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  Gallery of digital writing

If you want to read something exciting and interesting

  • that can only be read on a computer

  • couldn't be printed out on paper,

  • such as an animated poem, an adventure story with video clues in it, or a story with lots of endings that you can choose from,

then here are some examples for you to read.

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Landfill - by Gavin Stewart

Gavin says "There are doors and windows that lead to the corridors of new media writing. However, readers need to be invited in. This seems to me to be a problem as readers often find new media writing too obscure. This is an old poem of mine that I have converted. You will need to turn your speakers on to enjoy the sound track. I hope you enjoy it."

NOTE: You will need the Flash plugin for your browser to be able to see this work. You can get it for free from www.macromedia.com. Please get permission from whoever is in charge of your computer as the plug-in will need to be installed.

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See also

I'm Simply Saying by Deena Larsen (also requires Flash/Shockwave plugin)

Nio by Jim Andrews (requires Flash/Shockwave plugin)

You will need speakers turned on for each of these works.

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