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Julius in Freedomed

by Kyra, 8

I come from Mozambique and I'm going to an island. I left Mozambique because there is a lot of floods. And my house will get torn down because the floods are so strong and it's not nice to be thrown about in the floods which will toss me all over the place.

My favourite country is like Turkey and is really hot and the floors are hot. There's lots of shops with sweets in. And two table tennis courts. So people can play, swim, eat and have ice-cream whenever you want something cold.

What kind of rules would make a better place to live in?

Let you make cakes, let you eat and not kill animals and you're allowed all pets -- no sharks, killer whale or any lizards or snakes etc. and no things like bombs. You can bring whoopi cushions on your trip but don't do it to anyone you don't know like a joke.

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