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The online and printable resources on Kids on the Net are free. We also offer a range of additional services to help you make the most of new media writing.

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Workshops in your school

Our experienced practitioners can deliver writing workshops for pupils within school. We can cater for any needs from an hour-long taster to a full residency of several days or weeks.

Example workshops: Adventure Island: Create an online island that other people can visit and explore. Pupils create challenges and puzzles for the visitor to solve. (offered at Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Transition from Yr 6 to Yr 7, Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4). Cash in on the students' interest in "Lost" to create their own island mystery!

More on school workshops

Library and Community projects

We can also offer workshops in libraries, for arts and literature festivals and other community settings. They can be tailored to literature development, encouraging reading and/or writing, or as part of a wider initiative. As well as children we have worked with groups from pensioners to amateur writers.

Example workshops: Teeth and Dead Cats workshop for Key Stage 2 pupils as part of the Nottingham Book Award: Hypertext Haiku for ages from 12 upwards

See portfolio of projects

Online Workshops & Courses

We can work with teachers and/or pupils online, creating a bespoke project and providing online feedback and support for teachers. We can arrange fully online courses for older children, groups of teachers or other adults.

Example workshops: Daisy and the Intergalactic Travelling Salesmen, working with writer Jamila Gavin and online with 28 schools in the UK, America and Australia. Pirongia School's Dragon Naming Competition We worked with a school in New Zealand: Simon Widdowson judged a mini-competition for their dragon names as part of Dragonsville (see the teacher's report here).

See portfolio of projects

Workshops for young people



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