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The Prestige - The Movie Review

By Hye-Won, 14, Seoul, South Korea

Directed by Christopher Nolan
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johannson, Michael Caine, Andy Serkis, David Bowie

Are you watching closely?

It's absolutely necessary in order completely understand, and enjoy, this movie. Although I was only thirteen when I saw it I thought it was fantastic. So here goes my first movie review of 'The Prestige'.

Alfred Borden and Robert Angier are two magicians of nineteenth-century London. Both brilliant magicians, they begin as good friends working under a man called Cutter. But when the failure of a trick leads to the death of Angier's wife, and when Borden performs a spectacular new act in his shows, 'The Transported Man', their friendship comes to an abrupt end. Soon Angier becomes consumed with jealously and hate - and the stage is set for 'The Prestige', an intense battle between the two magicians that you won't be able to forget easily.

The movie has a dark, brooding and intense atmosphere that effectively supports the rather grim story. After all, this is no party. Angier and Borden are both so intent on becoming the greatest magician that the lives of each other and surrounding people are endangered. Hugh Jackman does a good job on portraying the jealous Angier, who will stop at nothing to find out the secret to Borden's trick. But Jackman also is excellent when portraying Angier's other face - the showy and aristocratic man who successfully always dazzles his audience. Christian Bale, too, is a good Alfred Borden. As many of you may know Bale is very devoted to his career. He is well suited to playing Borden, who is similarly obsessed with magic, so obsessed, in fact, that he sometimes loves magic more than his family.

The film itself is entirely devoted to its theme, the art of magic. It opens with Cutter performing a simple trick concerning a canary, stating the three parts, or acts, of magic - Part One is The Pledge. Part Two is The Turn. Part Three is, you guessed it, The Prestige. The plot of the movie is structured to match the three parts of a magic trick. It seems to underline it's main theme - to dedicate your life to a trick, an illusion.

Speaking of structure. At first I found the film hard to follow, as it jumped from the past to the present to the future then back to the present, etc. Each scene takes place at a completely different time. Judging by the growth of Borden's young daughter the movie takes place over a period of at least four years. You need immense concentration to place the events in order and make sense out of the story. I was probably not old enough to completely understand the film, but I enjoyed it enormously.

On the Korean palmflat advertising this film it stated that there will be a supposedly shocking turn in plot near the end. I didn't expect too much when I decided to watch the movie. I wanted to see 'The Prestige' not because of the bragging about plot but because recently I have a Christian Bale fandom. The film looked interesting enough, so I rented the DVD and saw it. I was quite surprised. The ending, true to its word, was a shock. You don't know who wins until the credits begin to roll. Trust me, I'm not exaggerating.

If you're looking for an intense thriller with all the necessary twists and turns, as well as good acting, 'The Prestige' is for you. Dazzling visual effects, heart-stopping moments, and an electrifying story, it's all here. Those two hours were worth every moment of it.
(September 2008)

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I am a Doctor Who fan

By Martha, 14, Cheadle, Staffs., UK

Hello my name is Martha, and I'm 14, and....Oh I'll go ahead and say it, I am a whovienne, which is a female Doctor Who fan, I bet you're looking very strangely at this computer screen right now, but please do not be alarmed by my sudden confession. I've been absolutely obsessed with Doctor Who for about 3 years now, at first it was just the newer series, the one with David Tennant and Rose, but then I found the most extraordinary man in the world, his name was Tom Baker at first it was just a tiny little admiration, then I watched one of his episodes and I was hooked for life! Note my age, 14, I am probably not the only 14 year old to like him though maybe someday I'll find another girl who likes Tom Baker. I collect the classic series for knowledge. I love comparing the old series of Doctor WHo to the new series, don't ask me why I don't even know how my mind works. I like all the actors who played the Doctor, but my favourite is by far Tom Baker, hopefully one day I'll find another young fanatic. But seriously, don't get me started on Red Dwarf, we'll be here for hours.
(July 2008)

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The Creature's Revenge

By Sarah, 14, Northumberland, UK

We watched the 1953 "horror" classic "The creature from the black lagoon" about a tormented gill man who defends his terrirtory, causing havoc and death! It featured a man in a rubber suit, and, at on point a bat on strings! This may have terrorised teens back then, but my modern version will be much more gory, feature a top Hollywood cast, and the latest special effects. I'm calling it "The creature's revenge" and it will have a amazing budget of £900,000,000.
My updated setting will be in New York. When the creature emerges from the lagoon once again to get his revenge. We will use lots of props including buildings falling over, and lots of blood and guts.
The chilling slaughter begins when the creature comes from the water, and an on-looker sees him and tries to stop him, and gets murdered. The creature then goes off to cause havoc and distruction in New York.
The expedition will cinsist of many people being killed, lots of blood,guts and severed heads.
"Rita" in my ywenty-first century version will be a yellow taxi cab. My main character David will own from one of his previous jobs.
I will ensure some sympathy for the creature by revealing that the creature in New York is chasing my characters because it killed his father.All the characters in my version will be the grand children of the characters in the 1953 film. It will star: Uma Therman as Elle - Kay's grandaughter, Mike Myers as Lucas - Lucas' grandson, Vin Diesel as Will - Mark's greanson, Johnny Deep as Josh - David's grandson and Michael Cain as Charlie - Carl's son.
The climatic battle and showdown will go like this; Josh will face the creature and they will have a battle in the middle of New York, because the creature has killed Elle - or so Josh thinks. The craeture dies and Elle is taken to haspital, and she survives.
It will be a box office smash because it offers great special effects, an exellent cast and storyline.(August 2004)

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Children's TV programmes

By Mazza, 11, UK

I don't know about anyone else but I absolutely adore little children's TV programmes like the Tweenies or even the Teletubbies. I just think that they are so cute! On BBC2, an old programme that I watched when I was three until I was 5 has come back to the television. Tots Tv is so great! It's all about these three puppets things, called Tilly, Tom and Tiny. Tilly is french and when she talks, Tom or Tiny translate it for her. Everyday they go on an adventure, to find out something that we would naturally know. It's so cool! My and my mates watch a bit of it before we go to school in the morning, and we're always sing the Tots TV tune! It's well catchy! I am so pleased that it has come back, because it makes me remember when I was small. I still am! All of my friends but one are taller than me. Boo hoo! (May 2004)

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My review on the Lizzie McGuire Movie

By Aisha, 10 years, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire, UK

Lizzie McGuire/Isabella - Hilary Duff
Gordo - Adam Lamburg
Jo (Lizzie’s mum) - Hallie Todd
Sam (Lizzie’s dad) - Robert Carradine
Matt - Jake Thomas
Kate - Ashley Brillault
Ethan - Clayton Snyder
Miss Ungermyer - Alex Borstein
Paolo - Yanni Gellman

The Lizzie McGuire Movie has the same characters from the series on the Disney channel. Lizzie McGuire has a set of books based on the series available in many bookstores.

Lizzie has just graduated from Jr. High and is going to her graduation. Oh no the class president is ill and can’t do her speech so Lizzie is forced to do it instead! As we all know Lizzie has major stage fright and is very nervous soon she walks off stage and tips over some balloons and pulls the curtains down ruining the graduation!
Lizzie is going on a class trip to Italy for two weeks and that is where her adventure begins! She arrives in Italy and is assigned a room with Kate, her worst enemy. The next day her class goes to the Trevi Fountain and there she meets a handsome pop star who thinks she is a friend of his. He follows them to an ice-cream shop where he talks to Lizzie and introduces himself. Suddenly two girls come and want their photo taken with Lizzie and Paolo (the pop star). Gordo points out a billboard which has a picture of Paolo and a girl just like Lizzie only she has black hair! Paolo thinks Lizzie can help him by pretending to be Isabella (Paolo’s friend). She agrees and pretends to be sick so she can sneak out of the hotel. She meets Paolo and gets an outfit for the awards etc. While all this is happening Gordo sees Lizzie on the front page of a magazine and asks some Italian girls to translate it, it said the Paolo and Isabella were going to sing at the awards. Back at the hotel Kate figures everything out and agrees to keep it quiet. Gordo tells Lizzie what’s on the magazine and when Lizzie doesn’t believe him Gordo goes out of the room. Lizzie and Paolo go out sightseeing and while doing this Miss Ungermyer says she has to go upstairs to give something to Lizzie. Gordo totally covers for her and gets himself kicked of the trip. Lizzie comes back and when she finds out she is distraught.
Meanwhile Gordo is at the airport and suddenly sees the real Isabella and rushes to tell her about Lizzie. Both of them rush to the concert. Gordo tells Lizzie that she’s being set up and that Paolo lip sings. Isabella comes up with a plan. Isabella makes Paolo sing for real on live T.V and in front of an audience. The concert goes great after Paolo leaves. At the end of the film Lizzie and Gordo kiss and still don’t understand their feelings for each other!

I recommend this film to girls because it is more of a girl’s film than boys. So all the girls out there who like films with romance, a pinch of comedy and adventure then watch this movie!!! This is also great for Lizzie McGuire fans.
(Feb 2004)

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Finding Nemo

By Natasha, 11, Chicago, IL, USA

Do you think Nemo should have listened to his father? If you see the movie 'Finding Nemo' you will find out. This movie is about a clown-fish that wants to explore the reef, but his father thinks it's dangerous. This movie was funny, wonderful, and will keep you wondering what's going to happen next! I highly recommend it.
I can really relate to the character of Nemo. When Nemo was trapped, he felt really bad. When he met some other sea-friends, he felt a little bit better, but he still wanted to leave. I can relate to him because I felt that way when I wanted to go to the movies, but couldn't, so I went with my brother, and we got lost!
The setting of the movie 'Finding Nemo' was courageous. When Nemo went on a field trip, it looked peaceful and amazing! The animals and reefs were colorful and the water was clean and very beautiful. When I saw this scene, I felt like I was in 'PARADISE', but I still sat wondering what's going to happen next!
The movie 'Finding Nemo' was great! My favorite was in the fish-tank. In the fish-tank, Nemo tried to escape, but couldn't because his fins were too little. He tried and tried until he got it. I liked it because it shows how brave someone can be if they put thier best foot forward. It was the best part of the whole movie!
Overall, I really enjoyed the movie 'Finding Nemo'. I liked it because he showed how brave he could be. The setting was in a colorful ocean. I enjoyed the plot because Nemo was strong and tough even though his fins were too little! Hopefully, Nemo will learn to always listen to his father! I hope you'll see the movie because I highly reccommend it!!
(February 2004)

More screen reviews from CICS, West Belden

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The Matrix

By Tim, 14, Derbys., UK

Who likes The Matrix?
Who thinks The Matrix is possible?
I personally think that The Matrix actually exists! I think we made machines but they got too powerful for us to contain. There are some inspiring pages about the philosophical side of The Matrix o the official website. I also love the speial effects and story line but I think that The Matrix is trying to get across a hidden message. Don't believe everything you see. Just because you canb see it doesn't mean it's real. Of course The Matrix is possible.
I think that millions of years ago mankind had superior technology to that of todays world, I believe that this superior human race was wiped from the face of the earth without trace and we had to start again. The machines that were around at that time didn't want us to know this, so they put us in The Matrix so that they could control us in every way.
Thank You for reading my thoughts and I hope you will take them in and think about them!
(Summer 2003)

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