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Secret Passage Finders
Hall of Fame

(well, they found at least one end, anyway!)

Jackson, 11, of Australia

Garrett, 15, Texas, USA

Andrew aged 10, from Waterloo, Ont., Canada

Byron of Lincoln, UK, age 7

Christopher of cleveland, age 6 Sir Dylan escapes down the secret passage and running away. He runs out of the passage and finds himself just beyond the forest near the enemy's castle
Elizabeth of Australia, age 17   Steals a horse from the stables and makes his escape into the forest where he finds a gang of uncouth peasants whom he trains to be warriors. They then lead a rebellion against the lord of the castle. He than gets caught again imprisoned and stands trial.He is found quilty and is then hung drawn and quartered as punishment and warning.
Betty aged 10 from Salem   he commits more crimes then is recaptured and hung
Luke, 13, of Sunderland .. The evil sir Dylan, gets very bored in the dank and dingey dungeon and soon falls asleep . But while he is sleeping...(part withheld so you have to find the tunnel yourself!) ...which in turn leads to a small crack in the outer wall. From here he runs through the castle grounds and into the sun dappled shade of the (conveniently placed ) forest. He reunites with his band of brigands and opens a seaside cafe in Scunthorpe.
Brittany aged 8, from Florida sneaking out through the secret passage that is....(location withheld) sir dylan will get all the way to the woods through the secret passage so he will not get caught.
Lyndsey, 9, Simcoe .. Sir Dylan will find a secret door underneth his bench which has a [location withheld] then he will find it and the secret door will open up, and he would escape! A page will find him right before he escapes the castle's walls, and put him in a celler with just a candle for light and warmth.
Michael aged 7 from New York the secret passage *********. He will ****** then run out of the castle. Sir Dylan would do his evil things again and capture the king.
Mike Armstrong of Sydney, Australia, age 13 Going through the secret passage. Or by putting the broom through the rings on the wall. Then climbing out the window if he can He could run to his band of brigands and then build up an army. When it is strong he could storm the castle
Marc aged 9 from Manchester pushing [the entrance to the secret passage] he hides in disguise forever

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