Robin Hood - in Nottingham city

It was an exciting evening as Robin walked through Nottingham with Big John and his other friends. When they had been walking for about ten minutes, they came across a poster hanging from one tree to another.

It read "A blue phone box strangely appeared near one of Nottingham's restaurants. It looks like the time-travelling phone box from Dr Who."

"Big John, do you think we're anywhere near that restaurant here on Maid Marian Way?" asked Robin Hood rather anxiously.

"Well, I don't think it would be here because there are always people going past all the time," said Big John, thinking that Robin may have lost his mind.

"Well, Big John, whether you like it or not I am going to go and have a look."

By now Robin was thinking that Maid Marian Way was getting longer each time he came down it.

"Big John, it seems that you are starting to fall behind!" Robin told him. "You are straggling like you are a baby."

"I hope you are right about where the phone box is," said Big John, getting excited.

This section by Charlotte Lee aged 10

Should Robin search in the Tales of Robin Hood theme centre? | Or should Robin go on to the Castle Gatehouse and meet the Sheriff of Nottingham?

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