Robin Hood wakes up

Robin staggered down the grey carpeted corridors of this strange building that he had landed in.

"Grey grass, how novel!" he said in his true English accent.

Wandering further down the corridor, he began to get more used to this building until he saw a few figures wandering down the corridor opposite him. Suddenly he crouched to the floor and reached for his bow and arrow. He fiddled around a bit, but he couldn't find them.

"Where have my arrows gone?" He looked behind him but he couldn't see them. "Oh, dash!"

The kids came round the corner. Their names were James, Lucia, Andrew, Helen, Kristian, Charlotte, Joe and Alex.

"No!" yelled Robin. "Please don't shoot me! I haven't done anything wrong!" Then he started to cry.

Helen went up to Robin and knelt down beside him. "Are you alright?"

Robin jumped. "HELP!" he yelled, and tried to walk through the glass.

"What a strange contraption," Robin said. "A see-through material that stops you from walking through it!"

"It's a window, weirdo!" said Andrew.

"A window! Amazing," said Robin, in awe. "You haven't shot me yet," he said.

"We're not going to shoot you!" said Kristian scornfully.

"Oh, thank you," said Robin. "Bye!"

"BYE!" the group said sarcastically, and went into a huddle.

"So we'll all go together and discuss our tactics there," said James.

"Yeah, we're gonna kill those Sheriffs!" said Alex.

Robin overheard this, and hearing the word "Sheriffs" wanted to kill them as well, and discreetly followed them behind. What Robin didn't know was that the Sheriffs were a group of people who had a weekly battle with these people that Robin had met, at MegaLaser.

This section by James Cooper aged 13

Should Robin follow the children to MegaLaser? | Or should he have a look at modern Nottingham first?

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