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  I think Sir Dylan escapes by... After he escapes...
Nicholas aged 10 from Ontario, Canada ...he could pretend he is sick than the dungeon keeper would come and open the door and then Sir Dylan could punch the dungeon keeper in the head and RUN away!!!! . he gets caught by a squire and then taken back to a jail cell with no doors no windows and no food after that the squire get knighted!!
Kevron aged 10 from Canada By calling the guard and making noise and the guard comes and Sir Dylan got a stick and whacked him on the head. Sir Dylan grabbed the keys, unlocked his cell and escaped. Sir Dylan came into the courtyard and came out of Kids' Castle and rejoined his band. Sir Dylan and his band took over Kids' Castle and put the Lord and King in the dungeon.
Zoe aged 11 from Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK It was a dark night and no-one was outside, the guard had forgotten to lock the door so Sir Dylan escapes and runs out of the castle gates. When the guards find out it's to late and no-one can find him. They find another prisoner.
Adrian and Nigel of Australia, age 10 ...stepping on the bench and taking the pot from the shelf. He then makes as if he is dying. Then waits for the guards to come in and investigate. Then knocks them over the head with the pot and then runs out the door. ... ... never to be seen again.
Brittany of Australia, age 8 I think Sir Dylan can put the stools on top of each other stand on them with the broom hit the old bars away. Then but his feet through the rings on the wall to help him get higher and then slip through the window. Or he could go through the secret passage but it looks like someone is down there and he won't know where it ends up. Sir Dylan escapes for a while but is soon recaptured.
By Abby, 11 While Harold the Jailer is sleeping, he could put his hands through the crack in the window, and grab the keys from the jailer. After that. he has to make sure that no one in the Guardroom is looking, and he's out until someone finds him and puts him back in jail. He will get a job and make lots of money for his job. He gets a haircut and looks really cute! he marries a beautiful woman named Britney. Britney Jean Spears Lancelot. Lord Sherwood and his Lady will be thrown in the dungeon for cheating in the tournaments. It is now Lord Dylan Lancelot and Lady Britney Lancelot.
Stephen of Kent, in England, age 6 ...climbing up onto the shelf, he waits until a guard comes in then he whacks the guard on the head with the bucket. Then he climbs down from the shelf and he climbs to the window and he squeezes though the bars. He grabs all the weapons from the guard house and he runs and he gets a boat from the bank of the moat. Then he gets to the drawbridge and smashes it and throws it away. He rows over the moat in the boat and escapes.
Jak, aged 9, Kenmore He bashes down the door with the bench then hits all guards with the bench that try to stop him. ... . . He takes one of the knocked out guard's clothes as a disguise to escape then uses the guards weapons to commit murders
Kate of Brisbane, Australia, age 12 Standing on the bench he is sitting on and reaches the metal rings, the pulls himself up out of the window, into freedom!! When Sir Dylan has escaped, he is not captured again,but lives for a few days as a kitchen hand, then escapes with the garbage.
Flea of Gold Coast, Australia Hiding on the shelf above the door, Sir Dylan knocks out the jailer with the iron pot as he is about to be fed Taking the keys from the jailer he frees the rest of the prisoners, to fight their way to freedom. They all lived happily ever after.
Stephanie of Mt Kilcoy, age 12 Dragging the chair over to below the window then putting the seat on the chair then putting his feet in the cuffs then bending back the broken bar slides out He runs to the forest and is seen never again by the castle
Libby of Adelaide. Australia, age 13 Fart and then the walls will fall down. Jump in a lake and drown
Charise aged 12 from Boston Bar Finding a secret passage in the ground. Once he got down there he got stuck in the secret passage and died.
Jake, 11, from Sunderland, England Ask Harold for some more food when he comes in Sir Dylan should knock him out with his stool grab the keys and then run out of the Dungeon. He should run along the passage and up to the tower sneaking past all of the guards. He should jump of the tower land in the moat and swim to safety. He ran into the woods and had a party with his men it lasted all night.

Lloyd of Canada, BC, age 10

I think he uses a file to cut through the bars and climbs out the bars and ran away... the guards start to chase him but he got away!
Jarrod of Boothroyd, BC, Age 10 Using the bench to climb up onto the shackles. Then from there he bends the bars and climbs out of the window He has to fight all of the guards to get away. He defeats them all and lives happily ever after outside the jail.
Dustin of Boston Bar, B.C., age 10 He grabbed a stick and poked the stick threw the bars and grabbed the keys and carefully pulled the keys to him and opened the door and ran out door. He ran away. He never got put in jail again.
Broan of Sunnybank Hills, aged 9

We will get the keys for him and let him out.

We will take him where it is safe.
Danya of Boothroyd, BC, Canada age 10 I think Sir Dylan escapes by finding a bench and he gets on and then he sees a metal box and putting it on the window and he breaks the bars then he grabs a rope and gets out. Then he goes to see his family and the cops are at his house and the cops catch him so he goes back to jail.
Ariel of Alexandria, VA, age 9 and a half Sir Dylan used the two benches stacked one on top of the other to reach the window. He used the broom to pry open the loose bars and out he went. He was caught and re-arrested. He was then put in a dungeon with no windows and no benches and no hay to lie on.
Brianna of Australia, age 10 ..standing on what he is sitting on now, pulling himself up by the handcuff like things and squeezing through the window. when he has escaped he should run as far away from the castle as possible and never go back there.
Tracy aged 10 from Australia Noticing the escape tunnel entrance behind him. It takes him to the chapel where he hides until dark. He disguises himself as a knight and wins the tournament.
Karen aged 10 from Australia By below his chair in the drain pipes or by the window he makes his plans and robs again
Shawn & Steven of Boston Bar, age 10 /12 when the guard comes down Sir Dylan grabs the broomstick and pokes the guard in the eye with the broomstick. Then he grabs the keys with the broom stick unlocks the door and then leaves. then he kicks one of the guards in the head steals his money and his clothes.
By Fred and Nicola from class 4r, Tunbridge Wells, aged 8 getting a crocodile to frighten the person who has the keys to the dungeon,taking the keys to unlock the dungeon door then the crocodile snaps the chains and sets Sir Dylon free.  
Kayliegh of Boston Bar, age 12

He opened up his armor and inside was a small key this was not an ordinary key it could open up any cell door from the inside or in his case any jail door. The bell rang for the guards to go have supper "It's about time!"said one of the guards,"we haven't had a bite to eat for days, guarding this dimwit!"said as the guards while they walked away laughing,

"I'll show you who's a dimwit!"shot back Sir Dylan he opened the jail door and ran out the castle gates free to steal from the guards again.

He gets caught again and is sentenced to death next spring

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