't for me,
Though I was for him.
Now someone loved me,
but I had no love to return.
(Mar 2004)

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My Horse Love, My Stallion

By Allie, 12, Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA

Inspired by a western palomino.

His ebony hooves that shine in the mist.
His coal black mane, swirling in the sea breeze.
His muscular body as black as midnight,
Blending with the evening sky.

Sometimes he would race me,
Or hug me tight, so I'd never leave.
Maybe he would skip from rock to rock.
That show-offy horse, that stallion with his white star.

H'd tell me, his western belle, that I was his everything.
He lived for me, I could tell.
Every breath he drew was for me.
I loved him, but he had to find himself.

His head was always in the clouds,
He dreamed up crazy ideas,
I laughed and told him maybe,
He left to find out why.

On the beach is where he left me,
And there I'll stay,
Until his return to find me,
I'll listen for him.

I'll cry in the night to tell him,
I'd always be his.
I listen for his hoof beats,
And the return of his deep neigh.
(Mar 2004)

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The Snail's Mail

By Elyse, 12, Orangevale, CA, USA

There once was a snail,
Who lived in a shell,
Who would not tell,
Where he put his mail,
So along came a slug,
Who liked to bug,
So the snail revealed to the slug,
He puts his mail in his mug
(Mar 2004)

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By Dora, 6, Whitstable, Kent, UK

Maggie is a lovely cat. She has whiskers on her fur: she purrs and purrs and purrs and purrs, and cuddles up beside us.
But when you are nasty to her her fur stands up on end.
When you stroke her she purrs and purrs some more.
I like her very much.
(February 2004)

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My Hamster

By Hailey, 11, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland

I have a hamster called Crystle
Who drinks like a water pistol,
Although she is blind,
She doesn't mind,
For food she can find,
And water is always at hand!

If I take her to the vet,
I won't have a pet,
He'll put her to sleep,
And I'd like to keep,
My hamster with me!

I know she's okey,
For a day she lay,
And then up she got,
And played a lot!

I gave her a drink,
With her tongue so pink,
She licked and licked,
Only stopping twice!

She sniffs down her food,
And depending on her mood,
She nibbles at biscuits and apples!

She's my best friend,
And I love to tend,
To every one of her needs!
(February 2004)

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Panthers are dying

By Amy, 12, Brechin, UK

Panthers are like a black patch from the sky.
He is a knight
hunting the enemy
and prowling the streets
like a policeman on his round.
The zoo keepers try to hunt them down to put
in a cage and show around.

The zoo keepers catch
them with a big net
like a fisherman
taking the fish to the docks,

The panther roars like thunder
and bites like a dog
the zoo keeper shoots him
he lives no more.
(Feb 2004)

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Lighting The Horse

By Chyanne, 10, Walsh, CO, USA

There once was a horse named Lighting. Lighting was a nice and gentle horse to kids and grownups. One day there was some clouds that was moving in from the south and Lighting was still out in the feed lot and then all of the sudden some lightning struck right where Lighting was!
The horse got spooked and he ran away! When my friend herd this she said she will try to find my horse. Then I was really happy to hear that my friend was going to help me.
The the next day we were still looking for the horse. Then we heard a man yelling at us. We rushed over there to see what he wanted. When we got there my heart fell apart the man said "I saw this horse laying on the road I thought it was just taking a nap but when I saw it I felt really bad for the kids that owned this horse."
I said "The lightning must have stuck it and it had enough energy to run over here."
From that day on I took care of my horse.
(Feb 2004)

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The spirit of a horse

By Jenna, 11, Menemsha, MA, USA

Like the wind
she flies over the open fields
just to see where her hooves take her

Like the thunder
reckless and free across the hills
awaiting the storm to catch up

Like the river
her hooves thunder through the sweet grass
as she awaits her time to stop

Like the eagle who soars above
she gallops below, challenging
as she falls behind, her mind
and heart
race forward, out of her, to greet the rising sun

Like the rain
she soon slows, her body coated in light sweat
but she will soon move again, to be there
as the moon rises

Like the fog
she dissapears through the evening mist that lies
searching high, she rises in her heart
as a sliver of silver light slices the grounded clouds
through the sky above

Though smart and graceful,
wise and swift,
strong and fast,
cunning and joyful,
she is what she is,

What she is,
is a free spirrit,
the spirit of
a horse
(February 2004)

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Love for Victory

By Molly, 13, Ft. Wingate, USA

The dog came on Isabel’s 10th birthday. They weren’t sure what breed she was; just that she was probably a mix. She was a reddish-brown color, and had dark blue eyes. Her hair was matted and dirty. A piece of her left ear was missing, and she had quite a few cuts. She didn’t seem very afraid of Isabel, even though it was clear that the dog had never had a master who had loved and cared for her. Possibly, it was because Isabel was a child, or maybe it was that she could sense the girl had a kind heart, as dogs sometimes do. However, if you ask me, I say it was a mixture of both, for though she approached the parents as well, she was clearly more afraid of them than of their daughter.
When Isabel was younger, the family had had a dog, but he died two or three years back. Since then, Isabel wanted to get another, and the parents were planning on going to the shelter to find one in a couple of days. They never expected that this dog would ever interfere with their plans, especially not on Isabel’s very birthday, but this dog it was. She was mellow and sweet, shy and timid, and in need of a good home. When they saw how much Isabel loved the dog, they knew that she really was the one. When Isabel heard this news, she was delighted. She named the dog Victory.
Isabel gave Victory a nice home, and cleaned and combed her. What Isabel was dying to do though was to take Victory to a dog show. Victory wasn’t the prettiest dog, but if she was well trained, it would probably make up for the torn ear. Isabel trained her up, and soon victory, was good at doing tricks, and obeying commands. Then came the show. Victory lost. Isabel wasn’t downed yet, but Victory lost the next, and the next. After what must have been at least the 6th or 7th show, Isabel and Victory were still going home prize less.
“I guess Victory didn’t really live up to her name after all.” Said Isabel’s mother with sympathy in her voice.
“What are you talking about?!” Isabel cried. “of course she has!”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“Victory got her name in the area that she wanted it most!”
“Where would that be?”
“Can’t you see? I love her! She’s won a victory in love.”
(January 2004)

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The Fighting Princess

By Amy, 12, Orlando, FL, USA

Her practiced tread and alert eyes spoke of training that was not by a human. She pulled herself up and over a large log, then dropped lightly to the ground.
Behind her a panther, muscles rolling underneath his black, shiny fur, leaped over the log, then tensed, alerted to somethng that she had not sensed. The green eyes darted to a branch, caught sight of something. He leaped quickly, white claws extended, to the top of the tree. His eyes searched for any movement or rustle in the leaves about him. His tail lashed, and he screamed a warning to the fair traveler.
She dropped quicly to the ground as a scrawny panther leaped to the ground. She quickly uttered a harsh war cry, intimidating the panther, who dropped back in surprise. Then he saw a beautiful silkly female panther watching him, and he leaped, crying a response. She leaped to one side and threw him to the ground.
Long they battled, awakening the jungle with their cries. Many animals gathered to watch the strange battle between the blond haired princess, stained with blood, and the scrawny panther. They drew apart, panting, to get their breath, then she stumbled. The panther sprang, certain of victory, but she straightened, and the glisten of metal shone in the sunlight.
It had been a ruse.
The knife drank of his heart's blood, and she drew in a breath of the air, now heavy with the scent of blood, and uttered a fearsome war cry over the dead body of the panther.
(January 2004)

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Guinea Pigs

By Zoe, 10, Newark, Notts, UK

Guinea pigs love to sqeak like a mouse,
They live in their cage, in the house.
They love to eat juicy food,
They have lots of different kinds of moods.
They may be happy, they may be sad,
they may be feeling a little bit mad.
Whatever their mood they are still so sweet,
Sweet as the sweetest sugar beet!
(December 2003)

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By Caymen, 12, Romeo, MI, USA

How do you describe them by color or size,
Or by the stripes that cover their sides,
The zigzags and bands that confuse the mind,
The black and white that make up the lines,
The quickness and speed that race the wind,
The feelings of the heart that they can bend,
The ability to blend in with both day and night,
The look of their eyes that have no fright,
The beauty and grace with every step,
The secrets of the past that they have kept,
Their stature that is so divine,
The brilliant being of their kind,
How will you describe them by color or size,
Or by the stripes that run down their sides.
(November 2003)

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The kittens

By Cara & Emma, 10, Buckley, UK

The kittens are cute, the kittens are soft
they climb up the ironing board without falling off.

They play with the pictures they knock one off
they can't stop playing until they nod off.

Our little kittens fight all day
they don`t know what they're doing, they just play, play, play.

Cindy and Domino our little kittens we love them more than baby chickens.
(November 2003)

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My Guinea Pig

By Lacey, 6, Ohio

My guinea pig is brown and white her name is Cinderella, she likes to sit on top of her house. She also likes to eat and drink her water.
(October 2003)

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The dog

By Macey, 8, Richmond, VA, USA

One day my dog Lacey was stung by a bee. She yelped and yelped. She then ended up going into shock. We had to rush her to the vet where they gave her a shot to make her feel better. Now whenever she goes outside we have to watch her. (October 2003)

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The treefrog's dilemma

By Karima, 13, London, UK

I wish I were a treefrog on the moon,
A wonderful place, round as a balloon.
What a heavenly life that could be!
No ignorant kids to poke or prod me,
No women who at the sight of me shriek,
No weird Frenchmen who find legs a rare treat.
And then i shall mout an invasion on flies .
All will fall victim of my prying eye.
But my poor tadpoles how they will suffer
Living alone, away from their mother!
And what will they think,down in the forest?
"That scandalous frog has just left her nest!"
Oh! And with so many things all at stake,
What a decision I'll have to make!
(May 2003)

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By Shannen, 8, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Most cats have green eyes it’s not just a matter
of disguise. Cats sleep fat and walk thin.
They love milk as if it’s sweets and candy.
When they're in the dark there big green eyes light
Up if it was a torch or a lamp.

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By Sarah, 8, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Cats have eyes but they are big and they have whiskers too.
Cats are fat when they are asleep. They can run fast.
I seen one go under a car. It was orange and red.
When it is asleep it looks like doughnuts. Cats sleep differently. Cats like to sleep at the fireplace.

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The Cat

By Kevin, 8, Belfast, Nothern Ireland

The cat swings its tail
It is real,
It walks as slowly as a snail.
It is a bad singer but a good
Bird bringer. My cat is as
Good as that. My cat is
Called Pat why does it
Look like that?

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My Cat

By Aodan, 8, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Cats are sneaky animals
They are furry
Cats are scared of dogs
They have small feet
And dark green eyes.
They think that they are smart
Because they can get away from
Dogs by running up trees.

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By Peter, 8, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Some cats are big and small.
Some cats are soft and sweet.
Some times cats are looking mean.
A cat is sometimes quiet.
A cat can jump high.
Some cats are fat.
A cat can get in a box.
A baby cat is called a kitten.
Some cats are mean.
A cat has a small tail.

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The Cat

By Christina, 7, Belfast, Northern Ireland

A cat can be small or tall.
A cat is a quiet creeper
And a deep sleeper.
Some cats watch
Raindrops fall from the
Trees, as they water the crops,
As they sway in the breeze.
A baby cat is called a
A cat can jump high places.
A cat swings its tail and
Moves quite slowly just like
A snail.
A cat is a stealth queen looking mean.
A cat is nice and it likes rice.

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My dog

By Marie, 13, Manchester, UK

My mom got me a dog as I have wanted one since I was about 11. Well I was going to call it Lassy but when I got home my mom had changed MY dog's name to Pepsi as she was drinking Pepsi at the time. (2003)

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By Camilla, 10, London, England

Animals are meant to kept for looking after and for life. Don't just treat them like something you find at the bottom of your shoe, treat them like another person, your best friend.

I disagree with people who test make-up on animals; they are truly horrible. I am a vegetarian. That is because I hate to eat meat, people kill animals to eat! Why are people cruel to animals? February 2003

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By Amber, 10, Peterhead, Scotland

My brother Owen and I have a hamster and his name is Freddie. Our hamster is a Russian Dwarf hamster which means he is very small !!!
He is grey in colour and has red eyes. His home is a little house inside his own hamster cage. He is very fast at running on his wheel. We feed him hamster food containing mainly seeds and he drinks water when thirsty.
The only problem is he sleeps during the day and comes out at night. I wonder if he is really a vampire hamster! When he comes out at night he makes such a noise on his wheel that we can't get to sleep. But we still love him very much. February 2003

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A Kitten Named Toffee

By Julia, 9, Montgomery, AL, USA

Once upon a time there was a kitten named Toffee. She was the color of Toffee. Because she was a kitten she had a lot to learn. For example, she had to learn how to lap up milk. Toffee had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Their names were Tack, Tommy, To-To, Tabitha, Tessa, and Cara. They were all very nice kittens, but they got in to a lot of mischief. When their owner, Jack, was baking, the kittens jumped in the flour.
They were covered in it! They had to take a bath to get it all off! Jack thought that it was all very funny. After that adventure they never went near the flour again. January 2003

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I Love Monkeys

By A.J, 10, Worcester , UK

M: Most intelligent animal (I think?)

O: Obviously love bananas

N: Number 1 animal for me!

K: Kicking footballs isn't their thing

E: Energetic creatures

Y: Yes, they are cool!

S: So cute! Jan 2003

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By Sophie, 10, Fleet, Hampshire, UK

Ruler of the air
swoops across the skies.
Talons sharp as swords bared
ready to catch its prey.

Grey wings glisten like silver in the sunlight
as it flies between canyon walls.
Defenceless prey it spots.
Swooping down it claims its prize.


The great king of the sky shoots up.
Like a silent firework it flies to safety.
Gliding across the rocky mountains
like tumbleweed caught in the wind. Jan 2003

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The Bear Rap!

By Alex, 10, Worcester, UK

Hey you! You out there!
Tell me who gave you permission to stare!
Huh! Huh!

First Bear:

In case you people are unaware
we've got a bad reputation and really don't care!
About the way you think and anything,
cause the bears do exactly what they want anyway!
So there! So there!
(Repeat but don't put in the two so there's! Same with the other solos)


Don't mess! With the bears!
Don't mess! With the bears!
Don't mess! With the bears!
We got a bad reputation and we just don't care! Don't mess!

Second Bear:

Take it from me it's not a pretty sight
to be nose to nose in the middle of the night!
With a big fat bear and his claws in the air!
And if he slumbers then you better beware!
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! (Repeat)


Third Bear:

You may be wondering why we're here
but our story's oto nasty for your little ears!
We ascaped from prison it's all in the past!
But there's no way were going back behind bars!
No way! No way! (Repeat)

Chorus (Repeat three times)

Last Line: Don't mess! Dec 2002

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Wally the Wombats Life

By Jacinta, 11, Canberra, Australia

Life as a a wombat is interesting. I live in a hole which I had to dig. It took a few days. In my hole I'm protected from rain, sun and humans. Humans are such a nuisance. They want to pat you the whole time. What about some decent food. Okay I live on grass and bugs but they don't have much flavour. Hey I found some nice stuff the other day. Some human must of dropped it I suppose. It was really nice. It was some sort of bread with filling. It was so nice!

I don't have any kids or a wife. Too much work. I have a cool Grandma though she still treats me like a kid, gives me my favorite sweets every week. My mum's okay she dosen't go poking around in stuff I don't want her to. Dad's good as well. He helped me dig my hole.

Some new people have just bought the land. They brought some horses with them. Gee I hate horses! Always in your way! They've got the life. Humans feed them and if they want a bit extra they just have grass. It's not fair! They have one bit of respect. Thumping around like lunatics while I'm trying to sleep. Gee I hate it!

Well I suppose I better go get my dinner and go to bed now. See ya soon. Bye.

THE END (August 2002)

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Leo Lion's Reward

By Tia, 8, New Mexico, USA

One day Leo Lion was taking a walk when he heard a cry.
“Help!” it said.
He looked across the river. There he saw Jack the mouse.
“Help!” the mouse cried again.
Leo jumped in the river and jumped in front of Jack.
“What’s going on?” asked Leo.
“ There’s a snake after me.” Jack said.
“Get on my back.” Said Leo.
Jack climbed on the mighty lion’s back when they ran into Snap the Snake. The mouse hid in the Leo’s mane.
“Where’s the mouse?” The snake hissed.
“No! Leave him alone! He didn’t do anything to you.” Said Leo.
“ I know that,” said Snap. “But I’m hungry!” “So!” said the lion, “Eat something else,” said Leo.
“Like what?” asked Snap.
“Like fruit.” said Leo, picking a piece of kiwi from the tree. “Mmm” said the snake “ Thank you! I’m sorry I chased you.”
“It’s Ok,” said Jack.
Leo, Jack and Snap all sat underneath the tree and shared some fruit together. (June 2002)

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