My new
island home

St Augustine's
Peace in our hands

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Kevin Cork in Paradise Island

by Keegan, 9

I came from ireland. It is a nice place but the AngloSaxons are stealing and invading our land. I had to run out of my house and go on a boat to a different country. I was sad.

My new country is very rocky with a few volcanos and lots of beaches. The volcanoes flow, there is lava security barriers. There are nice homes, there's even a shopping centre and there are good offers. The species are nice. A keegansaurus is the friendliest species. It has lots of houses, some are made out of rock. It is very hot. And there are police and fire, hospitals.

What kind of rules would make a better place to live in?

It only has a few rules:
1. No violence
2. No smoking and
3. No stealing

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