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This page is a collection of stories and opinions of children who have written in to Kids On The Net.

The Invisible Cat

By Koromon, age 10, Year 6, Paengaroa School, Paengaroa, New Zealand

It was a dark spooky night. My cat Chester crept into the closet. The next morning I opened the closet to find that Chester was dead! ! ! Then the next night, I heard a strange cat purr coming from the closet. It was the invisble ghost of Chester! He was trying to haunt us. I cried and prayed, and made sure he was all right in heaven. I'll never forget Chester!!!


By Callie, age 9, Winfield Elementary School, Putnam, WV, USA

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful dolphin. The people that lived in the cove thought that the dolphin was the greatest thing they have ever seen. It was big and beautiful and magical. All the people soon became to love and honor it all day and all night. One time this little girl came to the end of the dock and started to talk to the dolphin about her problem. She said "Dolphin could you help me find my fish. My mommy told me it had went into the ocean a couple of years ago. Do you think you could find him for me?" Then the dolphin started to swim away. The next day the girl came back to the dock and the dolphin was not there. There was no sigh of the dolphin for a least a couple of weeks. The little girl was really upset because the dolphin said he would bring back the fish. A month went by and the little girl came back to the dock the dolphin was there and a couple other dolphins were there to with him.

The dolphin said something magical," these dolphins are the fish that your mom said were in the ocean. That was really magic thought the little girl." Then the little girl left and never came back to the dock again. She was so happy and excited that she brought all the fish in the world and put them in the ocean.

The dolphins lived for hundreds of years and that's where the dolphins come from she thought.

The battle of the turtle and the gerbil

By Holly, age 10, Northwestern Middle School, West Salem, Ohio, United States

Today I got a gerbil. And before I had a turtle that lived in an aquarium and now he has another aquarium beside him with stuff for a gerbil in it. When I got home I let the turtle and the gerbil down in the floor. I went outside for a second and all of the sudden my turtle picked up a rock and threw it at my gerbil. Then my gerbil picked it up and threw it back at my turtle. My turtle held up a short, stubby, sharp pencil and said let the war begin! Then my gerbil said but I have no weapons. My turtle said weapon or not I am going to start the war.

Then I came in from outside and I was spying on them. Then I heard my turtle say you're dead now you stupid gerbil! I looked to see if he was and he wasn't. I saw that I had a problem with letting them out of the aquariums together. I ran to tell my mom as fast as I could. I told her they were fighting.

She didn't believe me. I told her to come and look but she said she was too busy. The next day my mom told me that I had to sell my turtle for $10:00. And that I could keep the money since it was my turtle. I sold my turtle to an old lady. Now everything is back to normal. See you in my next crazy adventure. Buh-bye!

The Beautiful Butterfly

By Maria, age 7, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful butterfly. Her name was Kim. Every butterfly was wanting to be like Kim. But there was a caterpillar in the town too. But none of the butterflies wanted to be like him. One day the caterpillar was walking down the street when BOOOM! The caterpillar smashed right into Kim!

He didn't know what to do in front of the prettiest butterfly in the town of Bugsville. So he just said "Sorry," and walked away. Kim didn't mind at all. Just then the caterpillar was on a leaf spinning a cocoon! He stayed there for 6 days. On the sixth day, the caterpillar cracked the cocoon in 2 pieces!!!!!! Then he was a beautiful butterfly like Kim only better!

The Dolphin in the Sea

By Sarah & Jenny, age 12, Year 8, Cheadle Hulme College Cheadle Hulme, UK

A dolphin named Jo was swimming in the sea when she saw a boat above her, that was stranded on a rock. So she went up to save the boat and the people in it. When she got up to the surface she found that the people in the boat were dolphin catchers and tricked the dolphin to come to the surface. They had caught Jo. Jo began to cry and one of the catchers offered her a tissue. Jo took the tissue and wrapped it round her head and became the BANDANA DOLPHIN. She was now a super fish. She pulled a knife from her scales and cut herself free. She then rang the shell fish police on her shellophone and they came and took them to Coral Jail deep in the Atlantic ocean. Jo the super fish went on fighting crime beneath the waters of the Atlantic.


The Lion and the Gazelle

By Nate, age 8, Year 2nd Grade, Peggs School School, Peggs, Oklahoma USA

Once upon a time a pride of lions were looking for food. The baby lion saw a gazelle. He ran for it about an hour. Finally the baby gazelle said, "Why won't we be friends?"

The baby lion said, "My father said we can't be friends because we are too different."

"But can we still be friends?" asked the gazelle.

"Yeah, sure", said Baby lion. "Let's play hide and seek and you can count", said Baby Lion.

"30, ready or not here I come", said Baby Gazelle.

Baby gazelle looked everywhere except in the cheetah cave. He went to lion's mom and said, "Ms. Lion, Little Lion is gone. We were playing hide and seek and he just ran away."

Mama Lion said, "Oh no, he might be in the Cheetah's cave. Let's look there first. I'll get the pride and you take them to it."

So the mama got all the pride and took them to the cave. Then the cheetah saw the baby lion. The cheetah was about to attack him.

Then all the pride attacked the cheetah, Before the baby got touched they hurt the cheetah bad. Cheetah ran off and know one ever saw him again. After that the gazelles and lions were very best friends.

Piggity Pig

By Katie, age 7, Year 2, Royal Oaks Elementary School School, Sun Prairie, WI, USA

One bright sunny day, Paige Piggy and Laura Piggy were at the fair. Paige bought a toy puppy that talked. Laura bought a huge gum ball that was purple.

But just over the river and through the wood a wolf was watching. The wolf loved Piggie Pie. So he dressed up like a cook and set off to the fair. He looked over his Piggy Pie list:

  1. One eye of a fly,
  2. leaves,
  3. pumpkin pie, and the last ingredient,
  4. two plump piggies.

"Hmmmm," said the wolf. "Where would I find two plump piggies? At the farm!"

Paige and Laura overheard what the wolf had said. They knew exactly what to do. They took two fake piggies and stuffed them into a pie. Laura and Paige ran over to the wolf and said, "Hey Mr. Wolf, would you like to try our famous Piggie Pie?"

"Piggie Pie!" yelled the wolf.

Paige handed the pie to the wolf. The wolf licked his lips. Paige and Laura disappeared into the bushes. The wolf gobbled up the pie.

"Yuck Pet-uie!" said the wolf.

"Piggety Pig!" said Laura.

A movie person overheard Laura. "Perfecto! Say that again!" the movie man said.

"Piggety Pig!" said Laura and Paige together.

Later, over the river and through the wood the wolf was at home starving, while the pigs lived happily ever after!

Cat lovers unite!

By Dayanara, Sioux City, UK

All those people who hate cats, you just plain SUCK! Period!

Cats are the ultimate predator. They do their job well. Cats may seem independent, but YOU have to earn their respect and devotion, not the other way around! And of course cats don't normally do tricks. Why should they?! Some say it's because they're just stupid, but think about it! You throw a ball and a dog is like "Oh boy, oh boy! This is fun! ! " and do it all day long, now THATS stupidly! ! But you throw a ball and tell a cat to "fetch"; the cat will look you in the eye and say, "Get it yourself! If you want that ball so bad than why did you throw it away? Idiot! ". Cats are too intelligent to degrade themselves for our amusement. It's true. There are even a few dog breads like this too.

Cats are the perfect house pet. They hardly smell at all, they don't bark, don't need to go for walks, don't eat that much, they keep them selves clean, and have few health problems, and they don't slobber all over the place! Sure they scratch and bite, how else are they gonna protect themselves from immature brats! The people who suffer at the paws of a cat do so for a reason, they obviously don't know HOW to treat a cat PROPERLY! ! If you rub a cat's fur the wrong way, you just made a big mistake! A cat, when angered, is capable of being a 15 lb ball of fur, fangs and fury! Street cats can be worse! A mad cat is your worst nightmare, especially mad cat lovers! ! You don't know true horror until you meet an enraged cat lover by yourself, *"LEEKA SHIN! ! ! " will probably be the last thing you hear! Trust me, abusing a cat is a BIG turn off to SANE people, and nothing to brag about! !

To win the devotion and love of a cat is the greatest thing in the world, and nothing, and I mean NOTHING can compare to the sensation of a cat purring in your ear! A cat can be your best friend, if treated properly. Cats are even better at protecting you and your home! Yes, it's true, cats HAVE been known to appear out of nowhere and viciously attack intruders! ! (Another reason why cats should NEVER be declawed. . . you just never know. . . ) Cats are poetry in motion, limber, delicate, agile, and swift. True gymnasts.

Now I'm not a dog hater, so don't get me wrong, but I cant STAND people bashing cats! ! What would the world be like with out them? No, not better, worse, a hundred times worse! What do you think caused the bubonic plague to increase? Those idiots got rid of all the cats and dogs in the country, so what do you think happened next?? The plague of the century! ! ! There were nothing to keep the rodent population down, witch in turn caused the disease to spread even more quickly resulting in the death of thousands! And if you ask me, they got what they deserved, INGRATES! ! And no, snakes are not capable of keeping rodent populations down buy them selves, they need the help from creatures like cats to get the job done.

What I'm trying to say is you don't have to love cats, just show a bit more respect, that's all I'm asking. I thank you for reading this, and I hope you learned something, too. So please, spay and neuter your animals, and keep your furry friends safe, DONT let them run loose! Cars are one of the leading causes of death for animals, especially cats and dogs!

Now if you would like to ask me a question on cat behavior, or would like to voice your support or something like that, feel free to contact me.

*- "Leeka shin! " Only understood buy fans of anime!

Wrinkly elephants

By Hannah, age 14, Warden Park School, Cuckfield, UK

I think there should be a special cleanser/moisturiser for elephants. Fancy living your life, even as a baby, with wrinkles galore! No wonder they're dying out, they probably don't get attracted to each other because of it. Poor creatures. I reckon, as beautiful and natural as they are (the elephants, not the wrinkles) They really need wrinkle cream. I luvyaaaa alll! WAZZUPPPP!!!!!

Dogs rule and cats are OK

By Tom, age 12, USA

Dogs RULE but cats are OK - Dogs actually do stuff you never see a cat do. I have a dog and know about 3/4 other people that have cats but face it puppies are so much cuter than kittens.

This morning I woke up to find my dog sleeping on the couch with her legs almost vertically in the air! (She was also snoring very loudly; thats what woke me. )

The best breed of dog is yorkshire terrier cause they're so much cleverer than big dogs and they don't moult and are easier to feed, walk and generally much easier to take care of.

Yorkies are meant to be yappy but I disagree. Dogs are cool cause they guard you. My dog doesn't though as she is even scared of my rabbit!

Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens

By Alexandra, age 10, Huntingdon Primary School, Nottingham, UK

Right I love Dogs Puppy and Kittens. But I HATE cats. They're horrible lazy and stinky things. Kittens are playful. Dogs can guard and can be your friend, the same with Puppies but Cats, yuck.

My Cat

By Shannon, age 10, Year S.I.N.G.S, 5th&6th Grade Center School, Poplar Bluff MO, USA

I was carrying in groceries one night and a moth flutterd in. It landed on the light. My cat sat down under the light looking like he was about to pounce. It moved, mat cat jumped in to air! He caught it. He brought it down and ate it with delight! Now we call him our hero!!


By Tamara, age 14, Borden, Ontario, Canada

What are snakes? Snakes are kind of like a reptile. They can be long or small. One of the largest snakes is the anaconda. It is very long and fat. the babys are not fat and are not as long as the adults. One snake that is very deadly is the rattler. The only ways you know there is one by you without getting bitten is by hearing a rattle sound or sometimes you see it.

The Great Blue Heron

By Katie, age 7, Year 2nd, Royal Oaks Elementary School Sun Prairie School, Sun Prairie, WI U.S.A.

The Great Blue Heron is a strange looking bird. Some people, like my mom, think the blue heron looks like a Pteradactyl. Its wing span is six feet wide and it is as tall as most eight year olds. The blue heron really isn't very blue at all! It's true color is more gray than blue. It prettiest feature is a plume that spreads backwards from its head.

Great blue herons belong to the Ardiedae family. Egrets, storks, ibises, boatbills, spoonbills, and bitterns are relatives of the blue heron. Cranes may look like a relative, but they aren't! You can tell the difference between them when they are flying. When cranes are flying their necks are stretched out straight, and the great blue heron flies with its head on its shoulders.

Many of the long legged wading birds, like the blue heron, live near lakes, rivers, marshes and ponds. The great blue heron lives in areas like these in North America. In the winter they migrate to northern South America. In the summer time I've seen blue herons across the lake from our cottage on Swan Lake.

The blue heron builds interesting nests. They may look a little clumsy and weak, but it is very strong. They build loose, flat, platform like nests that can stand up against gale force winds. These nests are found in dead-looking trees. They build their nests in colonies known as "heronries." I've seen heronries on Swan Lake.

The blue heron has sharp senses. Anyone who tries to sneak up on a blue heron should know how sensitive it is. Their eyesight and hearing is excellent. It's sharp yellow eyes can detect the slightest movement.

I hope you find the great blue heron as interesting as I do.

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