In the fast food restaurant

As they left MegaLaser, Robin saw a burger bar. He was intrigued and asked the children: "What is yonder food supplier?"

Kristian said: "You've never had a hamburger?"

To which Robin replied: "Should I have?"

Then Kristian yelled "Let's go!" and sprinted to the burger bar followed by everyone else. They rocketed through the door, stopped and ordered 8 cheeseburger Happy Meals.

While everyone was waiting, Andrew went to look for a seat. They all seemed to be full, but at second glance there were some seats next to what looked like a sleeping Jewish rabbi.

As they sat down, Robin looked suspiciously at the untouched chicken burger in front of the rabbi. Then he looked inside his box and nibbled a chip. He liked it, so he stuffed them all into his mouth. Charlotte couldn't help laughing.

The rabbi woke up and was startled by the children. "He said;" Get off my table!" Robin said, half-heartedly, "No..."

The rabbi was furious. He was just about to speak when the television flashed on, interrupting him.

They all looked at it. It was the news. The newsreader said: "This is what people think is the Tardis. It is outside the tallest building in Nottingham called the..."

The assistant had promptly changed the channel.

The rabbi sighed: "I would do anything to see that. I am a big Dr Who fan!"

Then Andrew shouted: "Let's find the Tardis. It might be able to help us get Robin back."

Everyone agreed.

Then the rabbi said; "I will help you find it. Rabbi Duck, at your service."

They left the burger bar chatting.

This section by Andrew Stevenson aged 10

Should Robin return to Sherwood Forest? | Or should he search for the Tardis to get himself home?

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