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Reports on endangered species

by Mrs F. Ellis's class (aged 7-9) Year 3/4

The old English rat, by Ben and Aidan, 9

It lives in Britain and its habitat is under floorboards, in attics and in sewers.
They have 5-10 young.
They are omniverous, eating fruit, vegetables and cereals.
Rat rings are rats found with their tails tied together (why?).
The black rat came to England in the Middle Ages.
It had lived in Thailand for thousands of years.
It is endangered because of our increased standards of hygiene and improved buildings.

Giant Pandas, by Billy and Linh, 8

Giant pandas live in the jungle in China.
There are 1000 left.
It eats bamboo.
It is black and white
The giant panda climbs trees
The giant pandas are endangered because humans kill bamboos
so that the giant pandas die, and some people kill them for fur.

Badger, by Emmet, 7

It lives in England, in the woods
It is black and white.
Their eyes are right above their nose
It eats fish

Jaguar, by Delaney and Kendal, 9

Jaguars prefer to live in thick tropical forests,
swamp coastal magroves and lowland river valleys.
They eat monkeys, snakes and birds.
They are endangered becuase their habitat is being destroyed
and they are killed for their skin.

Red Squirrel by Larrisa, 7

The red squirrel lives in the woods
It doesn't hibernate
It eats nuts
The colour of its fur is red
It is endangered because the grey squirrel is pushing it out.

Elephant Seal, by Adesuwa, 7 and Nicole, 8

It lives around Arabia, East Africa, the Philippines, the Caribbean and South America
It has whiskers, is very fat and thin eyes.

Red squirrel, by Justyna and Amy-Lou, 8

picture by Justyna

Red squirrels live in the north of England, Scotland,
Isle of Wight, North Wales, East Anglia and Cumbria.
Also Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.
Squirrels eat nuts, have long bushy tails
and don't go to sleep in winter.
They collect nuts for the winter.
They are endangered because grey squirrels are driving them out.

Tiger, by Katrusia, 9

Tigers live in wet, humid and hot jungles as well as icy cold forests.
There are only 4870-7300 tigers left in the wild.
Wild tigers can eat over 60 pounds of meat at one sitting.
Their colour is orange and black stripes
but there are white tigers that are white and have black stripes too.
They have big fierce teeth.
They are endangered because some people hunt them for their skin
and they are used for medicine.

Tiger by Rhianne, 8, and Kara, 9

The tiger lives in the forest in Africa and Asia.
There are 4870-7300 tigers left in the wild.
It is striped, usually orange and black stripes,
has clawed feet and large hind limbs.
Tigers eat deer and wild pig.
They are endangered because we want their fur for coats

picture by Kara

Tiger, by Patrick and Daniel, 9

The tiger lives in the jungle.
There are under 3000 left.
The babies hardly know their dad.
They are part of the cat family
They are in zoos
They are hunted for skin and medicine

Tiger, by Owen, 8

A tiger's habitat is the forest
They are good climbers, striped and are hunters.
They are in deanger because of poaching

Bear by Nathan

Bears eat fish
They are bigger than people
People use their fur

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