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How safe are you on the net?

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What animal are you? Quiz

If you were an animal which animal would you be? Try our Quiz: what animal are you?

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My Hobbies Crossword (Crisscross puzzle)

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3. English game with bat and ball where players score runs
6. Horses, stirrups, saddles, get the picture?
9. A large musical instrument with keyboard
10. Connect and create - great for finding things out too
11. Get your eyes on those books!
12. A special form of dancing with arabesques and pirouettes
1. Kicking a ball on a big field
2. Strokes in water
3. Where you play electronic games and surf the Net
4. Get those words down on paper
5. American game with bat and ball where players score runs
7. Movement to music
8. A stringed instrument on which you can play folk or spanish or rock

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