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The Diary of Anne Frank Summary

By Jessica , 12, Ashland, Montana, USA

In April and May 1940, Germany and the Nazis invaded the Netherlands. In the summer of 1941, Goering authorized Heydrich to find a final solution to the Jewish question. Heydrich, at the Wannsee Conference, mobilized Nazi bureaucratic support for Final Solution. Then in March 1942, Death camps became fully operational. Before this, the Frank family lived a normal life, Anne went to school, and she could go to movies. But little did they know that all of that was about to change. Their lives would never be the same again. Then on June 12th, 1942, Anne received a diary for her birthday. On July 5th, 1942, Margot Frank, Anne's older sister, got a phone call to report to a death camp and the next day they immediately went into hiding. The Nazis were already in the Netherlands, where they had planned to go, which would make the travel even more dangerous for the Frank family. When they got to the secret annex, they lived there for a few months. When Hanukah came they were all singing and they got caught. Then on August 4th, 1944 everybody that lived in the annex was caught and eventually taken to a death camp. Then on January 6th, 1945, Anne's mother was killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Then in February 1945, Anne Frank and her sister Margot Frank were killed within days of each other. On August 19th, 1980, almost 35 years later, Otto Frank, Anne’s father, died.

The story was about Anne Frank and her family during the holocaust and what they had to go through to try to stay safe. They were assigned to go to a death camp and they didn't want to loose each other so the next day they went into hiding. They went to stay with a woman named Miep. She was German and if they caught all of the jews that were staying with her she would be in trouble. Because Hitler was German and all of the German nazis wanted to kill all of the jews because they were losing the war and they felt like they needed to have power over some thing so they wanted to kill the jews. If they caught them they would all be killed. They would not kill the men because they would use them for slaves. They didn't have any use for the women, children or sick and old people so they killed them. In the beginning when they go into hiding anne thought that they would be able to do all of the things that they used to do before they went into hiding and anne was a kind of loud person so when she found out that they had to be quiet all night and day she knew that that was going to be hard for her and every body started getting mad at her because she was too loud and they thought that they would get caught because if someone heard them they would have to go to a death camp and they would all die so Anne tried to change for every bodys sake including hers because she wanted everybody to like her again because when she was loud nobody liked her but things were going to start to change around there.

On September 15th, 1942, The Nuremburg laws were passed. The Nuremburg laws said that anyone who suffers from an inheritable disease may be surgically sterilized if, in the judgment of medical science, it could be expected that his descendants will suffer from serious inherited mental or physical defects. This meant that you could get sterilized if you had a disease that you could pass on to your children or a disease that was very contagious. It also said that anyone suffering from chronic alcoholism could be sterilized too. Other laws were that you could not go out with a Jewish if you were German because Hitler and the Nazis wanted everybody to be German blood.
(May 2003)

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Character Analysis

By Tina, 13, Lame Deer, Montana, USA

In this paragraph I am going to tell you about different kinds of characters. In this flat character group there you have Sampson and Gregory. Flat groups are when a character never changes through out the story and you always know what is going to happen next with them. They are family of the Capulet’s and they hate the Montague’s because they are enemies to them and that is the same for the Montague’s too. They don’t change through the story because they want to fight and kill off the Montague’s.
The next group is Round character, a character who is unexpected in story like you never know what is going to happen next with them. They are also the opposite of flat characters. A character from the play can be Romeo because he never does the same thing every single scene. He changes his mind many times and he does what ever to get Juliet and he is the main character in this play. Another one is Juliet because she doesn’t do the same thing every time and she also can change her mind about Paris and marry Romeo.
The next one is Objectives. Objectives are things that a character would want to achieve before the end of the novel or play. One character is best but there are others like Romeo. Romeo would want to be married to Juliet and he would want the two families to get along. The next ones are Sampson and Gregory again and they would want to still kill some of the Montagues or at least one of them.
The next group is super objectives and they are what a character would want to see happen that may never be possible again. Like Lady Capulet would go good with this group because she would like to see Juliet to get married before she was fourteen and she would also want he to have a child but that will not be possible because she is turning fourteen in a couple of weeks. The next one that goes best is Montague’s and Capulet because they are the worst enemies ever because they are both rich and they would love to see the other family go down. That is most of the different kinds of character groups that I wanted to talk about because I thought that it would be the best.

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Summary of A Midsummer Nights Dream

By Bret, 13, Ashland, Montana

1-15: Hermia wakes up and looks for Lysander. Lysander said he doesn’t have to stay when he doesn’t love you. What love could have pulled you from my side? Lysander replies the fair Helena is the one I love.

15-68: Helena said that the men don’t like her; they are just playing a game to make her feel bad. Then Hermia said, no your just playing like I’m hurting you so they’ll like you more than me. I think you are stabbing me in the back said Helena. Then Hermia said that she wasn’t stabbing her in the back, but Helena was stabbing her in the back.

68-155: “Helena, I love you,” said Lysander. “Don’t scorn her so,” said Hermia. Helena I love Helena more said Demitrious. Don’t touch you me you ugly Helena. “Why do you steal my man,” said Hermia. I would never said Helena. I am going to fight you for him.

156-181: Helena said, I’m going to leave this place because you guys are hurting my feelings. I’m not going to let you out of my sight, said Hermia, because you will steal my man while I’m not around.

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Allen Iverson

By Rhea , 13, Ashland, Montana, USA

This essay is going to be about Allen Iverson’s life. You should read this because it’ll inform you about his life and the people in his life. Allen Iverson is a responsible and supportive basketball player. He supports many people in his life. In the next paragraph I’ll tell you more about his life.

Allen Iverson takes responsibilities for his family members and the people who mean the most to him. He takes responsibilities for his aunt Jessie and her three children. He also takes responsibilities for his girlfriend and their two children. He takes responsibilities for Ann, Andy, and Iesha who are his close family members. In the next paragraph I’ll tell you some information about his life.

He has two sisters whose names are Brandy who is now 21 years old and Iesha who is now 8 years old. Iesha has suffered many seizures since she was born. In the next paragraph I’ll tell you about some awards he won while he was attending George Town University.

He won Two Big East Defensive player of the year awards. He also won the BE Rookie of the year. And he won the 1995-96 BE All-Tournament 1st Team award. In the next paragraph I’ll tell you about what this has taught me.

Allen Iverson is a responsible and supportive basketball player. He supports many people in his life. This essay and research has taught me more about Allen Iverson’s life and how he is as a person other than just a famous basketball player.(2003)

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Michael Jordan

By Channon, 14, Ashland, MO, USA

This essay is going to be about Michael Jordan’s life and what it was like. You should read this because it will be interesting and you might not know any of the things that I’m going to tell you. Michael Jordan was a pro basketball player. He accomplished many things in his life that he never thought was possible for him. In the next paragraphs I’m going to tell you more about him and what his life was like.
Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1963. He grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina. He grew up with two older brothers, one older sister, and one younger sister. He liked playing baseball then he finally became in love with basketball because that’s what his brothers taught him how to play mostly. He also played football when he was in Jr. High because he wanted to try every sport that he thought was interesting to play.
Michael Jordan played with a few teams. First he played with the Chicago Bulls. He won many games with them; he was also playing for his favorite coach. After that he retired and played baseball because he said that there would be a time in his life that he would have a chance to play baseball. After a few games he retired and went and played basketball again for the Washington Wizards. He still plays for them but after that he is retiring again, but this time he’s going to quit for sure. Michael Jordan also played in many all-star games.
Michael Jordan had many accomplishments in his life. He was MVP from 1991-98 because of his hard work and sportsmanship. He won six championships while he was with the Chicago Bulls; he thought that he would be with them for along time. He also received many trophies for being the MVP and for all the wins that he won for them. He wasn’t the only one making the wins, he had help from his team mates.
Michael Jordan doesn’t always play basketball. He also plays golf with all his friends. He practices baseball because that is his second most favorite sport and also the sport that his father played. The best thing he likes doing is spending time with his family, his wife Juanita and his two kids Jasmine and Jeffrey. (2003)

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By Ben, 13, Ashland, MT, USA

What is a Monkeynaut?

Monkeys were sent into orbit wearing space suits attached to chairs. They worked several hours a day, performing various mental and physical tasks in which they responded to signals by pressing pedals. The monkeys traveled with an assortment of newts, snails, flies, bugs, seeds and bacteria. After scientists finish testing the monkeys, they retire to a zoo or research institute.
Ham, who was another monkey who was first to go into orbit, went up just to see if man could with stand and Ham made it back alive and outlived his species so that was another experiment that Nasa or Russia did on Ham but I think it was us who did it on monkeys.
A monkey naught is species of monkey that NASA or somebody send up into orbit or onto a planet and does some kind of research for them or some kind of discovery for them and that is my definition of a monkeynaught. Gordo another famous monkeynaught went up and it made it back to earth safe but died which I will explain in detail in the next part of my paper.

The First Monkeynaut

Gordo, also known as Little Old Reliable, was catapulted 600 miles high in 1958, one year after the Soviets launched the doomed dog Laika, the first animal in orbit. Gordo's capsule was never found in the Atlantic Ocean, but Navy doctors said signals on his respiration and heartbeat proved humans could withstand a similar trip. And the first monkey in orbit was ham and was in a capsule. He made it back to earth safely and outlived his species.
Many other monkeys went up into space but died either when they got back to earth or up in space like Albert 1 he went up and when he cam back died a year later of suffocation. and many others went up like this one died of the anesthetic or something which in the next heading will tell in detail. So that is all I have to say about that and Gordo was the very first monkey in space

Other Monkeynaughts

In June 1948 the first American monkey, Albert I, was launched in a V-2 rocket from White Sands, N. Mex., but it died of suffocation. A year later, on June 14, a second anesthetized monkey Albert II, was sent aloft in the same V-2 vehicle. That monkey survived the flight but was killed on impact. On September 16 a third monkey was killed when the rocket exploded at 35,000 feet. In December 1949, a fourth monkey was flown, with data on ECG and respiration successfully telemeters, but the monkey died on impact. A mouse sent aloft on October 31 was not recovered alive, although pictures were made of its behavior in a weightless state.
Aerobe rockets were also use.Aerobee rockets also were used. On April 18, 1951, Henry and his group sent aloft an anesthetized monkey and several mice. The animals were not recovered because of parachute failure. An anesthetized monkey and 11 mice sent aloft in an Aerobe rocket on September 20, 1951, were all recovered alive, although the monkey died 2 hours after impact. These mice became the first known living creatures to survive actual space-flight, conditions. The following May, two anesthetized monkeys, Pat and Mike, together with two mice, were flown to a 62-km altitude. Pat and Mike were the first monkeys to survive actual space-flight conditions.23 By 1952 the supply of V-2 rockets was exhausted, and biological experiments in rockets and missiles came to a halt Able and Baker followed in 1959. Although the monkeys were in good shape after their joint suborbital flight, Able died on the operating table as doctors were about to remove an electrode from under her skin. Baker died of kidney failure in 1984 at age 27.
Goliath, Enos and Scat back were John Glenn's predecessors. Only Enos the chimpanzee triumphed; Sam and Miss Sam survived their rocket rides as did the most famous space primate of all, Ham, a chimpanzee launched on Jan. 31, 1961. Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard became the first American in space three months later. the Atlas missile carrying Goliath blew up seconds after liftoff and the spacecraft containing Scat back was lost at sea. Despite the odds, Glenn made it to orbit and back in 1962. Bonny became ill aboard an orbiting satellite in 1969. The flight was cut short, and he died 12 hours after landing. (March 2003)

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First women in space

By Kasey, 14, Ashland, MT, USA

Who were the first women in space?

The first woman to go to space was from Russia, her name was Valentina Tereshkova. She was born in the Yarolslavl Region of Russia on March 6, 1937. She began school in 1945 at eight years old, and at sixteen she left school to begin working. She went to space in 1963 on the Vostak 6. She was a pilot for the Vostak 6, she orbited the earth 48 times.
The first American woman to go to space was Sally Ride. She was born on May 26, 1951 in Los Angeles California. She went to college at Stanford University there she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and a Ph.D in Physics. In 1983 she went aboard the Challenger.

What other achievements have they made?
Parachute jumping later led Valentina Tereshkova to her recruit in the USSR cosmonaut program. When she went into space she was honored with the title, “Hero of the Soviet Union” and is a recipient of the United Nations Gold Medal of Peace.
Sally Ride has flown on NASA Missions STS-7 and STS-43G and has logged more than 343 hours in space. She has written a childrens book “To Space and Back” she received the Jefferson Award for Public Service and has twice been awarded the National Spaceflight Medal. She is a physicist ,and in 1989 joined the faculty at the University of California, San Diego as a physics professor. She is a director of the California Space Institute, a research institute of the University of California.

What did they do for women?
They both have done a lot for women’s self-esteem and women’s rights. They gave them confidence and now they believe in there selves. They now try to accomplish what other people do and are becoming equal with men. Now people don’t think of them as weak they treat them differently and respect what they do. Since they went to space people all over the World look up to them and want to be like them when they get older. (March 2003)

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St. Labre Ways

By Dave, 13, Ashland, MT, USA

I’m going to write an essay on “Indian Catholic School: Making a world of difference”. You should read this because when you read this you will understand how our school makes a difference. The main point I’m trying to tell you is by supporting non-violence I think that changes the world today. We also support non-drugs use. We support other schools like St. Xavier and St. Charles. We cherish our god “Maheo” because we pray to him and he helps us. In the next paragraph I’m going to support my points.
In this paragraph I’m going support them better. My first point is that we support non-violence. Like if some student hates another student and brings a gun to school and tries to kill are harm the other student we would talk to the student and ask why they brought it to school. The second point is by supporting non-drug use. Like if a student brings marijuana to school and tries to sell it. They might try to sell it because they are depressed and want to get in trouble are they might be in need of money. My third point is that we support other schools like St. Xavier and St. Charles. We support them with donors and supply and a school. These are the ways we change the world today.
These are the following points. They help you understand non-violence. I think that these reasons are very good ways to change the world. (March 2003)

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Making a world of a difference

By Jessica , 12, Ashland, MT, USA

In this essay I’m going to write about St. Labre Native American Catholic School. You should read this because you will learn what it is like to be a Native American Catholic School. St. Labre is not like other schools. St. Labre allows their students to pray, unlike public schools, which can be very helpful in difficult times. In the next paragraph, I’m going to show you what it is like to be a Native American Catholic School.
St. Labre is a giving community. We help support St. Xavier and St. Charles. I think St. Labre has helped so many students accomplish their there dreams after graduating. St. Labre is a drug free community. St. Labre helps children get good grades and develop good study habits. St. Labre has fun sports such as basketball, volleyball and cross country along with many other fun sports for other people to enjoy. St. Labre is not just a school it has a food pantry, a clothing room, a church, and a Boys and Girls club.
St. Labre has a week to help remind us and be proud of whom we are which we call Native American week. During Native American week St. Labre has many activities such as a pow-wow and a St. Labre princess contest. The contest is for the girls of St. Labre to participate in. There is a category for all age groups. For the elementary there is the mini princess, for middle school there is the junior princess and for the high school there is the Miss St. Labre. This year the mini princess is Teddy, the junior princess is Kanisha and Miss St. Labre princess is Clover.
I see St. Labre as a giving community of people who care. Not only for Native Americans but for all people. St. Labre Native American Catholic School I think has definitely made a world of difference. (March 2003)

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Making a World Of Difference

By Todd, 12, Ashland, MT, USA

In this essay I'm going to write what it means to go to school at an Indian Catholic School. You should read this because I'm going to discuss about the athletics and sports. Why are the school's athletic and sports programs modeling positive values? I think because the school has good players and they make good teams. Now I'm going to write the three paragragh essay.
The athletics are good and nobody ever does anything bad when we go on road trips. The sports are good because we have basketball, football, track & field, cross country and tennis. The way I think they could improve the school is that they get a bigger swimming pool. They should also get a golf team and a soccer team.
How are the schools atheletics and sports programs modeling positive values? I think that the schools just have good kids having favorite sports and they try out and there are people good at things and they make a good sports team. (March 2003)

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St. Labre Catholic Indian School

By Alahna, 12, Ashland, MT, USA

In this essay I am going to write about St. Labre Catholic Indian School. At St. Labre Indian School everybody is welcome. The school consists of a cafeteria, two gyms, a middle school, elementary, and high school. Since this is a Catholic school we go to church every other Wednesday. You must walk to the church in an orderly manner, and wait to be escorted inside. Enter in a silent orderly manner, and sit in assigned area. You must show respect at all times which means you need to sit up, be attentive, and respond appropriately. When the mass is over you must exit in a silent orderly manner and head to the buses or study hall.
St. Labre Indian School encourages creativity and music. On red ribbon week a student has the option of coloring and designing a poster that is related to being drug free. There is an award of 15 dollars to the student who wins the contest.
If you are in the seventh grade your electives are band, choir, or traditional drum. In band you can play many different instruments. This enhances your coordination skills. In choir you sing. There are many different songs, and you sing along with the piano. Some of the choir students sing during mass. In traditional drum you have the opportunity to get closer to your culture. You make your own drum sticks by using thing that you need. Like hide, tape, and thread. There are times when the drum group sings song in Cheyenne.
Here at St. Labre we have many sports. They are as follows: track, cross country, swimming foot ball, volley ball and basketball. This helps kids keep their grades up. We have a tennis court, two gyms, a football field, inside swimming pool and an indoor track. St. Labre Indian School welcomes all visitors, and urges them to come and visit. We have museum open weekday for all visitors to come and see. St. Labre Indian School is proud to say we are northern Cheyenne Catholics.
Come and visit St. Labre Indian School. (March 2003)

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About St. Labre

By Bret, 12, Ashland, MT, USA

St. Labre is an Indian Catholic school. Most of the kids have good attitudes toward other people. The teachers will help you if you need it. The teachers will not help you unless you do not know what you are doing. They have good sportsmanship. They have a basketball team and a football team. They usually don’t get mad at the other people in the games.
When they play they usually win their games. St. Labre expects everyone that goes to school there to do their best. They have a lot of kids their. Every one of them has something they're good at. St. Labre is a Catholic school. Everyone that goes there believes in God.
The kids in the school help each other in subjects like math and science. St. Labre put the kids to the best of their abilities. They put everybody in the right class. St. Labre is one of the most helpful Indian Catholic Schools. (March 2003)

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