In Sherwood Forest

"Oh look at all the trees!" said Will Pink.

"We must be in Sherwood Forest," said Robin Hood.

"Let's go to the hideout tree," suggested Big John.

So they went through the trees.

"Hark!" said Rabbi Duck. "Is that people's voices?"

"Yes, it is," said Robin Hood. "I forgot we were in the 20th century... They've made a spectacle of my poor tree. Let's see what they have done to it."

So they went along the footpath to the tree.

"Oh no!" said Robin. "They've put a fence all around my tree. Even if we sneaked through the trees we wouldn't be able to get in!"

"Let's just get over anyway!" said Rabbi Duck

Big John put his foot on the fence and climbed over.

"Hey! You there! You're not supposed to go over there!" shouted a voice.

Quickly, Big John cleared the fence in one big leap.

"Run!" shouted Robin.

All of them started to run ... and run ... and run.

"Stop a second," said Will. "I don't think we're being followed."

"I think they've done more to Sherwood Forest," said Robin.

"Why do you think that?" asked Rabbi Duck.

"Look!" said Robin, pointing to a signpost.

"Let's go," said Big John. "There might be something there like MegaLaser!"

"OK," said Robin

"It's this way," said Alex.

So they started going down the path. After about half an hour they got to the Visitor Centre.

"Let's buy something!" said James.

So they headed for the shop.

"Oh look," said Robin. "Arrows!"

And so they were (but the children didn't tell them that they weren't proper arrows, they had suckers on the end). Anyway, they all bought some. They all went outside. Robin carefully took aim.

"I must see if they work," he said.

He shot, narrowly missing Big John, who said "Careful!"

"Well," said Robin, "At least they work!" (He still hadn't found out that the arrows have suckers on the end.)

"Let's go for a walk," said Charlotte, "I love nature!"

So they started walking along another path.

"Oh, look," said Robin, "The trees end over there. And there are houses ahead! Where next?

"The question is," he continued. "Do we stay here in Sherwood Forest or do we go back to Nottingham?"

This section by Alexandra Whitehead aged 9

Should Robin stay in the forest? | Or should the children take him back to Nottingham?

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