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  I think Sir Dylan escapes by... After he escapes...

Cody, aged 9, Alpine, CA, USA

He is going to try to escape by having a pick so he can pick the lock and he'll escape. Than he will sneak past the key keeper and try to tackle a guard and he'll take his clothes and be disguised as a guard so he will look like a guard.

When he tries to escape a different guard doesn't recognize him so he gets caught and he stays in jail for the rest of his life.

 Gabriel, aged 6, Angleton

 He escapes by climbing on the benches, putting his feet through the rings and climbing out the window.

 The guard is killed

 Jamie, aged 10, Warninglid, UK

we think there's someone under the bars who pushes them up and slides down a tunnel outside the castle.

He runs into the forest and was never seen again

 Jesse, aged 10, Calgary, Canada

 going crazy and breaking through the wall

 he gets caught and gets stabbed

 Kandice, aged 9, Courtland

 he gets caught and gets stabbed

 the guards catch him

 Amy, aged 7, Manchester, UK

 climbing on the bench, helping himself up with the rings for his right chains and forcing his way through the broken bars.

 He waits until it is dark and everyone in the castle is asleep, then he slips on his sneaking shoes and tip-toes past the guards.

Kayla, 11 One morning the guard came to give Sir Dylan his food.Sir Dylan pretended to be asleep.The gaurd tried to wake him up.When he did Sir Dylan scared the guard.The gaurd fainted and Sir Dylan escaped through the front gates. He left town and they never found him.
John, 7, New Jersey, USA Sir Dylan could escape from the dungeon by escaping through the window. Or sneaking past the Laaazzzyyyy guard. He will get caught and tortured
Tim of New Jersey, USA, age 13 By getting the rat on the stool, and kill it, and use the blood to look like he's dying. Then the guard will come, and see what's wrong. Then, he will grab the pot above the door, and smash the guard. Then, he'll run away with the broom. He makes out fine
Jesse of Potomac, USA, age 3 . climbing through the window he gets to go free and he marries the princess and he becomes the new king, even though he is a bad guy.
Raquel, 9, Chula Vista, CA, USA digging his way out past the guard while he is asleep. he reaches his friends & gets away.
Corey of Cardinal, age 9 Climbing on the bench and trying to jump up to the rings to climb to the window. He shall run away, far far away.
Bob of New York, age 8 taking extra butter with his rolls at dinner time, so he slips out the bars kills Sir Sheerwood.
Casey of Toronto, Canada, age 10 Taking the pot that is over the door and smash the crakcs in the wall and dig your way out with the pot! And when you get out turn left and you will see a hole in the wall!! Join the peasants
Chloe aged 10, Holmfirth, UK making a tunnel He becomes a smuggler, gets rich then dies on the way to America.
Jesse aged 7 from Louisiana, USA I think he can make his way of escape out of the window. He is finally free & no one has caught him
Jack of NY, age 12 piling up the two benches and pulling himself up on the two handcuff things. As he slips out the barred window, the mouse's loud squeaking wakes the guard. He remembers to feed the prisoner and opens the door to the cell. He is greatly surprised and calls the other guards. The royal hounds track him down! Poor Sir Dylan!
Rebecca of Higbee, age 11 I think him and one of the gaurds were friends and he talked his friend into getting him out. He ran away and is living on animals and rivers
Mike McNett of Il., age 12 First you need a plan to get out. Their are all kinds of plans on how to get out. Take Sir Dylan's, he got out by make half of the castle make war with the other half of the castle. First he needed a rock, a stick, & 1/2 of foot of string. He shoots the rock at one person & sticks the sling-shout on the other guy. One guy says who shout that & he says he did it he checks his self & finds the sling-shot.  
Cordelia of New York, USA, age 5 training the mouse to get the keys because the mouse could slip out between the bars. Or, maybe Sir Dylan could ask the mouse to sneak up on them, pretend to be their (the guards') pet, and then grab their keys. Then, Sir Dylan would let himself out. He would take the mouse with him. He runs out and finds his gang. He continues to be bad with his gang.

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