Year 3 Term 2
Fiction: Myths, legends, parables & fables
Objective: Whole Term
Resource Title
  Monster Motel
Type of Resource
  Link to Kids on the Net
Online Resource
  Monster Motel  
  Here is an imaginary house full of monsters created by children: there are descriptions of hundreds of monsters, which inhabit the various rooms. There is also a monster menu with recipes for the disgusting dishes on offer.  
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Downloadables available
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Downloadable worksheets

Word file : Monster Portrait
PDF file :
Monster Portrait
Word file : Create a monster
PDF file : Create a monster
Word file : Monster Recipe
PDF file : Monster Recipe


In the Classroom

Write a portrait character of a monster to feature in a myth etc.
Base a revamped traditional tale on a monster from the motel.

Online activities, instructions or forms
  Send poems to the site using the form provided  
URL of online activities  
Summary - extended information in notes or worksheets
  Write an instant monster story online  
Extension activities URL
Linked activities

Write traditional recipes in the Kids' Castle Kitchen
Create character portraits for characters in Kids' Castle

Keywords for extensions: Adaptations for different age groups and abilities, special needs
  KS1 – Choose a monster out of a well known story / fairy tale and produce a group character portrait of it
KS2 – Create detailed character descriptions of monsters in stories that have been read
Art & Technology – Create pictures or 3D models of monsters

NLS framework objective (Year)
NLS framework objective (Term)
NLS framework objective (Number)
  Whole Term  
NLS framework objective (Name)
  To generate ideas relevant to a topic by brainstorming, word association, etc
To investigate and collect sentences / phrases / for story openings and endings – use some of these formal elements in re-telling and story writing
To collect suitable words and phrases, in order to write poems and short descriptions; design simple patterns with words, use repetitive phrases, write imaginative comparisons
Year group(s) UK - Starting Year group range
Ending year group range

Curriculum Links
  English, Literacy, Technology, Art  
ICT Skills

Word Processing

Teacher experience level
Length of time required
  Several lessons  




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