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  How to contribute new media writing

Have you produced a story that can only be read on the Web? Have you done some writing that can't be printed out because it is full of hyperlinks or random bits or animation? If so, tell us about it!

We aim to provide ways in which everyone can contribute uniquely web-based writing. The Planet of Dreams template for classes was the first - it comes with full teachers' notes and support and requires no knowledge of HTML. The second template, Adventure Island, is being launched in November 2004. It was produced by Simon Widdowson, our Digital Teacher-in-Residence, as part of the Writers For The Future in The Classroom project.

If you are a teacher or group leader who would like to create a web-based project that takes advantage of new technology, please get in touch and we will do what we can to help you.

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Planet of Dreams

 Planet of Dreams

A group of children arrive on a new planet to start a new life. A story with choices for the reader, with Chapter One written by David Clayton. Kids on the Net invites teachers to work with their classes to complete the story (no knowledge of HTML required).

The first contribution came from Tabubil International School in Papua New Guinea. More are being added all the time.

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Collaborative Projects

Anyone can join in with these!


A town full of dragons are waiting for you to help name the baby dragons, write letters, instructions and onformation sheets, create instant stories, join in discussions, and more. Created by Simon Widdowson as part of the Writers for the Future project.

 Kids' Castle

Explore the castle based on Nottingham Castle in 1480. find out a variety of facts and take part in activities including writing tournament poems, writing a diary of a day in the castle, writing recipes, writing instructions for the Steward and, soon, articles for the Castle Times newspaper.

 Monster Motel

Visit our spooky motel and the over ten thousand monsters who have stayed there. Write about your own monster.

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