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  Links to the best new media sites for children

Note: We make every effort to select websites that are suitable for children, according to strict criteria of safety and usefulness. However, Kids on the Net is not responsible for the content of external websites.

All these sites are some of the best examples of really using the medium of technology.

  • Hypertravel in-through-to Narnia: adapting the story The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe to explore the idea of non-linearity in cyperspace stories. By students from SIngapore.

  • Ginger Ninja and more! From Shoo Rayner. The fabulous and much praised website from this hilarious author. He even puts a new twist on books for babies – made me laugh out loud! See it - What more can be said?

  • Willoughby School Extravaganza “Willoughby Elementary School's digital pathway connecting our school, home and world”. An award winning website where children from this elementary school in Canada, show off their writing, web-design, and many other skills! You can even beta test games written by the pupils.

  • Silly Sentences! From the BBC. Make up your own Silly Sentence (5-7 year old), and laugh at what other kids have written!

  • Infant Explorer Literacy, numeracy and environmental awareness are brought to life with interactive books for young readers. You can even email the author!

  • Web of Life - the spider's story A story with an environmental theme - and the rest of the site is cool too.

  • Fairytales Based on Croatian Fairy Tales of Long Ago, this series of storybooks brought to life is beautiful, simple to navigate, and captivating. A must see both to read, and be inspired!

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