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Great escape stories from St Julie Billiart School, Hamilton, Ohio

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By Maria, 11

Sir Dylan is trapped in a dungeon, will he get out? He was in the dungeon was because of his breaking the law. He rode his horse faster than five hundred trots and hour. The king made this law to enforce the safety of all of the people in his kingdom. Sir Dylan did not purposely break the law, but he was in a rush to get the anniversary party for his mother. He never made it there because one of the guards caught him going one trot over the limit. He knew that he would be punished for his crime, but ninety years in prison seemed a bit too harsh.

He was always looking for was to escape, but could never find a way. He couldn't break out because the walls are made of mortar. One day he heard the guards talking about different places in the castle. Sir Dylan was sure this would be the information he would need to figure out his escape plan. He heard the guards say where the rooms are, how to get there, and when the guards in that area go to sleep. He heard them say that most of the guards go to sleep at ten o'clock p.m. every night. The guards in the gatehouse, kitchen, guardroom, and stable also go to sleep at that time. If he can find a way to get from the dungeon to the drawbridge using only those rooms before six o'clock a.m. he'd be in luck. He figured that if he left the dungeon and went west to the stables, then continue west again to the guardroom, south to the gatehouse, south again down the drawbridge, and go at least a mile away in any direction so he would be out of view of the fluttering flag that was hanging from the machicolations, he would permanently be out.

The next day he slept during the daylight hours on his embroidery blanket, for he knew a long, harsh night was ahead of him. At ten thirty p.m. he made his plans to escape. After he arrived at the door he awoke the guard and the guard then tripped over a broom, and landed flat on a royal piece of tapestry with a code of arms printed on it. Sir Dylan then grabbed his keys and unlocked the door. He ran as fast as he could through one door unlocking the next, but the head guard gained cautiousness and saw him. He knew he was seen, but thought if he could make it this far he wouldn't give up, not yet anyway. He finally made it to the drawbridge, but it wasn't long before the guards were catching up.

He ran into the near-by-dense forest, and he climbed up a tall, redwood tree. The guards were looking everywhere for him, but no matter what they did they could not find him. After an hour-long search the guards gave up their search for they didn't want to miss the jousting event, still to this day he has not been discovered.

Sir Dylan

by Jana, 11

There once lived a man named Sir Dylan. He lived in a royal castle and had numerous servants that attended on him. The lords and the ladies of the castle thought that he was very spoiled and harsh to all his servants. So they decided to try to teach him a lesson. The lords and the ladies of the castle spied and snooped about to see if he was doing anything against the royal laws. One day a young page saw him break a royal rule and told all the lords and ladies of the castle. They informed Lord Sherwood and he imprisoned him. Some of the lords and ladies of the castle felt ashamed and others felt happy about what they did. Sir Dylan spent weeks and weeks in dungeon and he had to wear old, ratty clothes that only pheasants and servants wore. Although at that time when royal kings, , and knights committed a crime they were supposed to stay in a nice room and wait for one of their friends to pay the king and judge so they could get out instead of staying in the dungeon but since the lords and ladies were so disgusted by what he did they put Sir Dylan in the dungeon because of the rule he broke. One day he looked over at Harold the jailer and he looked very tired he hoped that soon he would fall asleep.

Some how he would have to find a way to escape. He saw a long pole and some tar. Harold the jailer was a cross the room and he had the key in his hand and was falling asleep. Then Harold moved and the key went across the floor. Now he just might be able to get it. He rolled the pole in the tar and slowly stuck the pole and picked up the key and he was free from the horrid dungeon.

As Sir Dylan raced up the dungeon staircase he saw a numerous amount servants and cooks. He thought to himself "Why is there so many?" Then he remembered that today was the day of the Great Feast. As many of the servants and cooks left the room he saw a chef hat and apron; he hurried and put it on. Just as he was ready to leave the room everyone came back in. He had to turn the boar on the spit and take the hot bread out of the oven. It was getting very hot in the kitchen. Then the town square clock struck noon and all the food was ready as every one of the cooks and servants left the room to wait on Lord Sherwood in the main hall.

Sir Dylan hurried out of the kitchen and had to think of were to go next. He saw a door that said "Servants only". He went in the door and decided to go left, as he followed the long hallway he came to another door he opened the door and saw that he was outside.

A short, skinny man came up to him and yelled at him for being late to walk the hounds. Sir Dylan didn't really know what to do. So he followed the man to a small little room beside the stables and took a long piece of leather with miniature hound dogs on the end. The little man told him to walk them for and hour and then come back and feed the horses.

Afterward he was commanded to go inside and clear the dishes from the Great Feast. When Sir Dylan got back inside he did what he was told to and was extremely exhausted and decided to sit down and started to think about how hard it was for him to do so many things one after the other continuously. "What have I done?" said Sir Dylan," I should go tell all my servants and cooks that I am sorry that I have commanded them so much."

Sir Dylan got up and ran to the main hall to go talk to the priest at the Great Feast. He asked for forgiveness and said he would now live a new life of helping others. The priest agreed and said," Go to Lord Sherwood, the judge, the lords and the ladies, your cooks and servants and tell them what you just told me." He agreed and told everyone what he did. The lords and ladies were happy to see that he learned a lesson and they decided that he had spent long enough in the dungeon and he wouldn't have to go back to that dreadful place.

Now Sir Dylan is considered one of the nicest and most considerate men in the world.


by David. 11

Sir Dylan was an enemy to Lord Sherwood. Sir Dylan was captured by Lord Sherwood's men and thrown into prison and for days he lived on very little food and water. One day Sir Dylan had an idea. Sir Dylan saw some straw on the floor and he thought he could make a broom with it.

Sir Dylan took a stick and put it around the straw and he hid the broom. Sir Dylan started planning for his escape. He first decided to search the walls around him. Sir Dylan was about to give up when he found a loose brick in the wall.

Sir Dylan pulled the brick out of the wall and a mouse popped out and Sir Dylan chased the mouse around the dungeon until he finally caught it.

Sir Dylan took a piece of his coat and attached it to the mouse's neck. This was Sir Dylan's symbol for him and his brigands. Then Sir Dylan put the mouse back through the hole and Sir Dylan started thinking about how to get out.

Sir Dylan remembered about the broom he hid and he tried to make the hole bigger but the broom broke. Sir Dylan leaned against the wall and found a secret passage and then Sir Dylan then went through the dark, slimy, and stinky hole. When Sir Dylan came out of the secret passage he started running towards the guardhouse to get weapons.

When Sir Dylan arrived at the guardhouse there was an archer awake and he started chasing Sir Dylan and Sir Dylan started running. Sir Dylan started running from the archer and while he was running he tried to get through the market stalls. When Sir Dylan got through the market stalls he arrived at the tournament. Their Sir Dylan had to run by squires who were trying to get the knight's armor on. When Sir Dylan arrived at hawks and falcons he set it on fire and there were lots of hawks and falcons flying around and chirping. (Hawks and Falcons is where hawks and falcons are bred by humans for messengers)

Sir Dylan quickly started running towards the right wall where he thought he could hide and when Sir Dylan arrived he saw that there weren't any guards on duty so he rested. Sir Dylan was sitting against the wall when part of it popped out and then Sir Dylan went through the hole.

When Sir Dylan came out of the castle he saw his brigands with the little piece of his coat he put around the mouse's neck.

Sir Dylan and his men then headed towards their hideout and when Sir Dylan and his men arrived they started talking about the surprise attack they were going to start. For the next five days Sir Dylan and his men were planning the attack. The next day Sir Dylan and his men left for the castle and when they arrived at the castle they went through the secret passage in which Sir Dylan escaped.

Sir Dylan and his brigands came to the end of the tunnel and Lord Sherwood's men were waiting for them. They were captured quickly and put into the dungeon. This is the story of Sir Dylan.


By Ryan, 11

Sir Dylan sat in the dudgeon and thinks how he could escape then he remembers the lose bricks on the wall behind him.

He picks up the biggest item in the room and threw it at the lose bricks ''Boom" and the bricks fell. The guard that was on duty herd a noise and came running the guard opened Sir Dylan's door but Sir Dylan garbed his broom and hit the guard in the head which knocked him out. He was all only now so he garbed the guard's weapons and closed his cell door so other guards won't know that some thing had happened.

He started down the secret passage it was to dark so he had to go back up to find a torch so he could go through the dark secret passage .

It didn't take long because there were torches every where. When he made it back to his cell he find that a other guard was there so he pulled out his soared and hit the guard on the head knocking the guard out.

Now with a torch he continued through the secret passage, he finally made it to the other end out of the castle where he ran off in to the forest.

Later the guards woke up and sounded the alarm the king sent his royal knight to see what the alarm was about.

The royal knight came back to the kings great tower and said ''that Sir Dylan had escaped ''the king said'' how '' ''by the secret passage my king'' '' you fool find him or you will be put in the dungeon''. The royal knight sent all his guards to find Sir Dylan but they never found him. The royal knight and Sir Dylan were never found again.


Sir Dylan's Escape

By Jennifer, 12

Sir Dylan looks around the dungeon wondering if he will ever get out of this place. Sir Dylan had been in the dungeon for more than three years now, still trying to figure out how to get out of the dungeon. He was put in the dungeon for disobeying the king, but he was standing up for what he believed. That is how Sir Dylan was put in the dungeon.

Over the three years, Sir Dylan had taken the place of the guard's friend, the king. The guard and Sir Dylan talked every day ever since Sir Dylan had been in the cell.

In the first place the guard never really liked the king because the king was mean to him very often. One day Sir Dylan was talking to the guard and they were talking about how sick and tired they were of being in the dungeon area every day.

"Well, to tell you the truth I dislike this job very much. We can work together and think up a plan to escape the king and his guards. I think we could do it very easily." said the guard.

The next day for exercise the guards let the prisoners go jousting, which was great fun for Sir Dylan. While they were jousting a couple of the guards went up to the gatehouse to talk to the guards about something. All of the sudden they heard loud bangs and crashes. The prisoners had gotten into a huge fight.

After breaking up the fight the guards were so tired they had to go rest in the guardroom.

After resting in the dungeon Sir Dylan and the Guard thought up a plan.

"Well, to get us out of here we are going to have to dress you up as an animal of some sort, something like a small horse that I shall ride away and never be seen again. First of all we have to work this plan to be able to ride off and never be seen again."

"How are you going to work this plan?" asked the guard.

"Well I'm not very sure about that yet, but hopefully I'll figure something out sometime soon." says Sir Dylan.

"Great," Sir Dylan thinks in his head, "one more escape to think about. Although I have another head to help me think."

As Sir Dylan is sitting in the dungeon, once again thinking about a plan, he comes up with an idea to dress up as an old beggar with a horse trying to receive food from someone by begging, but he would be sent out by the king without even having to get past the guards to get inside.

Sir Dylan dresses up as an old beggar and dresses the guard up as the old horse, the guard unlocked the cell and they cut through Bleak Tower, Royal Apartments, kitchens, chapel, Great Hall, and the stables to get to the king's throne, being very proud of themselves of course, and talk to the king.

"Your Majesty, if you would kindly enough spare my horse and I some food we would be so very thankful." says Sir Dylan.

"NO, out of my castle, who even would dare to disobey me and let an old beggar off the streets inside my castle? Guards take them away!"

The guards took them away and they were never seen again. Sir Dylan changed his name to Tom Weisel and was never caught. He married Marsha Bute Weisel had three children, Thomas, Mary, and Korena. Tom Weisel lived a happy life with a good job as a blacksmith. He moved to a different town where he had many good friends who were loyal and trusting just as the guard. Inside Sir Dylan's heart his friendship with the guard was everlasting, and he never forgot the guard. Every now and then he would send the guard a letter or get one from the guard hoping one day they would see each other again and renew their everlasting friendship.


By Abby, 11

Sir Dylan sees the keys in Harold the Jailer's pocket, but while Harold slept, he grabbed the keys out of his pocket and darted out of the dungeon as soon as he could! But as he went through some of the most dangerous tunnels, he had made it past the kitchen, and through the chapel so the priest didn't see him. Sir Dylan couldn't believe how far he had gone! He just had to make it past the hall and through Lord Sherwood's room. "Wait", he thought. "Today is the day of the Great Feast." He wouldn't get caught by anybody! But he did.

He got caught by Lord Sherwood and his two guards. The guards took him by the wrist and he was back in the dungeon again. "SLAM!" The door was shut so hard that it shook Sir Dylan. "Now what am I going to do?" He thought to himself. " What other ways can I get out of here? There has to be some way to get out of here. Wait!" He knew that he could pull the bars apart so that he could make it out. But it would be too small for him. " I could go through the Great Feast room, disguise myself as a servant and then I'll be through the dangerous parts."

He went to the servants' quarters were, grabbed some clothes out of the room and he ended up wearing what a cook would wear!

"Wait! I can't wear this! I'm supposed to look like a servant! Not a cook." So he went back in, grabbed a pair of pants, a blouse requested by Lord Sherwood, and now he looked like a servant.

" Good afternoon!" someone shouted.

" Are you talking to me?" Sir Dylan asked. "Yes. Your first job today before the Great Feast will be to get everybody tea and a start on their salad. Then you'll get everybody's coats, and gloves. That will be your duties today."

"Alright" Sir Dylan said. He returned about an hour later with every one of jobs done. As he headed out to the courtyard, something came up on his mind. He thought about his freedom. But then he thought about the other people in jail. He felt very bad about not helping the other people in jail. He ran back to the dungeon, and tried to get his one best friend out, but it was too late. His clothes that was on his friend were laying on the ground.

" But where could he have gone?" Sir Dylan thought to himself. " Someone help! My friend is gone and I can't find him."

Someone came up behind him and told him that he was to be hung before the Great Feast because he was trying to escape just like Sir Dylan. Suddenly, Sir Dylan heard screams, shouts, and laughter where people are usually hung. Sir Dylan ran over to where his friend was being hung. But it was too late. His friend was already beginning to get hung. He could see him looking scared.

Sir Dylan disguised himself to get in. "Ready, Set, Let him drop!"

"NO!" someone shouted from the stands. "Let him go! Let him go or I will go for him. This is my friend I've been with for 8 years and what could he have done wrong?"

"Well, you see, he said that he saw you leave that dungeon so he followed you out and we saw him so we locked him up."

" He couldn't have done this, you shouldn't have to be doing this to him. Maybe he just wanted to walk around and get some exercise."

"Well, I wouldn't call that exercising if he was running away from us to the guardroom. But, I suppose we can give you and him another chance."

"Thank you so much ," Sir Dylan said.

Sir Dylan's Escape

By Andrew, 11

Sir Dylan was a prisoner in the dungeon of a castle but one day he had an idea how to escape. Sir Dylan found a loose rock on the wall and by pulling as hard as he could on the loose rock it suddenly, came crumbling out of the wall. Sir Dylan picked up the rock and hit the lock as hard as he could, the lock suddenly broke and he swung open the door. He snuck up past the Harold the jailer who was asleep at the top of the stairs. Then he ran as fast as he could but he didn't know where he was going.

Sir Dylan found himself in the kitchen. The chefs were then in a ruckus running and screaming there was food flying everywhere as the chickens that were to be cooked had escaped with feathers every where. All the chefs were working hard to prepare that night's dinner. In all the commotion Sir Dylan was confused for the new chef that was going to work there. Then the head chef screamed to Sir Dylan "hurry up and get your apron on we have work to do".

Sir Dylan saw this as a chance to fit in for a while he had to work hard all day. Sir Dylan however did make some mistakes like he burnt three loafs of bread, over cooked a turkey, burnt five pieces of fish, and dropped an entire roast into a pot of cooking oil. Then when the meal was finally prepared he was ordered to present the priest his share of the food, the priest ate his share quickly. Then Sir Dylan rushed back to the kitchen with the priest empty dishes and chicken bones. Next Sir Dylan was sent to deliver a bore at the tournament. After the food was delivered Sir Dylan once again had to hurry back to the kitchen then he was sent to the Lord and Ladies Sherwood Rooms. Sir Dylan was getting tired careering the gigantic feast.

When he finally got there he was recognized by one of the guards and next thing he knew guards completely surrounded him. Sir Dylan then had an idea how to escape the guards. He suddenly charged one of the guards grabbed his sword and jumped out the window. Sir Dylan used the sword to slow him self down by jamming it into the castle wall as hard as he could. He went skidding down the wall until he got to the bottom and landed in a large pile of hay. Sir Dylan then dropped the sword and ran as fast as he could toward the forest. For a whole year after his escape he was constantly on the run from castle guards. When Sir Dylan didn't think he could go on any longer he was surprisingly lucky because the kingdom went to war and during the war Sir Dylan was forgot about completely.


By Tony, 11

Sir Dylan lived in the kingdom of the king and queen all his life all because of a jealous Lord Sherwood. Dylan was the king's only son. The majestic king left the huge kingdom on a voyage to go sign a treaty with the Russians. He left Lord Sherwood in charge of his kingdom. Sir Dylan was greeted with what ever he wished because he was the king's boy. Lord Sherwood then became jealous of Dylan. He thought now was the time to get back at the king. He threw Dylan into the dungeon so he could not get out.

Sir Dylan became very weary and fell asleep and while he was sleeping he had a dream of breaking out of jail and never coming back. When he woke up it was time to fulfill his dream. He saw a broom in the corner and suddenly he had a brilliant idea.

Before the king went to Russia to sign the treaty he had taught his son everything about carving. His father's job was to carve keys to fit in the holes. He saw a knife on a shelf and then he immediately leaped up and grabbed the knife and began to carve the tip. He carved the end of the broom to fit into the keyhole of the door and when he opened the door he saw that all it was is an old, smelly, and very junky closet. He was going to use the bucket and the broom to help him get out of prison. He glanced at the peak of the stairs where a guard was on duty, but lucky for Sir Dylan he was sleeping so he ran back down the stairs. Sir Dylan wanted to get real sneaky so he pushed over the bucket and leaped into the stinky closet. The bucket came crashing down and it made a loud boom! When the big droopy guard came down Sir Dylan hopped out of the closet and cracked the broom over the guard's head.

Sir Dylan found an escape way or a secret passage, but he did not know what it was. He ran through the secret passage then jumped out the other end of the escape route. Sir Dylan had just escaped and so he ran away.

The next week the king came home and asked where his son was? Lord Sherwood said he lost him and the king then knew he was lying because his son loved him very much. The next day the king had Lord Sherwood executed. The next week the king died and the king's son was going to inherit the whole kingdom. The kingdom was going to be in Sir Dylan's hands. He was the greatest ruler ever!

Sir Dylan's Escape

By Matthew, 12

Sir Dylan was a prisoner in the 13th century

He spent many years there in the dungeon. Sir Dylan was going to die there if he did not escape. Finally Sir Dylan picks pocket the guard and found a lock for the secret passage by searching the walls. The passage was dark, but better than prison.

He was creeping down the passage, and saw a guard and started to run. He didn't see the fork in the tunnel and slammed his head into it. When he woke up he looked around and still a little dazed from hitting the passage fork, and there were two different ways to go Sir Dylan thought to himself "left or right left". As he made his way he stopped because he had made his way to the king's room. So he thought he was a dead man for shore. The king never even thought of looking up from counting his money.

The reason was that Sir Dylan had no brigands with him so the king was safe. Sir Dylan just backed up and retraced his steps. That worked perfect until he was their ware he had hit his head on the passages when straight or left, and this time he went to the strait instead of the left. The passage led to the first lines or wall of the castle. The guards, the nobles, and the squires were always in this part of the first mall because of the guardhouse.

Sir Dylan had to dig a hole in the ground to get to the second wall, and Sir Dylan went to find a hole or a tonal to go thorough. The moat was another problem there were snakes and crocodiles. The Knights of the Round Table look from the guardhouse. The brave knight swung across the painful silver threaded rope, and then he took a ship across the ocean and went to his old home on the other side of the world in Aleutian Island.

By Jason, 12

One day when Sir Dylan was sitting in the dungeon, a man under him told him he could pry open the bars above him with the broom and as he was just about pry open the bars when he heard the guard coming. He quickly pried open the bars, he was only half though he was stuck, Harold the guard walked through the door and he saw him. Sir Dylan's life he pushed with all his might through the opening and he fell down just before Harold caught him!

Sir Dylan hurt his leg from the drop; he grabbed a sleeping guard's uniform as a disguise because he could not run. He walked to the front gate, "Halt", said the guard, Sir Dylan wondered if he was caught when the guard started (slowly) cranking down the gate he quickly ran through the gate.

He wasn't free yet he still had to get passed the sentries, and he almost caught, but the sentries were to slow for Sir Dylan. The king sent out all of his guards to find Sir Dylan. .

The king proclaimed to the rest of the kingdom, "Be on the lookout for a suspicious looking man that has broken out of prison. He is Sir Dylan, he is dressed like a guard!" The people went into a panic. Sir Dylan didn't know was that the guards knew he. He was going to the boarder line when the guards surrounded him and the guards arrested him and put him in the lowest dungeon in the castle. So he never escaped again and he lived so unhappily ever after.

By Dylan, 12

Sir Dylan was sure that he could find away to get out of the dungeon. He had heard that there is a secret Passage to get out of the evil dungeon. He spent days searching the walls to find a way. He was so desperate because the knights were going to burn his house down with his wife and children living in the house. He almost gave up searching anymore, so he laid his head back against the hard wall and thinks of how to escape the dungeon. While he lays his head back he feels a brick moving back. He turns around and is amazed that there is a secret tunnel. He decides that he should go through the tunnel and see what is on the other side of the mysteries tunnel. While he is half way through the tunnel he meets a knight that protects the entrance to the outside of the castle. Sir Dylan fights for his freedom he is winning and wins the fight he is set free and gets to his family just in time to tell them to run away from the knights that are going to burn there house do

The family frantic to gather their belongings and run away from the knights. Sir Dylan's family never returns again to the ugly house.

Sir Dylan's Escape

By Matt, 12

What a lucky day for Sir Dylan he has found a note that Sir Robert left that said that there was a secret door and he had left that night while Sir Dylan was asleep. And now he had found the exit, and he is going to finally get out of that horrible dungeon and escape. He didn't even deserve to be punished in the first place, Sir Pat had accused him of hiding his gold but Sir Dylan didn't hide his gold but he was going to find out who stole the gold.

The guard is asleep and Sir Dylan is ready to escape. Sir Dylan is looking for the secret button, "there it is," he says. As Sir Dylan walks down the narrow passage he spots a sword and shield laying on a chair, "well I'll just take these," and he so took them. As he walked through the tunnel he started to see a light, and then he saw a door, and after that he feared that the guards were there he cracked open the door and peaked out the door and saw that the coast was clear.

Sir Dylan then went home to his village, he has to go and find the stealer of Sir Pat's gold. When Sir Dylan got to his village he snuck into his house and thought about whom was at Sir Pat's house besides him when the gold was taken. "Oh yeah" he said, "Sir Fred was there, he was looking kind of odd and he was quiet about the whole time." As Sir Dylan walks to Sir Pat's house he took his lucky charm out and said, "help me to find justice." He finally got to Sir Pat's house and when he got inside he told Sir Pat.

It took them a while but at last they caught Sir Pat and put him in the dungeon and they cleared his name.

The End

By Eric, 12

First he glanced at a pair of indentations he pondered to him this solid stone door passages, then he stole a sword and ran. He thought to himself "I can use this sword and fight back", this way he can escape from the dungeon. Then he ran to the stable, he got on a horse and all of a sudden he heard a large number of voices. "Come out with your hands up! "

As of that "lets go Viper " (the Horse) they quickly leaped out the door, boom! as he plowed through the door

The guards were in shock as they yelped "run". Sir Dylan bolted right past them and out over the horizon "I did it!" he yelled as he galloped into the sunset.

The next day he came to a forest and said "perfect to build on" .

So he took the sword that he stole and hacked at an enormous (big) tree. Swoosh. "Wow" he said, "that was some enormous tree."

After that he piled all of the logs on top of each other. Then he looked all around for some mud, "ah! Here some mud" so he gathered it after he cut up all of the trees Sir Dylan slopped some mud in between the logs done. Sir Dylan lived in the forest happily ever after.

Sir Dylan's Escape

By Corey, 12

Sir Dylan sat thinking how am I going to escape? He thought he could climb out of the arrow slit window but he thought it was too hard to get to the top of the arrow slit window with out falling So he tried to find anything that he could use to try to help chip away any excise stones.

But no, wait, he had remembered hearing of a secret passage way know all he has to do is find it and unloose the lock and he will be out of the dungeon. But oh no, there were two guards at the end of the secret passageway he tried to go past them as quickly when they were not aware of his presence. He found the other secret tunnel and was on his way to freedom.


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