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Pirongia School, Waikato, New Zealand
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By Megan, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

Rebecca is pretty because she is pink. She has spiky wings. She flies to the sky.

Dracospeare says "She is a pretty dragon. Thanks for the writing Megan"



By Ryland, 7, Waikato, New Zealand

Rosie likes flowers and she likes flying around the castle. She is yellow and blue.

Emerald says "She is much braver than I am if she dares to fly around the castles"



By Cassandra, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

I'm blue and she is too. She likes to play and fly.

Greentoes says "Thank you for your writing Cassandra, I wish I was blue sometimes, instead of green"



By Natasha, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

Flower likes flowers. She might pick them every day. When she is holding flowers she looks cute.

The Mayor of Dragonsville says "I wondered who kept taking the flowers from outside my cave. Now I know who it was. Thanks Natasha!"



By Joshua, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

Saddie likes to fly to his favourite tree. He's sad because he has no friends.
Libro says "This is such a sad dragon. We need to cheer him up with a special party!"



By Marshall, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

If someone tried to hurt him he could fly with his wings. If another dragon tries to burn him he can put his fire out and burn him up.

Firetooth says "I'd better watch out for this dragon. He sounds like he might be able to out flame even me"



By Jaiden, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

Gemma is really pretty. She likes to play around.

Emerald says "Jaiden, you are right she is so pretty."



By Sam, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

He's got a brown jersey around him. He goes flying somewhere to eat something. He has spikes on his hair.

Libro says "Sam, I'm glad you told me about Flyee. He is supposed to be reading with me. The little rascal keeps flying away though!"



By Corbin, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

He would like to fly to a distant land. If there was a pool there he would swim in it.

Greentoes says "Corbin, do you think Cameron would like to deliver long distance scrolls and parcels to children for me?"



By Abbie, 6, Waikato, New Zealand

She's got purple flaxy wings and she's a little bit brown. Loveheart likes to fly around and tell stories to herself.

Emerald says "This is a lovely piece of writing. Well done Abbie".

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