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A Halloween Encounter

By Johnna & Deidra, age 11, Milwaukie, Clakamas, United States Of America

Yesterday I was walking home from school when suddenly Isaw a person in their Halloween costume. or else it looked like it. Anyway, so I went over and said, "Why are you in your costume, when Halloween is like next week?"

"We are not in whatever you said this is, this is our bodies and we are here to ask a favor of you."

"What do you ask of me?" I said kind of walking away from them sort of cautiously. They asked me if I would help them find their home which I thought was impossible because any kind of alien or monster or whatever they are have never been seen on the planet earth. But just to be polite I asked them if they knew where they lived so I could hopefully help them and be on my way home. They told me that if they knew they wouldn't be asking me.

I said they really needed help because their skin was a puke green and they were not very kind and I walked away from them. But before I could get away, one of them screamed, "Neptune alright! We want to have an earthling scientist help us use our technology better. Maybe like how you use it."

Spell Girl

By Tigris, age 14, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Once upon a time there was a teenage girl who wanted to be a witch. So she went to the Internet and looked up spells. After surfing for a while, she found a site that said they would cast spells for you. After thinking for a while, she decided, "Hey, why not?"

So she looked over all the spells and finally decided on a hex spell for her enemy, Rosa. She chose that Rosa would be clumsy for a week.

The next day the girl, Hannah, couldn't wait to see Rosa screw up. But when she got there, Rosa wasn't there.

"Where's Rosa?" Hannah asked. "She was walking to school when she tripped, and fell into the arms of Steven Spielberg. Then he said that she was perfect to star in his new movie. So now Rosa's gonna be famous!"

And all because of my hex spell! thought Hannah angrily.

The Donkeys

By Kate, Year 7, St.Anne's, Stockport, Cheshire, UK

There were about 10 donkeys that lived on the west coast of Scotland in a town called Ayr. They were called: Neddy, Dolly, Jester, Grumpy, Jenny, Willow, Tom, Pickles, Sweep & Tiny.

Every day they were taken down onto the sandy beach. There, their tack would be put on and 6 gallons of water would splash into the colossal container for them to drink at break time. The day was spent like this. First of all the children would mount, then the donkeys would trek off down the beach. So the children mounted and off they went trotting down the beach. Suddenly Jenny stepped out of control and tumbled over!!

Luckily for the child he was not hurt, but Jenny had hit herself against the pebbles….. she was pouring with blood!!!

Not much later Jenny found herself in a animal hospital. Rolf Harris was there and helped the nurses operate on the bleeding wounds.

Soon later her owner found out that beautiful Jenny had died under the anesthetic. This was such a tragic story it was even filmed and put on television. The boy who was riding her at the time felt so guilty that he donated £200 to Jenny's owner. Jenny’s owner was very upset but was pleased with this small donation.

All of the other donkeys were still at the same yard but didn’t know about a future newcomer. The newcomer was a Connemara from Ireland…………. But this time not a donkey, a horse!!!

The newcomer came and was skin and bone. Grumpy bared his teeth at the poor creature. The others felt sorry for the Connemara and bit Grumpy. Two weeks later a welfare inspector came and saw Star the Connemara. Because Star was only given two weeks to recover, the inspector thought that her owner was mistreating her, so they were all sent away to Lonsdale farm. There a nasty woman lived. She slaughtered horses and donkeys for a living.

Soon after the inspector visited. He caught her trying to slaughter them. So not long after that they were sent home!

The Prize-Winning Mare

By Kate, Year 7, St.Anne's, Stockport, Cheshire, UK

There was once a beautiful mare called Ginger she had a colt called Bertie he was a TBX (Thoroughbred cross). He was a merry little thing that trotted around the pasture. He had good company with his mother, he enjoyed apples and clover. They were his favourite sorts of food. So life for Bertie & Ginger was perfectly fine. That was until they were split up.

Yes for no apparent reason, they haven’t seen each other since. They do miss each other’s company a lot. Ginger is not called Ginger anymore, but SHINING STAR ******.

She is a dressage winner. She lives at MABOLE PARK. If you went inside her stable you would see rosettes & trophies and not forgetting medals and certificates. She was adored and paid a visit at least 4 times a day by her proud owner, Jillian.

Although Ginger had a great life ahead of her she hated being separated from her colt, Bertie. She hated that. So when she was let into the paddock she nudged her owner so it looked as if she was saying goodbye. When she got the chance to jump she wasn’t sure, but she thought about Bertie. She l-e-a-p-t over the fence and ran, not noticing that she had split her tendon (upper leg). She could not run very well because of this but managed quite well. Jillian chased after her but it was no use. Ginger was too fast for her.

Ginger ran 11 miles to Handworth farm. She saw a reddish horse that looked like Bertie but an older version. He was inside a paddock too, running. She approached and darted over the fence straight away. Bertie saw Ginger and ran towards her like a bullet. Ginger taught Bertie how to jump. So Bertie did the same and they both ran to darker forest, never to be seen again.

Julie May Meets Captain Tock

By Hilary, age 12, Morning Star Christian School, Mapleton, Maine, USA

In old times there was a land
Where cats could stand
And cats could talk
And cats could walk
All on Meowrice Island.

Cats had names
And none were the same!
What happiness they made!
But they were afraid
That someday they might walk
The plank of Captain Tock
Who sailed the water
And killed every Otter
All around Meowrice Island.

But one day
A cat named Julie May
Got on her ship
And put a sword at her hip
And a knife at her lip
And sailed away
On that glorious day
Far away from Meowrice Island.

Far from land,
Julie sent out a demand.
"Ahoy, Matey!
Who shall you be?"
"Captain Tock the Pirate Cat!
And who am I talking at?"
"Julie May
And today
I will fight
With all my might
And be brave
Only to save
All on Meowrice Island."

"You fight me?"
Captain Tock thought that he
Had heard of her one day!
For, who had not heard of Julie May
Who lived on Meowrice Island?

He heard a growl
As she leapt on the prow!
She killed all on board
With her trusty sword
And took away life
With her pointed knife
All for Meowrice Island.

So, on that day,
The cat, Julie May,
Was very brave
Just to save
Precious Meowrice Island!

And the reward she got
Was not forgot
Because she was brave
And had saved
All of Meowrice Island.

Dancing Queen!!!

By Eleanor and Eleanor, age 10, Year 6, Jesse Gray Primary School, Nottingham, UK

I'm the Dancing Queen,
The best you've ever seen,
I turn the music up loud,
And scream at the crowd,
and don't stop till morning.


By Ashley, age 13, Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA

Crash! Crash! Crash!
Bash! Bash! Bash!
Dash! Dash! Dash!
I ran away! No one knew...

Calvin's new friend

By Meredith, age 13, Year 8, Home-school! School, Yarmouth N.S. Canada

One day there was a little boy named Calvin Sweetheart. He was quite a handsome boy; he was a chipmunk. But there was something bothering this little chipmunk named Calvin. He was so sad. His mother came up to Calvin and said "Calvin, what is wrong with you? Are you disappointed about something honey? Because if you are I think I can help!"

"No mom. 'I'm fine,'" said Calvin.

"Are you sure?" said his mom. "Yes, I am sure."

The next day Calvin and his Mom and Dad were going to go to the beach! Mother said, "Calvin, are you ready to go to the beach?"

"Yes, I'm coming."

While they were at the beach Calvin's mom said, "look honey there's some of your friends!"

"Yeah," replied Calvin.

"Don't you want to go play with them, dear?"


After they went home Calvin's mom and dad were getting very angry with him. He wouldn't do anything. So they had a serious talk with him. The next day Calvin and his parents went to the neighbors' house to talk to the little boy next store. The neighbors were chipmunks too! But Calvin wasn't very happy.

"Excuse me!" said Calvin's mom. "My son and your son have been in a fight. They seem to be mad at each other."

"Are they?" said the neighbors. "Johnny, is this true?"

"Yes mom. Me and Calvin were at the creek and we were arguing about who was going to hold the fishing pole first."

"And we got mad at each other, and haven't talked to each other ever since that day."

"Why?" Said Calvin's mom.

"We just agreed on it that's all."

"Well, you're going to have to make up now," said Calvin's mom.

"OK," they both said.

"I was getting kind of lonely anyway!"

"Yeah!" said Calvin.

"I'm sorry…" they both said at the same time.

Ever since that day, Calvin and Johnny have been best friends! And are going to stay that way! And they will always talk to each other!

That's the end of the first chapter of Calvin's stories!


By the Library Club, Edgewood Primary School, Hucknall, Notts, UK

I see leaves falling off the trees
I hear wind whirling round the sky
I feel the gentle breeze, spiky conkers
I taste bonfire toffee, sticky and gooey
I smell the bark on the trees when it rains
It's getting close to Christmas!

In The Breeze...

By Jessica, age 11, Year 7, Meritt E. Callaghan School, Alberton, P.E.I., Canada

In the breeze I hear the whispered
words of the wind, the faint rustle
of leaves as they are scattered
across the ground.

I feel the breeze tug at my hair and
my clothes. All of a sudden it stops,
as if it is playing hide and go seek
with me.

The breeze starts up again, at first it
starts gently then it becomes a raging,
howling wind. Pushing me down towards the

Then it stops! And I don't feel it again.........

Inside My Head

By Danielle, age 10, Year 6, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham, UK

In my head,
I can hear voices,
People yelling,
I can see lonely children,
Standing in the corners of the playground,
Sobbing there little hearts out,
For they are the ones,
Wich get bullied,
Pushed and kicked,
Brused bones,
Bleeding knees,
Grased arms.

At the worst,
They get pushed off the ground,
By the shock of great round,
Swirling,skimming footballs,
Children have nasty falls.

In the end,
Kids can't take all the bullying,
Their minds twist,
Like they're caught up in an enourmous twister,
Sweeping them above the wild world,
Full of kindless bodies,
Now I am glad to finally come to a peaceful free world!

My Cat

By Eleanor, age 10, Year 6, Jesse Gray Primary School, Nottinghamshire, UK

My cat swings its tail,
And moves quite slowly,
Just like a snail,
On all fours lowly.

My cat watches raindrops,
Fall from the trees,
As they water the crops,
As they sway in the breeze.

In memory of Tinker, my cat who got killed by a car on 19th November 1998

Jack Skellington's Halloween Soup

By Barbara, age 15, Year 9, Rocford Highschool School, Rockford, Minnesota, USA

1 bottle of bog fog (sprite)
1 bottle of witch wine (ginger ale)
3 scoops of vampire blood patie or creature from the green swamp goo (rasberry or lime sherbert)

Mix the bog fog and the witch wine together and add the vampire blood patie or the creature from the green swamp goo in it and stir till it bubbles.

Cold Comfort

By Kylie, age 12, Year 8, Murrays Bay Intermediate School, Auckland, New Zealand

Soaring high above the snow-overed ground in a small aeroplane, my family sat holding close to each other for warmth. My sister snugged closer into my mum's thick woollen jersey, her hair cascading into her lap. She complained that she was freezing or something, I wasn't listening, I was too exited.

My pen pal Christina had sent me a letter earlier that month, containing airline tickets to Tibet where her father worked as a wildlife researcher. The letter explained that my parents, sister and twin were invited to accompany her and her father to a remote reserve situated in the Himalayas.

That's where we were going now.

I looked out the frost-overed window. Achill ran up my spine as all I saw was dense grey fog. I felt frightened that we may hit one of the unseen snow capped mountains ahead. Soon after I relaxed after all -- we did have one of the best pilots in the whole of Tibet to fly us through this treacherous journey.

I felt a shudder. The momentum of the aircraft fell drastically and it felt as if the plane was struggling through the air. I screamed just as the plane halted to a stop.

It hung motionlessly in the damp air for what seemed like hours. Then plunged to the ground with tremendous speed. Leaving me behind. Up in space. While my body was still in that once-loved plane.

When I awoke the first thing I felt was pain. I called to my mother, not yet coming to terms with the accident. My mother ran to my side, her face streaked with tears.
"You're alive!" she cried.
"Of course I am," I replied groggily.
As those words came out the whole ordeal came flooding back to me like a bad dream to a 4 year old child. I tried to push it aside, out of my head. I tried to ask mum about the whole thing. But all that came out was "Did anyone die?" The question was put so bluntly that at once I wanted to take it back. My mum answered "no". Those words were like music to my ears.

After some terrifying moments we were up and walking around the mountain ledge where we landed. No one had a serious injury.

The flares were being set off by the pilot with a tremendous BANG, and we all ohhed and ahhed at the amazing fire display. After the flares we set about making a shelter to protect us from the cold icy winds. My father and the pilot pulled the undamaged bit of the plane to the centre of the mountain ledge that we were pinned to. My mum insisted on helping but she leaned too close over the mountain's edge. Then it happened. She fell off.

I screamed and ran to the mountain edge, in time to catch one last glimpse of my mother as she plunged into the darkness below.
"Mum! " I cried.
All I heard was a faint "Lucy!"

My family and I cried all night. We tried to comfort each other. We couldn't -- we were all as sad as each other. Our eyes displayed sadness and that was cold comfort to anyone who saw them. As cold as the icy winds outside our shelter.

About a day after mum's fall I heard a helicopter. I didn't even bother to wave. Luckily the others did, as perched in the fount seat was mum, wounded and bandaged up, but all right. The relief was enormous. "Mum!" I cried.
"Lucy!" she called.
I ran to her, tears streaming from my eyes. I jumped into her outstretched arms. We sat there cuddling for ages, surrounded by our family, And they were all that mattered.

The Man From Japan

By Mary, age 8, 3rd Year, West Hurley School, West Hurley, NY, USA

There was an old man from Japan
He always drove around in a van
but then one day
he lost his way
the forgetful old man from Japan.


By Carissa, age 14, Year 8, Rose Bay High. School, Dodges Ferry, Tasmania, Australia

"MUM," yelled Sammy,"MY TOES ARE STILL ITCHY!"

"Sammy Settle down, I just brought you some cream to put on the itch," replied her Mum.

"It is about time," snapped Sammy.

"There is no need to snap Sammy the cream is on the fridge."

Sammy ran out of the room and into the kitchen, grabbed the cream and ran into her room and switched the television on and jumped on to her bed, slowly untwisted the cap off the tube of cream, and was not really paying attention to what she was doing, because she was watching her favourite show, 'Further Away', when she spilt some of the cream on her leg and quickly wiped it up. Some commercials came on so she squirted the cream on her hand and slowy rubbed it onto her toes and the put a sock over the top.

Sammy was watching a show later on when a news flash came on, The reporter said, "Recent reports tell us that a new anti-itch cream called 'Fixy Itchy' has been illegally distributed to pharmacies throughout the world, we recommend that if you have any of this cream to dispose of it immediately. Using this cream on any part of your body will result in this part of the body falling off."

Sammy quickly grabbed the tube and read the label. It said 'Fixy Itchy'.

Sammy screamed and felt something in her sock. She took her sock off and screamed, it was her toes!!!

Then the part of her leg that she'd spilt cream on started to feel funny.

She screamed again........... and then she woke up!

It was all a dream, but that didn't stop her checking and double checking all of her toes and her leg!

The End


By Megan, age 13, Homeschool, Ulster Park, NY, USA

Fall, fall, it's finally here!
The leaves are turning colors,
Red and orange and yellow and blue,
I think I've got the flu!
I miss the pool and the no-school,
But some of the school is cool!
I don't miss the poison Ivy,
The wind is sort-of lively!
I love the fall,
It's much cooler when I play ball.
We take more walks,
We see more hawks,
Gliding in the sky.

To be a Teenager

By Sophie age 13, Year 8, Chaucer Technology School, Whitstable, England

To be a teenager can be hell,
On our problems to much we dwell,
We sit and mope without a hope,
While our parents wonder how will they ever cope,

To be a teenager can be great,
To spend hours getting ready to meet that mate,
Party the night away,
While our parents wonder are they really okay,

Parents dear please don't grumble ,
Or worry if in those platforms we will stumble,
Remember, think about it you once did it too,
We'll just do it much better than you!

12 Stories for Kids

Animal fables

By Harsh, 8, Dazhong Primary School, Singapore


By Megan, age 13, Home School, Ulster Park, N.Y., USA

Basketball, basketball, I like the sport,
Basketball, basketball, you play on a court.

Basketball, basketball, you dribble on the ground,
Basketball, basketball, all around.


By Mar, age 7, 3rd Grade, Dededo, Guam

Up and down I go jumping back and fourth.
The wall is painted the big days rated G.
The days are better and soft as a sweater.
The wool is warm like the hay in the farm.
The slipper is soft like wool
and mother is wading in the swimming pool.
The show began as the wind ran
the audience clapped
As we went away

Be Careful, John (a poem )

By Mar, age 7 and a half, 3rd grade , Santa Barbara School, Dededo, Guam

Be careful John you might bump your head
ouch ouch you might cry
so don't bump your head so don't cry
The baby is sleeping
the baby wakes up waa waa
the baby crys
you change his diapers eww eww .
the baby stops crying waa waa
so back to sleep everyone goes

Summer Days

By Jessica, age 11, Year Grade 7, M.E. Callaghan School, Alberton, P.E.I., Canada

Summer breezes blow my way
Whispering secrets I dare not tell,
Rippling the water we swim in,
Summer Days.

Boys fishing in the pond
Girls picking daisys on the grassy hills,
Grass shimering in the heat,
Summer Days.

Summers Days have blown away,
and are now replaced by Autumn Days,
With coloring leaves that paint the sky,
Autumn Days.

My Summer Blast

By Amber, age 15, 10th grade, Carver High School, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

The summer begins when the clock strikes 2:15
No more looking at the teachers when they're mean
I gather my bookbag, say good-bye
Run down the hall, but I'd rather say fly
I jump on the bus
The bullies in the back yell real loud and cuss
The ride is slow
On the big yellow...fellow
Finally my stop is here
I say good-bye...jump off and cheer
Finally the summer fun
To chill and hang out in the sun


even paddlin'

guys and girls flirtin'

The summer what a blast
I wish it would last


By Shaila, 14, London, England

Everywhere I look
They're in my view
They're on the carpet, on the wall
And on my duvet too

They are so old fashioned
Old people tend to like them
Although they cam annoy you
You can never hate them

I say I loathe them anyway
Mum says I'm being silly
Maybe it's just because
She named me Bluebell Lily

The Tragedy

By Tondrea, 14, West Forsyth High School, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

A boy that I once liked
Which they called him "Spike"
Had feelings for me
Strong as could be

I felt the same way
My feelings get stronger everyday
Sometimes I would just lay and cry
I could just die to see him spy

One day I wished to say
That I would marry him someday
But right now I'm really hurt and I'm shaking off the dirt

Not only was it him it was also a special friend
But I forgave them both with peace within

I wish he would understand this tragedy that I feel
Cause I don't know how I should deal

If I could change this to make it better
It would be that he didn't fall for that heifer

But now I'm healing my soul
I'm not going back
Cause I was the one left in the cold

This is how I feel deep down inside
But yet I still hold my head with pride

Taurean, please don't cry

After hearing what I have to say, Taurean
I hope and pray that it will get better more and more everyday

Megan's Missing Brother

By Jessica, 11, Grade 7, M.E. Callahgan School, Alberton, P.E.I., Canada

It all started when Megan saw the pictures of another baby laying beside her in the hospital room.....

It was January 17, 1999 and Megan's sixteenth birthday,all she wanted was a car and a big birthday bash with all her friends. She was used to getting what she wanted, and she was an only child, so she expected to get a car.Although that's not what her parents had in mind.

When it was time for her to open her presents she waited to open her parent's present last, and when she got to her final present she saw an envolope.When she opened it up she saw a picture of two babies lying in a hospital room.She looked at her parents and then she realized that one of the babies was her when she was born!

Then her parents took a blindfold and took her outside to see what else she hed gotten for her birthday. When they finally took off the blindfold she saw a red convertable...with another person in it! It was a guy who looked to be about sixteen like her!!

When she looked at her parents they were smiling at the guy! Then they told her that this was her brother, Dylan who they taken to live with their aunt when he was born, and that Dylan was Megan's twin brother! Megan was so excited that she got the car keys from her parents and she took Dylan for a ride around town, and from that very day Megan and Dylan became inseperable!!

Love and Hate

By Jessica, age 13, Year 7th, Hong Kong, China

I love the night
Where stars are bright
and the waves at sea
So passionate indeed.

I love piano
the sound of my soul
Little kittens' fur
And their soft purr.

I hate dead flowers
Stinky smelly sewers
Mr. Bean-like guys
Irritating flies.

I love little children
So innocent and naive
Like the fresh fresh green
Of a new grown leaf.

I love the rosy cheeks
Of little little boys
Playing with them
Is my biggest biggest joy.

I hate the smell of hospitals
And their deadly sickish white,
Where life and death is just a line
What a horrible, horrible sight!

Do you ever wonder?

By Andrea, age 11, Grade 6, West Metro Educational Program Interdistrict Downtown School, Minneapolis, USA

Do you ever wonder what the world is like through someone else's eyes?
To see what they see?
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be someone else?
To do what they do?
Sometimes do you sit and wonder, what you'd want to do with someone else's life?
Well, is it all that great?
Is it any more than you have?
You're not alone, I do it too!
Maybe someday, someone will wish they were you!


By Alicia, age 11, 6th grade, Mt. Scott Elementary School, Clackamas, Oregon, USA

Blue is the water
Cool and crisp,
Blue is the color
That's filled with kind.
Blue is a color
That shines in the sky.
Blue is the doubt
About things in my mind.

A sapphire ring,
Shining in the sun.
Ice cream jelly beans
Blueberries galore.
Blue is the waves
Crashing on the shore,
Like the snow
Bustling around the door.


We Can Be Friends

By Rebecca, age 10, Year Grade 6, Percy Baxter School, Canada

Rob and Bill were the worst of friends. They had bullied eachother since as long as they could remember. Rob was the bully. He picked fights with Bill every class, budded in line, at the worst of times he would swear. Bill got back at him with his brain. He would impress everyone by all the marks he graded and made jokes about Rob's. They both felt they hated the other and would never understand each other.

One summer day, they were assigned a project together. Rob rudely snorted, "I'll give you 20 bucks if you do the work for me."

Bill agreed and they found they liked it. Agreeing with each other was easier then trying to give the other a bloody nose.

One day, Rob decided to go over to Bill's house and see what was up.

Rob confessed,"Look, I know I've been a jerk these past years and, well, let me do the rest of the project."

"Why not?" Bill shrugged and handed it over to Rob.

They both worked hard until 9:30. In the morning at school, Rob and Bill both smiled for they received an A on the assignment. they both now felt the other wasn't so bad. The moral of this story is, go ahead and try to walk in your enemy's shoes.


By Courtney, age 12½, 6th Grade, Cottage Lake Elementary School, Woodinville, Washington, USA

I love you and I hate you.
My emotions flow together.
It seems like all you tell me is how much you love her.
I don't understand you
in fact I despise you.
I've just accepted that its true
that you don't love me like you used to.
All the things you do for me
it makes me wonder why
you try to do good things for me,
but you always make me cry.
For the love I gave you and
the places we went,
all you gave me was a time of life less spent.
Many places needed for me to heal
preferably in your heart,
but just a thought in your mind,
is definitely a start.
You were wonderful for me.
I'm sure you once loved me,
But you didn't seem to love me
when you showed me the door.
I felt like you didn't want ME to love you anymore.
Whether I love you or despise you,
it doesn't seem to really matter.
For once I had a place in your mind,
but then you left me behind;
and for once
I had a place in your heart
and fortunately, for me, that was just the start.


By Olivia, age 12, Year 7, John Willmott School School, West Midlands, England

Teachers good, teachers bad
Teachers absolutely mad,
Some have spots some have specs
Some have really weird pets (Like stick insects!)
Teachers give you lots to do,
So that they can nip to the loo
And when you've still got loads to finish,
They say, " You've only got five minutes!"

A Million Thieves

By Michael, age 8, Year 3, Kibworth C.E Primary School, Leicestershire U.K

One evening Larry and Daisy Roastercher were getting ready for bed. Larry looked out the window to Willow Lane and saw a man dressed in black steaming, sweating and wiping his forehead as if saying, "That was a close one!!"

"Daisy! Come quick! There's a burglar of some sort running up our drive. He seems to come from Willow Lane."

"Let's see, Larry !!!He's smashed our window and he is coming in!!!!"shouted Daisy in horror.

Smash!!! Smash!!! went more windows.

"Daisy! There's not one robber! There's a million!!!" said Larry, wobbily.You could tell by his eyes he was scared.

"Got yer kid" said their leader who was Amarican and was proud to be the best thief in Euro (that's what he calls Europe).

Anyway he shoved Larry and Daisy in sacks and took them over the misty Mountains cold (you see they lived the mountains in Norway).

Larry had scissors, rope and two bin liners. He cut a hole and jumped out, tripped up the thieves with a piece of rope so they fell into the bin liners he held open. Then he took Daisy out the sack and phoned the Police. Soon sirens could be heard and Larry had a massive bruise on his back where the Inspector had slapped him. The Thieves were caught after 25yrs!!!

We're on our way to Wembley

By David, 14, Catford, London, UK

"Were on are way to Wembley," shouted Steve as he and his friend Mike walked to the new and improved stadium. He was covered from head to tail in a Doncaster Rover's hat, shirt and flag.

Doncaster Rovers may not be the best team in the world or even the one hundredth best team in the world but it's the team Steve had supported since he was knee high to a grasshopper. But today was the biggest day in the history of Doncaster Rovers football club. They were playing the biggest team in the English league, Manchester United in the FA cup!!.

A lot of coverage from the papers and the TV companies had made this match even more important, something that Steve didn't like.

"I wish that the press hadn't made this game the centre of attention. All the pressure is going to be on the boys."

"Don't worry Doncaster will thrash them 6-0," said Mike, Steve's best mate, who had come for the hell of it.

"I'm not too sure," Steve said worriedly.

This match was so important that Doncaster had increased the capacity of their stadium from four thousand five hundred to a massive ten thousand one hundred, not bad for a Vaxhall Comference League side. Of course this was only for this one match. The extra stand had been assembled by twenty local builders in two weeks. It felt like everybody was heading for the south stand, the stand which had been made the biggest.

The teams ran out of the tunnel and on to the pitch. The crowd went wild. David Beckham of course was getting a bit of stick. "You made us lose the world cup," shouted the man behind Steve and Mike.

The crowd started to settle down when the whistle sounded. "Come on you reds, come on you reds" sung everyone in the stands, badly of course.

The atmosphere was amazing almost everybody was going crazy, shouting their heads off when the referee made a bad decision. "Come on Doncaster, you can do it," shouted Steve, in a very loud and croaky voice.

Manchester United were in control of the match with Beckham down the right wing and Giggs the left. Nothing could stop them. Man. Utd had made some changes for this match. Alex Ferguson had decided against putting the best strike force in the premiership, Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke, on. In the end he went for out of favour and former England striker, Teddy Sheringham and the young Norwegian , Ole Solsjaer, who had impressed in his first season. Man. Utd did still had a team that could beat a top premiership side.

The half time whistle went and the Doncaster Rovers' players got a massive applause, keeping the score 0-0. Even though they had hardly any possession, they still played fantastic. They walked off. It was almost as if they were soldiers that had just come back from World War Two after defeating Germany, something our country football team cannot do.

The players entered the tunnel and everybody stopped clapping, waiting for the announcer to tell them the half time score in the F A Cup.

Then the drums, from the same stand as Steve but just above him, started to make a silent rumble which got louder and louder until the whole stadium was clapping to the beat of the drums. It was fantastic.

The players were coming back on for the second half. The huge roar that sounded when the players came out was amazing. The second half whistle sounded and the game was back on. Manchester United were putting the pressure back on Doncaster almost immediately but they were getting nowhere. Alex Ferguson must have been getting pretty worried about the match. It was no longer a stroll in the park. This match was a match they had to win, or face the embarrassment. You could tell that Alex Ferguson was getting worried by the way he started to warm up his first team players that he had left out originally.

Then suddenly from a poor Manchester United corner Doncaster got their first chance of the match. Simon Ireland picked the ball from the edge of the Rovers area, passed the ball to Williams who, with his pace, ran at the Man. Utd defence. He slicied his way into the box and crossed it to Simon Ireland. He controlled it and stopped it at his feet. Roy Keane slammed right into the back of Ireland. The crowd jumped up pointing to the spot. Then to Schmichael's disbelief the ref. pointed to the spot. The crowd went wild, shouting out anything. Simon Ireland stepped up, looked at Schmichael, Schmichael looked back at him. His famous red, cold nose looking back.

Ireland stepped back a couple of steps and decided to shoot to the bottom left of the goalkeeper. Schmichael dived to his left and saved it but he dropped the ball. Ireland hummered in the rebound.


The crowd went mad stamping their feet to the beat of the drums. Ireland ran towards the Doncaster Rovers fans and started to jump into the crowd. The rush to congratulate him was mind blowing. People were even climbing on the stand and jumping off, just to get a couple inches nearer to him. Then there was a mighty crash. Steve looked round with terror in his eyes and saw that the stand had snapped and was starting to collapse. With an almighty crash the stand completely disintegrated.

"We're on our way to Wembley, we're on our way to Wembely," echoed distantly in Steve's ears.

Bullis Books, full-length works from Potomac, MD, USAnew.gif (221 bytes)
Chiddix Chapters, books for the Internet from Normal, IL, USAnew.gif (221 bytes)

Memories Can Hurt

By Bengi, age 11, Year 6th, Crockett Elementary School, Wichita, Texas, USA

"Terrible Tuesday" is a memory I will never forget. A tornado ripped through Wichita Falls, Texas injuring 800 people and killing an estimated 80 people and destroyed almost every inch of Wichita Falls. The only thing left standing was a one-way sign.

I, myself, lost four in the tornado, two of them being my aunts. I also lost my brother. We had lots of company because of my sister's graduation. The school and the college was turned into rubble and being dragged away. Our city was looking like "Trailer City". Trailers were sent from the government, they were very small trailers. Most of my family was separated. My sister went to Florida to visit her friend, Jenny, my two brothers went to Dallas and my Mom, Dad, and I stayed in the small trailer which wasn't fun and my other Brother went on to a better place. My memories are all I have left of my brother and my cat.

Well my memories started in my room. I was watching a baseball game and then the TV started blinking off and on in a red color, saying ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!

I thought we were in a flood warning and then I decided to look out my window to see how bad it was raining. Then all of a sudden, a big twirly thing comes flying out of the sky. Next door, I hear the usual from the Old Mrs. Abernathy, complete silence. I needed to warn her fast, but I couldn't, the tornado was too close. I had to warn my brother, was he down stairs? Did he make it to safety? Then hail-stones started battering my window and made it shatter, and put cuts all over my body. I was bleeding to death, I had to take cover fast.

After what seemed like an eternity, it was over, and I was lying right beside the large pile of rubble that was left of our house. I thought I was the only one alive in the entire city, nothing was left standing and then people and animals started coming out of hiding. I started crying, I was happy that people were alive. But what about my little brother? Could he have he made it to the shelter? I ran to the shelter, ripped the top open and sure enough he was in the corner, listening to the radio, and eating candy that he had stashed in his pockets. What about the rest of my family, were they alright? Were they still at the bowling alley?

I started running as fast as I could. Hail-stones were battering my face. I didn't' care about anything but my family. All I wanted to do was to hug my Mom and my brother, Brady. I could almost see the bowling and I ran and ran some more. Finally I was there, but no one else was there. Then I saw it, it was my brother, Brady, he was dead. His body was lying beside his favorite bowling ball. I knew it was him. My cheeks, my face started hurting with my heart along with it. I couldn't stop crying. I sat on the curve thinking about all the good memories we had together. I remember how he use to make his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I remember how he use to throw me on the bunk-bed and I remember how he taught me to bowl.

I completely forgot about the rest of my family, where could they be? Were they looking for me? Were they dead too? Would they go to Decatur for shelter? Would they look for me, before they went to the shelter? Of course they would!! Wouldn't they? There wasn't an X on the sidewalk or anything. So people would be coming around to check for survivors. I would rather drive than walk back home. I still wanted to see my family, that is why I probably decided to walk back home to see if they were there. Then I remembered about Mrs. Abernathy, she is old, she may have not made it to the basement. I ran back thinking I had lost someone else. Where was her house? Then I noticed something in the rubble, that looked like a piece of a mailbox, so this must be her house. What if she had her hearing aid on so low, that she wouldn't hear me when I yelled for her, so I would have to go look for her in her basement. That was the hard part, it had been blocked off by her 1000-pound antique table, so I ran outside to the small basement window, it was just my size. I climbed through the window and began the search. It would have been easy to find her, if it wasn't for her towers of canned food. Then I heard something, someone was down here. Then I heard it again, so I followed the sound and sure enough there was old Mrs. Abernathy, snoring on her extra couch, she had put in her basement.

Mrs. Abernathy had slept through the tornado, then she woke up. She saw me standing there, I think she felt how sad I was. She told me to come sit by her. Then she started telling me about the tornado that hit in "79". She had lost someone in that tornado, but she had also lost her mother, her father, and her little brother. The only person that was left in her family, was her. She started to cry and I soon followed. She told me how bad her memories were. I told her "Memories can be funny, But also MEMORIES CAN HURT!"

(Editor's note: April 10th 1999 was the 20th Anniversary of Terrible Tuesday, when the tornado struck Wichita Falls, Texas. Another story inspired by the tragedy can be found in Kids on the Net's Chiddix Chapters section: Ten minutes of Horror by Michelle)

Summer Time

By Imran, age 12, Year 6, AIS-R American International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

peacefully swaying in the wind
home to many innocent animals
resting place on steamy summer days
keeps life alive
nourishing feeling running through your body
wonderful taste on steamy summer days
free creatures, fun to watch
active lifestyle always busy
fun to play with on steamy summer days
takes the weight of our gentle steps
home for swarms of peaceful animals
what we play on during steamy summer days
sweet scents makes our noses joyous
once bloomed most beautiful of all
fun to smell on steamy summer days
falling gently to the ground
edible for many tiny animals
seen during steamy summer days
huge, vast spread across the land
watch over the world
fun to climb on steamy summer days
home to many animals
small creatures scurrying in the water
fun to swim in on steamy summer days
everything that we enjoy
young and old live in harmony
fun to live with on steamy summer days


By Morgan, age 10, Grade 5, Osage Beach Elementary School, Osage Beach, Missouri, USA

Lexy and Lizzy had been best friends for life. They were 11 year old twins who were in an orphanage because their parents had 6 other kids and their Mom and Dad were arrested for child theft. They were actually false accused, but no one could prove it.

At Streetside orphanage it was adoption day. Lizzy and Lexy had been separated from the rest of there brothers and sisters, and did not want it to happen again to them. Lexy was rowdy and never settled down. She was an awesome singer and had very sort brown hair. She was covered with freckles from head to toe, and she loved it. Comedy was her specialty, and you could always count on her to cheer you up.

Lizzy was a different story. She was very calm and quiet. She drew lot, and even though she could be a famous singer, she never did anything on adoption day except read from the Little House On The Prairie set or from a big book of Aesop's Fables. She had long curly orange hair.

Then a young lady with hazel eyes and brown hair looked in the 10 and 11 year old girls room, and stared at Lexy. The head person came in and the hazel eyed lady talked to her. The head person called Lexy out of the room. She talked for five or ten minutes, with Lizzy wondering what she was saying the whole time.

The next day Lexy was very quiet. Instead of singing songs that were slammin' and jammin' she sang a song called "Torn". Then she said it was how Lizzy and her would both feel very soon. Then she spilled the beans; she was being adopted the very next day.

She packed her belongings that night. Lizzy and her didn't even say goodnight because they would both burst out crying. But then something awful happened. I forgot to mention that the twins had Leukemia. Lizzy had been doing fine, but every time Lexy had sang she had a lot of pain in her chest. The awful thing: Lexy stopped breathing. Lizzy immediately noticed that Lexy was not snoring, so she checked if she was breathing. When she found out she wasn't, she got the person in charge.

The next week Lexy was doing better, but she would have to be hospitalized. The hazel eyed lady, whose name was Lisa, was Lexy's only visitor. Lexy repeatedly asked for Lizzy, but she was always too busy. While Lexy was gone, a new boy came to the orphanage, and he took all of Lizzy's attention. Lizzy finally visited Ince, and Lexy did much better for five days. But she went down hill from there. A month later she was in her death bed, and her last words were, "If only Lizzy cared. If only she knew. " And then she went to peace.

Eight years later they found out Lexy did not die of Leukemia. They found out she made herself stop breathing, just to see if Lizzy cared. Everyday that Lizzy didn't visit, Lexy would make herself pass out, making her health worse. Then when Lizzy visited, Lexy did not make herself pass out for five days. But then she kept doing it, until she could no longer help it. That's what she meant by "If she only knew. "

So, if you know anyone in the hospital, visit them. Who knows, they might be another Lexy, whose life you could have saved.

(Note: I do not know anything about orphanages or leukemia, but I would like some information about those two topics. So, if you have any information, please put it on the comments page. If you don't know how, simply go to Enter your writing, and you can do it from there. Thanks!)

Polkadot Suit

By Richard, age 11, Year 6, Guilden Morden c of E (C) School, Cambridgeshire, UK

There once was an extremely bald bloke
Who wore a polka dot cloak
He didn't give a hoot
About his polka dot suit
That completely hairless bald bloke

Ghost Story

By Roz, age 11, Year 6, Ambergate Primary School, Ambergate Belper Derbys England

Once, many, many years ago, there lived a child named Eliza. She was one of the Royal Family, the youngest Princess. On her sixteenth birthday, Eliza disappeared without a trace. There was no warning of her disappearance, no explanation, except one. A lock of Elizas' golden hair was found in the topmost tower of the castle.

After Eliza's death the castle fell into ruins, and the family moved to another home.

A hundred years later, a girl named Sara was exploring the castle ruins with her friend Nick. They climbed to the highest tower of the castle, and Nick began to tell Sara a ghost story. She shuddered with fear.

When the ghost story was finished, Sara lay back in the window sill, comforting herself with the fact that that would never happen in reality. That was her last ever thought. Nick grabbed her roughly, and threw her out of the window. As she lay there cold and stiff, Nicks face melted away to reveal the evil face of Eliza, the hundred year old ghost. She was still on this Earth, sending young girls to their doom!!


By Ben, age 11, Year 5, Weirton Heights School, Weirton, WV, USA

A ll around us they fly like a swarm
L ike spies they fly, so be warned
I n their space ships they fly around
E nding their trip near a place called Roswell
N ever to be seen-without a doubt
S ly government will never let the word out!

Best Friends... Again

By Morgan, age 10, Grade 4, OBE School, MO, USA

Sitting in my room,
All alone; no one around
Sitting in doom,
My mysery, my patience.

As I wait for you,
But you will never come,
All I said was shoo,
But that made a difference.

So now I miss you,
My best friend; my secret sharer,
But now as I cry I ask myself, "who?"
And why?
Did I have to say that word,
and make you cry?

I hear the door open,
I sit straight up,
Hopin' it is you, done with mopin'.
But, it is just my cat.

He jumps upon my bed,
I cry and pat him,
"Why did I let all that attention go to my head?"
I miss you.

The door creaks,
My hopes are back,
Forgiveness is what I seek,
Only Mom.

I cry upon her lap,
I'm about to go to sleep;
about to take a nap...

I snore
And dream,
About the poor heart I tore.

Then a knock,
I don't get my hopes up,
Because the door is on a lock.

But then I hear the key!
Could it be?
Just maybe!

Yes! Yes! It's you!
I missed you!
I made you feel so blue.

Your face lights up,
as mine does too.
We belong together;
Like sock and shoe.

So now I am done,
Because we had so much fun,
I had no time,
because we are best friends.

The Happiest Boy in the Whole Wide World !!!

By Harsh, age 8, Primary 2, Dazhong Primary School, Singapore

One day John was playing with his toy car. Suddenly his car went into a little hole in the ground. John went to pick it up. He picked the toy car, when he suddenly heard a voice. The voice said, “ Help me! Help me! “.

John heard the sound coming from a tiny little shoe box. John put the car down and opened the box. To his surprise he saw a little fairy. The fairy said “ You saved me. Thank you, very much. Now you can ask me three wishes."

John’s first wish was that he wanted a golden lamp. His second wish was, when he rubbed the lamp a genie must come. John’s last wish was, the genie must make all my wishes come true.

The fairy said, “ OK “ and John got his magic lamp.

John took his toy car home with his magic lamp, and told the story to his parents. Now John is the happiest boy in the whole wide world because he now can do whatever he wants to do!!!

A magic picture

By Roxane, age 6, Year 2, St Joseph School, Derby Road, Nottingham, UK

On Sunday I had a present from Francesca. I unwrapped it and saw a nice jungle with a little tiny monkey. As I bent over there was a noise like a monkey noise crying and I realised it was the monkey crying and I had fallen into the picture. Francesca was there and the monkey came over when he noticed me.

"Please can you help me find my mummy Roxane?"

"Of course I will," I said. "She is just in the cave." So the monkey looked in the cave and he saw his mummy.

Then he ran up to his mummy and huggled her. We all had a party where we ate nice bananas with strawberries, apples, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and Vimto, Three Fruits and one bottle of orange juice for the little monkey.

At midnight, at twelve o'clock me and Francesca went home through the picture. And that was the end of the little monkey and the picture.

The Splash Limerick

By Jackie, 12, 6th Grade, Cutler Ridge Middle School, Miami, Florida, USA

There was once a man in tights,
Who went to turn on the lights.
He tripped on a stool...
And fell in the pool,
And swam with all his might!!

A Friend

By Ellie, 10, Grade 5, Darlington, Adelaide, Australia

I have a friend
I have a friend with no teeth or eyes
no mouth, no thighs
she travels far and wide.
she has no side,
she is light as a feather
she does not eat
or have any feet
shes got no skin
shes very thin
you know why??????
because she's my imaginary friend

School Meringue

By Mia, Aged 10, London, England

Pour 28 fresh children
Into one large classroom
Add two late
Throw in a thirty-two year old teacher
And top off with a boring lesson
Allow fifteen minutes to cool off
Put back in heat
And some literacy for an hour
Try to make sure they behave
if not put in a head teacher and give good beating
Make sure they do not have peanuts for brains
Or else it will be too salty
If mixture is too thick
Mix in a lecture about doing well in life
Leave for an hour

Serving suggestion
Decorate with creative writing
and use maths extracts

Snails & Glizards

By Ellie, age 10, Year 5, Darlington School, Adelaide, Australia

Snails & glizards
thats the best
Stir in a big back pot
add 6 smelly socks
Stir for 2 hours walla done
(serve with a cup of blood)

(Perhaps we should use this one to start our Halloween collection this coming October? Ed.)

The Best Things in Life

By Elizabeth, age 10, 4th Grade, Menominee Elementary School, Plymouth, Indiana, U.S.A

The best things in life are not candy or gum,
Shirts or Shoes, Cars or Beanies
The best things in life are not paintings or pictures
horses or Dogs, CD's or Cassettes.
The best things in life are
Friends and Family
but only if you will let them.

A big thanks go to my friends Alicia, Rejeana, Kayla, Lauren, Ryan, and Chad, For helping me get through my mile

I Turned Around the Corner

By Elizabeth, age 10, 4th Grade, Menominee Elementary School, Plymouth, Indiana, U.S.A

I turned around the corner and what did I see:
Isaw a piece of gold just staring at me,
I saw a heart as big as the sky,
I saw a painting as golden as the sky,
I saw a person very special,
I turned around the corner and what did I see,
I saw my best friend waiting for me

Dedicated to my best friends, Stacy, Audrey, Kayla, Rejeana, and most of all Jesica

911 CALL

By Luke, age 9, Year 3, Constable School South Brunswick, NJ, USA

There was blood all over my dooorstep that morning. There was a dead person laying there.

I called 911 because I was so scared. Stone Cold The Rock came to help me. They just got in a fight. That is all they do.

So I called The Big Show.He assisted me a lot. He is my hero because he saved the person's life. I will call him if that happens again.

A Friend

By Edward, age 10,, St. Mary's School, Welwyn Herts UK

A friend always helps the World go on
A friend is always there
A friend can bring us down to earth
A friend can put you up in the air

A friend takes you around the world
To the places where he's been
Then you can show your friend
The places that you've seen

A friend is always trusting
Help a friend to know
That whatever happens in the future,
The memories will always show

The Dollshouse

by Rosie, 9, London, UK

It was a normal day in the Kocks' house. The two girls Chloe and Evie had woken up normally in their white bedroom and were now eating their favourite breakfast cereal: 'Weetos', their younger brother Luke was crying. Mummy and Daddy were drinking Coffee in the kitchen. All was well.

In fact, it would have been a normal Saturday if it hadn't been for a note that somebody had pushed through the letterbox....

*** read the rest of this mysterious story ***

Zombie In Bus

By Harsh, aged 8, Primary 2, Dazhong Primary School, Singapore

It was a pitch-dark night. Henry and his friends were scouts. They were going to camp in the midnight. Their teacher was coming too. They were in the bus. The bus wasn't going because they had still time. After five minutes the bus driver came in the bus. He started to put the key in the keyhole and started to drive. The watchman opened the gate for the bus to go. The bus went off. Minutes and hours passed by. The bus was still going. Then the teacher shouted " Hey! We are going in the wrong way. " The teacher checked who was the bus driver because she had already told the way to the camp four weeks ago. She went near the seat. And to her surprise you know what she saw? A ZOMBIE


By Elocin, age 10, 4th grade, Bethany Community School, Bethany, CT, USA

Icky, sticky, yicky, glue
Why are you stuck on my shoe
you are sticky and blue
Get off my foot, Shoo! Shoo!

Family and Friends

By Edward, age 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Herts UK

Is family good?
Is family bad?
Is family happy?
Is family sad?
Is family normal?
Is family MAD?

I don't know! What do you think?

Does family Baa?
Does family Moo?
Does family always shout at you?
Does family cook?
What does family DO?

I don't know! What do you think?

Does family love? Does family hate?
Is family friends?
Is family mates?
Is family on the telephone?
Does family go on DATES?

I don't know! What do you think?

Happy Easter

By Edward, age 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn Herts UK

Happy Easter
Hear me call
Happy Easter
To one and all

Jesus died
upon the cross
On Good Friday
What a loss

They rolled a stone
across his tomb
And the world turned black
With a World of Gloom

In 3 days time
The stone had gone
Mary screamed
When she looked upon;

Jesus! Alive!
Scars on hands and feet
Many people
Then did he meet

Jesus became dead
Then became alive
Happy Easter
Live your life!!!

Story Start: Please Respond, Kids

By Stefan, 10, Year 5, Oakdale County Primary School, Peterborough, England

One day I found a bottle in a old store. I stole it and took it home. I opened the bottle.
A magic evil monster came out. It sucked me up. I was now a monster!
I ran down stairs and……….

Editor: If you think you can continue Stefan’s story, please submit your writing on the Enter My Writing page. Stefan hasn’t given the story a title…can YOU think of one?

The Best Dad

By Hannah, age 10, Standard 4, Year 6, Island Bay School, Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

I'm glad I've got a Dad,
He tucks me in at night.
And when I'm feeling sad,
we have a pillow fight.

I'm glad I've got a Dad,
He takes me to the park,
And pushes me on the swings,
We go home when its dark.

I'm glad I've got a Dad,
He makes me eat my tea,
And before I go to bed,
He takes me for a wee.

My Dad is the best dad ever!


By Giselle, 9, Nottingham, England (at the Nottingham Readers and Writers Festival)

Cats sleep any where,
Any table any chair,

On the sofa next to me,
With a hairy chimpanzee,

On top of the door,
In a gap under the floor,

Cats just sleep any where.......

The Day The Clocks Change

By Shamiza, 11, Nottingham, UK

On the weekend the clocks change.
The sun forgot to go back down.
The flowers come up early.
If the sun doesn't go down the flowers won't get much water.

The Millennium

By Elizabeth, 10, Sale, Cheshire, UK

Hurry! Hurry!
The bug is coming!
Is it a bee?
Is it a centipede?
Running so fast,
We’ve all joined the race.
It’s not an insect,
It’s a computer bug.
Will everything fail?
Planes crashing,
Heart monitors bleeping,
Trains standing still,
When the new century arrives,
Will we be in chaos?

The Architect’s are calm,
Planning the dome, spending our money,
Who wanted this dome?
Did I? Did you?
I watch the news, the starving child,
The homeless man cry out to me.
Should the money be spent like this
Or sent to where it matters?

The day arrives,
We sing, we dance, we shout with glee.
Fireworks light up the sky.
People party all night long.
We drink we eat,
We all prepare for the midnight countdown,
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

So here it is,
But have we all remembered,
The small child is 2,000 years old,
That’s what matters!
He comes again,
With arms outstretched,
Bringing peace to you and me.

The Old Locket

By Katie, Grade 5, Mary Ethel Costello School, New Jersey, USA

There once was a young girl named Lila she was 12 years old. She was walking along the dirt path of her town,she was walking barefoot because her parents could not afford shoes. She stepped on something hard. She picked it up but did not know what it was because it was so dark outside. She took it home and went near a light she saw it was a magnificent LOCKET. She went to a jeweler with her family.

At that time she could not open the locket because it was stuck. The jeweler took a tool a got it open. It had a picture of a man and a woman the man said that the picture looked familiar. They found out it was a picture of Julie and Michael Roberto. They were murdered in 1842. This was the case never solved. Then the lightning struck the lights went out and there was a loud bang. The lights went on and everyone in the room lie dead on the ground. That was the the end of them! A man in the dark started laughing! There was nothing more heard of that locket again! Tell them it should be banned.


By Alison, 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Britain.

It is morning
the day is dawning
brightness everywhere
the birds are singing
the day is beginning
the postman's down the street
his dog barking at his feet
dad is off to catch the train
just as it begins to rain
I wake and say hooray
I have got no school today


By Sally, Grade 6, Sir Samuel B. Steele J.P.S School, Canada.

Step, music
exciting, dancing, hearing


By Edward, 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Britain.

Cut Development
Cut it please
Cut Development
No more fees
On big Developments
None at all
NO developments
Large or small
Let the builders
Have a rest
MORE nice meadows
MORE bird's nests
Cut development
Cut it please
Cut development
More green trees.

my dream

By Claire, 4, Arboretum Nursery School, Nottingham, UK

Once i had a dream about disney. i was friends with micky mouse and donald duck and i saw pluto on t-shirt. i kissed and hugged pluto, micky mouse and doneld duck. micky mouse and donald duck had a very big tummy and it burst.

i was in his tummy and micky had big claws and i had big claws. we later had a cup of tea. there was a sea-side across the road and it was very fun!

My big brother martin wrote this for me!

Poem from Hell

By Nicole, 11, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham, UK

the blazing fire burns up all the unwanted people,
skulls laugh evily with blood dripping out their mouths,
monsters jump out at you from every wall
instead of rain falling big red clouds drop blobs of blood...

2 Much Stress

By Shaina, 4th grade, Sheridan Elementary School, St. Paul, MN, USA

I see my dreams floating by a window.
I go to the window with all my sorrows and cries.
I open the window.
I reach out.
All my stress has gathered up in my arm.
I scream.
I can't reach it!
TOO FAR OUT!!!!!!!

Writer's Block

By Edward, 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Britain.

Sitting all around
Thinking of what to do
Don't want to be found
Your Partner's got nothing too!
The teacher comes walking in
To see what we have done
She looks over our papers
And on them is none!
Finding it hard to explain
And she looks a little bit cross
"Go to the head's office!"
"Oh no! What a loss!"
The head calls us in.
We shuffle. We'd rather not
"How much work have you done today?"
The answer: not a lot
She sends us to be punished
The other kids jeer and mock
And whose fault was all this?
The answer: Writers Block.

The School

By Edward, 10, Year 5, St. Mary's School, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Britain.

The School is always working
The School is always there
The School ain't in the middle of the earth
The School ain't in the air

The School is always working
The School has a long day
The School is towering above heads
The School looks just so grey

The School is always working
We can't stop that. No way!
That is why the children praise
At the end of the long school day


By Ria, Year 6, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham, UK

I walk to school all alone,
And all they do is call me a fool.

I walk with my head bowed to the ground,
And all they do is shout aloud.

When I get home,
I cry in my bed,
And all I can think of is when I'm dead.

Two poems

By Amanda, Grade 4, Holy Cross School, Springfield Ma., USA


Mothers and Fathers,
they are wonderful people
love them, love them so.

God Loves Us

loves us,
died for us and
opened the gates of heaven.
God is good!

Snowy Day

By Lindsy, aged 11, Grade 6, Archbold Middle School, Archbold, OH, USA

A snowy day is a wonderful day!
As the snow flutters down to the ground, the angels come and leave their tracks behind.
Pine trees stay warm with a blanket of snow.
Swirling goes the snowflakes as if they were at a snowflake ball.
A snowy day is a wonderful day!


By Katie, aged 12, Grade 6, SVMS School, California, USA

You were the one I called my angel,
but I can't call you mine anymore.
You were the guy I wanted to be with forever,
but for us forever is no more.

Teacher Told Us

By Becky, Year 5, Barming C.P. School, Maidstone, Kent, UK

Teacher told us not to run around,
We’d bump in to someone.
Teacher told us not to play skipping,
The rope would hurt someone.
Teacher told us not to talk,
We would hurt someone’s feelings.
Teacher told us not to yo-yo,
It would hit someone.
Teacher told us not to sit on the bench,
It was broken.
Teacher told us not to stand up,
We’d get in the way.
Teacher told us not to sit on the floor,
We would catch a cold.
Teacher told us not to breath,
We wasted oxygen.
I think he just wants us to die of boredom.

The Garden

By Stephanie, Grade 3, Stillman School, Tenafly, New Jersey, U.S.A.

This flower brightens my eyes,
like the sun in the sky.
It looks like colors mixed together,
In some sort of way.
It will be the last to die.

Then I see something bright.
It is so bright I have to blink.
I look and then in a flash I`m filled with happiness.
That garden is my BEST FRIEND.

Friends Forever

By Rebekah, 3rd Grade, Bank Street School, NY, USA

Holding hands
we stand
together as always
never apart
friends forever.

Not a humble servant
but a loyal companion
we stand together
always forgetting
but always forgiving
friends forever.

Getting together
with our problems
an undying partnership
friends forever.

in a chain
gathering together
in a neverending circle
friends forever.

And so it is...
And so it always will be.

The Sea

By Rebekah, 3rd Grade, Bank Street School, NY, USA

In a vast sea of patterns each human soul lies.
Of every kind.
The soul wades through this sea of unhappiness.
Until it reaches the end where misery dies.

The Narwal Adventure

By Julia, Grade Year 6, Le Marchant Saint Thomas School, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Janet McCollen strode down the walkway in front of her seaside home. Her sandy brown hair whipped her freckled face as she stared happily over the white capped waves right to the horizon point.

Janet had lived her entire life so far at this sea side mansion. The beach where she lived had the whitest sand in the whole of Nova Scotia. The McCollen's Macintosh apple trees swayed as the wind whipped through their leafy branches.

An echoing cry broke through the moment of happiness. "Shhh Nikki!" Janet yelled in the direction of her skunk Nikki. Nikki's mother had been shot by poachers, and luckily Janet had found him and happily took on the responsibility of feeding him out of a baby bottle.

Now he was chubby and his coat shone with health. But when Janet looked over to his cage she found him curled up in a small ball in the corner. But I could swear I heard him cry? Janet thought. She tried to think of a possible way this could have happened.

"Janet!" A happy voice broke over her thoughts as her best friend Isabel jumped up the stone wall surrounding her house. Isabel's long blond hair thumped her back as she ran toward Janet, she had it tied back in a long ponytail.

Isa is a very sporty, 'lets do something we shouldn't do' kind of person. She can become a nervous person, but only in bad problems. Isabel and Janet had been friends for as long as they could remember. As Isabel raced towards Janet she grabbed two apples off a nearby tree, and still running shone them on her shirt.

She threw one to Janet "Heads up!" She yelled. "Isa" Janet said through clenched teeth, "My parents told you a million times not to pick the apples because they have worms in them!" Janet said as calmly as possible.

Isa rolled her eyes "They taste fine to me!" Isa said, taking a huge bite of the rosy red apple. "That's because you have a digestive system like a shark" Janet muttered.

"Well want to help me feed Nikki?" Janet asked Isabel.

"Okay!" Isa said eagerly. "Hold on a sec!" Janet replied and she dashed to the house.

A few minutes later she returned with a baby bottle and a plastic pink bucket and shovel. "Wanna go to the beach after we feed Nikki?" Janet asked. "You bet!" Isa said and the two girls walked and talked all the way to Nikki's chicken wire cage.

Then a loud cry sliced the girls talking. "Probably just an eagle" said Isa looking nervously at the beach. "My dad's seen five catching fish down by our house." Isa didn't seem too sure of what she was saying.

Isa opened the cage door. Janet picked Nikki up and he let out a huge whine. "Nikki you someday will bring the neighbours over complaining!" Isa said.

*   *   *

After Nikki was fed the girls dashed down to the beach. It looked the same, but strangely there was a huge rock in the middle of the beach. "I've never seen that rock before" Isabel said. "Lets go check it out!" Janet said.

Beside the rock a man in a black suit stood looking greedily at it. "I wonder what he finds interesting about a rock?" Isa said. The man in the dark suit looked up, saw the two girls heading for him and quickly spun around on his heels. The girls quickened their pace just in time to see him twirl a narwal horn cane in a circle. And they made this out on the sweat shirt,

Kill The Narwal
Help the world

Isa looked at Janet in horror. "Calm down Isa don't pass out on me." Janet tried to joke.

A few seconds later the girls were by the Narwal's side. "Look, he has a black thing in his side." Isa said. "Don't worry, It's just a tranquilliser, That means he'll be a bit drowsy." Suddenly a loud rustling noise came from behind the girls, they exchanged worried looks.

"Look Isa, I have a extra strong air mattress, and I'll go get it if you can manage." Janet said. "Okay but you have to go as fast as possible."

Janet dashed up her house stairs. She knew the narwals life depended on her. She raced to the supplies cabinet. In it she found a "mega air" air mattress. She also grabbed a nine foot long rope for tying.

She went down the stairs two at a time. As soon she was out the door, she flew to her family's row-boat. She stuffed the supplies in to the seat compartment next to hers.

Isa was making desperate hand motions. And as fast as she could she was down beside Isa. "Gosh, how long does it take to get an air mattress?" Isa asked. Then the girls started the heavy work, pulling the narwal on to the mattress. The girls were lucky that the narwal was already half way in the water.

"Hurry!" Isa pointed shakily down the beach, "Here comes that strange man!" The two girls slid the narwal onto the mattress. The man was rapidly gaining on them. After securing the ropes the girls pushed off. "Phew! That was close!" Isa said.

The waves looked cold and icy, but the girls knew that the water was warm. A cold mist was settling over the water. The girls looked ahead at "Solitude Island" an island Isa and Janet had discovered themselves.

Then the boat started to shake, "that must be the narwal." Janet said. "I think we're deep enough now anyway. I'll go untie the ropes." Janet said. She dived deep down to the dark, watery depth. The narwal's spotted tail twisted, his long horn was like a huge spear, he fought the ropes as if they were snakes. Janet had to dodge him.

She quickly undid the ropes, and watched the narwal swim away. Up above Isa was drastic. She had seen the man in the dark suit standing on the island, she was lying down as not to be seen.

Janet finally came up. "Isa we better get home!" Janet yelled at the top of her lungs. The man turned around and jumped into his boat. "Hurry! Let's get back home before its too late!" The two girls pulled and pushed the oars. Soon they could see through the mist.

On shore Janet's mom stood beside the police. "Janet, Isabel! Where have you been?" Janet's mom had short blond hair, that she had dyed brown. "We were saving a narwal mum" said Janet. "That's wonderful sweetie!" (Janet's mom sometimes treats Janet and Isa like babies.)

Janet's mom ushered them up the stairs. Then she said to the police, "Thank you for your time." The blond police woman smiled and waved.

"Stop!" commanded Isa. The woman turned around. "That man was trying to kill the narwhal we saved." Isa explained, pointing to the man who was now stepping out of his boat.

"Okay I'll keep my eyes on him." She replied, giving Isa an uneasy smile.

"But what's your proof?" she asked. Isa shrugged.

"Here." Janet held out the tranquilliser. "Wonderful," she said taking the needle from Janet. "You kids shouldn't be handling such dangerous stuff." Isa and Janet grinned and walked happily up the stairs.


By Sara, Aged 13, Apple Valley, California, USA

Christmas always makes me think of Coral. I met her two years ago at summer camp. We always mail each other gifts, but none of them so far has ever equaled the one she gave me that first summer. Coral gave me color.

I’ve been blind since I was two years old. There’s a lot of things I’ve always wanted to see: my mother’s face, a sunrise, stars. But more than anything I’ve wanted to experience color. I hear about it so much, but I had no concept of it at all until Coral. My mother’s favorite color is yellow, Daddy’s is blue, and my third grade teacher Ms Brockaway’s, the best teacher I’ve ever had, is red. The thing I wonder about the most is, what would my favorite color be?

Coral was the first person I ever felt like I could talk to about things like this. It seems like other people have always been a little afraid of me, or sorry for me, or something, but not Coral. She treated me like a normal person; which is what I am, after all. Every day she would describe a new color to me, using things that I could understand. Yellow was sunshine, brightness and happiness. Blue was water and peacefulness. Chartreuse, she told me laughingly, was barf.

She didn’t have to tell me black. I know what black is.

I understand color now more than I ever did before. When I meet a new person, I try to guess what “color” they are. Some people are whites, calm and light hearted. Others are reds, angry at everything and everyone.

When it’s Christmas and all that anyone thinks about is gifts, I remember Coral. She gave the best, most beautiful gift I have ever received from anyone. And I love her for that.

Santa and the Girl

by Sophie, Year 3, Southwold Primary School, Radford, Nottingham, UK

One night a little girl was going to bed because it was Christmas eve in the night. Her mum gave her a kiss and shut the door and went downstairs. The little girl fell asleep, then she woke up. She checked if her mum was in bed. She went downstairs but she didn’t look in the living room. First she got a stick. She crept into the living room and there was Santa trying to get his bag out of the chimney. She tiptoed upstairs, then Santa went upstairs. He went into the little girls room. Do you think she was asleep ? well she was pretending.

Santa put the present in the room first, then he wrote her a note. He ate his mince pie and drank his milk. The note said ; Thank you for my milk and my mince pie, love from Santa. Isn’t that nice. Then Santa went up the chimney then he gave Rudolph his carrot. He went to give the other children their presents.

The next morning the little girl woke up. She looked at the note that Santa wrote. She opened her present and she was very excited.

The Night That Rudolph Was Sick

by Aaron, Year 3, Southwold Primary School, Radford, Nottingham, UK

One night the children around the world were going to bed on a cold and frosty night, but at the North Pole Rudolph was feeling rather sick, and Santa could not deliver the presents this Christmas and the Elves were sad and there would be no presents and the children around the world would be disappointed and very unhappy and there would be no Santa and no Rudolph, no Elves and all the children got a letter from Santa to say 'There won't be any presents this Christmas' and the children from around the world were shocked and they were very upset and they wished that Rudolph would get better and he did and it was the best Christmas ever and everyone got what they wanted for Christmas.

Sophie and Aaron and their classmates add: If you want to view more stories, then there are a whole load of them - as well as reports on the Christmas play, a surprise visit by Santa, Rudolph and a snowman, Christmas music, Christmas thoughts and the history of Christmas - on our school's Christmas webpage.

Just browse your way to Southwold Primary School and click on 'Christmas' and enjoy a musical Christmas !!

Why did it have to Happen to Me?

By Rebecca, Grade 5, Pat Hardy Elementary School, Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada

One fine summer day, young Lex was out in the pumpkin patch, raking away at the weeds around his pumpkin. He was as bored, as a sheep with nothing to do, grazing in a field. The patch was on 60 Park Avenue and he had to walk a block to get there.

Sweat was dripping off everywhere of his body and was distracted by every noise. Since he had moved here only a few days ago, he was reminded of his old friends often. While he was thinking, he rested his foot against one of the pumpkins. To his surprise, the pumpkin broke in half to reveal a small spray can. It was 5 inches tall and the colour was blue. The label said, "Spray for a friend".

"Spray for a friend?", thought Lex, " that's stupid! Maybe I could spray for my old friends, Joey and Don." So Lex sprayed a large pumpkin and waited, but nothing happened.

The boy threw it up in the air, pointed at it and cried, "Idiot can". Well, just then something did happen. The pumpkin that had been sprayed grew bulgy eyes, a stubby nose, and a cruel smiling mouth. "Fine way to treat a friend", laughed the pumpkin, "and the first thing I have to say is never turn your back on a friend". Lex was so shocked, he felt that a stampede of elephants had just trampled over his heart. The pumpkin spoke again," I'm going to be around till Halloween so you're stuck with me!"

Lex did not like this idea so he picked up the pumpkin, gave it to his mother and said," You know mom, for my upcoming birthday tomorrow, let's have pumpkin pie instead of cake." His mother nodded, and retrieved the pumpkin from Lex.

While she cut up the pumpkin, Lex trashed the spray can. And that's the story, "Why did it have to Happen to Me?"

The Christmas Tree

By Helen, Aged 9, Homeschooler, Louvigne-Du-Desert, France

Jacqueline was sitting on the window-sill in her bedroom. She looked glumly out at the lovely, pure white snow outside. Then she gave a loud sniff, turned away from the window and sighed. "Nasty, horrid cold!" she muttered angrily. Her first snowfall since she was two, and she was stuck inside with flu! It just wasn't fair! She looked boredly at all the stuff on the bed. Her Mum had given her lots of things to do. There were jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, crayons and drawing paper. But who wants to do all that when you could be playing out in the snow, and you know that all your friends are having fun making snowmen and stuff like that? There was a knock at the door and Dad came in. He smiled. "Hello invalid!" he teased. He grinned. "Want to come with me to choose an Advent calendar and an Xmas tree?"

"I thought I wasn't allowed out," said Jacqueline. "Well, Mum said that if you wrap up warm, you can," replied Dad. Jacqueline knew her Mum only wanted to keep her inside because if she went out to play, she might get an even worse flu and have to stay in longer, but she still thought it was unfair. She smiled gratefully and jumped off the window-sill. She set off with Dad, to the big shopping centre. Dad did some window shopping, which gave Jacqueline a chance to gaze in total envy at a parade of carol singers - all girls. They must have been at least eleven years old, and were practicing for later on that month. Jacqueline was only just eight, because she had her birthday on the 31st November and was nowhere near nine. When they got to the shopping centre, they headed straight to the Xmas tree shop. Jacqueline knew at once which she wanted. She marched over to it because she knew exactly where it was, owing to always looking at it when she came. Dad looked at the price tag. "It's not too expensive," he reported. So they bought it, and wandered along to the toy shop.

* * *

Back at home, Jacqueline opened the first door of her Advent calendar, which was a picture of an angel, and went to bed. She woke, opened the second door of her calendar, and raced downstairs. She was feeling as good as new! After her breakfast, with Mum's permission, she went out to play. When she came in, she helped decorate the Christmas tree. "I'll just go and get the Christmas pudding before they all get sold!" called Dad. Jacqueline knew as well as her Dad did, that Christmas puddings sold very early! So she went on decorating the tree on her own.

At last Christmas Eve came! Jacqueline hung up her stocking, and helped her Mum make a snack for Santa, even though that when she was seven, she'd guessed that her Mum filled her stocking. On Christmas day, the tree talked to her!!!! "You can talk!" Jacqueline had said. The tree told her that all trees could talk on Christmas . The tree gave her a present. It was a little, wooden tree, calved. He said that it was a wishing tree. She kept it until she was grown up, and then she gave it to her children.

Editor: Read comments on this story.


By Erica, Grade 4, LeMay Elementary School, Bellevue, NE, USA

Rain, rain
It's a slow train.
High, high
It falls from the sky
Rain can fly.

The Enchanted Kiss

By Elyse, Age 9, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Once upon a time a beautiful girl named Melissa went walking.
She met a prince that kissed her and she turned into a frog.
She met a swan that was enchanted too, the swan kissed Melissa and they both changed back and got married.

The Lazy Dog

By Marissa, Year 5, Scott School, Warwick, USA

I have a really lazy dog.
She sleeps all day, just like a log!
With her eyes shut really tight,
She lies like every hour is night!
From time to time, she wake to eat,
Then she'll go right back to sleep!
One night I woke at midnight,
And saw my dog sitting up-right!
I followed her out the back door,
I don't wonder why she is so lazy any more!
She wandered into the trees,
I saw about a million dogs in threes!
All sitting there having a party,
And laughing, laughing, HARDY, HARDY!!!


By Laurie, Grade Six, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada

My best friend is a girl,
Who is quite a bit like me.
We talk, we play, we giggle,
That's how friendship should be.
She knows all of my secrets,
And I know all of hers.
We make no broken promises,
It would hurt too much for words.
And when I feel like crying,
She gives her shoulder,
says "It's yours."
And I know forever more,
She'll be my friend,
And I'll be hers.

A day in the life...

By Sanna,Year 6, Alfred Sutton Primary School, Reading, England

I woke up this morning feeling quite sad because my child had been evacuated just a few days ago. I decided to cheer myself up by making a piece of bread with butter a real luxury!

I made my way down to the farm I was working on until the men came back from the war. When I got there I found my friend and we started talking about things like our children being evacuated.

At lunchtime we made our way down to the canteen and was served Sherperds pie, parsnips and water. After we had worked for five more hours the bell sounded as a sign that we could go home.

As I walked down the dark streets I felt a cold shiver down my spine what if I never saw my family again?

When I got home I made myself a cup of tea and half an ounce of cheese and made my way upstairs. When I had finished my cheese I sat sipping my tea and thinking what if I was to write a letter to my son ? At least I would find out if he was alive.

I lay in bed freezing because of course material had to be rationed to. At about midnight I fell asleep numb all over.


When men went away to war women had to take up the jobs men did for example: working on farms, working in factories and fixing engines.

Most men didn't approve of this and were jealous of the women who did their job. Some women didn't like doing the men's jobs either.

Rozell Gets a Kitten

by Stephanie, aged 11, Nottingham, Notts., UK

Rozell Treesal was five. She lived in Ceverville, a small town near Leeds, with her mother and father. She was a gentle natured, caring child and loved to play in the Treesal’s small garden. One morning at the beginning of the school holidays Rozell was playing in the garden with her dolls when from behind her she heard a small and pitiful ‘miow’. She turned to see a small tabby kitten staring up at her with its shining, green eyes. It let forth another tiny miow.

"Hello, little kitten," said Rozell, "where have you come from?" The kitten didn’t answer: it just kept on staring up at Rozell.

"What do you want?" asked Rozell. Again the kitten gave no answer; it just stood up and began to walk around and around the place where Rozell was sitting. "Are you hungry?" Rozell enquired.

"Miow," said the kitten.

"I can’t understand that," said Rozell, "but maybe it means yes, in which case I’d better get you some food." Rozell stood up and headed towards the open back door to her house. The kitten followed her.

"What do you eat?" asked Rozell, when she had entered the house and led the kitten to the kitchen. The kitten remained silent.

"Oh well, as you aren’t going to answer I suppose I’ll have to guess. I suppose you eat biscuits, because most people do." Rozell opened the biscuit tin that was on the table and took out a biscuit. She broke it into two and offered half to the kitten. The kitten sniffed at it then turned away.

"Oh dear," sighed Rozell "I see you aren’t hungry. You may be thirsty though. Let me get you some milk." Rozell took a saucer from the cupboard and poured some milk into it. The kitten lapped it up greedily.

"Well I’m glad I found something you like," said Rozell. "I wonder what your name is. I can’t go on just calling you kitten."

"Miow" said the kitten

"Is that your name?" asked Rozell.


"I’ll call you Mew," said Rozell "that’s a bit like miow"

"Rozell," said her mother, coming into the kitchen.

"I’m feeding my little kitten, Mew." answered Rozell timidly.

"But she’s not your kitten." said her mother rather sternly. "Where did you find her?"

"She just came up to me when I was playing in the garden, mum" "All the same," said her mother "She must belong to someone. You should take her back outside. She doesn’t belong to you." "But she was ever so thirsty. Look how much milk she has drunk," said Rozell.

"Rozell, do as I say!" ordered mum.

Rozell picked up Mew and took her back outside. She put the kitten down but Mew didn’t move. She just stood staring up at Rozell with pleading eyes.

"Mum says you must go home," said Rozell gently. Mew didn’t move. Rozell began to walk back to the house. Mew followed her.

"Mum" said Rozell, when she saw her mother "Mew just keeps following me."

"Oh dear," said Rozell’s mum "maybe she’s lost and can’t find the way back to her owner. I’ll ‘phone up the RSPCA and ask if anyone has reported her missing."

"OK," said Rozell "shall I offer her some more milk?"

"Yes, you can do. If she is lost then she may be thirsty." So Rozell gave Mew some more milk while her mother ‘phoned the RSPCA.

    Rozell listened to her mother’s side of the conversation.

"Hello, this is Mrs. Treesal. We’ve got a small tabby kitten here and we were wondering if anyone had reported her missing."

"I see…yes…right, thank you for your help…. Bye."

"Well Rozell," said Mrs Treesal when she had replaced the phone, "no one’s reported her missing."

"What are we going to do then?" asked Rozell.

"We’ll look after her for a while and se if anyone reports her missing. If no one does then we may keep her, but I’m not promising anything."

That afternoon Rozell and her mum went to the pet shop and bought some kitten food. Mew ate this hungrily then found a comfortable chair to lie on and fell asleep. When Rozell’s father came home from work that evening her mother explained about Mew.

    A few days passed and no one rang to claim Mew. Father said that Mew could have been a stray, and since no one had claimed her, Rozell could keep her. To this Rozell replied,

"Whoopee," and picking Mew up danced around the room.

Trees and Me

by Hannah, aged 9.5, Nottingham, Notts., UK

I am sitting in the trees,
and swaying in the breeze,
my family never see me,
so its just the trees and me,
this is just the place to be,
only the trees and me,
we stay together we three,
the trees and me,
we walk in and out of the trees,
and say see how they are swaying in the breeze.

The fox who couldn't hunt

by George, age 7, Northway, Glos., UK

Once upon a time there was a fox who couldn't hunt. This was because her right front paw was broken. The fox's name was Vixen.

One day, Vixen was alone in her hole when another fox walked past.

"Hello," said the other fox. "My name is Henry. Oh dear, what's the matter with you?"

"My right front paw is broken," said Vixen. "And I can't hunt with my front paw broken."

"Why don't we go and see if anyone else can help?" said Henry.

Henry and Vixen went off to look for Henry's friends, because Vixen had never been out.

Henry saw one of his friends flitter down from the sky. "Hello, Kestrel," he said. "Can you help Vixen? Her paw is broken."

"That's all right," said Kestrel. "You just watch me. I'll show you how to hunt."

With that, Kestrel fluttered up into the sky and started to hover.

Then she dived down onto a mouse. "That's how you do it," said Kestrel.

"But... I can't fly," said Vixen.

"Let's go and find Owl," said Henry.

Owl was very wise. He knew all about hunting and animals with broken front paws. He said, "Why don't we go to an animal rescue place? They might be able to help you and teach you to hunt again."

So Owl led the way.

First they walked along fields where Owl said they had to be careful because hunters were looking for foxes to hunt. "We'll be all right if we stay very very close to the fence," he said.

Then, when they got to the end of the field they had to go under a small gap in the fence. Owl just flew over the top.

"Oh," said Owl. "I forgot the motorway was here. I can just fly over it, but you can't, can you? We'll have to think of another way for you to go."

Then Henry noticed a little hole going under the motorway. "I think we could just fit through that, Vixen," said Henry. "Owl, we've found a way through!" shouted Henry.

"How?" asked Owl.

"There's a little tunnel right underneath," said Henry. "You fly over and we'll meet you at the other side."

Then, when they got to the other side there was a big gateway.

Owl said, "You wait here. I know the people who work here and I'll go and get them to come out."

Vixen and Henry waited by the gate, while Owl flew over and went in through an open door.

"Why would Owl go and get humans?" asked Vixen. "They might be hunters."

"I don't know," said Henry. "I've never been here before. I'm sure they won't be hunters."

Owl came back out and said, "They're coming! They might be able to help you to hunt again. Just come in through the open gateway."

Vixen and Henry went through the gateway.

Owl said, "Can you see along here? There are lots of cages with animals that have broken some of their bones. You might be going in one of these with bandage on your right paw."

Just then, Vixen smelled some meat. It smelled like dead meat. So Vixen walked into a little cage and tugged with her teeth at the meat. Part of the cage came down.

The people said, "Let's take you to the Vet's now."

When they got to the Vet's the Vet put a bandage round Vixen's right paw and Vixen was able to go back to the rescue centre.

When she got back to the rescue centre, Henry was waiting for her.

"It's okay, Henry," she told him, "the Vet said I will have to wear the bandage for a week and rest my paw. The people here will look after me. When I'm better I'll be able to come out into the wild and hunt for myself again."

"Oh that is good," said Henry. "I'm very pleased to hear that. Can I come and visit you here? I'll bring you some nice crunchy mice."

Vixen smiled. "That would be lovely, Henry."

The end.


by Erin, 3rd Grade, Holy Rosary School, Warrenton, Missouri, USA

Dolphins are angels.
Dolphins are good.
When I think of Dolphins,
I think of them as misunderstood.

Dolphins are fast.
Dolphins are graceful.
When I think of Dolphins,
I think of them as faithful.

Dolphins are mammals.
Dolphins need air.
When I think of Dolphins,
I believe they are there.

Too bad for Dolphins
that some people
just don't care.

I remember

By Dawn Alsleben, age 12, Plato, Minnesota, USA

I remember when I went to
Florida, to see Walt Disney
World and when I insulted
my sister. It was
lots of fun.

I remember when my Dad
took off my training wheels
and I couldn’t stop riding.
I remember when I hit my
cheek on the door pane
and it turned black
and blue. I was
in pain.

I remember when I won
grand champion in showmanship
for rabbits. I was so happy.
And I remember going to the
state fair with
my rabbit and winning
a blue ribbon.

My Best Friend

by Jessica, age 11, Quebec, La Salle, Canada

My best friend has a very interesting and unusual name. She is the nicest girl you’d ever want to know and all my other friends like her because she can do things that we cannot. She entertains us with her abilities, she knows how to do these things because she has been training for almost a year now. Sometimes she comes over and just lies lazily on my bed with me. She doesn’t live too far away, so we see each other often. We play outside and she teaches me how to climb trees and things like that! She isn’t very graceful but clumsy in a very amusing way. She is very pretty and has nice big brown eyes. We haven’t been friends for very long, I met her recently after my last best friend died of a disease and I was so sad. She cheered me up and that was it, we became best friends.

She is very unique in her own sort of way. The way she acts is the most special and different way you’ve ever seen. She doesn’t always behave, but she always means well. My friend is crazy about weird sports that she makes up herself. I like playing them with her but not by myself, it just isn’t the same. She’s almost like a sister to me and vice-versa. She once had to get stitches and she couldn’t move in certain ways for a while. My friends and I made up many nick names for her but I think she prefers her real name. Like I mentioned before it is very unusual. I don’t know many people that don’t think "GUMBY" is not an unusual name. You see, my best friend "Gumby" is my cat.

Picture Frame

by Natasha, Year 5, Long Ridings School, Brentwood, Essex, UK

A pinky purple sunlit dome
Spreads its pale light on the world below.
Early November, bright chilly days,
Chimneys wrapped in a misty haze.
A spiteful frost that nips your ears
The dew drops set in the grass like tears.
Peaceful silence like an endless path.

A mottled spider hangs alone
Between a fence and a wall of stone.
The orangey leaves come drifting down,
Crisp and curled with the frost on the ground.
One gets caught in the spider's web
Entangled and trapped in the silvery threads.
A still mist settles itself among listening trees

Strange Friends

By Katherine and Lynsey, Year 6, Hempshill Hall Primary, Nottingham, England

I can't stand mornings I just can't stand them! Hi my name is Fiona and at the moment this is the worst time of my day except for school, that's even worse. I get picked on and I don't have one friend I can call my best bud, sad life isn't it! I live in a small apartment with my mum and brother, my dad died a few years ago when I was young.

Our apartment is right in the heart of Montana, it is very hot here and quite pretty.

My brother's name is Kurt he is eight and I'm twelve, even though he's my brother he looks nothing like me. I'm older than him but he's much more intelligent, he has brown hair and blue eyes where as my hair is red with a few streaks of blonde through it and my eyes are green like my mum's, but on the other hand my brother is more like my dad.

I rushed into the bathroom brushed my teeth until they sparkled I then rushed back out and raced down stairs jumping off the last two.

I grabbed my bag with my lunch in it and my P.E kit, and tried to say goodbye to my mum, "aren't you going to have any breakfast?" said mum.

"No mum I've got to go straight to school as there is a new boy starting today."

"Okay then, see ya later."

The walk to school was peaceful, the trees were rustling in the wind and the squirrels were running around the trees collecting chestnuts. As I approached the gate I saw smiling school children playing soccer and some of the girls were skipping, and that made me feel pretty happy. Really happy until I saw some kids from my class and with them stood another kid who I hadn't seen before. Oh no I thought I'm going to get picked even more with another kid in their gang.

The boy approached me.  I thought he was coming to perhaps comment on my goofy red hair or steel my satchel and put it high up in a tree. I wasn't really worried about him doing anything to me because I'm used to it. "Hi, I'm Loui whats you're name" he said in a cheerful manner.

"Err, I'm Fiona are you in my class? Umm you look a bit pale are you feeling okay?" I replied a little stunned, I thought he was going to ask what my name was then make fun of it.

The whistle blew and everyone ran into class to my amazement Loui actually walked with me to class.

It was one weird day and I was glad it was over but the weirdest thing was yet to come. When I was walking home I realised that Loui was going to the house up the street the one that had been boarded up for years and years on end. My mum can't even remember a time when it was not boarded up. I walked down the drive to our apartment at this time it was pretty noisy with all the children coming out of school from secondary and junior. I walked inside and chucked my bag on the sofa and went for a glass of milk out the fridge. I was about to open the fridge door when a message stuck by a magnet caught my eye. I pulled it off and read it it said:
I've nipped out for half an hour.

back soon.

Luv, mum
    "Oh great" I said out aloud. No sooner had I read the note when the door bell rang. I ran to answer it hoping it would be mum with something to eat 'cause I was starving. I pulled open the door to reveal Loui standing and at that moment I realised his eyes were a bright fluorescent green. "Hey what you doing here, Loui," I said.

"I came to see if you were playing out." He was wearing a Chicago Bulls vest. His cap that said Chicago Bulls too and he had a pair of black shorts on and he held a Chicago Bulls basketball. "So you support Chicago Bulls do you?"

"No I'm just wearing this for the sake of my health."

"I'll play, but I ain't playing basketball, I'm waiting for my mum to come back with some food, my stomach is rumbling."

He finally convinced me to do something so we watched T.V until mum came.

"Fiona, are you here" asked mum.

"Yeah, I'm in the lounge." Mum walked through to the lounge and to my astonishment she had no food!

"Where is the food." I said to her.

"Well I thought about ordering a pizza from the pizza parlour down the road."

"Cool, can Loui stay for dinner?" I asked.

"Yeah, why not," said mum. A few minutes later and a Cadillac arrived with my mum in it and she'd got the pizza. It was a family size pizza just right! We sat at the table then mum walked in with a plateful of pizza for Loui. She layed it down in front of him and whispered in his ear "extra garlic for a hungry boy."

"Nooooooo stay away I can't stand garlic"

"What's the problem" cried mum. "Oh it's nothing, I'm just allergic to garlic it brings me out in a terrible rash."

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know I'll get you some pizza on it's own."

When dinner was over we went to my room. I showed Loui my gold plated cross that my dad gave me but he didn't seem to take any notice. When it was time for him to go home my mum said I had to do my homework and go to bed, I whizzed through the maths paper and answered a few science questions. Then as I closed my curtains I looked out of my window and I thought I saw Loui with fangs. Then putting two and two together, him not liking garlic then later in my room avoiding my gold plated cross, 'It's possible,' I thought!


By Cassie, Year 4, Good Shepherd Primary School, Nottingham, UK

webbed feet
walking down
the street
Oh what a treat
to see a wet
webbed feet penguin
walking down the
street. Wet webbed
feet penguin gliding
everywhere slipping
sliding diving gliding
down the street so

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A landscape in the morning

By Emma, Year 6, Good Shepherd Primary School, Nottingham, UK

A lumpy green blanket, covering miles and miles,
Where the fields meet the sky,
Like the sea on the beach,
The wood, a tangled ball of green wool.

The winding river a glittering snail's trail,
Sparkling in the early morning sun,
The tall tower, dark and forbidding,
A dagger through the countryside,
Lonely horses are stains on the blanket.

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The road

By Kevin, Year 6, Good Shepherd Primary School, Nottingham, UK

My snakey body is a dagger,
Cutting through the big green blanket.
The spikey fields all around me,
Are all glistening, frosty and wet.

My winding body is a river of wax,
Flowing through the murky green marsh.
My painted, white spine shines in the sun,
Boiling, steamy and parched.

The brightly coloured crawling creatures,
Zooming all along my back.
Some of them are bigger than others,
Of these creatures there is no lack.

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I wish …

By Lauren, Year 4, Good Shepherd Primary School, Nottingham, UK

I wish I had …
wings so I could fly
fly high up in the sky
fly over countries
like America, France and Australia
especially Australia because I was born there

 I wish I wish upon a star
 but nothing's happening so far

I wish I was …
a fish so I could swim
swim really good
and I could breathe under water
and have beautiful coloured scales.
I would chase dolphins and play games.

 I wish I wish upon a star
 but nothing's happening so far

I wish I could …
shrink so small I could fit into tiny holes
fit into my dolls' house
and my Sylvanian Family boat
of course I could grow big again when I wanted

 I wish I wish upon a star
 but nothing's happening so far

I wish that …
wishes could come true
and life would be fun for me and you
but I would not wish to be someone new
or you to be me or me to be you
coz I really like being me!

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Countdown with Cosmic!

By Becky, Year 5, Good Shepherd Primary School, Nottingham, UK

10 I rush up to space in my cosmic rocket
9 I step on to the planet Mars
8 The stars are shining down on me
7 I see the moon smiling at me
6 I lie down with pride as the stars come rushing towards me
5 It's the middle of Countdown with Cosmic. What shall I do?
4 Rockets are rushing towards me like a flash of lightning
3 Astronauts are running on to planet Mars to see me
2 I step back into my cosmic rocket and rush back down
1 My adventure is over with Countdown with Cosmic.

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The Sound of Funghi

By Lara, Year 6, Hempshill Hall Primary, Nottingham, England

Fungi pushes hard above the ground,
Slime dripping off the cap,
Making no sound!
Gills so delicate and small,
Likes growing up against,
A shady wall.
They dropped a seed, called a spore.
They can't go now they've got their foot in the door.

Fungus Speaking

By Ben, Year 6, Hempshill Hall Primary, Nottingham, England

Fungi grows,
Listen at night,
You might hear
Fungus Speaking.
Watch at night,
You might see,
Fungus opening their gills,
Spreading, scattering their spores,
Making new fungus,
They keep on growing,
There invading us,
There taking over.
Then they shrivel up,
Ink caps dissolving,
Turning in to ink,
Then they die,
But more fungus grow.

Slimey Silence

By Katherine, Year 6, Hempshill Hall Primary, Nottingham, England

Fungus Growing silently,
Slimey fungus pushing silently,
Growing, growing,
Growing with all is might,
Its rubbery cap just touching the surface,
Growing, growing,
Slimy fungi growing in the garden,
Almost showing part of it's stalk.
Growing, growing,
Growing by the minute,
The fungi grows anonamously.
Rubbery silky cap,
Growing, growing,
It finally made it's way to the morning light.
It looses its spores, for more of it's kind to grow,
Then it finally shrinks into a shriveled brown mushroom,
Then it finally dies away.
But then, up pops another one.
Growing, growing!!

Memories: a poem dedicated to a friend

By Susan, Grade 5, Palmerston District Primary School, Canberra, ACT, Australia

remember, I remember memories of those lovely times,
those times when we had so much fun together,
those years when we were younger.

I remember,
that we always used to joke around,
Have lots of fun and not any worries,
We enjoyed life so much.

I remember,
As I look in the photo book,
That time we pretended to be twins,
Or that time when we were having a show,
That show that was so much fun.

I know,
that someday, we'll see each other again,
our memories will fill up again.
But in the meantime,
I have a million happy memories of you.

(Courtesy  KidNews )

I Have a Face

By David, Grade 5, Jeanne Sauve French Immersion School, London, Ontario, Canada

I have hair,
So my head's not bare.
I have ears,
So I can hear.
I have eyes,
So things may maximize.
I have a nose,
Because the nose always knows.
I have a mouth,
So I can shout.
I have teeth,
So I can have treats.
And I have a face,
So I can put those things some place.

(Courtesy  KidNews )


By Cecilia, Grade 6, Marymount Primary School, Hong Kong, Asia, Hong Kong

Sitting by the seaside
Staring at the ocean
Staring at the sky
The seagulls cry
The children laugh
But there inside my head
Are all the little things she said;

I cannot believe
And will never believe
That she was gone
It seems like it just happened a minute ago
It seemed so real, so vivid
I can hear the ambulance
I can see her lying there
She looked so fragile
She looked so pale
"Farewell my friend..." she has said
She closed her eyes
And she left
I held her hand
And cried and cried
But she would not wake up
As I hoped she would...

Sitting by the seaside
Staring at the sea
Staring at the sky
I pick up a seashell and throw it away to the sea
As a tear tickles down my cheek
The seagulls cry
The children laugh
But she my friend
Will not come back
Not tomorrow
Not ever

(Courtesy  KidNews )

Pinch...the rules of life

By Tamara Jean Mack, Grade 6, Lyons Elementary, Lyons, Colorado, USA

When the binding rules of life do pinch me
I pinch them in return.
For what is life if you're to be sculpted?

(Courtesy  KidNews )

Charley my guinea pig

By Chaucy, grade 2, Hackley School, Tarrytown, New York, USA

My guinea pig has fur
like a lamb's fleece.
My guinea pig runs
like the wind
My guinea pig has eyes
like the thunder,
My guinea pig's legs
remind me of baby feet
His ears are like
His nose reminds me of a
little black bug.
His eyes are like little black
His back feels like a dog
His mouth sounds like a little egg cracking.
The color of his fur is
like a fox.
His eyes look like the sun
burning right at me.
He eats
like a pig.
He looks
like a rolling ball.
He looks
like a little peanut.
He looks like,
He looks
like a
hurricane rushing
through the grass
at night.

(Courtesy  KidNews )

I have a Life

By Julie, Grade 6, Kenneth Brook Middle School, Dallas, Texas, USA

I have cancer.
But I have a life.
I have no hair.
But I have a life. I may die and not have a life.
But I want people to remember that while I am still here on
this planet I have a life I am not an alien I am just different.
People tease me because I have no hair.
Sometimes I wear this stupid wig to hide my baldness.
I'm scared that If I do live to be an actress like I've always wanted to be
people wouldn't like me because of my differences.

(Courtesy  KidNews )


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