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A variety of INSET training is available.

Let us show you how to use the Internet to improve literacy. Contact Helen Whitehead at to discuss your specific requirements without obligation. We have worked for individual schools, groups of schools and LEAs.

Typical INSET programme
Subject: Developing visual literacy in Key Stage 2

Tutor: Simon Widdowson, Digital Teacher in Residence & consultant

Simon Widdowson was ICT coordinator at a small city school for 8 years. Here he bought the school's first PC, learnt how to use it and began to learn how to write web pages before developing the school's website. Simon has worked with Kids on the Net on projects for the school website, as well as being a member of the Advisory Committee. He has won a nationwide website award for the school's Comic Relief WebPages, and worked with an author to produce a book about the school newspaper. Simon has worked for Becta since 2001 - short listing and judging their web awards, writing a case study about developing a website for a publication, and becoming a mentor for the New2Computers project helping teachers who are new to using ICT in the classroom. After a year as Digital Teacher in Residence with the Writers for the Future project at Nottingham Trent University, he is now a freelance education consultant specialising in ICT and literacy.

Areas covered: Writing with visuals as well as words: using the Internet for literacy

These sessions will include demonstrations, discussions and practical hands-on practice with ICT resources for literacy.

  1. Developing writers for the future: what new media writing is and how it inspires kids to write
  2. Practical ways to use the Internet in the KS2 literacy curriculum including Kids on the Net projects. Examples of how well online projects work between schools.
  3. Adventure Island workshop: creating an island narrative or "game" using our web-based tool. Without needing to understand any computer language, the group will create an online island that other people can visit and explore. It involves imaginative and descriptive writing, perhaps diary or poetry writing. You will create challenges and puzzles for the visitor to solve. As the visitor travels around a created Island, descriptive writing for each area encourages them to explore further. Will they be able to survive, and leave the Island, or will they remain forever ... trapped? (Applicable at Key Stage 2 and transition to KS 3.)
    This is the major practical session. The island that is created will be viewable on the Internet via the Kids on the Net website with its global audience. Teachers can go back to their classrooms and use this tool and the other projects freely with their classes.
  4. Further possibilities, some examples of possible projects for those wanting to develop new media writing beyond the tools we provide – including how other technologies like digital video might be incorporated into online projects

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Links from INSET workshops




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