Red Nose Day at Parkwood School

Alfreton, Derbyshire, UK

Parkwood School is in the middle of a park. We see lots of squirrels and birds and sometimes a little weasel. We can see the Thornton's chocolate factory from our window (Yum, yum, yum -- David S.).

The roof has David A's frisbees on it! There are lots of trees outside and daffodils in the spring.

We enjoy dancing (especially Lee who has 9 dancing awards!). Kirsty likes going orienteering -- she talks more when she's outside. Our teachers are Vanessa, Pete and Jenny.

Roma likes working and cooking - we are making Red Nose biscuits this week.

Red Nose Day

We are making Red Nose biscuits and going on a sponsored run round the park to help other people.

Red Nose Day is part of Comic Relief organised by Lenny Henry and lots of other well-known people on BBC television.

We like supporting good causes. We collected aluminium for the Blue Peter Appeal this year.


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Red Nose Day 1999: Friday March 12th


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