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  I think Sir Dylan escapes by... After he escapes...

Elizabeth, aged 10, Virginia

Sir Dylan heard a sound. It sounded metallic. He looked down, down into the grating. "Hello, Noble sire," Coughed a wheezing, panting old man. "I know you don't like it down here, so I will get you out, if..."
"If what?" questioned a slightly irritated Sir Dylan.
"If you will help me."
Thinking this might be a plot like his own, he agreed. When he started down, he heard Sir Francis asking someone else if he thought that the dungeons were next to them, because he thought he heard an escape plan...
"you fool," hissed
Sir Dylan, as he climbed back up, knowing that no one had any proof of a plot.
But when a man came in to give him food, Dylan yanked him in the cell, and made his escape. He ran softly down the corridors, not
frightened, for he knew them well. He got outside.

He got with his band, and they decided to kidnap the Lady's daughter.
Then, they caught her outside, and she was captured. But then an amazing thing happened. Dylan fell in love with the Lady's daughter! Then, she hit him on the head, HARD. He fell, and she
put pressure on his neck, making him unconscious. and then she escaped (she being extremely agile, found this easy) she told her
father, and poor old Dylan was caught again, this time
in a cell which was heavily guarded.

aged 9

..Sir Dylan's friend is under the prison bench and Sir Dylan escapes through the waste sewer

aside from stinking REALLY BAD, Sir Dylan and his friend get stuck in the sewer and every time someone uses it, they... well, you know! and people can hear voices from the toilet.

Kyla, aged 10, Boston Bar

Sir Dylan gets a mouse to climb up the door and through the window of the dungeon to the guard that has the key so that he could open the door and escape.

He had stolen a horse so that he could ride away. After a while he came to a forest and he made a little hut so he could live there for the rest of his life. And he did.

aged 8,

.... breaking one of the shackles from his wrist and breaking the vent in the floor.
One of his men comes up through the vent in the floor and tells the jail keeper he is the king.
Sir Dylan gets the broom and hits the jail keeper over the head when he comes into the jail cell.

He gets his men and forms an army. They break into the castle weapon room.
They capture the castle and burn it to the ground.

 Alison, aged 9, Texas

 He gets the stool to stand on and climbs through the broken bar in the window.


 Gets back with his followers and plans a plot to kill the king, but before they get to the castle, the king discovers that Sir Dylan has escaped and sends his knights to capture him. The knights capture Sir Dylan and his men and throw them back in the dungeon.

Heather, aged 9, NC

Breaking the tiny bars on the floor. He starts to dig out from under ground!

He tries to run, but wait isn't there a moat? Yes there sure is! Goodbye Sir Dylan.

Andy, aged 8, Queensland, Australia

He ran while the guard opened the door.

He put on a wig so no one will recognise him.

Bradley, aged 4, Omaha

he could climb up on top of the castle and jump down. And he could run back to home

he goes home and lies on his bed!

Ashley, aged 12

dragging the bench to the wall under the window, climbing on it, climbing onto the rungs, forcing the window bars open , and jumping out the window!

He jumps onto jagged rocks and is killed.

Janice, aged 9, USA

..Sir Dylan can use the bench to break the sewer door on the floor. He can swim through the pipes and escape.

..he fought Lord Sherwood and lost, but because Sir Dylan fought so well, Lord Sherwood knighted him and he became a faithful and loyal knight.

Kayla, aged 10, Florida

lifting the vent in the floor and going through the tunnels to the outside and sneaking past the guards to safety

he will steal some food and a sack to put the food in steal a horse and look for his group

Natalia aged 16, Mt Isa

...He gets the other stool, puts it on the other stool and breaks the iron bars with the pot or broom then he could put his feet in the iron rings and gets out.

he drowns in the moat

Amy, aged 11, Wood River

Disguising himself as a person that is royal, says he is going to go on a walk,
then he runs far away and escapes

He meets up with the dragon from the castle and has to go back to
the dungeon, and he is still thinking of a plan.

Michael, aged 7, Liverpool

climbing down a rope, from the window

Gets captured

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