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  Screen Reviews: from Chicago Charter Schools, West Belden

See also the Book Reviews from West Belden Campus, Chicago Charter Schools (February 2004)

"Come Back To Halloween Town" review

By Guisell, 10,

Why did the vampire make a spell on the kids?

If you see the movie "Come Back To Halloween Town" you will find out. This story tells about a tribe of the grandmother having her grandsons and grandaughters that go to Halloween town.

I can really relate to the character of Suzie. I could relate to Suzie because when she was by the vampire she was nervous and scared.
(Feb 2004)

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Love Don't Cost A Thing

By Jocelyn, 10,

I am going to write about a movie Love Don't Cost A Thing. The movie starts with Nick Cannon and Cristina Milian. Nick is a singer in real life and Cristina
is a singer. And there are some kids who are in separate hallways. If the kids go into the popular hallway they would make fun of them.

I like the part when Cristina crashes her mom's
car and Nick he tells her that he can fix the truck.
And she asks him what does he want in return? And he says you have to pretend to be my girlfriend and she says for a week and he says two weeks and she says fine just for two weeks.

When school was going to begin Nick and Cristina
and Nick walk into the popular hallway every one freezes and they see them holding hands and their faces were like what are they doing .Then Cristina says to everyone that they are girlfriend and boyfriend.

They both went on a date and Nick went looking weird. Then they went to the store to buy him clothes.So he was trying on clothes and she bought him clothes that he likes.And Nick he tells Cristina thankyou for the clothes.

At the end of the movie Nick and Cristina they tell the truth that they really weren't girlfriend and boyfriend.They really become boyfriend and girlfriend and before that they really were in love when they were faking it.

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DragonBallZ The Legandary Super Saiyin Broly

By Jesus, 10,

Who is the Legandary Super Saiyin? If you see "DraganBallZ The Legandary Super Saiyin Broly" you will find out.This movie tells who is has been the legandery super saiyin for 27 years!This movie is full of action,funnynes,and its cool.Will Goku,Gohan,Piccolo,and Vegeta beat Broly.This is an awsume movie with awsome graphs,and I highly recomend it. I can really relate to the charecter F.Trunks.When F.trunks ,Krillin,MasterRoshi,Vegeta,Bulma,and Gohan were on a picnic ,and krillin was singing a Kareoke song.It was so bad that Bulma,F.trunks,Gohan,and Vegeta coved their ears!Then F.Trunks said"Dose anyone actually think this is good"then MasterRoshi said"Yeah isn't it great".I can understand how he felt because when my uncle sang a song I didn't like it but dad did.
The setting of the movie "DBZ The Legandary Super Saiyin Broly

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Coolers revenge

By Johanne, 11,

The movie “coolers revenge” is about a mad alien that wants to wipe out all saiyins for killing his brother frieza.

In this movie I saw lots of lakes, rivers, and all kinds of living organisms. I can really relate to gohan in this movie. Because his father tries to save the world and my father plays a similar role.

Do you want to know who is friezas’ brother is? If you watch ‘DBZ COOLERS REVENGE” you will find out!
I think that the most exciting heart pounding scene is when goku kills cooler.

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Ice Age

By Karina, 10,

Why was the baby in the top of the tree? If you see the movie "Ice Age" you will find out. This movie it tells the story of a wife and a husband + his little baby that they were in Canada. And then wolfs were trying to take the baby. So the mom was trying to take the baby then taked him away then she jump to the water. It was funny, emotional, and happy.

I can really relate to the character of Said. When he saw the baby in front on him he started to laugh. So then he started to carry the baby and put him in a rock and the baby was so sick that's what happen to my little brother.

The setting of the movie is when the baby was in the Ice that was so cool and funny. The scene was really funny to see.

The movie Ice Age is a funny movie that make you laugh and make you cry. And the mammoth lost his family.

My conclusion is that the movie is funny and not so scary and it does not tell nasty.

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By Christopher, 11,

The setting of this movie is very persuasive. When a whole bunch of cars race and the cops start chasing them it looked exciting and loud. When I saw this part I felt curious on who would win.
I can relate to the character of Brian O`Conner.When he`s racing he forgets everything except what to do, why to do it, and where. He gets into ruff times but he still fixes them.
I can understand how he feels about racing. Because that`s the way I feel about soccer too.
The movie is mostly about life it is driving out in the streets, plus the movie also shows that sometimes you have to take risks and sometimes you can`t. So I would recommend this story to anyone.
Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. I liked the character Brian O`Conner, because he showed his emotion. The setting was near a narrow city in San Francisco. I enjoyed the plot because he eventually became king of racers. I hope you see this action film.

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Cheaper By The Dozen

By Dianne, 11,

I really enjoy the movie Cheaper By The Dozen. There are many ways why I like why I like this movie. I will give you 5 paragraphs why.

The setting of the movie Cheaper By The Dozen was very amazing. One part of a setting is when the twins were going crazy in a rich house. It looked so fast when they were running. When I saw this scene I was amazed.

My favorite character in Cheaper By The Dozen is Hilary Duff. There are many ways I can connect her life to mine. One way is she always gets blamed for something she does not do just like I do when my sister blames it on me.

My favorite part of the movie is when the twins were going crazy in their friends house. It was very funny. I felt like I wanted to go crazy too. I really enjoyed that part of the movie. I was amazed. Many people will enjoy this movie. You will be amazed. You will never be able to choose your favorite part.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie Cheaper By The Dozen. I liked the character Hilary Duff because she shows her emotions. The setting was near a beautiful rich house. I enjoyed the plot and Hilary will make a good adviser. Hopefully she will be a nice sister. I hope you see this movie.
(February 2004)

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Movie Review

By Stephanie, 11,

Who can switch bodies? If you watch the movie "Freaky Friday" you'll find out. The movie is about a girl and a mom who always argue, and they go out for Chinese, then this lady gives a fortune cookie, when it was 12:oo a.m. they switched!

The movie is hilarious, and sad. I highly recommend it!

How my mom and I can relate to the characters is because we sometimes argue.

The setting of the movie "Freaky Friday" is very funny, because Ana is chasing her brother, because he was playing with her guitar. So then she ties an underwear around his head!

The plot is when Ana (which is Tess because they switched bodies.) Then "Tess" (which is Ana) the grown-up tells "Ana" to act that she is playing the guitar, and it's awesome because she plays rock 'n' roll.

Last is how they switched back, and how they appreciate what they each other do for fun, and learn something about each other which is nice to see. I highly recommend it!
(February 2004)

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''Shiloh'' - movie review

By Sonia, 11,

I can really identify with the character of Shiloh and
Martin. When Martin was crying for Shiloh because he was trying too hard because he wanted to get Shiloh so he was workin with Judd. When Martin finish Judd didn't want to give him the dog so Martin went to tell his dad that Judd didn't wan't to give him the dog. So at the end Judd was excited and give the dog to Martin.

If you have seen the movie of Shiloh that means that you are interested in it. Take a look and find out about that cool movie. This movie is about a dog that is too pretty, and a old man [his owner] doesn't like him, and there is a kid named Martin that wants the dog. So both of them are fighting for "SHILOH". You should see it I recommend it to you.

When Martin and his friend David were watching Judd they see that he had a rifle and was watching at two little squirrels. When they were watching at Judd too. Judd was preparing his rifle he was going to shot at the squirrels. When Judd was getting ready to shoot, Martin scream and said noooo and they run.

The thing why I like the setting of '"Shiloh" is because when you are seeying the trees and the water it was making me happy and relaxed. You should see this movie its going to like you.
(February 2004)

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Panic Room movie review

By Marcela, 10,

How did it feel when some blood got on the mom? If you see the movie you will find out. This movie is about burglars that come to their old house to get a fortune they left in a secret room. But people already live in it. This movie is scary, mysterious, and exciting.

The movie Panic Room reminds me of when I was trapped in the bathroom and it was hard to cry for help because there was loud music. How this connects to the movie is because the girl and her mom are in a room crying for help that there are burglars. Another part that the movie reminds me of is when my mom told me that when she was a little girl a burgler broke in and she saw him. How this connects to the movie is that the mom of the girl saw a burglar with friends and told her daughter to go to the room to protect themselves. That is how my life connects to the movie.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie Panic Room.
(February 2004)

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie

By Jose, 11,

Do you know who will kill the big serpent in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? If you see "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", you will find out!This story is about a boy who wants to open the Chamber of Secrets.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was funny,
emotional, has a lot of action and is really cool.

I can really identify with the character of Harry Potter in this movie. When Harry Potter was trying to kill the big serpent that the bad kid send to kill him he had alot of trouble killing the serpent. Although the serpent could not see, the serpent could hear Herry. He has a lot of blood in his hand because the serpent bite Harry and a tooth was in his arm. I know how Harry Potter felt about having the tooth in his arm although it was not real. It reminds me because I felt like him when I fell off my cousin's bike. I got a hole in my head and I had a lot of blood coming off my head like Harry Potter.

The setting of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" was very exquisite. Part is about some stairs that move in the big school. Some of the stairs move to other stairs so they can reach and so they can people can get to the place that they are going. When Harry Potter and Ron and the other girl were going up to a teacher's room - the one that has the birds - that stairs move. In the movie Harry Potter the stairs make my cousin and me feel excited.

I really enjoyed the plot of the movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". Harry Potter's best friend Ron did not want Harry and him to follow the spiders. Ron did not want to go. Finally Harry told Ron that they have to follow the spiders to see why they killed the cat of a man and why did they bad things. Ron accept to go with Harry Potter to see where the spiders were going because they were friends. The plot was different and emotional.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of the Secrets. If you see the movie I hope you really like it like I did.
(February 2004)

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Bring It On

By Jessica, 11,

Are you the kind of person that person that is interested in action movies? Are you interested in action and cheerleading? If your answer is yes then you're the one. In the movie "Bring It On" the end of the movie was very good because the cheerleaders were battling it out for the $10,000,000 and the championship. Watch the end of it and it will be your favorite too.

The setting of the movie "Bring it on" I remember is in a stadium like a baseball stadium. In some shots the stadium looked as big as two baseball fields put together - so big that when you compare it to a basketball gym the stadium would look bigger. It made me feel cheery, so cheery that it made get up and start doing cheers myself. The end really made me get up and start getting down .
In the movie "Bring It On" there are two characters which I don't know their names. You should see the movie. I recommend it.(Feb 2004)

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Eight crazy nights

By Jesus, 10,

How would you act if your parents died? If you see the movie Eight Crazy Nights you will find out. What happened was Adam Sandler's parents died and he acts mad and lazy. I thought the movie was funny, cool, and exciting. Overall, I highly recommend it. (Feb 2004)

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By Omar, 10,

If theres a part when I got mad like The Terminater in T3 it would be the part when The Terminater kept shooting TheTX and did not die. I felt mad in a video-game, Tony Hawk`s Underground to be positive. I couldn't beat a goal.Thats why I got mad like The Terminater. I recommend it.
(Feb 2004)

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National Security movie review

By Eric, 11,

The movie I'm writing about is National Security because its funny. Another reason is because it has a lot of action. Another reason is that it was cool I enjoyed it and I hope when you see it I hope you enjoy it.

The character I choosed is Martin Lawerence because he makes me laugh so hard my stomach starts hurting. He's good looking just like me. He gets ladies attention just like me. Another reason is why i picked this character is because he has talent and i do to. Another reason is he's sometimes crazy just like me.

The setting takes place where police officers takes test to be a cop. Then a cop does it and he passes. Then Martin says "psss i could do better than that". Then he tries and he did good. Then he broke a lot of stuff. I thought the setting was cool, awesome, perfect, amazing, excellent.

The plot of the movie is about two cops found guys robbing but the guy couldn't go through to help his partner so his partner dies and he thought he was robbing a car but it was his car and he teams up with him and they saved the world from robbing.
(February 2004)

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Lizzie McGuire Movie / movie review

By Arianna, 11,

Isabella or ? Ciao or hi? If you don't get me, you will when you see the "Lizzie McGuire Movie". This movie is about Lizzie going to Italy and acting like another girl named Isabella. Isabella is a pop star. This is a great movie, if you are into the singing, acting, excitement, and adventure thing. I really think you should watch it!

I really identify wih the character Lizzie in the movie, because I really like to follow my dreams, I also enjoy singing and dancing. In the movie, Lizzie always falls or has a thought in her mind. I think I do that too a lot, and I always fall too! Those are the reasons why I think that I identify with Lizzie.

My favorite setting in the movie, was when Paolo took Lizzie to a beautiful and peaceful looking place. There were a lot of water falls, it looked like water was coming out of the walls. This setting really stood up in my mind, because it looks a magical calm place. It made me feel relaxed.

I really enjoy this movie it was one of the best movies I have seen. I highly recommend it!
(February 2004)

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"Whale Rider"

By Eleny, 10,

Hi.My name is Eleny.What I am going to talk about is the movie "Whale Rider". Here I go!

Who can I describe? I can describe Pai. I can her because she is funny, mysterious, and emotional. She is funny by just being herself. She emotional by getting hurt by her grandfather. She is mysterious by knowing that something bad is going to happen. Those are the three things that I can describe from Pai.

I liked the settings from "Whale Rider". I highly recommend it!

(Feb 2004)

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Cheaper By The Dozen

By Daniel, 10,

I'm going to write a movie review. The movie I'm going to write about is Cheaper by the Dozen. This story tought me about friendship, care, and trust. I'm going to talk about why I liked Cheaper By The Dozen. I'm also going to talk about who relate with in the story, setting, and plot.

The person who I relate with in the movie Cheaper By The Dozen is Sarah. The reason I relate with Sarah is because we are both fast, smart, and creative kids. The other reason we relate is because we have the same personality. That's how I relate with Sarah.

The setting at Cheaper By The Dozen that stands out is at their second house. There were many shots of the family. In most shots, the family was happy. When the family was happy, it felt exciting. The setting made me feel relaxed.

The plot that I thought was funny was when the kid and dad were hanging on the chandelier. The part I thought was sad was when the frog died. The part I thought was heartwarming was when the family helped each other.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. I could identify with the character Sarah. The setting was at their second house. It was peaceful. The plot of the story kept me interested, especially when the family moved and made friends. Hopefully the kids would be good kids. If you have seen Cheaper By The Dozen, I hoped you liked it as much as I did.
(February 2004)

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Freaky Friday movie review

By Maribel, 11,

Did you like the movie Freaky Friday?

Well, from my point of view, I think that Freaky Friday is a great movie. It's all about a mother and a daughter that switch bodies. Now, the daughter has to wake up the mother because they had switched bodies. If you like funny movies, I recommend you to watch this movie.

I really liked the character of the chinese lady in this movie. She gave the two fortune cookies to Ana and her mom. She was really funny because at the end of the story, she tried to give another pair of fortune cookies to her grandpa and brother. The lady gave Ana and her mother the fortune cookies because they kept fighting too much. The lady thought it would make it better to give them the cookies so they could work together. I have experience this because one time, I was at my cousin's house and they couldn't stop fighting, I told them to stop and agree with each other and play one game.

The setting of Freaky Friday was cool. I really liked the setting of the rock concert. It was dark, with disco lights and the stage looked cool because of all the instruments, and everyone was jumping around, that setting made me feel like if I was in the movie.

The plot of this movie is mostly about a girl and mom that change bodies because of a curse. They tried to break the curse by figuring it out. They went to the restaurant to talk to the chinese lady that put then under the curse. They talked to the lady, and she said that the only way to break the curse is by working together. You should see the movie I recommend it.
(Feb 2004)

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Freaky Friday movie review

By Gabriela, 11,

Have you ever seen someone switch? Well you could if you see Freaky Friday. The movie Freaky Friday is about a mother and daughter who switch for one day (before the mother's wedding). Freaky Friday is a cool, dramatic, and a funny movie. I really recommend it.

The character Anna in the movie Freaky Friday is verry ungrateful towards her mother and annoying towards her brother. Anna is always yelling at her mom and telling her she is ruining her life! In one scene her mom takes Anna's door away so she doesn't have privacy. My mom once took away my key so I didn't have as much privacy. Sometimes Anna prefers her friends instead of her brother. Sometimes I do that too with my brothers. That is how Anna and I relate.

The setting of Freaky Friday was verry outstanding. The setting that stood out to me the most is the Chinese restaurant. That is where all the exciting parts happen. When Anna and Tess switched it looked verry unpleasant, because all the furniture was moving and they were the only ones who could feel it. In the movie the Chinese restaurant made me feel verry hungry.

I really liked the plot of the movie Freaky Friday. Tess and Anna did not like each other like most mom and daughters do. At the end they realized it was inportant for them to be closer. This plot was very enjoyable and sometimes we can use these lessons in life.

Overall, I really liked the movie Freaky Friday. I really could identify myself with the character of Anna. The plot of the story kept me very interested especially when Anna and Tess switched. Hopefuly Anna will understand the importance of talkingwith her mom. If you see Freaky Friday I hope you like it as much as I did. (Feb2004)

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