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  Good Shepherd Primary Magazine

Good Shepherd Primary School, Nottingham, UK, 1998

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My pet rabbit

by Rebecca L., Year 5

My pet rabbit is white and fluffy
And all the others think she's lovely
She never bites but sometimes scratches
She's always nice and has three patches
She nibbles on the food I give
And scratches on the wooden twigs
She's always eating funny things
And it seems like she's got wings
She beat Rachel's rabbit in a race
Because my rabbit had a better face

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The football match

by Natasha, Year 5

I went to a football match and took my dog called Patch.
11 players dressed in blue, the other team dressed in green.
The whistle blew, the players flew
to score a goal but it hit the pole.
Patch decided to join the match
the ball he snatched.
He dug a hole, out popped a mole
who said hello and went down back below.
They got another ball and left me feeling a fool.
The final score two-all draw.
And as for Patch he was banned from the next match.

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Panther (acrostic)

by Miriam, Year 4

Purr, Growl, Roar
A big sharp claw
Nasty vicious teeth
Totally black and sleek
Hear the prey squeal for help
Even though it will never see light again
Razor-sharp eyes.

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by Cassie, Year 4

webbed feet
walking down
the street
Oh what a treat
to see a wet
webbed feet penguin
walking down the
street. Wet webbed
feet penguin gliding
everywhere slipping
sliding diving gliding
down the street so

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The sun

by Michaela, Year 4

Boiling and
shining all the time
It is
coming close and getting
hotter and hotter.
Everyone is hot on the ground
All day In the sun it is frying
hot it is good to go in the
swimming pool at home
Boiling in the

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The road

by Kevin, Year 6

My snakey body is a dagger,
Cutting through the big green blanket.
The spikey fields all around me,
Are all glistening, frosty and wet.

My winding body is a river of wax,
Flowing through the murky green marsh.
My painted, white spine shines in the sun,
Boiling, steamy and parched.

The brightly coloured crawling creatures,
Zooming all along my back.
Some of them are bigger than others,
Of these creatures there is no lack.

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A landscape in the morning

by Emma , Year 6

A lumpy green blanket, covering miles and miles,
Where the fields meet the sky,
Like the sea on the beach,
The wood, a tangled ball of green wool.

The winding river a glittering snail's trail,
Sparkling in the early morning sun,
The tall tower, dark and forbidding,
A dagger through the countryside,
Lonely horses are stains on the blanket.

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by Adam , Year 6

Silently sitting waiting to be aroused.
Then suddenly it breaks wind,
Fills the air with deadly smoke,
Uncurls its scorpion tail,
Kills its prey,
Reaches out with its claws
Snatches its prey,
And feeds it to its stomach.

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The toaster

by Anthony , Year 6

The toast goes to hell,
As the fire starts to burn.
It starts to suffocate, it coughs,
As it turns to a crispy bait.

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I wish …

by Lauren , Year 4

I wish I had …
wings so I could fly
fly high up in the sky
fly over countries
like America, France and Australia
especially Australia because I was born there

 I wish I wish upon a star
 but nothing's happening so far

I wish I was …
a fish so I could swim
swim really good
and I could breathe under water
and have beautiful coloured scales.
I would chase dolphins and play games.

 I wish I wish upon a star
 but nothing's happening so far

I wish I could …
shrink so small I could fit into tiny holes
fit into my dolls' house
and my Sylvanian Family boat
of course I could grow big again when I wanted

 I wish I wish upon a star
 but nothing's happening so far

I wish that …
wishes could come true
and life would be fun for me and you
but I would not wish to be someone new
or you to be me or me to be you
coz I really like being me!

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by Liam , Year 5

My mum is cool
My mum is shy
My mum works all day long
She never crys
She makes my tea
And looks after me
She's a manageress
She cleans up my mess
My mum is great
She puts dinner on my plate
She takes me to school
I love her a lot

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Winter snow (acrostic)

by Alexandra , Year 5

When the snow comes down
It covers all the town
No snow, don't go!
To the white world of snow,
Everyone come and play with me,
Ready for a snowball fight?

Snow, snow, don't go!
Now I will go home to the fire,
Oh snow I do love you
Winter snow is melting, come back next winter, snow!

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My sister

by Sabrina , Year 6

My sister goes to school,
But still is very cruel.
She rings up her friends,
But the phonecall never ends.
Nicole is good at drawing,
And sometimes good at exploring.
I like my sister in a way,
But only when it's May.
That's my sister, cute but mardy
A little bit good, but very smarmy!

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My mummy (acrostic)

by Rebecca W. , Year 5

My mum is of course caring
Yapping but sharing
My mummy's very thoughtful
Up not down in peaceful
Mummy, Mummy, you're so sweet
Mum the cookies you make that I eat
Yum, yum, I love them, but I love you lots more.

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by Lianna , Year 5

I've got a pet dog
I've got a pet frog
I've got a pet cat
and it is fat.

When I wiggle with my dog
And I giggle at my frog
But my cat sleeps on my hat.

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This road

by Oliver , Year 5

This road is as straight
as a ruler
and it is cooler

This road leads to a
tunnel over the hill
and for a way

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The Backstreet Boys

by Shama , Year 5

Nick, AJ, Brian, Howie and Kevin are in Backstreet Boys
Nick Carter is the best
out of all the rest.
Brian Litrell is having surgery
If Nick dies murder me
AJ is good at chatting up girls
They feel like a necklace of pearls
Kevin Richardson is a bossy boot
He thinks that he's really cute
Howard Dorough has got long hair
but he doesn't care
This a full band.

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One summer's day

by Gemma , Year 6

One fine summer's day
Lying back on the vast ocean of green
Feeling the sun as hot as an open fire,
Waiting and listening for a sound to be made
Birds twitting like get whistling
A breeze blowing.
Many blades of luscious green grass leaning in the same direction
Tree branches moving, dancing, constantly.
Flowers beautiful as ever, displayed on
Assortment of colours, without warning.
Out of the changing blue to grey sky
A summer shower
Cool droplets of rain caused my body
The birds fly away,
Flowers curl up,
Bees in their hives,
Harder the breeze blows
Grass turns damp and muddy
Sun hidden behind clouds
Summer's day is over.

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MY nice MUM

by Laura , Year 5

My mum is there and she always cares
She works every day but she is here to stay
My mum makes me embarrassed but I don't really care
As long as she is kind I put it out of my mind.
She's brill, she's the best, better than the rest.
She gives me lots of toys and looks at the boys.
She cooks for me, she cares a lot. She even takes me
to the shop, so thank you Mum, a lot.

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My Mummy (acrostic)

by Samantha , Year 5

My mummy's always ready for me
You are more wonderful than I could ever be

Mummy you're so respectful to me
Unselfish mummy so good and so kind
Mummy dries, irons and washes my clothes
Mummy I sometimes take you for granted
You're just my mummy oh so cool

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by Becky , Year 5

10 I rush up to space in my cosmic rocket
9 I step on to the planet Mars
8 The stars are shining down on me
7 I see the moon smiling at me
6 I lie down with pride as the stars come rushing towards me
5 It's the middle of Countdown. What shall I do?
4 Rockets are rushing towards me like a flash of lightning
3 Astronauts are running on to planet Mars to see me
2 I step back into my cosmic rocket and rush back down
1 My adventure is over with Countdown.

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by James , Year 5

my mum is having a baby, it is late
my mum is kind
she is wonderful
she puts dinner on my plate
p.s. I love her

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My teacher

by Sinead , Year 5

My teacher never wears socks
But she always wears frocks
She does a pose
But she never gets a red rose

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by John-Paul , Year 5

Monsters can be mean
but not clean
they can be scary
and hairy
they can be big and small
but very tall

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This road

by Thomas, Year 5

This road slices through the landscape like a knife through butter
This road serrating the hills as it passes along
This road is so long, bumpy and windy.
This road goes through tunnels and over bridges.

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