My new
island home

St Augustine's
Peace in our hands

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Saranne Glitteryes in Shamerika
- glitteryesland

By Roxanne, 9

I come from Kosovo. I hated it there because people were getting shot and stabbed. But some of then had to be slaves. I was going to be caught by some mean people, so I got some things and then left to an Island.

My new country, Shamerika - glitteryesland, is really an island. It is a place where only four people live. They are my friends called Sinead, Shauna, Claire and Kyra. My mum and dad and brothers and sisters live there too. My Granny comes to visit.

What kind of rules would make a better place to live in?

No fighting, no smoking, no pubs (only shandy), more bins, more people with families and lots of people being happy and enjoying theirselves

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