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  I think Sir Dylan escapes by... After he escapes...

Cordelia of New York, USA, age 5

. . training the mouse to get the keys because the mouse could slip out between the bars. Or, maybe Sir Dylan could ask the mouse to sneak up on them, pretend to be their (the guards') pet, and then grab their keys. Then, Sir Dylan would let himself out. He would take the mouse with him.

He runs out and finds his gang. He continues to be bad with his gang.

L.C. of Brisbane, Australia, age 12

Killing Harold with a pen

He grows wings.

Briah of Adelaide, Australia, age 14

killing all the guards with a spoon. he farts in their faces in their last dying moments. then as they take their last breath he kicks them in the guts. then he escapes out of the dungens.

he kills everyone that has more money then him

Marcelus of Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, age 12

he contacts his friends from outside the village and one night they all break into the dungeon and help him escape the evil hands of the lord of medieval times

he gets caught out, again, but the thing is he has a gun so he can shoot the evil before he can touch him.

Amanda of Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, age 11

picking the lock of the door and escaping to his friends and freeing his friends. then they will form an arye to battle the king.

he and his evil friends will form a large band of people and the towns people can help him fight against the king and his armies.

Eric of Cupertino, USA, age 11

Making a sharp blade out of stones and killing the guard by throwing it at him. Therefore, he kills the guard and get the keys freeing himself.

Bodyguards are hired and bounty hunters hunt for him. The reward is $10,000 gold peices

Kristie of Woodside, age 11

He punches out the guards and wears their clothes. He walks out pretending he's a guard.

They catch him and put him in a dungeon forever.

Jonathan of San Jose,CA, USA, age 11

grabbing the rope next to the guard. He lassos the rope around the keys and escapes!

He runs away to his band of thieves, and plans to besiege the tower.

Sean of California, age 11

stacking up the benches, and climbing through the bars in the window.

Sir Dylan meets up eith his gang, and starts making plans to attack Lord Sherwood.

ET of san jose, CA, USA age 11

knocking on the door so that the guard comes down to tell him to sh** up. When the guard comes down he takes the chair and hits him with it. He takes the keys and runs out the door.

He sees many guards, but manages to get away. He then sees his gang outside the castle waiting to attack and rescue their leader. He runs out them, but the guards run out to him and catch him even though his gang is firing at the guards.;

Matt of Saratoga, CA, age 11

yelling that he is hurt. The guard master comes down, and Sir Dylan takes his equipment, locks him in the murky dungeon, and leaves him there.

He finds his gang, plunders the castle, and claims himself king.

Peter of Saratoga, CA, age 11

using a piece of stone as a chisel and makes a hole in the wall and after a long time of making the hole bigger he escapes at night.

He finds gang of outlaws and gathers a small army of outcasts to fight against the king. Him and his threescore band destroy the many soldiers of the king and take over the kingdom.

Jovie of California, age 11

Sir Dylan is sitting on top of what seems to be a heater. Well, If you look carfully there is a hand. He could use the broom to pry the Hole open so he could slip through. Or he could compile the wood and stuff in his cell and go through the bars. He could then make a run for it.

He will go and join his friends in a escapade for gold

Andy of Los Altos, age 10.9

I think he will use his sword to break the bars, and bribe the guard to let him get out.

He escapes freely to his evil band

Jonathan of San Jose,CA, age 11

grabbing his chair and hitting Harold on the head knocking him out. He uses the rope next to Harold, and lassos it around the keys. He brings them back to him, and escapes.

Sir Dylan return to his band of brigands. He gathers a few more outlaws to join him. You see, Sir Dylan knows how gullible the king is, so he gathers his stolen gold and finds a village filled with deadly trained mercanaries. He gathers the best of them, and leads the brigands to a sunlit opening in the Great Forest of Doom. He trains the mercenaries, and pays them one gold piece each. Then, he gathers a bunch of wood, and all the carpenters in his band of outlaws start to make catapults out of the forest wood. A year later, they besiege the castle. Hundreds die on both sides, but Sir Dylan takes the king hostage, and demands a 999,999,999,999 gold ransom, or the king will get sliced into 99 pieces!...

A.G. of Cupertino, age 11

Sir Dylan paces the filthy stone floors of his tiny cell. He hears the benevolent Harold sauntering by, whistling a merry tune. As a man who once led a giant band of evil men who singed the town, he knew many different ways to elude cells.

In Harold's hands was a cheese sandwich, which was deluxe, compared to Dylan's everyday slicce of bread. Ending up in this jail cell opened a Pandora's box for Dylan, for it was futile for his thickheaded men to become victors against Lord Sherman without Dylan.

Dylan had thought about escaping for a year almost. Escaping was always a gordion knot; but he now had a clever plan. Poor Harold had to meet a fate he didn't deserve though. Harold stuck his hand through the bars of the unyeilding door. He grabbed Harold's sandwich, took of one slice of bread, and smashed the grilled cheese into Harold's face. Harold was blinded by the orange gooey food. He wandered around hopelessly.

After a year of fatigue to undergo the poor care which had been given to him by the King, Sir Dylan was free. Harold hurried back into his cell to gather his personal belongings. Then, looking at his cell with scrutiny, for it may have been his last sight of the prison, he noticed a small trap door on the floor. He took a loose brick from the wall and pried it open. Dylan had escaped.

When Dylan escapes, he runs across the enormous green which lies in front of the castle. He happily saunters around. When a guard spies Harold, he sounds a loud monotonous alarm. Harold sprints as fast as he can, with all his energy in his legs. He steals a patroler's horse and gallops out of the area to get to his horde of brigands that have awaited his return for an entire year.

Mariel of San Jose, age 10

He will break through his chains by biting them and sneeking past the gard and the man eating dogs. Then swimming through the shark infested moat. Then by running though the field of killer rabbits. Then run though the snake pit.

He comes home and was ate by his dog because they didn't reconize him.

Alicia of California, age 9

Sir Dylan listened to the jailer's snores. He laughed, shaking with mirth at the man's laziness. "Fool," he muttered and drew the small dagger the people had not thought to find; it was hidden cleverly with a small illusionary spell.

"Trusting clucks; they didn't even use magic," he smirked. Now the idiotic jailer would never see daylight again, as they had condemned him. He laughed a wicked laugh that echoed creepily. Harold the jailer had just enough time to wake to the sound before a dagger was plunged into his neck.

Lord Sherwood awoke, finding a messenger towering above.

"M'lord," he stammered, "Harold the jailer was found dead. Sir Dylan has escaped!"

Those last words echoed in Lord Sherwood's mind even now as he lay in his soft padded bed. He rung a bell, and a maid walked in.


"Elsera, summon my daughter Lucy. And arrange for a dinner with the King."

Lucy walked in. "Father?"

"M'dear, there is a plot. Summon a maid here that is like you and would risk her life for you."

"That would be Nrala," she answered. "She'll come."

L.D. of Saratoga, age 11

digging a hole all the way to the moat that was outside the dungeon.

Then he swam the moat and had to get away from the crocodiles, but one ripped off his leg. Once ouutside, he had to go through many more obstacles before he could get away. He came to a giant sleeping dragon, he what to do, so he went as quietly as possible, and he went past the sleeping dragon. Finally he came to a white beautiful horse, so he decided to take it.

But when he got to the horse, and tried to get on the horse ripped his arm off, and then dissappeared. So now with only one arm and only one leg he started off for his home. But after his encounter with the horse he saw an old nman. The old man asked him it he had anything to eat.

And Sir Dylan replied, No you oaf i only have enough for myself, but if you do want anything what do ya have ter offer (Sir Dylan is a pyrate).

The old man replied that he had nothing to offer but someday soon he would be rich, and he would gives Sir Dylan anything he wanted if Sir Dylan gave him a scrap of food. But Sir Dylan replied, you are an oaf aren't yer. You are no fortune teller, so how would yer know if yer would be rich matey? Aaahhhh yer have nothin' ter say, so why don'y der go and walk the plank!

So with that Sir Dylan went off and left the old "oaf" there to starve. But as he went on he got to a giant forest a giant bear came out. Sir Dylan was about to run away, but the bear appeared to be wounded. The bear asked for some medicine, for his wound, but Sir Dylan said yer a bigger oaf than that there old man, i only have enough medicine fer me, so get!!

And with that he shot the bear and left. As he was reaching home where his family was waiting (that's weird, HE has a family?) any way, he had a wife. So he re met up with the old man, and the old man appeared to be really rich, and the bear was next to him all healed up, and in jewels too.

the old man kills him, and then feeds him to the bear, the old man was his wife in discuise.

Haely of California, age 10

Sir Dylan breathed heavily, his raspy voice echoing through the dungeon. "Oh, I'll get that darn king and that ol' Lord Sherwood if it's the last thing I do." He was hellish, known as a living lethal weapon. He crept up, bound to cause trouble.

He laughed a horrible laugh under his breath, took out his knife and slashed at the metal cuff, which was bound tightly around Harold, the jailer's wrist with the keys dangling from it.

"Free at last," he laughed loudly. The piercing laugh jerked the snoring jalier. He muttered something. Sir Dylan stood frozen to the spot.

He was deep in thought when he shook himself back, finding himself wasting time. But the memory kept irking him, clinging on to his mind. He kept on thinking about those words: "Death will come to summon you...soon"

Andrea of United States, age 12

Sir Dylan kicks at the wall in frustation, and stares in amazement as a secret door opens. He follows the passageway which leads past the gatehouse into the outlying woods.

He lives out his life in discontent, but near after a few years, leads a rebellion.

Rebekah of Mocksville, NC, USA, age 11

going through the vent in the floor. It had a hand grasping one of the bars like it was attempting to open the vent.

Sir Sherwood's men captured and him and the rest of his evil brigade.

Bethany of Warsaw, IN, age 10

I think that Sir Dylan will escape by the secret passage way or by putting the stool then climb on the stool and climb out the window and go to the enemy's castle and gather anarmy and attack Lord and Lady Sheerwood.Then take over the castle.

Luke of Lesotho, Africa, age 7

Digging a tunnel to the moat

He captures the princess and holds her ransom

Meagan of Illinois, USA, age 12

Taking the broom stick and opening up the thing below him.(sewer) Then he can sneek back!!

He gets free, then when he trys to attack gets caught again!

Meagan of Hampshire, UK age 12

Sir Dylan escapes from the dungeon by finding a loose brick in the wall, then he makes the hole a lot bigger and goes though it. the hole leads to a sewer where he safely escapes without being seen.

When he escapes he goes to join his friends and family and never bothers anther peorson

Simon of Ilkeston, Derbys., UK, age 13

using magical powers of teleportation

they have a big magical fight and sir Dylan gets captured

Alex of Nottingham, UK, age 12

First he scratches himself till he's sore, then he takes the saw and cuts the bench in half. Two halfs make a whole, so he shouts till he's hoarse then he crawls through the hole, jumps on the horse and rides away.

He rides away, takes part in the tournament and wins, marries Maid Marian and lives happily ever after.

Kendle of Hampshire, UK, age 9

the hole in the dungeon. Under where Sir Dylan sat was a hole with bars. Beneath him he saw it and decided to excape fastly. He used only the simple things that he had there in the dungeon. He removed the stool and quickly went to work on his excape. He pulled up the boards which were loose.

He went to town. Packed up and moved out.

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