Robin joins the battle

The green backpack was slipped onto Robin and he noticed that his team was also wearing green. Will joined in then, and they glanced at each other and ran in, ready and on the rampage.

"Ah ha!" said Robin, "En garde!" He was standing in front of a boy about his height. He fiddled about on the trigger. "How do I shoot?" he yelled frustratedly.

The boy just gave Robin a strange look and shot his pack. Robin's pack started to vibrate and beep.

"Aaargh!" cried Robin. "Help me!"

The boy ran off.

"Come back here!" Robin ran after him but couldn't catch up with him. "Curse you!" he yelled at him. He ran to find someone else.

Then he saw a girl from the other team. "Right, this time I know what to do. You're not going to trick me this time!" He aimed his gun at the girl's pack and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.

"What is going on?" said Robin, shaking the gun.

"Maybe your gun's lost all its bullets," said the girl.

"Good point," said Robin, and ran to the reload place. "Come on!" said Robin impatiently, "Come on! Come on!" The gun made a little noise and Robin cheered and ran off.

"Thorry, thorry," Will kept saying as he dodged past all the children.

Suddenly Robin came to a narrow passage and ran through. When he got to the middle a small boy from the other team, called John, ran into the passage as well.

"Excuse me," said Robin.

"No," said John, and shot Robin's pack.

"Oh, I see. You'd like to do it like that, would you?" said Robin and shot John's pack. "Hooray, I shot someone!"

This went on until Robin lost all his bullets. He got down on his knees and pleaded with this little boy not to shoot him. John pushed Robin out of the way and went through the passage. "And from now on, call me 'Big John'," said John, and ran off.

And that was about all that happened in that game.

This section by James Cooper aged 13

After the battle - a quick meal? | Or do they start looking for a way to get Robin home in Nottingham or in Sherwood Forest?

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