Creative Writing

12 Stories For Kids

by Harsh, 8, Dazhong Primary School, Singapore

Based on Aesop's fables and other animal tales


  1. The parcel
  2. The tiger and his lost stripes
  3. The magic scissors
  4. The clever hare
  5. The silly donkey
  6. The dove and the ant
  7. The honest woodcutter
  8. The fox and the wolf
  9. The crocodile and the monkey
  10. The cat and the bee
  11. The hare and the tortoise
  12. The snail and the animals in the race

With love to my mother

The Parcel

One day John asked his mother if he could play with his friends. His mother said OK and John went to call for his friends. He called Tom, Jack, Jill, Max and Timmy.

They all went to the playground with the permission of their mothers. It was near Jill's house. They started walking to the playground. They played there for a long time. It was almost going to be the next day, because it was eleven fifty five and in five minutes it would be twelve midnight. Then they decided to return home.

When all of John's friends went away, he was left alone in the park. He started walking home. On his way he saw a man. He was a wizard. John did not know that. After that he left but he left a package on the bench he was sitting. John was very excited. He wondered what was inside. There was an address printed on the package.

John opened the package. In the package there was a note which said, "If you had returned this package without opening it you would have received a reward for your honesty". John was shocked at first. Then he felt sorry for what he had done and went home sadly.
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The tiger and his lost stripes

In a village there was a boy who had a pair of magic boots. Whatever he wished the boots would grant him the wish.

One sunny morning his mother took him to the zoo. There he saw a tiger with no stripes. His mother said it was a lioness. But the tiger said that he had actually lost his stripes. So the boy wished for a jungle and there he was in a jungle.

He shouted, "Where are you Tiger?". His voice echoed.

Then he saw some ropes tied in trees. He swinged like a monkey or you could say it was like Tarzan too. Then he saw the tiger with no stripes. He asked all the animals in the jungle for the stripes but nobody had seen them. Actually the boy did not know what were stripes. He thought they were spots. So he wished for the stripes. But only spots came.

So the two of them set off to find the stripes of the tiger. They suddenly heard a loud laughter. They looked around and saw a monkey with the stripes. The monkey did not give the stripes. So the boy wished for squares and he threw them on the monkey. The monkey in shock dropped the stripes and cried aloud. The tiger put back his stripes and the boy wished for the zoo. He was back at the zoo and saw the tiger in the cage with stripes. He winked at the tiger so did the tiger.
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The magic scissors

Once upon a time in a small little town there lived a poor family. They had a son called Jackson. He was a kind boy. He always saved his pocket money because his mother had to pay for his sister's school fees which costed one hundred dollars. His mother always liked him very much.

One day they hardly had any food to eat. So Jackson's mother asked him to go fishing. When he went to the pond nearby he put his net into the pond and caught a cod. The cod begged him not to eat him or he will give Jackson a pair of magic scissors. Whenever he cut something it will come true. So Little Jackson took the pair of scissors.

When he went home he told his parents and his little sister about the magic scissors. First they cut some food and a big house. Next they cut some computers. So now whenever Jackson wants something he cuts it with his green pair of magic scissors. What a lucky, lucky boy is he, Isn't he?
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The clever hare

Once upon a time there lived a clever hare near a riverside. It was very playful. One day it was chasing its little fur tail. When it was tired it rested on a rubber tree which was sticky and near to a pond. It got stuck on the tree. When the hare had enough rest and started to get up, he couldn't get up.

The hare was thinking of a plan to get rid of the rubber tree when it saw an elephant coming towards the pond. The hare asked the elephant if it was going to drink water from the pond nearby.

The elephant said, "Yes."

So the hare had a nice plan about what he was going to do. He called out, "Hey big fat elephant, what big backside you have".

The elephant got angry and warned hare not to do it again but the hare just kept laughing. The elephant couldn't control his anger anymore and with all his strength he pulled the hare off the rubber tree.

The hare came off the tree and happily set off home. What a clever hare was he!

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The silly donkey

Once upon a time there were two friends. One day they had no food to eat. The first friend, a fox, said, "There is a farm full of cucumbers. We can eat them in the midnight."

"Well OK,"”said the donkey, the other friend.

They started eating the cucumbers from the next midnight. Days passed by. The two friends were eating the cucumbers day by day.

One night the donkey said to the fox, "Oh fox, see the full moon tonight! I feel like singing. You have never heard the sound of the donkey's song yet. It is so soft and the tune is lovely too."

"NO! NO! NO! Please don't sing Mr. Donkey. Oh please don't! The villagers may see us and kill us!" begged the fox, almost praying for the donkey not to sing.

"I think you have heard the donkey's song before and you are jealous of me!" said the donkey.

"Alright if you really want to sing, you can sing, but I will go behind that bush."

The fox went and hid behind the bush. Then the donkey started to sing aloud. The villagers were disturbed in their sleep and they beat the poor donkey to death.
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The dove and the ant

Once upon a time an ant was very thirsty. It saw a pond near a tree. The ant started drinking the water when he suddenly fell into the pond. The dove who had been sitting on the tree dropped a leaf on the pond. The ant sat on the leaf and was safe. He thanked the dove for saving his life. Then the dove and the small ant became friends. They enjoyed their time playing all the time. The dove took the ant rides in the white clouds. Everyday was so fun that the two friends knew that the next day would be fun too but was it?

No it was not safe for the dove, because the dove was sitting in the tree as usual when a hunter spotted it. He took his bow and arrow. The dove didn't see this but the ant did. When the hunter took his arrow to shoot the ant bit him on his hand and the arrow missed. The dove thanked the small creature for saving the little dove's life. Thanks to the SUPER ANT - THE TINIEST CREATURE IN THE WORLD.
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The honest woodcutter

Once upon a time a woodcutter had lost his axe. It had fell into a river. The woodcutter cried and cried. And as soon a tear from his eye fell into the river a mermaid appeared. It asked the woodcutter why he was crying.

The woodcutter said, "I lost my axe. It fell into the river." The mermaid went inside the river and appeared with a golden axe.

The woodcutter said, "This is not my axe."

The mermaid again went inside and appeared with a silver axe.

The woodcutter said, "This is not my axe."

The mermaid again went inside and took with it was copper axe.

The woodcutter said, "This is not my axe."

The mermaid the last time went inside and took the woodcutter's axe.

The woodcutter said, "YES! This is my wooden axe."

The mermaid smiled and said, "I praise you for your great honesty. Now you can have all the axes."

The woodcutter happily took the axes with him to his house.
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The fox and the wolf

In a town there lived a fox and a wolf. One day the two friends had nothing to eat. So they set off to another town. On the way the two of them were very, very tired because the town was very, very far away from this town. But the wolf was very lazy. But the fox was not.

The wolf said to the fox, "Hey fox I want to sleep here for a while."

"No! Please don't! Then the lions will spot us and kill us at any time," said the fox.

But the wolf just closed his ears and slept. Meanwhile the fox was going to the forest. He had a nice dinner that day. Meanwhile the wolf woke up. By the time the wolf woke up it was already eight o clock. The wolf was shocked and ran and ran to the forest. By the time he reached there it was already twelve o clock.

The wolf was shocked. When he went to the entrance of the forest he could hear the great loud roars of the lions. The wolf was very, very frightened and he ran away. And he learnt not to be lazy again.
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The crocodile and the monkey

Once upon a time a crocodile and a monkey were friends. The monkey always gave the crocodile some apples because he lived in an apple tree. The crocodile always saved some for his wife.

The crocodile's wife, Mrs. Kathy was greedy. She said to herself, "If the apples are so tasty then the monkey's heart will be more tastier." But how do I catch the monkey? Kathy thought.

Then she had an idea. One day she pretended to be sick. The crocodile was very sad to see his wife struggling. The next day Kathy said to the crocodile, "Oh! My darling, the doctor said my illness will only be cured with a monkey's heart. I must eat your friend's heart if I want to get well."

"But he's my friend, how can I do that?"”said crocodile.

Kathy stared at crocodile. So the crocodile went to the apple tree.

It said to monkey, "Hey monkey my wife wants to meet you. We live on the other side of the river. You can climb on to my back."

"OK!" said monkey and they went.

Half way the crocodile began to swim deeper. It said to the monkey, "My wife wants your heart."

"But I had left it in the tree," said monkey. So they went back to the apple tree. The monkey jumped into a high branch and laughed loudly.
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The cat and the bee

In a house a man had kept a cat as his pet. There was a bee in the house. The cat was always longing to catch the bee. So one day the bee was resting in its bee hive. But when the bee heard the cat coming it flew away. The cat was very jealous of the bee's wings. It decided to cut the wings when the bee was drinking nectar from the red flowers.

So the following day the bee went to the garden and sat on a red flower. It started to drink nectar. The evil cat, came. It was hiding behind a bush and it tried not to make any sound.

When it came near the bee, it held the back of the bee so that it could not fly.
But when it held the back Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! The cat was stung . And the cat never went to catch bees again.
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The hare and the tortoise

1 2 3 go! The hare and the tortoise were racing each other. The hare ran so fast it couldn’'t even see the tortoise. The tortoise was slowly walking. Meanwhile the hare was thinking that the tortoise was slowly coming behind so it went to a vegetable patch nearby and started eating vegetables, until his belly was full. Then it became very, very sleepy because of the snack he had eaten too much. He decided to sleep. The hare was soon fast asleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Meanwhile the tortoise was going to cross the hare and it did. It was going to go to the finishing line when the hare woke up. It saw the tortoise near the finishing line. It ran to catch up with the tortoise but it couldn't. He was too late.

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The snail and the animals in the race

A snail, a horse and a hare were involved in a race. The race began. All the other animals cheered. The snail ran slowly. The hare and horse laughed at the snail.
But the snail continued sadly. The race led them into a forest. There were many, many lions there. When they got deeper into the forest it was very dark. The two animals ran to the snail and asked him to give them company. The kind snail said Ok but the two animals kept laughing at the snail. The snail was very, very sad. It almost started to cry. After a while it started to rain. The two animals had no shelter. The snail hid in its shell. When the rain stopped the two animals had caught fever. The snail continued to run and won the race. The two animals felt very ashamed of themselves.

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