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Great escape stories from Hamilton, Ohio

  I think Sir Dylan escapes by... After he escapes...

From Laura of Holcombe Rogus, UK, age 6

putting the benches on top of each other and then puts his hands on the rings and pulls himself up to the window and climbs through the broken bars. He runs and runs until he is safe.
From Ben of Rooksbridge, UK, age 11 getting through the broken window by hanging on the rings that are joined to the wall. He goes back to where he lives.
From James of Sedgley, UK, age 9. climbing out of the window. He beheads Lord Sherwood who was outside the castle.
From Freddie of Stroud, UK, age 9 He saw the broom fall over, looked down and saw his stool jiggle, and he saw in a tunnel his old friend Sir Milo beckoning him down into the tunnel and when he got to the end he ended up in the stables. The ostler came running, but Sir Dylan whacked him around the head with the broom and said "Get back, you filthy scum!"

He said "Right, quickly! Out of sight of the castle."
"Wait" said Sir Milo, "there's a tunnel that goes under the hill."
So they went through the tunnel and ended up in the knights' old village.

from Bernard, of Nottingham transforming into a flying lizard. out through the bars he goes, alights gently in a nearby village square, finds a large hollow oak (mediaeval equivalent of a phone booth) and changes back into himself. It takes the gaolers three weeks to realise he has gone. Too late, too late. Sir Dylan takes on a new identity as a travelling snakeskin salesman...
from Sharna of Radford, Nottingham, UK, age 9 Sir Dylan climbs up onto the bench and fetches the pot on top of the door. He uses the pot to smash the trap door next to where he is sitting and crawls into the tunnel below. The tunnel takes him to a cave just outside the castle wall. He runs away while Lord Sherwoods knights begin to look for him. He goes to his friends house, Sir Geordie, who lets Sir Dylan stay with him.
Lewis Age 8 Late one night Sir Dylan moves the bench underneath the window. He climbs onto the bench, and puts his hands into the chain holders on the wall, then pulls himself up onto the window sill. He uses the pot (above the door) to smash a hole big enough to squeeze out through. Once outside he runs away from the castle under the cover of darkness and heads towards his own castle far away
from Jack, 9, Radford, Nottingham, UK Sir Dylan gets the broomstick and uses it to push through the door and reaches the big keyring holding the dungeon keys. He pulls the keys into the dungeon and unlocks the door.He ties up Harold, and then puts on his clothes and goes back into the dungeon, pulls out the prisoner in the hole who is his friend and pretends the prisoner is him. He locks the door with his friend inside, and heads for the stables to get a horse He goes to his castle and gets all his men and goes back to attack the castle of Lord Sherwood. He then frees the other prisoner
from Sophie, 9, Radford, Nottingham, UK Sir Dylan moves the chair to the doorway and climbs onto the shelf onto the top of the doorway and wairts for the gaurd to come into the room. He then jumps down and shuts the door so that the gurd is still inside the dungeon. He then begins to escape.from the castle He gets outside the castle and heads off - realises that he might get caught and returns to the castle to change into the knight's armour He then gets a horse from the stables and rides away
from Roxane of Nottingham, age 7 he escaped through the bars on the window he got captured again by the guards and they put him in chains

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