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by Sanna, Year 6, Reading, UK

As Penny gazed out of the window at the purple and pink sunset she felt a glow of happiness because she knew the next day would be Halloween.

The next day Penny rushed off to school with her vampire blood and a pair of teeth made to look like vampire teeth. "Bye mum" she shouted to her mother holding a cup of tea in one hand and a piece of buttered toast in the other.

As Penny arrived at the school gates she put her teeth on and some blood coming out of her mouth. "Yikes" said her friend Marigold "you scared the wits out of me!" Just then Mrs Zipper (the head teacher) came into the playground and Penny quickly shoved the vampire teeth into her pocket.

"Marigold Fletcher" she said sharply "Pray tell me why you have blood dripping down your school shirt?" "Well you see.." she began but the bell rang and it was time to go to class.

At lunch time as they were sitting down to eat when Penny suddenly cried out "You know what I think, I think Mrs Zipper is a Witch!" Everyone carried on eating their sandwiches totally uninterested "Fine then" she shouted "But you wait and see" and with that she stormed out into the playground.

Back at home Penny ate her tea quietly and went to get dressed into her witches costume. "What's the matter?" asked her mother anxiously "Nothing mum it's nothing" she replied. Outside she met her friends suddenly out of the blue her next door neighbour said "You know the thing you said at
lunchtime?" "Yes" said Penny looking confused. "Well we thought about it and decided you might be right." Penny looked at her friends one by one and then she said seriously "This calls for an AMZTW club which stands for Anti Mrs Zipper (The Witch club)." Everyone nodded seriously "But lets go Trick or Treating first!" she shouted.

As they knocked on the door of alley drive they realised they had made a terrible mistake they realised that they had rang the doorbell to Mrs Zippers house!!! The large door swung open and revealed Mr Zipper "I don't want no bloomin kids Trick or Treating in my house and he slammed the door in their faces. The five friends forgot about Mrs Zippers house as they scurried home , their bags full of: candy, biscuits, jam, money, home-made bread and honey for their mothers cooking.

The only time they remembered about the incident was in assembly the next day when Mrs Zipper was giving a speech about politeness and she mentioned how some people were Trick or Treating at her house the night before.

Everyone turned their heads and the five girls stared at each other in horror. Mrs Zipper droned on about behaviour as the five girls made signs that they would meet in the playground at break time.
At break time Penny made her way down to the trees where they would meet she had to do something and she had to do it fast!

When everyone had arrived Jesse got to her feet and started to speak "We all think that Mrs Zipper is a witch" she said quietly "But we don't know it's true I mean I think we need some evidence before we can actually accuse her of being one." They soon came to a conclusion that they would have to get evidence and so they would ask their mum's and dad's.

When Penny got home she told her mum about it and her mum just laughed

"She's not a witch" she said "she's just a kind old lady not meaning to do any harm!" So Penny decided that she was just wasting time trying to get her mum to believe her.

When her dad arrived home she rushed up to him and shouted "Dad! Dad! I need to ask you something really badly!"

"Calm down girl let me take my shoe's off first and have a chat with your mother then you can ask me what you urgently need to tell me." What was she going to do if her dad didn't believe her she would be in trouble and also he might tell Mrs Zipper he wasn't a person who liked rudeness. When her father came and sat down next to her she asked him if he liked Mrs Zipper and he replied "Oh
that old brat no way!" "well you see me and my friends have made this club against her and well we sort of think you know um… well we think she's a WITCH!" said Penny suddenly "Penny she's not a witch she's just an old lady who doesn't care about anybody else don't you dare be so rude!" and he marched off. Oh boy thought Penny this is exactly what I thought it would be like.

The next day Penny walked glumly to school and told the others about her bad luck "Never mind Penny" said Marigold softly "I'm sure everything will turn out alright." But not even Marigolds soft words could cheer Penny up and at her maths test she didn't get all her sums right as she usually did but got two wrong. At assembly that afternoon Penny dreaded what Mrs Zipper would say if her father had told Mrs Zipper about what she had said the day before but Mrs Zipper just talked about nothing at all and Penny let out a sigh of relief. Marigold went to Penny's house that afternoon and they decided it was time to go and explore Mrs Zippers garden which might give them some
evidence. As they climbed over the gate to Mrs Zippers garden a black cat ran across the wall it's eyes glinting in the sunlight. "That's some evidence" whispered Marigold "Most witches have a black cat."

When they saw the garden disappointment hit them as they saw it was a normal garden with ordinary brown leaves scattered on the ground and a old, rusty wheelbarrow with a wheel missing.

"Let's go back" whispered Penny but Marigold determined to find out what was going on pushed Penny onto a stack of crinkly leaves CRUNCH CRACKLE went the leaves and Penny immediately stood up. "Be quiet I think I hear someone coming" said Penny. "No it can't be anyone but look what I found it's a rusty key maybe she has a dungeon full of children and this is the key to unlock it!" replied Marigold joked.

"Don't" whispered Penny "You're scaring me! Just then a loud bang startled them and they heard a voice saying "I'll make the tea if you go down to the shops to get biscuits and we'll have tea in the garden." Marigold and Penny were only just in time to hide behind the garden wall before Mrs Zipper came in sight carrying a tray with tea cups covered in Witches hats! Marigold gasped loudly and to their horror they heard Mrs Zipper saying "What was that noise behind the garden wall I wonder?" But to their relief Mrs Zipper didn't look just as they were about to leave Penny spotted something unusual it was a broomstick and not just any broomstick it had glitter around the stick bit and it was glowing in a funny way.

As they made their way back to Penny's house the black cat stared into their eyes and they started sneezing . When they got back they made plans how they would tell the other AMZTW members the next day.

But their plan backfired when they both woke up with terrible colds and they felt a tinge of disappointment as they knew a cold like this would last at least another two days. Later that day Penny's mother and father called her into the living room "Listen" said Penny's mother "We have been thinking about you and we have decided that we are going to book you into a drama
group where you have to act out plays." Oh boy thought Penny I have got enough problems and now this it's going to be so boring!

The next day Penny got ready for drama group and made her way down to the drama studio. When she got there she found only a few people huddled together near the stage they all had their costumes on and welcomed her.

Just as she was about to get her costume on she saw a woman dressed in rags who looked very familiar to Penny she had a broomstick just like someone she knew and in her right hand she held WITCHE'S TEACUPS! Penny stood there her mouth hanging open with horror she realised she would be spending the whole drama term with a witch!

Mrs Zipper came over and said "And who are you going to be in this play?" "I umm I don't really know" stammered Penny as she shifted in her seat. Finally she managed to pluck up enough courage and blurted out "Are you a witch?"

Mrs Zipper looked startled "Me I wasn't the last time I looked" "Ohhhhhhhh" and at that she carried on reading her script.

At school the next day the five girls had a meeting and decided that she wasn't a witch at all.


By Heather, aged 13

It was the night of Halloween. Kids were geting candy from house to house. This little girl named Sarah was playing in the woods with her brothers Mike, Nick & Chad .

Thay found a old house in the same woods.

And Nick said this house has never bin here before so all 4 of them walked in the old house.

But all they could think of is how I got there so Sarah looked arould and said do any of you guys have a flash-light ?

Chad saw something move before them. How did we get in this room said Mike? so all 4 of them walked throw the old house and they all walked in to the bedroom and BOO! they ran out of the bedroom down the hallway to the door thay came throw and out of the house, and never looked back.

The next day they walked throw the woods throw the place thay played

an all thay saw was a big GRAVE YARD.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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